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Shun Private Guide


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I was born and live in Ttottori prefecture which is at the southwestern part of Honshu Island. Our area is rich with vir... read more

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I was born and raised in Matsue city in Shimane prefecture. Matsue is its prefectural capital located between Lake Shinji-ko and Lagoon Naka-umi which is connected to the Sea of Japan. I had lived in Tokyo for a long while working at senior high school as an English teacher, but I returned to Mats... read more

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Ritsuko Private Guide


Hi, I'm Ritsuko. I'm a national certified guide. I was born and raised in Shimane. I have long been living in here. It is Shimane's abundant natural beauty that brought me back here after living in several other cities in Japan. Shimane is also well known as the place where a lot of Japanese my... read more

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Hello!My name is Kenichi Nagae,call me Ken. I`m from Matue,the capital of Shimane prefecture. I was a boatman of Horik... read more

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Susumu Private Guide


I am a licenced tour guide in English, covering areas in western Japan. I am involved in guiding fields including culture, politics, economy, and industries. Other than being a tour guide, I teach English at university and am a conference interpreter and a translator. read more

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