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Duration: 8h

Deep San-in Culture Tour

by Shun

San- in District (Tottori and Shimane prefectures) is rich with virgin nature, historic sites, newly established facilities and marine activities. This tour is designed for visitors who have interests in traditional Japanese culture in the countryside. My special recommendation is Adachi Museum and Matsue Castle.
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Duration: 3:30h

Sacred Tour in Izumo

by Ritsuko

This is a short walking tour around Izumo Grand Shrine, which is one of the most sacred and important shrines in Japan. At Hinomisaki, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of blue ocean along with the highest masonry lighthouse in Japan.
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Duration: 4h

Matsue Castle and Sightseeing Boat Tour

by Ritsuko

This is a historic walking and boat tour around Matsue Castle. You can experience the nostalgic atmosphere of Matsue with 400 years old Matsue Castle and Samurai Street.
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National Certified Guide

I was born and live in Ttottori prefecture which is at the southwestern part of Honshu Island. Our area is rich with virgin nature, purely preserved culture and amiable people. If you are weary of crowds in big cities like Tokyo, please visit our ar...
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National Certified Guide

Hi, I'm Ritsuko. I'm a national certified guide. I was born and raised in Shimane. I have long been living in here. It is Shimane's abundant natural beauty that brought me back here after living in several other cities in Japan. Shimane is also ...
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National Certified Guide

Hello!My name is Kenichi Nagae,call me Ken. I`m from Matue,the capital of Shimane prefecture. I am a boatman of Horikawa Sightseeing Boat. I guide Matsue's sight and history. I love Japanese castles,shrines,history and soba noodles. Hope to see ...
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