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You can choose your lunch or dinner according to your tastes, or ask the guides for recommendations on the meals and drinks in Japan.


Our guides can help you buy what you want in Japan, taking you to famous clothes, electronics, and souvenir shops.


If you want to try wear a kimono, see a Sumo fight, participate in a Japanese tea ceremony, etc., our guides can prepare activities for you.


You can coordinate the meeting point with your guide, whether it’s at the lobby of your hotel or somewhere in the city. And you can also choose where you end the tour.


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Customer Reviews for Japan Tours

    Lois ( Philippines )

    We had a lovely time touring with Yoshie-san along the shrines and temples of Kyoto. Yoshie-san is very informative with every places we've visited. At the end of the tour, we ate in an izakaya place. Being a tour guide is a tiring and challenging job, but Yoshie-san told me that it is a fulfilling one as he gets to meet other people and tell them about Kyoto's vibrant history. My friends and I wish to return the favor of touring Yoshie-san and his wife should he visit the Philippines someday! view more

    Joanne ( United States )

    I absolutely loved the cultural and musical experience learning two songs on the Koto with the most amazing teacher, Harumi Shimazaki. As a violinist and French hornist, I value the beautiful yet different sound of the koto—and the wonderful harmony created when Harumi plays along with you after you master the songs. Truly will be an experience I'll never forget and I'm motivated to continue learning. Later in my trip I met a family of five and I highly recommended they go take a lesson as well.... view more

    ELIZABETH ( United States )

    Our guide was so knowledgeable. With a 24, 22, and 12 year old it was hard to find something we could all enjoy but Nikko and Edo Wonderland were perfect. The train ride was about 2 hours but well worth seeing the countryside of Japan. First Nikko, it was snowing (January 2017) but we were dressed for it. They were in the process of refinishing everything at the shrine for the 2020 Olympics but 1/4 of them were done, it is going to be beautiful. Nestled in the woods it was amazing. Because w... view more

    Rayhan ( United Arab Emirates )

    Kyoko was my personal tour guide when i travelled solo to Tokyo. I was prepared mentally for a very urban, concrete jungle with a bagazillion number of boring-looking, work minded people. Kyoko was able to stamp down this expectation with such patience and grace. She showed me a side of Tokyo which was graceful and wise, just like her. She showed me the life of Tokyo which resides in the centuries old temples, dams, palaces, pine trees and many more. Taking extreme consideration of my Muslim nee... view more

    Jason ( Japan )

    Outstanding, she catered to our needs with two small girls. Thank you so much for showing us around the town, a must if you've never been to Kyoto before. We would have given up fighting the crowd if it were not for her. view more

    Helen ( Philippines )

    Unforgettable experience. My husband and son dual fight was amazing. Master Kenshin was also accomodating and helpful. Thank you again. view more

    Aurora ( Philippines )

    He's punctual, patient and honest. view more

    Gina ( Philippines )

    We had a wonderful tour in Kyoto and Kobe with Hideo. He brought us to the temples and historical places. My family learned so much from him. Hideo is very energetic and patient. I will definitely recommend Hideo to my friends. view more

    Karin ( Germany )

    I wanted to see Mt Fuji, the ice caves and walk through the woods. Prior before the tour, Yuki made us aware that the weather might be very bad and if I want I can change the date for the tour. As I could not change the date, I confirmed that I still want to do the planned tour. Unfortunately the weather was so bad, that we were not able to go up Mt Fuji. Yuki made us aware during our train ride. He was so pro active and creating an instand change in the tour that we got the most out of the d... view more

    Robert ( Israel )

    Absolutely excellent guide. Many e-mail communications before our trip to hone and finalize our itinerary. Has a car which made it possible to get to several distant sites of interest. Brought his own camera to take our photos, and e-mailed them to us. He is very informative and knows the area well. Very accommodating. I recommend him highly without hesitation. You'll be fortunate if you are able to book him. view more

    Sarah ( United States )

    I ended up traveling solo so booked the evening Gion tour with Ryoji who was very knowledgeable and accommodating. It was especially nice to see the quieter areas away from all the crowds. The secret garden is just lovely. view more

    Calvin ( Indonesia )

    Michiko is a nice lady . I guess i book only 3 hours . so it was kinda rushing thru the stores . which we wanted to eat along the way. Michiko was kind enough to say no worries take your time . but she brought us to a very good shushi & shashimi restaurant ! super good ! thanks michiko . view more