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Cities where I can guide: Kyoto , Osaka , Nara , Hyogo , Kobe , Himeji

Languages Japanese ( Native ), English ( License )

(6) Reviews
Hourly rate 28 USD Price up to 5 people
( Max : 7 People )
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Hi! I'm Yoshiharu. Please call me Yoshi. Yoshi means "good" in Japanese! I'm a good man (^^);;;.
I was born in Kyoto but I lived there 3 months. Then my family moved to Osaka and I grew up in Osaka.
So I am almost Osakan.
When I was young, my hobby was traveling by bicycle. I went cycling around most part of Japan except Shikoku.
In my family rule, Shikoku is in bad direction because my grand father died just after his Shikoku piligrimage.
So I want to have a cycling tour not only in Kyoto (coming soon!) but also all part of Japan someday.
I am interested in Japanese history.
I am a National Certificated Guide. And I have a "Kyoto Tourism Culture Certification 3rd grade"
and a "Osaka Expert Certification 3rd grade".
So I have a expert knowledge about Kyoto and Osaka and a common knowledge about Nara and Kobe.
Besides I like gadgets, so I can guide you DenDen town in Osaka.
When you have a chance to visit Kyoto or Osaka or other city in this area,
please contact me anytime and join my tour!
I'll be looking forward to seeing you, spending wonderful time with you.

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3.8 (6) Reviews
Very Good


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Reviews ( 6 )
Jeff Jeff United States ( Family )
7 months ago

“ Osaka and Kyoto day tours ”

Yoshiharu is a good tour Guide. He was at our hotel on time and was willing to do anything to make our tour good. He still a little new right now and everything didn't go as planned. Most of the time it was our group fault because some people in our group wanted go to a place that Yoshiharu has never been before and never told him about it before hand but Yoshiharu did his best to find the places and get us there. The only thing I can think of that might improve the tour is in the subway. I think yoshiharu might figure out the total Subway ride fare before hand so we could just pay one time instead of every single time we went to the subway. Overall Yoshiharu is a Good Guide and will get you to see the sights you want to. I would use him again next Time I visit Japan.


Thank you for your evaluation. I was very surprised to get there and could not have expected there. And I am sorry for having troubles when we bought tickets to get subway. We should have buy 1 day pass for subway but the pass is more expensive than buying tickets one by one, so we did.(Next time we will but 1 day pass) Next time you come to Japan, I will be ready for more interesting tour according to your interests. Thank you.

gil Gil Israel ( Couple )
8 months ago

“ Vacation in Japan ”

Yoshi is a new tour guide. He is doing its best to make the tour interesting.

Peter Peter Australia ( Couple )
9 months ago

“ Osaka good times ”

Very friendly and helpful


Dear Peter and Derek Thank you for your evaluation. It is undeserved for me as a beginner's guide. If you come to Japan again, I want to guide you in Kyoto or Nara which has more than one thousand years long history. Yours sincerely, Yoshiharu

Constantinos Constantinos Japan
Very Good
9 months ago

“ Great tour of Kyoto ”

Great tour of main sightseeings in Kyoto, great guide, recommended.

Katiya Katiya United States ( Couple )
9 months ago

“ Yoshi made our Osaka tour the best day in Japan for us! ”

Yoshi is like a breadth of fresh air. He’s got a great attitude and personality - he made us feel like old friends! We booked him for 9 hours but he arrived early to our Kyoto hotel so we got a head start to our all day tour of Osaka. Our goal was to visit as many top attractions as possible and he kept us on task with our complex itinerary. We visited Osaka castle, temple, many geek stores (toy vehicles, electronics, parts, etc.), the longest shopping road in Japan, had some excellent local food along the way (Japanese seafood pizza/meatloaf over a skillet), walked thru 300 meters of so many variety of cherry blossom trees (our timing was perfect as the trees were at its peak), multiple connected shopping alleyways, and saw many beautiful river scenes. We appreciated Yoshi adjusting our ... read more


Dear Katiya Thank you for your lavish praise. I did my best as a beginner guide. I want you to like Osaka and Japan. Have a nice trip.