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"Temple or Shrine; That Is the Question!"

by Shogo
Super welcome to Temple or Shrine.   Dad, is this a temple or shrine?      It must be a temple. Coz theres a pagoda behind the temp...

You'll Never Say, "What a Shock!" "Washoku" Is the Very Soul of "Omotenashi" Japan!

by Shogo
Hello. Huge welcome to Wa-shoku! And Im sorry for my trivial pun in the title. Hopefuly Im not a pun man? First of all, a touch of info...

Fuji-san Has Long Been/Will Be Japan's Best Spiritual Home!

by Shogo
Super welcome to Mt. Fuji!    Mt. Fuji or Fuji-san (san refers to mountain), with an altitude of 3,776 meters, is located about 130 kilomet...

Kyoto's Maiko Are Centuries-Long, World-Wide Idols!

by Shogo
OIDE-YASU (warm welcome in the Kyoto dialect) to Kyotos Maiko. First of all, you may wonder what Kyotos Maiko is all about, like  Are th...

Supreme "Sakura Empire?" Japan

by Shogo
Huge thanks for visiting sakura Japan. Ever since the Heian period (794 - 1185) hana (referring to flower) has long been about sakura (ch...

Ready to Enjoy "Sake" for Sake of Your Fantastic Memories?

by Shogo
Warm welcome to Sake. Super Happy News!! Junmai Ginjo Fukuju made by a sake brewery in Kobe, one of the best sake capitals, was served at a...

Huge JR Kyoto Sta. Is a New Little-Known Tourist Spot!

by Shogo
Welcome to JR Kyoto Sta. Kyoto with its history of over 1,200 years is the very Japans spiritual home. No doubt about it. Indeed, whenever...

Japanese Maple Is Just Not Beautiful, but Super "Crisp!"

by Shogo
Welcome to Maple Japan! Autumn colors are the pride of Japan, being enjoyed across Japan. In the western part of Japan, like Kyoto, Nara, O...

Healthy, but Possibly "Dangerous?:)" Soybean Japan

by Shogo
Hello. Welcome to Soybean Japan. As you know well, Japans staple food is rice, not soybeans. However, a soybean has long been an indispens...

Bamboo Tells What Japan Is All About!

by Shogo
Hello. Welcome to Bamboo Japan. As you see, Japan is a bamboo country with various kinds of bamboo rooted deep into diverse aspects of ...
I can also guide you in Hiroshima (Peace Memorial Park, Miyajima), 1-day tour. My transportation fees to/from Hiroshima cost about 20,000 JPY, return.
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Cities where I can guide: Himeji , Hyogo , Kobe , Kyoto , Mount Koya , Nara , Osaka

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(26) Reviews
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