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Fuji-san, Japan's Spiritual Home

by Shogo
Fuji-san (san=mountain), with an altitude of 3,776 meters, is not just the highest in Japan. Its not just a world-famous Japans symbol wit...

Too Fascinating Kyoto Maiko

by Shogo
< What is Maiko?> Maiko is a female entertainer dressed in beautiful kimono like Geisha, who is trained in the Kyoto dialect, traditional ...

Sakura Empire Japan

by Shogo
Sakaura, cherry blossoms, are special in Japan, being regarded as national flowers along with chrysanthemums in the autumn.  The sakura fron...

Sake Empire Japan

by Shogo
Super Happy News!! Japanese sake, Junmai Ginjo Fukuju made by a sake brewery in Kobe, was served at a banquet after the 2018 Nobel Prize Awa...

A New Little-Known Tourist Spot in Kyoto?

by Shogo
Kyoto is the very Japans spiritual home. No doubt about it. Indeed, whenever you see the sights of Kyoto, you will feel Japans traditional...

Tasty Maple Japan

by Shogo
Autumn colors are the pride of Japan, being enjoyed almost throughout Japan. In the western part of Japan, like Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe and...

Healthy but "DANGEROUS?" Soybean Japan

by Shogo
It is said that the home of a soybean is East Asia, and after the 20th century it began to spread throughout the world.  In Japan it began b...

Bamboo Tells Japan

by Shogo
Take, or bamboo, is something special in Japanese culture along with a pine tree and a Japanese apricot.  Meaning so-called sho-chiku-bai ...
I can also guide you in Hiroshima (Peace Memorial Park, Miyajima), 1-day tour. My transportation fees to/from Hiroshima cost about 20,000 JPY, return.
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Cities where I can guide: Kyoto , Osaka , Nara , Hyogo , Kobe , Mount Koya , Himeji

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(26) Reviews
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