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One Day Trip in Tokyo

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Meet at your hotel at 9:00 am. Subway ride to "Tochomae" → the observatory of the Metropolitan Government buildings → Subway ride to "Meiji-jingu-mae" → ...
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My guide is also available in Kagoshima, where my home town is located, with the transportation fee of not more then 8000 yen.
I am now living in Tokyo and return to my home town in Kagoshima almost every month, staying there for a week. So, please be understood that my tour guides in Kagoshima and Kumamoto are available when guide requests are made around two months or more before the tour dates except the tours which are made when I happen to be in Kagoshima.
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Kota dimana saya bisa memandu: Tokyo , Kamakura , Hakone , Yokohama , Kanagawa , Nikko , Kumamoto , Kagoshima

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