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Bahasa-bahasa English ( Lisensi ), Japanese ( Fasih )

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Hello! My name is Fujiko Maeda. I'm a national-licensed tour guide. I was born in Sado Island, off the coast of Niigata Prefecture. I once worked in tourism industry for about 10 years when I lived in Tokyo. Now I'm a persimmon farmer but when time permits I'm happy to guide you here in Sado mainly but also other places, too. We have a lot to offer like beautiful nature, historical sites, local specialties, traditional performing arts, festivals, islanders smiles and so on.
If you'd like to know real Japanese lifestyle, please visit Sado.
I'm sure you'll be satisfied.
Let's explore Sado or other wonderful and beautiful places with me!
Also, if you have any questions about Sado or Japan as a whole, please don't hesitate to email me.

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Murakami city Sake Sake one day tour

(24) ulasan
by Fujiko
Murakami city is located in the northern part of Niigata Prefecture. The city was flourished during the Edo period as a castle town governed by the Muraka...
6h US$ 232 Maksimal sampai 10 people

Sado Gold and Silver Mine: Relics tell you 400 years of hist...

(24) ulasan
by Fujiko
Sado has been well known as one of the major gold and silver production sites in Japan. It has the history of 1000 years. There are four major minig sites...
2:30h US$ 102 Maksimal sampai 5 people

Niigata City one day tour of your choices

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by Fujiko
Located on the Japan sea side of mainland Honshu, about 2 hours bullet train ride from Tokyo, Niigata city has been flourished as one of the major port tow...
7h US$ 232 Maksimal sampai 6 people

Shukunegi - the village of sengokubune, sailingship of Edo e...

(24) ulasan
by Fujiko
This small coastal village once prospered as the center of shipbuilding industry during the Edo era. After the Meiji Restoration, the industry fell into ...
2h US$ 74 Maksimal sampai 5 people

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Adrienne Adrienne Jepang ( Family )
Luar biasa
2 months ago

“ The perfect Sado Tour ”

Fujiko was a wonderful guide. She loves S Sado Island and knows the best places to show you to get to know the island. It is lovely to talk to her. We had so much fun exploring the island with her!


Hi, Adrienne san Thank you very much for writing an encouraging review of the tour. I also had a wonderful time with you! It was a beautiful autumn day and I still remember that beautiful tree near the gold mine. You must be busy but I hope you will visit many other unknown places in Japan whenever possible. Take care and have fun! Fujiko

Laurie Laurie United States ( Family )
Luar biasa
2 months ago

“ A wonderful day on Sado Island ”

Fujiko planned the perfect day for us. As a resident of Sado Island, she knows it well and shared many interesting facts about it. We got to try taiko drumming, visited a historic village and went for a tub boat ride with a nice dog named Asti and his owner. We had an amazing seafood lunch, then visited a sake brewery. The local apples, pears and persimmon were so sweet and delicious and Fujiko knew the best places to get them. We even got to see some endangered Toki, thanks to Fujiko. Visiting Sado Island was the highlight of our vacation!


Hi, Laurie san Thank you very much for writing such a sweet review of the tour! It was only a 6-hour tour but we had a lot of fun together. It was great that each place gave you special memories. We sampled fruits in season and sake which included freshly brewed one before and after lunch so I think it was a "betsubara" or "second stomach" tour! I hope we can do another betsubara tour in the near future because Niigata is a special place for you. Thank you again from Hide san and me, Fujiko

Jennifer Jennifer United States ( Couple )
Luar biasa
3 months ago

“ Excellent day with Fujiko ”

We had a wonderful day in Sado with Fujiko. She was responsive starting the first message we exchanged and throughout the whole process. She helped us booked a local rental car in Sado, which we would not be able to do on our own from 5000 miles away. We noticed this local shop was the only one opened (and all the Japanese went to) when we arrived. She took care of all the rental car details/questions, and even took calls during the trip from the car company, which we without a local phone, really appreciate. The day in Sado was nice and smooth. She took us to local markets, rice fields, and temples that we only saw local people which made us feel 'privileged' to be part of. At the temple, she took us to the back and pointed out the very unique spot we would never discover even i... baca lebih lanjut


Dear Jennifer san Thank you very much for writing such a wonderful review of Sado tour. I'm really happy that you enjoyed being in Sado and still remember the day and places we've visited. Sado is not well known to foreign tourists yet and don't have world famous sightseeing places like Kyoto but we have a lot to offer. I understand that your luggage was heavy with rice bags but it was worth bringing back. I will work hard to make my guests fulfilled and happy while they are in Sado or other places like Niigata. Yes, I hope to see you again and be your guide!! Until then, please take care and have fun. Arigato, Fujiko

Joanna Joanna United States ( Couple )
Luar biasa
4 months ago

“ Excellent guide ”

Fujiko san spoke excellent English. Was very knowledgeable about Sado. Worked hard to give us a very good experience. A pleasure to be with!


Hi, Joanna san Thank you very much for writing the review so fast! I'm sure you've reached the lodging by now and feel accomplished! I'm thinking to do the same in the near future. Anyway please enjoy Japan to the fullest wherever you visit. Arigato! Fujiko

Cloudy Cloudy Hong Kong ( Solo )
Luar biasa
6 months ago

“ A super guide ”

She got everything well-prepared and studied in order to bring me a wonderful journey. I can get my job done smoothly and it should be credit to Fujiko too. Thanks very much.


Dear Cloudy Thank you very much for writing me a wonderful review of the tour. It was such a great and rare experience for me! I'm sure this trip was a big success for you. Otsukaresama deshita and Aisareru hitoni narimasuyouni! Fujiko


Rabbit Kannon Statue, Sado Island and beyond

by Fujiko
No one ever came up with the idea of building this...RABBIT KANNON STATUE! There is Merlion in Singapore and in Sado, we have this cute and...

Tub boat craftsman always on the row in Sado Island!

by Fujiko
Kaneko-san,  he is always on the run?, no, on the row! In Shukunegi, Kaneko-san, the tub boat craftsman, offers three courses of tub boat r...

Feast for the eye in spring in Sado Island

by Fujiko
Japanese people admire autumn leaves because of the  beautiful colors but... Admiring  新緑 - shinryoku” or spring green is my favorite arou...

Representatives of Sado Island: Burikatsu-kun and Ondeko-chan

by Fujiko
 Of course we have super heros, well ... no, mascots on Sado Island! Apparently fish?  No, he is Burikatsu-kun or deep-fried yellow...

"Mochi" is made of rice? Not this one!

by Fujiko
This is Imo mochi or mochi made of sweet potatos in Sado Island.  Local grandmas make this mochi during this time of year for locals an...

Several scenes of Sado Island in 2016

by Fujiko
Time flies! We only have 2 more days in 2016.  Looking back, Ive taken so many photos this year and Id like to show you some of them. Fi...