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Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

by Yoko
One of highlights in Fukuoka is Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine dedicated to Tenjin-san, a god of learning. Its located in Dazaifu city, only 30-mi...

Cherry blossom viewing in Fukuoka Castle Ruins

by Yoko
Last month, the Japan Meteorological Corporation released a new cherry blossom forecast in 2019 . It says Hanami, flower viewing, will be a ...

Yusentei garden : Feel tranquility and Japanese aesthetics

by Yoko
Traditional Japanese garden is one of the must-see spots when you visit Japan. Yusentei garden is the best traditional garden in Fukuoka whi...

Kamado Shrine: a god of love and matchmaking in cherry blossoms

by Yoko
When you visit Dazaifu area known for Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine as a god of wisdom, why dont you extend your visit to Kamado shrine? Dazaifu,...

Making your own Hakata doll !! : Visit a craftsman's atelie and experience painting a doll.

by Yoko
One of the local specialties in Fukuoka is Hakata Doll, a traditional clay doll that originated in Hakata around 17th century. Hakata dolls...

Twenty-six Martyrs for Church, Monument and Museum

by Yoko
Up on a hill, a five-minute walk away from Nagasaki station, twenty-six martyrs rest in peace. This is the site where 20 Japanese Christians...

Walking around Momochi area: A local shopping avenue and Fukuoka Tower

by Yoko
Fukuoka Tower is one of the absolute must to visit when looking around Fukuoka city. Its located around the waterfront area in the northen ...

"Shichi- Go-San" for celebrating children's growth in November!

by Yoko
In November, you will come to see children and family dressed up in kimono or formal dress at shrines throuout Japan. It is related to the e...

Dejima: the only window to Europe and China during a seclusion policy

by Yoko
Dejima is a man-made island built by 25 wealthy merchants in the early 17th century.  It was when some Portuguese ships arrived around the h...

Tochoji temple : Unique experience,exploring inside the statue of Buddha

by Yoko
After visiting Jotenji temple, lets head to Tochoji temple built in 806 by the founder of Shingon sect, Kukai.  In Tochoji, the statue of B...

Jotenji temple: find a peaceful place in a business district

by Yoko
Just 10 minutes from Hakata station,  you can find Gokusho district, a condensed area of old temples. Many people expect Fukuoka new things...
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