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2 days ago |   by Anne

“ A Highlights of Tokyo Layover Tour from Narita Airport ”

Makiko was a fantastic guide - incredibly organized, keeping us on schedule, which was important given our tight timeline for a layover tour of Tokyo that was driven by train schedules and returning to the airport in time to make our connecting flight home. I highly recommend Makiko as a guide and would definitely book her again when visiting Japan. She was very responsive before the trip and was waiting for us when we exited customs in Tokyo. She was organized and had a plan for the day that she executed flawlessly, which allowed us to maximize the short time we had. I think using a layover for a quick city tour is a great way to get a small taste of a city, but it can be overwhelming to navigate on your own, and Makiko ensured we saw everything we wanted to see. She also provided a lot of information as we traveled and at each of our destinations about the history of Japan and its customs. The details Makiko shared with us definitely made a significant positive difference in our experience! For those curious what a long layover tour with Makiko looked like - this was our itinerary: Makiko met us at the airport, helped us exchange money, locate lockers for our carry-on bags and purchase train tickets. We were able to visit the Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Shopping Street and to get a birds-eye view of the area in a nearby building observation deck. We also visited the Meiji Jingu Shrine before having a delicious ramen lunch. After lunch, we went to the Shibuya station to experience this area before catching our train back to the airport. A 10 hour layover was split roughly as follows: - 1 hour from plane landing to clear customs and catch the train - 1 hour travel time to Tokyo - 5 hours within Tokyo - 1 hour back to airport - 2 hours at airport pre-flight to clear security and immigration for connecting flight I definitely suggest more time in Tokyo - there is so much more we wanted to see and do, but we are thankful for our short visit and will definitely be back!

4 days ago |   by Julia

“ Makiko was wonderful! ”

I told Makiko about the places that i’d wanna visit and the situation of my parents (they’re old and can be easily tired) and she tailored our trip to our needs. She even suggested ways on how we can take full advantage of what we paid. She’s smart and pretty and really nice. In fact, even after the trip, i asked her about my toubles in commuting and she guided me through it. She even made some calls to confirm my questions. I highly recommend Makiko on your travel!

6 days ago |   by Mary

“ Too Good !! ”

The Best guide anyone can ask for. I can guarantee that...If you happen to be in Japan and need a guide, Makiko is the one...From the first time she met my two sons till the day they departed, Makiko was great - informative, helpful, and kind. I cannot thank her enough . THANK YOU VERY MUCH MAKIKO !!

6 days ago |   by Jeremy

“ Tour day tour of Tokyo and Kamakura ”

We had a really educational and fun two days with Makiko who put together a comprehensive itinerary based on the things we were keen to see in Tokyo and Kamakura. She was also extremely flexible with what we wanted to do as we ended up visiting the Tokyo fish market impromptu for lunch. She was also very helpful with sorting out our JR Passes and identifying specific shopping places for my daughter to visit. We would thoroughly recommend Makiko to anyone looking for a friendly and informative guide in and around Tokyo.

2 weeks ago |   by Mick

“ What an excellent introduction to Tokyo. ”

If this is your first time in Tokyo, as it was ours, this is the way to go. We booked Makiko for a full day and I can tell you now this was worth every cent. She was all you could ask for on your first day. She was on time, her English was fantastic and her knowledge was awesome. Makiko took the time to show us how to use the rail system, so well in one day, we nailed getting to Disneyland and back to Shinjuku with no problems the next day. Very confident getting around now in general. We covered so much ground in one day it felt like we spent two days with her, in a positive way. Covered the Imperial Palace, Sensoji Temple, Skytree, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Ginza, Shibuya, and Harajuku and Takeshita area. Her knowledge of general history was excellent and very informative, without being excessive, which we appreciated. Showed us a great place for lunch, and gave us her contact details in we got stuck or needed help. Five stars, and a big thanks you again to Makiko.

2 weeks ago |   by Delly

“ Enjoyable!!! ”

I was glad that I chose Makiko to be our guide on our first trip to a busy hustle and bustle Tokyo. She made my trip very memorable. She was very helpful and make sure the rest of our trip went smoothly. She helped us bought Sinkunsen tickets to Kyoto and made sure we would have seat that can be over looking Mt. Fuji, she explained to us how to use the metro card and how to navigate around Tokyo. Best of all she made us feel like local☺️ We got to enjoy some nice Japanese food that we wouldn’t be able to find on our own. Delly.

Very Good
3 weeks ago |   by Sandra

“ great guide through Tokyos beauty ”

Makiko met us at our hotel and guided us through different areas of Tokyo She is very knowledgeable and picked beautiful spots for us to visit Using the public transportation system with her help made the overall trip very enjoyable.

4 weeks ago |   by Nicole

“ Wonderful! ”

We spent the day with Makiko and she tailored our trip to all the sites we were interested in seeing and adjusted our trip based on the weather. She also made great suggestions about other places we should see/things to do on our other days in Tokyo. We highly recommend her and it was such a pleasure meeting her.

4 weeks ago |   by Caroline

“ Tokyo Half Day Highlights ”

I enjoyed a wonderful morning with Makiko! She was very knowledgeable and spoke excellent English. She understood I wanted to see as much as possible in a short time and delivered.

Very Good
1 month ago |   by Joyce

“ Flexibility ”

Makiko is very, very flexible which suited me perfectly.

1 month ago |   by Conor

“ Best Guide Ever ”

Makiko was really great about showing us everything we wanted to see and more. Her English was superb and we would not have nearly enjoyed Japan as much without her guidance. She knew a lot of facts and history about each place that was visited which we appreciated very much. She was also very caring and made sure we knew where and what we were doing at all times, and that we stayed hydrated. We went to many different places each day and each place was greater and more beautiful than the previous. Makiko did a great job of showing us around Japan and we could not have asked for a better experience!

1 month ago |   by Bruce

“ Tokyo Rocks With Makiko ”

We had the most amazing touring experience with Makiko. Makiko is a consummate professional with excellent recommendations and she is highly knowledgeable and a delightful person. Makiko planned our itinerary so that we could see the most interesting historic sights and she was so flexible as we went along to make new suggestions of what we would like based on getting to know us . Makiko organized the itinerary so that we could maximize our time and also knew when it was time to stop for tea or lunch. Makiko picked great places for lunch and for a snack. Makiko is such a lovely person and we felt like we were traveling with a really good friend. She also made some great suggestions of things to do and places to explore when we were by ourselves. Highlights included Tsukiji market ,Hamarikyu Gardens , Tokyo Cruise to Asakusa , Sensoji Temple , Minimai Aoyama area , Meiji Jingu Shrine . So much more and we loved the Nezu Museum , Mōri Museum and National Center for The Arts. Our trip to Tokyo was exciting and vibrant because of Makiko.

1 month ago |   by Adrienne

“ Getting to know Tokyo with Makiko ”

This was our first trip to Japan for my mother, sister and myself, and we had arranged Makiko as our tour guide for the first two days after arriving in Tokyo. We thought Makiko would be a good match for us after reading such wonderful reviews about her, and we were not wrong. Touring with Makiko was like touring with a friend. She contacted us before we left Australia to start planning itineraries, and to see if there was anything special that we wanted to see or do. Makiko then made suggestions for our time together. She met us in our hotel foyer, helped us purchase our Pasmo tickets, introduced us to the train and subway system, and off we went. It so happened that there was a special Shinto festival happening at the Asakusa Shrine over the two days we were there and so after seeing some other sights we trained over there and witnessed some extraordinary ‘portable shrine’ parades and saw some spectacular costumes. Makiko has excellent English, has travelled widely, has lots of interests, which includes people! We learnt how to eat cold soba noodles correctly, participated in a tea ceremony, and visited beautiful parks. We would thoroughly recommend using Makiko as your personal guide to tour Tokyo, particularly if you don’t have a lot of time and want flexibility in your itinerary. Thank you so much for the special time we spent together Makiko! We hope to see you again!

1 month ago |   by Kerry

“ Only way to See Tokyo ! ”

If you want a perfect walking tour of Tokyo catered to what YOU want to see... this is your guide!! She meet us at our hotel -- asked in advanced what we wanted to see (made great suggestions too!) Designed our individual tour. She was knowledgeable and fluent and warm and fun! We felt we got a great insight not only into the shrines and attractions but to the culture and the history of Japan. If you want the perfect walking tour guide -- don't settle for anyone other than Makiko! -- Our Group tour had been cancelled twice and we needed to find a quick alternative... little did we know that this would be far superior to any group tour we took in Japan -- we will only use this option for other trips in the future!

Very Good
1 month ago |   by Gwen

“ Welcomed Introduction to Tokyo ”

This was our very first trip to Japan and Makiko was the right person to introduce us to an easy view of Tokyo. She asked us what we wanted to see, eat and do then proposed an itinerary which we tweaked just a bit. She was quick to respond to emails which helped reduce anxiety. Makiko met us in the lobby of our hotel and her warmth carried through the full day which made us comfortable to ask many questions which she calmly answered. She took us to the subway station and introduced us to and created PASMO cards for us then immediately got us on a subway to Tsukiji Market. Following her in Tsukiji (inner and outer markets) was amazing...she knew shortcuts and could redirect immediately if normal routes were too crowded or too slow. She took us to stores selling things she knew we wanted to buy and even to some with high quality items we wanted to learn about. She got us to Asakusa to see Nakamise Dori and the Sensoji Temple and grounds. There she taught us the right way to enter the temple grounds, how to get our fortunes, purify ourselves, make an offering and leave the temple grounds. We also stopped at the Shinto shrine next door where the cutest monkey entertained the crowd. We had a lovely lunch in Asakusa then traveled to Harajuku ending up at the hedgehog, otter, rabbit and chinchilla cafe. Harajuku was wall to wall people but Makiko got us to our cafe quickly and safely. The only place we didn't make it to because of the crowds was Meiji Jingu but she showed us how to get there and encouraged us to visit. Our time with Makiko was soon up but we wanted to stay several hours longer in Harajuku to allow our daughter time to shop and buy treats being sold there. I'm sure Makiko was worried that we'd get lost but we insisted and she gave us specific instructions on how to get to the station and which subway train to catch. Before she left, she took us into a baby pet shop that our daughter truly enjoyed. Because of her great coaching, we were able to use the Tokyo Metro system ourselves and visited Meiji Jingu the next day without a hitch. We were lucky to see 3 very different wedding parties. Makiko taught us enough in one day to move about the city comfortably for the rest of our stay in Tokyo. She was patient and kind with us and kept us out of danger's way at the market, on the streets and on and off the trains. Having her experience helped us see much more than we ever could have on our own in one day and prepared us for the rest of our trip. Our whole family thanks you very much Makiko!

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Cathy

“ Tour around asakusa area and beyond ”

Makiko was waiting in the foyer for us as planned and was a delightful host. Her English is very good so communication went well. Although the weather turned against us and the rain set in for most of our tour, we managed to see the fish markets followed by a delightful sushi meal at an authentic restaurant near the fish markets, followed by a trip to Ueno station to register our JR pass , which was very helpful. As the weather cleared Makiko then took us to the Shrines and marketplaces in Asakusa. She is very educated in all aspects of Japanese culture and informed us about cultural aspects as we walked around . All in all a very good experience and learnt a lot about the area . Would highly recommend Makiko as a tour guide . Cathy and Russell, Sydney, Australia

2 months ago |   by Sheela

“ gave us a good and informative overview of Rokyo ”

On the whole good and valuable

2 months ago |   by Christie

“ A day of adventure and fun with Makiko in Tokyo! ”

TAKE ALL OF OUR MONEY! Not only was Makiko very knowledgeable in her local knowledge, she also spoke excellent English and has a keen love of people. She was accommodating and genuinely interested in what we wanted to see and do. There was flexibility on the day and we ended up seeing so much in a short time - Asakusa, Gardens near GInza, Hedgehog Cafe in Harajuku, Meiji Temple and Shrine and a river cruise where Makiko showed us many more 'must do's' that we visited the following day. Full of smiles and wisdom, we would gladly spend time with Makiko any day of the year!

2 months ago |   by Victoria

“ Makiko was excellent! ”

Makiko too our family of 5 under her wing and helped us get acclimated on our first day in Tokyo. She took us to Tokyo Station and assisted with translation to get our Shinkasen tickets for Kyoto and then proceeded to show us how to used the Metro and public transit system to get around -- a really simple system once it's explained to you. We had advised that our kids (university aged) were not heavy tour takers and liked to stop and explore when in interested them and just move on when it didn't. Makiko totally understood this and was patient when the twins stopped to take photos and explore behind doors and walls and gardens. As a local, Makiko was able to share with us secrets -- like which vendor had the best snacks and secret lookout points. Makiko's ability to adjust to what we wanted to do as opposed to a fixed and rigid tour schedule made it great for our family. We really appreciated her helping us with the basics on our first day and sharing her tips on what to do in the different districts. There is SO MUCH to do and see in Tokyo and getting a heads up on the first day was fantastic. Makiko, we had a great time with you. Thank you.

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Eduard

“ Tokyo private tour ”

Makiko is a very flexible and knowledgeable guide. She helps you to establish a nice tour based upon your interests. We would recommend her anytime.

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Lisa

“ We had a wonderful day with Makiko showing us Tokyo! ”

We had a fantastic day with Makiko. Because it rained in the morning she provided us with alternative places that we all enjoyed. Her flexibility and knowledge of the sites that we visited enhanced our tour. She is a wonderful, cultured, guide that spoke excellent English and has many talents. Thank you for showing us your city. Aloha....Lisa & friends

2 months ago |   by Timothy

“ Wonderful 1 day tour with Makiko! ”

We only had 6 days in Japan and wanted to make sure that we were using our time well so we made the decision to organise a guide. We were so glad to have met and spent the day touring with Makiko. She communicated with us repeatedly prior to the day in order to make sure the itinerary for the day was just right. Even though we only had a 1 day tour with her she managed to expertly guide us all over the city taking in a range of temples, shrines, gardens and the Tsuji market. She was a wealth of information regarding history and customs for all the places we visited. In addition she is a lovely person and we really enjoyed spending time with her .. wished we had organised more days with her .. maybe on our next trip! Thanks Makiko

3 months ago |   by Andrew

“ Makiko is amazing !! ”

What a delight it was to meet Makiko in Tokyo . Her English both written and spoken is excellent . She recommended options for our 2 tour days based upon our interests which we had communicated with her via Triple Lights website. She was courteous and knowledgeable and her priority is you having a great holiday experience. We changed a couple of destinations at the last minute and she was flexible and forthcoming in suggesting alternatives. She put us at ease in navigating the complex train system and the masses of people and assisted us with activating our JR passes. She made recommendations for dining and other activities for our other days in Tokyo. She is an interesting lady and with lots of travel experience understands travellers needs. We highly recommend Makiko as your tour guide in Tokyo !!

3 months ago |   by Frederique

“ Half day Tokyo city tour ”

I would highly recommend Makiko. She has excellent English skills and communicated clearly both in the lead up to the tour and during our half day together. She was able to tailor the tour to our needs and gave us many options to consider. She was very engaged thoughout the tour and we enjoyed a diverse range of topics in our conversations with her. Makiko it was our pleasure to spend a very enjoyable four hours with you. We look forward to returning to Japan and discovering more of Tokyo with you. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

3 months ago |   by Nanette

“ Tokyo day and evening tour over 2 days ”

Wow! What a great couple of days we have had with Makiko! Thank you soooooo much for the time you have spent with us showing us around Tokyo’s many sights and always being ready to adjust our tour to our needs. We wish we could navigate the crowds as you do! Makiko had so much knowledge about anything we wanted to know, we had many good laughs and she was absolutely professional at all times while still it felt like we were out with a good friend. When we come back to Tokyo it will be Makiko that we look for to help us navigate this amazing city. We miss you already Makiko. Nanette and Peter

3 months ago |   by Linda

“ Makiko is an excellent guide for your trip to Tokyo ”

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our first two days in Tokyo with Makiko as our guide. She is very professional yet flexible helping us to plan our days while also teaching us to use the subway. She is extremely knowledgeable about Tokyo and the Japanese culture and her English is excellent. She really helped us in all ways possible and her written communications before our tour was excellent. I would definitely recommend Makiko for your trip to Tokyo.

3 months ago |   by Stevie

“ Thank you Makiko! ”

If you're searching for a Tokyo guide, you've found her! Makiko was spectacular and made our 4 day Japan trip everything we could have hoped for. 4 days isn't a lot of time for such a big city but we felt we were there for a week. Everything flowed so well, we felt organised and maximised our time without feeling rushed. Our experience was so personal and suited us perfectly. Makiko's knowledge and love for Japan meant we were told things that we could never have learnt on our own. With Makiko you feel like a local, not a tourist.

5 months ago |   by Diane

“ Fabulous Day in Tokyo with Makiko as our Japanese Guide! ”

Having only one day in Tokyo my daughter, a co-worker and I wanted it to be Stress Free and found Makiko through TripleLights Service. It was the best decision we made to book with Makiko. We had Makiko meet us at Ueno Station in Tokyo where we arrived from Narita on the SkyLiner train. That was so easy and from there she handled everything for us... getting the subway tickets, where we were going, adding in places of interest for us to see and showing us places we would have never found on our own! Makiko also shared Japanese history and customs with us all throughout the day. We loved that! She is so very gracious and also so much fun to be with! We felt like we had *Our Japanese Girl Friend spending the day with us*. Makiko found the perfect spot for lunch. It was delicious, fun and the Sushi chef was just adorable, throwing us kisses as we left! He truly made our day! As I am severly allergic to all fish Makiko made sure I received veggie sushi and a very delicious salad, which I highly recommend, if she takes you to this Sushi restaurant as it was outstanding! We visited Temples, Shrines, went to roof tops to get an outstanding view of Tokyo and of course... we went SHOPPING! The beauty of Tokyo was amazing with all the natural landscaping, trees, Gates to the Temples and Shrines and it was truly gorgeous. Makiko was very considerate that I had to be cautiouos on stairs due to a Triple Ankle Fusion and my co-worker had recently had a knee surgery. She was very cautious with us and considerate of our needing to go slower on stairs, etc. As we told Makiko... when we return to Tokyo we will definitely book a tour with you again. We truly spent a perfect day in Tokyo with our new Japanese friend, Makiko. Thank you for a wonderful day in a beautiful city, Tokyo!

5 months ago |   by Wendy

“ Half Day City Tour with Makiko ”

Makiko was great! She was very informative, pleasant and spoke English quite well. I always received prompt responses to my emails when setting up our tour. She was very flexible and tailored the tour to our interests and made wonderful suggestions as to what to see in the limited time we had to visit Tokyo. I would definitely recommend Makiko.

6 months ago |   by MA

“ Memorable Makiko ”

As early as June of this year, my family started planning our Japan trip for December. We started by purchasing our plane tickets online. Once the payment was made, there was no backing out. I have heard my friends talk about how amazing Tokyo is, so I decided to find a good guide to maximize our time. Scanning through Triplelights.com, I saw a lot of Licensed Guides who can give us a tour but Makiko really caught my attention- the affordable rate, the good reviews and her kind and pretty face that made me think I can trust her to roam around Tokyo with my teenage daughter. I then sent a message asking if she's available on my preferred dates. I am amazed about this woman. From the first moment Makiko responded to my email to the time we met and parted ways in Tokyo, I assure you of Makiko's excellent service. Makiko was very respectful to ask my plan for the day. I sent Makiko my preferred itinerary. Makiko would reply quickly giving me feedbacks and suggestion. I informed her I wanted to be in Shibuya by lunch time and eat in a restaurant where food is served by "train". A week before my family's date of departure, Makiko finalized our itinerary and that she will meet us at my preferred place and time. Makiko arrived on time. Train rides were easy with her around. We learned a little about Japan's culture, history and SHOPPING. Most importantly, Makiko understands my 14 year old teenage daughter. Some plus points are: Makiko speaks fluent english, very thoughtful and was helpful to assist my family's itinerary for our next destination- Osaka. We had a whole lot of fun with Makiko the whole day. With that, I hope others will try Makiko's service. If you need a fun and memorable time in Tokyo, look for Makiko. I am honored to recommend her Makiko to others especially my friends. The next time we will visit Makiko, I will surely contact her as our guide. Thank you so much for your time, Makiko. Until we meet again.

9 months ago |   by Alison

“ Tokyo for the first time ”

Thanks Makiko for making our introduction to Tokyo such an excellent one! Makiko is very knowledgeable and was a perfect guide for an English speaking family with basically no Japanese language skills! We spent two half days being shown some of the many highlights around the city. We were able to organise the itinerary personally with many helpful suggestions to make the whole day go smoothly. With visits to Tsukiji, shrines, temples, parks and shopping, not to mention navigating the train system, these were so much easier with Makiko's local knowledge making all the difference. Thanks again for a wonderful start to our Tokyo holiday!

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