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3 weeks ago |   by Family

“ Lovely, patient, and skillful. ”

Yukiko taught an origami lesson to three children, 8,10, and 12 years old. She was wonderful! She began with simple objects and moved to increasingly complicated creations as the kids caught on quickly through her patient and skillful instruction. She wore a kimono which they also loved, and really enjoyed their time with her. I'd highly recommend Yukiko to any family!

1 month ago |   by Dawn

“ trouper guide ”

Yukiko was our tour guide for June 5, 2018. Yukiko was an excellent tour guide, she was flexible as far as customizing our tour and knowledgeable about the Japanese culture and history. She researched and answered all our questions, and provided many insights and recommendations as to how we can enjoy our Japan tour. She took us to an amazing revolving sushi place, which the whole family enjoyed. Best of all, Yukiko was so accommodating to my aunt who had a slight mobility problem. I think this made the tour extra special as she was so patient with her. I recommend Yukiko to everyone who is going to Japan for the first time.

1 month ago |   by Charlene


Yukiko was GREAT! Even though we only spent one day with her, she was amazing! Very patient!! I would DEFINITELY recommend her to all my friends and family!

1 month ago |   by Jen

“ Amazing Ambassador ”

We were coming to Japan as a 3 generation family with ages 6-76. We were initially skeptical about any tour guides thinking we could manage on our own with HYPERDIA and google maps. Wow we were all surprised at how easy it was to maneuver with a guide the first day. We booked two half days and asked all the questions we could so we could figure out what we wanted and how to move forward. Yokiko made our trip a breeze. She became a part of our family looking out for us and asking questions in Japanese to locals to get us the answers. Our smallest was so sad she wasn’t going to be joining us thru the rest of the trip. She is amazing and spent time getting to know each one of us so she could help us enjoy her country. There is not a better guide in Tokyo.

1 month ago |   by Kathleen

“ Tokyo highlights in 1 full day ”

Yukiko was a fantastic tour guide. She created an itinerary that showed us highlights of Tokyo in a day. The tour was fun, historical and varied. Saw temples and shrines, learned about Japanese history and culture. Rode the train and rode the boat. Yukiko was prompt and very nice. I highly recommend her as a tour guide to anyone who visits Tokyo.

1 month ago |   by James

“ Great way to start our Japan trip! ”

Having never been to Japan before and not speaking a word of Japanese we were a bit nervous about our trip. This tour was a great introduction to Japan and really helped us feel a lot more at ease. Yukiko was a fabulous guide both informative and very friendly. We did half day tour with visits to the tsujiki fish market, hamarikyu gardens and finished up with a boat taxi up to the asakusa area. She also provided us with a nice introduction to the transit system (including maps and how to buy pasmo cards) which gave us the confidence that we'd be able to navigate around on our own. Overall a fantastic experience which I would recommend to anyone.

1 month ago |   by Susan

“ Delightful, Meaningful, Fun ”

Our tour of Tokyo with Yukiko delighted us in so many ways and was extremely rewarding. Tokyo is a complex city to visit and Yukiko made it so much easier for us. It was time very well spent. The whole day was a cultural delight. Yukiko took such good care of us. Her careful planning and thoughtfulness were obvious. Yukiko has an EXCELLENT command of English. There was absolutely no problem communicating. She was able to answer all of our questions knowledgeably, completely, and clearly. It was quite easy to spend the time with her. Yukiko was very considerate of our preferences and comfort. Her knowledge of Japanese history, culture, and customs is impressive. She is quite intelligent, thoughtful, well-traveled, and most gracious. Having used private guides in cities on several continents, I can truly say that THIS tour was one of the best we’ve had in our travel experiences with one of the nicest and smartest guides. I also thought the fee was extremely reasonable. All of our arrangements were by email and were completely reliable. All of our emails were promptly answered and everything was clearly confirmed in writing. From the very beginning of planning our day by email, things went very smoothly. Yukiko and I traded suggestions but she is the real expert so I confidently trusted her with the final decisions. The thorough explanations that Yukiko gave us about Japanese history and culture and the knowledge we gained from our day with her, was especially useful to us all through our 2 weeks in Japan. During our tour, Yukiko explained the various customs of ancient Japan and the meaning of many symbols, rites, and practices of both the Shinto and Buddhist heritage. She organized the day very smartly to show us different aspects of life in Tokyo including the practical aspects of using the subway system. The importance of this CANNOT be overstated and this alone was worth every Yen we paid for this tour. Understanding how to efficiently use all aspects of the subway system served us VERY well for all of our 2 weeks in Japan. We used this knowledge over and over. In addition to showing us some of the most well known sights of Tokyo, Yukiko also introduced us to a ceremony at a Buddhist Temple that I am positive most visitors to Tokyo wouldn’t know about. We were able to observe this solemn ancient ritual which we found most impressive. This was an important highlight for us. Another memorable experience was having Yukiko arrange a lunch for us at a tempura restaurant. This was both FUN and USEFUL. We were kind of nervous about our first meal at a “real” Japanese restaurant and knowing the proper etiquette, but Yukiko expertly and kindly guided us. Again, this knowledge served us very well for the rest of our trip through Japan. During our lunch, Yukiko explained the different foods and how they’re eaten. She explained the proper Japanese dining customs. We got to interact with the tempura chef. Even with the language barrier, we enjoyed this interaction so much. This was one of the most enjoyable highlights of the day. And the food from this tiny hidden gem of a restaurant was outstanding. Yukiko had made the reservation 2 months in advance. The most valuable part of this touring experience was getting to know this charming young woman and feeling the enthusiasm and affection she has for one of the great cities and cultures of the world.

2 months ago |   by Isabelv

“ Tokyo with my grandson. ”

We spent four day in Tokyo with Yukiko. This was my first solo trip with my 11 year old grandson. Yukiko came up with an excellent itinerary for him. Everything she suggested was a hit. We visited the Imperial Palace and Asakusa. Highlights were the Ninja experience and the Sushi lessons. Asimo was also a hit with Seb. She picked the perfect day to visit Hakone and we were able to enjoy the splendor of Mt. Fuji. Her scheduling allowed us time to spend together exploring Shinjuku and the areas nearby. This was truly a memorable, worry free trip and I have Yukiko to thank.

2 months ago |   by Wendy

“ Tokyo highlights, food and shopping.. ”

Yukiko was very well organised and interesting. She has a great knowledge of Japan and the history of areas and their development was facinating. We come from a country with a breif non indigenous history so it was good to be able to hear about thousands of years of culture and history. We were able to do everything we had hoped for and more. Thank you.

2 months ago |   by Wilette

“ A Great Day in Tokyo ”

I booked an all day, English guided walking tour with Yukiko through Triplelights. I must say the experience from the booking, to the scheduling, and communication was fantastic. Yukiko and I communicated through the Triplelights website up until a few days before the tour to ensure our tour was planned perfectly. On the tour day, Yukiko met my sister and I promptly at our hotel lobby. The tour was customized to our liking, and although we had some bad weather in the morning the tour was still perfect. We did a lot of walking, took the subway, and also utilized taxi service. We started at the museum which gave us a 360 degree look into Japan then and now, progressed to see temples and shrines, explored the fish market where we had the best meal of our trip, immersed ourselves in the pop culture of Harajuku, and explored Shibuya crossing. A truly memorable day, we couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you Yukiko.

4 months ago |   by Mervin

“ Excellent Guide for families ”

Yukiko made excellent suggestions for places for us to visit with our 2 boys (age 13 and 7). We visited Tsukiji market, Honda Welcome centre, Samaurai Museum, Ninja Trick House and the shops of Tokyo Station. She was very helpful in showing us how to navigate Tokyo using the train system and made us feel very welcome. On our return visit we would definitely use her services again and would recommend her to anyone who wanted a guide to help them navigate Tokyo and see things you may not ordinarily see. Mervin M

4 months ago |   by William

“ Yukiko knows Tokyo - culturally, historically... all of it! ”

If you want a personalized tour of Tokyo take one with Yukiko! She’s knowledgeable and well prepared for your interest. We enjoyed her company and were thrilled with all the sights we could visit. There wasn’t a question she could not answer.

5 months ago |   by Ann

“ Excellent tour guide for families ”

Yukiko was a wonderful person to tour Tokyo with. She is easy to have a conversation with while walking around; more like touring the city with a friend, not someone you're just meeting for the first time. Yukiko recommended the right mix of sites to interest my husband and I as well as our 7 year old (the ninja experience was a hit and he can't stop talking about it). She was very prepared and gave us brief background history on the various sites we visited, which we really appreciated. I highly recommend a tour with Yukiko.

5 months ago |   by Sandra

“ Great guide ”

Yukiko was a wonderful guide who worked with us to personalize our tour. We were in Tokyo for 5 days and hired her for the first 2 days. Without her, there certainly would have been places/events we would have missed. And she was very good in giving us specific recommendations for the best shops for food items we were interested in. My elderly parents were traveling with us and Yukiko was very attentive. The main thing we found in having Yukiko with us is that she greatly removed any of the stress of navigating Tokyo. We found having her with us just made the days so much easier and pleasant. Would definitely recommend her to anyone traveling to Tokyo.

6 months ago |   by Tushar

“ Awesome guide!! ”

The reviews don’t to justice when it comes to Kukiko. She is very knowledgeable, flexible with changes, and always had smile on her face. Even durIng transit between locations she took time to teach origami. She also found great reataurant for lunch to accommodate couple vegetarians in our group. All of us in our group enjoyed touring with Yukiko and we would tour again next time we visit.

6 months ago |   by Samantha

“ Wonderful time with Yukiko! ”

We had such a lovely time making sushi with Yukiko! She was so friendly and welcoming. It was such a unique experience to make sushi with a Tokyo native in her own home. She was so patient with us as we tried for the first time to make hand-shaped sushi rolls. We truly enjoyed our time with Yukiko and would recommend the sushi making class to anyone who is traveling in Tokyo.

6 months ago |   by Lesley

“ Perfect Way to start our Vacation ”

My daughter (16) and I arrived in Japan for the first time and do not speak English. We had done our research and knew what we wanted to see but had no idea how to navigate the city and train system. We thankfully hired Yukiko who answered all our questions prior to arriving over email. She was timely and thorough and able to understand exactly what we wanted. Upon arrival she is prompt, professional and had our agenda clearly mapped out. She even printed out copies of suggestions for us to get around after our tour for the remainder of trip. We had a lovely lunch and so much fun exploring the fish market, Akihabara and Harajuku. She even taught us some Japanese over lunch which was amazing! We are headed to Kyoto and Osaka and have decided to hire a guide for us in each city to ensure we are confident about traveling and how to get around. Today was so much fun as we knew where to go and had our handy map at our side which Yukiko provided us, knowing we would live by it while in Tokyo. Thank you so much Yukiko. I absolutely recommend her for your tour, she is the best!!! She set the entire tone for our vacation. Forever grateful to her! Lesley

7 months ago |   by Ford

“ Day tour of Tokyo ”

One of the best guides ever - fully informed about history, religion, nature. Yukiko planned a wonderful day tour of Tokyo based on our particular interests and arranged everything from transportation to lunch. Outstanding

7 months ago |   by Amanda

“ We highly recommend Yukiko! ”

Yukiko was a fantastic guide. She speaks English very well, and she is informative. Yukiko led us (my husband, 10 year old daughter and me) around Tokyo on a custom tour. I had given her a handful of places that we wanted to see and Yukiko arranged everything. She met us at our hotel, and we took the subway to the Tsukiji fish market. From there, we walked to a restaurant where she had previously made reservations. After lunch, we walked to the Hamarikyu Gardens and drank tea in a teahouse overlooking the gardens. Next we took the riverboat to Asakasa and visited the Senso-Ji shrine as well as walked down the souvenir street. From here we took the subway to Akihabara. Knowing our interests, she took us to specific stores that we would like. From there, she showed us how to take the subway back to our hotel. We would have never been able to see as much as we did without Yukiko’s help. We took this tour on our very first full day in Tokyo, and it was the best choice. Yukiko did a great job of explaining the subway system, helping us to purchase a pasmo card, explaining customs explaining the history of the sights. She is patient and wanted us to enjoy ourselves. Yukiko was wonderful with our daughter who had many questions; and she even brought along a worksheet to teach her Japanese. We really liked her personality and she was really nice to be around. You can read more about Triplelights and Yukiko in a lengthy review (with pictures) on my blog Sushi and Gelato (dot) com The Morris Family, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

7 months ago |   by Lawrence

“ One day tour with Yukiko as tour guide ”

I would recommend this type of tour (walking and taking the trains) to those who are not familiar with Japan and its train system. Yukiko is very responsible and goes out of her way to accommodate our requests to make changes to our planned itinerary for the day. Although it may seem relatively expensive for an individual but if you have a group of 8 people like ours, the amount each person needs to pay is reasonable.

9 months ago |   by MICHAEL

“ Fabulous Tour Guide and Fabulous Tour ”

Yukiko was a flexible and knowledgeable tour guide who customized our tour to our interests. She took us all over Tokyo for 2 days and we felt that she exposed us thoroughly to the culture and the people. Her English was excellent and easy to understand. She also made 2 oragami dinosaures for our young grandsons when she learned they loved dinosaurs. We were only sorry that she was not accompanying us on the rest of our trip! We highly recommend her as a guide.

9 months ago |   by Stacie

“ Excellent tour!! ”

Yukiko is the very best tour guide!! She helped us out so much and made it such an enjoyable experience. Please book her if you are English speaking and need help just getting around in general.

9 months ago |   by Chris

“ Yukiko was awesome ”

Okay, lame title for review right..? But so true, Yukiko was great, very knowledgeable, punctual and made us feel very welcome to a country we had just landed in! Honestly if there was always a choice for a tour guide I would pick Yukiko you won't be disappointed!! Chris

9 months ago |   by Wes

“ Practical efficient way to see Japan ”

Excellent tour guide. Punctual, efficient, researched your needs before arriving , provided maps and had literature and pictures to aide her explanations, understood what interests me and took me to those areas of interest. I would never have been able to navigate all those trains so efficiently. Worth the money ! Esp if time is limited you could spend more time navigating around and getting lost on your own ! Excellent English and wonderful interpersonal skills. Would highly recommend. Esp if English is your first language.

10 months ago |   by David

“ Friendly, Versatile, Knowledgeable - Great Experience! ”

From the moment we met Yukiko on September 1st, she was just a pleasure to be around and we were thrilled to have her as our guide around Tokyo. She was dressed in a beautiful kimono, and displayed the highest level of professionalism from the moment we began until the moment we said good-bye. She listened to all of our requests and escorted us to all the places we wanted to see, and was particularly adept at planning with us on short notice. Based on our suggestions/wishes she then embellished our tour with other nearby interesting places to see which enriched our experience and understanding. Yukiko was smart, calm, poised, and attentive. In just a half day, she shared a tremendous amount of historical and cultural information with us, answered all of our questions, and engaged us in entertaining conversations. Yukiko also went out of her way to help us with my wife’s Celiac disease and food allergies/intolerances. We were able to quickly go into a grocery store with her and she pointed out things that were “Gluten Free” and just as important, things that were not. She even took the time to prepare printed phrases to use in stores and restaurants. Overall, Yukiko was an exceptional guide. She enriched and enhanced our time in Japan. We highly recommend her and would seek her out again if we return. Thank you Yukiko! David and Diane

10 months ago |   by Debra

“ Day trip to Kamakura and temples ”

We had an informative and very pleasant day out. Yukiko was efficient and smoothly guided us through each point of interest. We very much enjoyed chatting with her throughout the day. We learnt a lot of history and found the temples and gardens beautiful. We had fun getting to know her as well. Thank you Yukiko!

1 year ago |   by Gina

“ Short and sweet trip ”

Yukiko is very professional , friendly and helpful . She tries to accommodate all our requests and mange to show us around Tokyo even in a very tight schedule . Would definitely recommend her for my friends and future trips.

1 year ago |   by Susy

“ Half day Tokyo city tour ”

We had a wonderful time with Yukiko visiting Asakusa and Meji Shrine Yukiko was very friendly, extremely punctual, and knowleadgeable. We learned much about Japan and its culture. She was very practical in scheduling our interests within our limited time frame. And she gave us recommendations for activities after the tour. Thank you Yukiko

1 year ago |   by Agnes

“ Awesome experiences for us ”

I could not find a better words to describe your services for our family. We are well taken care of, having you is the best experience that we could ever have. As a family with a 4-years and 7-years kids, we are already restricted by the time and movement that we have during tour. However, we still tour Tokyo on places that we wanted to visit and also based on your recommendations. We enjoy the trip to Karamura and Tsuji Market and experiencing the local food and of course, the Kimono. Now, we are back home, we missed you so much. We hope to see you again.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Ling

“ A memorable tour with Yukiko ”

We were happy to engage Yukiko for our trip to Kawaguchiko. Yukiko planned a detailed itinerary for us and all panned out smoothly. She was also patient. We had a great time and our trip was memorable. Without Yukiko , I don't think it was easy to have made it by ourselves especially with a young kid with us. Thanks Yukiko and we hope to meet you again !

1 year ago |   by Kris

“ Pop and Modern Sights of Tokyo ”

We were very fortunate to select Yukiko as our guide for a day to see the modern sights of Tokyo. She met us at our hotel wearing a beautiful kimono, which carried respect as we moved through crowded trains and streets to visit Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Shibuya Crossing and Akihabara. She was very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and well-organised and easily communicated with us in English. We thought Yukiko was delightful and we thoroughly recommend her for any tour she offers. Thank you for a very enjoyable day, Yukiko!

1 year ago |   by Carlos

“ One day tour based on on our request ”

From the beginning to the end this was an excellent tour guide and tour. Yukiko was on-time at our hotel to pick us up, dressed with a kimono which impressed us. She is very knowledgeable about the city's history and sites we visited. She showed us how to ride the metro so we could move around the city on our own during the days following her tour. Very accommodating with our requests and suggested sites we liked very much. She is fluent in English and taught us a few words and phrases in Japanese. We strongly recommend Yukiko as your tour guide in Tokyo. Thank you, Yukiko, for making our visit so memorable and we look forward to seeing you again! Arigatou Gozaimasu!

1 year ago |   by Robert

“ Extraordinary tour guide ”

Yukiko is an amazing, talented, knowledgeable, and fun tour guide. From the moment of booking she communicated, made suggestions, altered the itinerary according to our needs and throughout the 2 days we were with her she investigated details and made arrangements for the rest of our trip after we would not be with her. I recommend her without hesitation. You'll be lucky if you are able to schedule her.

1 year ago |   by HOLLIE

“ Perfect way to spend the day ”

From the moment we met Yukiko we felt comfortable, she was so welcoming and explained where we were heading and took care of all our travels. My son wanted to see temples and gardens are he loves landscape photography. Yukiko planned our day perfectly allowing plenty of time to take photos and browse through shops without any rush. My sons 17 & 18 thought she was fantastic and they can be hard to please. She catered for our personal requirements perfectly. We will highly recommend her to anyone we know that plans to visit Japan. Yukiko also gave us some great advise and ideas on how to make to most of the rest of our trip on our own. Thank you so much, we look forward to keeping in touch

1 year ago |   by Steve

“ Yukiko is the best!!! ”

Yukiko is the best and I'm not exaggerating! Yukiko was recommended to me by two coworkers who have used her tour guiding services in the past. First of all, Yukiko is fluent in English. Communication will not be an issue. Prior to our arrival, Yukiko corresponded with me over email & asked about our interests and what we would like to see in Tokyo. She took our interests and crafted a detailed "plan of the day." We were able to adjust as needed because she was very flexible about the schedule. Well planned but flexible; that was perfect for us! We mainly wanted someone who can give us the inside scoop about the mysterious inner-market of the Tsukiji Fish Market. Without Yukiko's guidance, we would've missed a ton and been prohibited from seeing many things. She translated what the more friendly fish mongers were explaining to us. (There were many "not so friendly" ones) Yukiko made reservations at a delicious restaurant across from the market away from the long lines & she was instrumental in communicating with our wait staff. Yukiko also help translate for me when I purchased two knives at the famed knife purveyor, Masamoto's. I had the Chinese character of my last name etched in the knives and that would not have been possible without her intervening. She also took us to Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace. We learned many insightful things that would not have possible had we gone on our own. She was also extremely kind to my two sons (ages 11 & 7). In fact, they missed her so much they kept asking if Yukiko could join us for another day in Tokyo. Yukiko works very hard, is diligent, and is extremely professional. We hired her for 8 hours, starting with her picking us up at our hotel lobby. Towards the end of the day, the subway had some lengthy delays & pushing up against our time limit. Yukiko never made us feel rushed. In fact, she stayed longer than the allotted 8 hours to ensure we got to our dinner destination safely and it had started to rain. I felt really bad because I knew she had to walk in the rain and had to get home to her daughter for dinner. However, she never made us feel rushed. She is truly the best! My boys were disappointed that she couldn't stay with us for dinner. Last tip: Japan is generally a whole country that doesn't expect gratuity for their services provided. However, it does not mean you can't tip Yukiko. We felt she more than earned the gratuity! Just remember to give it to her in an envelope, if possible. The Japanese custom is to not hand money to each other directly. If you are considering a tour guide for Tokyo, look no further. You will not be disappointed! I highly recommend Yukiko!

1 year ago |   by Steven

“ A great guide ”

Yukiko-san is an outstanding guide to have with attention to details. She made our holidays a happy and memorable one.. Not only she heard and guided us, she took her own initiative to write down on a piece of paper in Japanese on some of the special request when dining. Thank you very much Yukiko.

1 year ago |   by Rohit

“ Accommodating and fun ”

Yukiko was a knowledgable guide and very accommodating. We had a family of 4 who were with us and they were strict vegetarian. Yukiko was very flexible and she offered some really nice eateries during the tour since we had extra time. She also made us a perfectly timed schedule, giving us the opportunity to see what we wanted. All members of our group really enjoyed the tour.

1 year ago |   by David

“ Tokyo tour ”

I asked for cherry blossoms and seafood for my wife, and history and pop culture for me. All of the stops had a lot of history that I would not have known about and it was nice to talk with Yukiko. This is much better than any group tour and costs less for a family of 4.

1 year ago |   by Ellen

“ A personalized touch ”

Our day with Yukiko was more than I expected and the experience was truly personalized. Yukiko went out of her way to make sure our day included sights we wanted to see not just the normal Tokyo tourist spots. We communicated several times before the tour so she was able to have a sense of our interests. Most of all she was enthusiastic and informative. She was able to explain details of all our sights and helped us to understand the history of Tokyo. Pacing was great and she took care to make sure there were lifts and escalators available. She even advised us of spots to see on our own while in Tokyo. We couldn't have had a better experience.

1 year ago |   by Randy

“ Excellent day with Yukiko as an introduction to Tokyo ”

Yukiko was a pleasure as a guide. We enjoyed that she arrived wearing a traditional kimono, and we appreciated the visits with her to Meiji Shrine, Rikugien to see the weeping cherry blossom tree, a fun Yakitori, a quick visit to a Cat cafe and Ueno Park for more cherry blossoms. Yukiko was kind and flexible, adapted to the needs of our kids (9,15,18) and arranged things on the fly as the weather turned. She brought extra umbrellas just in case, and provided great information and guidance along the way.

1 year ago |   by Yukimi

“ We had the great experience to meet Yukiko on our first day in Tokyo!! We had wonderful tea and pastry with her at a wonderful tea house, sitting outside and sampling amazing sweets!! ”

Our day with Yukiko was very full, interesting and at the same time very relaxing!! We had a chance to really have a taste of Japanese culture, nature, people! We took the subway, taxies, ferryboat, visited temples, parks, markets and stores!! Yukiko had organized lunch at a very authentic restaurants where japanese musician performed. Above all we had a chance to get to know her a little bit and to finish the day not tired but completely satisfied!! Thank you Yukiko!!

1 year ago |   by Yuen

“ Two wonderful Days in Tokyo and Kamakura ”

My family and I had two wonderful Days with Yukiko. On the first day, she met us at our hotel in a beautiful kimono even though it was cold and rainy. We wanted to see old and new Tokyo and she did not fail to give us both sides of this city. She was prepared and mapped the best route possible so we did not waste time waiting or trying to find out where to go. We went to Mejia Shrine, Harajuku, Senso-Ji Temple and Akihabara on the first day and experienced both worlds. We stopped and tried a lot of the moiji with red beans and different types of rice cracker. We had lunch at Maisen for the world's best Tonkatsu meal!! Our second day started with a visit Tsukiji Market which was eye opening. Just watch out for the motorized carts. They do not stop for anyone! The surprising fact that for a fish market, the smell was minimal which attests to the freshness of the seafood. After that we headed out to Kamakura to visit the Big Buddha. The Daibutsu was impressive, but Hase-dera Temple stole the show. Also know as the flower temple, it was stunning! Even though the cherry blossom was not in full bloom, the gardens and layout of the temple was beautiful. Thank you, Yukiko for two wonderful Days in Tokyo

1 year ago |   by Amy

“ One Day Tour in Tokyo ”

My friend and I booked Yukiko for a one day tour. Leading up to the tour, Yukiko was very responsive and helpful through our online messages. She was accommodating to our needs, patient, and polite. She was prepared with a binder that had pictures to supplement her explanations of history. My friend had expressed a liking to Monchhichi and Yukiko emailed me a few days after our tour to inform my friend of a giant Monchhichi statue she saw at a museum. I thought that was very sweet of her to think of us even after the tour ended. Yukiko also handmade use origami coasters with a thank you note. Overall a great experience!

1 year ago |   by Luke

“ A well-tailored and delightful personal tour ”

We had a rough idea of things we wanted to see and do during our day with Yukiko; things like "do something cultural," and "see amazing architecture." Yukiko was extremely responsive and helpful, and came up with great ideas we could choose from. On our tour day, Yukiko met us at our ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). We had a full fun day. Yukiko was a delight, answering all our crazy questions and guiding us through each venue. She even had historical information and little visual aids in a notebook prepared for us! Outstanding. Yukiko has a great, fun attitude, and her attention to detail is bar none. Our day tour with her was definitely a highlight of our trip, and I would book her again without hesitation.

1 year ago |   by Melvin

“ Yukiko - Efficient, Caring and Highly Recommended ”

The experience felt like a friend with enthusiasm and very familiar with the places, is showing us around Tokyo. My family and I were not helpless wanderers because of Yukiko's help and knowledge. The conversations, care and patience will be remembered and valued.

1 year ago |   by David

“ Highly recommended! ”

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Tsukiji with Yukiko! Thank you very much!

1 year ago |   by Andrew

“ Exceeded All Expectations ”

Our Guide Yukiko looked after my family for 2 wonderful days in Tokyo, We are from a small country town in rural Australia so we are not used to the big city. Yukiko was very well organised and she arranged to take us to places based on our general advices as to what might interest us. It made visiting Tokyo fun and educational at the same time. Yukiko told us relevant information about the place we visited and we learned much about Tokyo and its history as well as Japanese customs. We were impressed with the friendly and courteous manner in which Yukiko dealt with us and our young children who can become distracted and a bit unruly but nothing was to hard for Yukiko. We were taken to traditional Japanese restaurants for lunch and experienced things we would never have been able to arrange for ourselves. When we left on the final day it was actually very sad as Yukiko had quickly become a friend to my whole family and we will remember her for years to come . I could not say anything negative about Yukiko who is a most impressive guide and a wonderful kind and generous person. Telford Family Airlie Beach Queensland Australia

1 year ago |   by Matt

“ Awesome tour for teenagers and adults alike :) ”

What a great day - Yukiko was really friendly, very organised and attentive during the tour. The pace was just right for myself and my 2 teens, and we had time for lots of detours for interesting shops/coffee/crepes etc! The lunch stop was particularly enjoyable and gave my kids the opportunity to try something new. Yukiko also got us used to the underground/Metro which was good experience for the rest of our stay in Tokyo. I would fully recommend one of Yukiko's tours and we'll be back one day for sure :)

1 year ago |   by Vivian

“ A very good experience and enjoyable trip with Yukiko ”

We really enjoy our Tokyo trip with Yukiko, she is experienced in sharing with us the history of the tourist attraction places and spoke in fluent English, we appreciate her helpful service in arranging our baggage storage and express bus to Narita airport. We will see you Yukiko again, wishing you and your family happy new year

1 year ago |   by Mike

“ Seeing Tokyo with Yukiko ”

Excellent time seeing the sights with Yukiko. She was very knowledgeable and I had an excellent time. Well worth the money.

1 year ago |   by Henry

“ Tours: Dec. 9, Dec. 12, & Dec. 13 ”

Guide Yukiko responds quickly to requests from clients. She answered one of my e-mails within the hour. She is very efficient and carries photos, maps, descriptions of places and calculates distances to be covered. She will also give estimates of taxi fares, if necessary. She will dress in Kimono at least once, to provide an opportunity for photos with a 'Geisha.' Her concern for the safety of elderly clients engenders warmth. Yukiko san is a wonderful person to have as your Guide.

1 year ago |   by Daniel

“ Great Insight to Tsukiji Market ”

Yukiko was a great guide for our Tsukiji market tour. She was very informative and have great knowledge of the market. She also recommend many delicious food at the outer market which we enjoyed tremendously. I would recommend Yukiko to anyone who wants to tour Tsukiji market.

1 year ago |   by Leo

“ One day in Tokyo ”

We were delighted to have Yukiko to show us around in Tokyo. She made our tour more efficient and enjoyable within one day. We had wonderful time in Tokyo. Thank you Yukiko.

1 year ago |   by Amanda

“ Amazing 4 days for our family spent with Yukiko!! ”

Our family of 4 spent 4 full days with Yukiko over our USA Thanksgiving week break. She was beyond amazing!!! We saw and did so much in such a short amount of time. She helped put together an awesome itinerary many weeks in advance of our trip and she was so flexible when we needed to make changes due to weather, tired kids, etc. I highly, highly, recommend anyone requesting Yukiko as their private guide!!! We all 4 want to make another trip to Tokyo and we'll definitely call on Yukiko to be with us!!! Such a special, unique experience for our family and Yukiko was the "heart" of our trip.

1 year ago |   by Kevin

“ Great half-day tour of Tsukiji Market ”

I really enjoyed the Tsukiji market tour with Yukiko. Noy only did she demonstrate the history of the market but also introduce a lot of tradition of the market. Last but not least, the lunch at the sushi restaurant is one of the best I have ever had. Thanks!

1 year ago |   by Amanda

“ Yukiko was friendly and informative ”

She tailored the tour especially for my Son's 18th Birthday, showing him the places he would love. She did not disappoint, and he had a fantastic day. Yukiko is full of knowledge on the city, the history and the modern twist of Tokyo. She provided us with maps, transport options and even pointed us in the direction of our restaurant booked for that night. Yukiko is a very lovely person and I would not hesitate to ask her to be our guide again when we revisit Tokyo.

1 year ago |   by ISRAEL

“ Yukiko Highly recommend. ”

Yukiko charming, professional. She came ready for a tour in the fish market. Although the tour was only two hours, Yukiko has built for us a plan forthe all day. She explained about the market, products. Very pleasant to be with her. Her English is excellent and clear. Highly recommend.

1 year ago |   by John

“ A great introduction to Japan ”

Yukiko is a wonderful guide. She communicates very well including before and during our tour. She gave us meaning to the places we visited. She showed expert knowledge throughout our tour. She showed great flexibility when we wanted to change our itinerary. Yukiko was the best introduction to Japan that anyone could experience. We highly recommend utilizing her talents and experiencing her wonderful personality.

1 year ago |   by Jeff

“ Absolutely wonderful guide and introduction to Tokyo ”

Yokiko is an amazingly knowledgeable well spoken guide. Her English is first rate and she understood the goals and style of our group of four. She provided an introduction and orientation For our first day in Tokyo. We were able to spend additional days on our own exploring this wonderful city due to her help. She is simply an A++ individual.

1 year ago |   by Bren

“ Great Experience with Yukiko! ”

I cannot experience what a great experience it was to tour Tokyo with Yukiko! I highly recommend her tour to anyone traveling in Tokyo. She was very easy to communicate with right before my tour and we were able to change the meetup location with no problems at all. It was very helpful to have someone knowledgeable in the subway system. She was very knowledgeable about all the sites I asked to visit and shared a little history at each stop. She even added in some quick stops to see things that I wouldn't have thought of, which was very appreciated! Hopefully on my next trip to Japan I can bring family or friends with me on a tour with Yukiko. Thank you again!

1 year ago |   by Randi

“ Fish market - a must see!!! ”

Our Fish market tour with yokiko was absolutely wonderful. She was so sweet and lovely and spoke English very well. After a quick trip to the shrine next to the market we began our trip into the inner market. For people interested in vegetable and food wholesale markets it was awesome. We were there after the auction and all of the fish was distributed and being dressed for delivery to clients but we could see how it must be quite frenetic at the sale and for the few hours afterwards. We loved every minute of seeing all of the different fish, shellfish and produce that come through the market each day. Out walk around and through the outer market was exactly what we wanted to experience. Lots of tiny food shops and stalls and we had some incredible sashimi and a wonderful bowl of ramen which we are ate at a stand on the street surrounded by locals and tourists all slurping the delicious noodles and soup. If you are new to Tokyo or haven't done the subway before your tour, it's worth the few dollars to be picked up at your hotel instead of having to navigate the subway for the first time.

1 year ago |   by Su-Anne

“ Edo-Tokyo Museum, Yakiniku lunch, Samurai Museum, Cat Cafe ”

This was our second time with Yukiko-san after our last visit three months ago and we spent another great day with her this visit. She took our family of three through the Edo-Tokyo Museum which had a lot of interesting exhibits that showed us the lifestyle of people from 17th century Edo period till modern times. We had Yakiniku for lunch before visiting the Samurai Museum and a Cat café. Along the way, Yukiko-san would show us little places of interest like a quaint alley with little shops serving Yakitori in the evening. We were very happy to have Yukiko-san guide us again in our second visit to Tokyo this year.

1 year ago |   by Eddie

“ A great day in Tokyo ”

We had just finished up an 8 night Japanese cruise when we ended in Tokyo. Yukiko met us promptly at our hotel once we arrived. We had planned out the schedule ahead of time and she was very good at picking places to visit that we would enjoy. The tour was excellent and she was very informative, answering all our questions and giving us lots of information on the places we visited. They pace was just right, not to rushed but not to hectic either. I had wanted to have unagi for lunch and she picked an excellent Resturant for us. You will not go wrong if you choose her as your Tokyo guide. Thank you Yukiko for a perfect day in Tokyo. You made it one of the best days we had in our Japanese vacation !!

1 year ago |   by Agnes

She was on time, pleasant and provided good information.

1 year ago |   by David

Yukiko was very easy to communicate with, she provided an itinery for the day with timings in advance. What I particularly liked was when we went to a new location Yukiko walked through exactly what her plan was for the visit, what she intended to show you and how long it would take. My family particularly enjoyed the restaurant choice she made and the chance to eat as a local. All in all it was a very enjoyable and informative day.

1 year ago |   by Stefan

The tour was great, Yukiko explained a lot. Her english is excellent and she is very friendly. I recommend her tour through Tsukiji fish market.

1 year ago |   by Rebecca

She is Very nice and responsible. She even printed restaurant coupon for us.

2 years ago |   by Harlan

We had a great time in Tokyo with Yukiko. She customized the tour for our particular group including our 7 year old son. The highlights of the tour included seeing our son react to all the various types of fish at the Tsukiji fish market and a visit to a sword demonstration at the Samurai museum in Shinjuku. Yukiko was very patient with our jet lagged family who was moving a bit more slowly than usual. We also appreciated the historical background Yukiko provided along with practical details for getting around Tokyo that were quite useful during the rest of our visit. We highly recommend Yukiko to anyone needing a tour guide for Tokyo.

2 years ago |   by Simone

Yukiko has been the best tour guide we had during our recent trip to Japan. She was very prepared, documented and organized. Her English speaking skills are excellent. Before meeting with her, we obtained possible itinerary option scenarios given our group's different member composition in age (grandparents and nephews). She made us all feel very at ease. Never transmitted any sense of tension, something that can easily happen in a crowded environment as Tokyo. We loved the fish market, the lunch in Asakusa with Shamisen performing experience, the walk along the Hamarikyu Japanese Garden. Everything. All the best to you Yukiko, keep up the good work.

2 years ago |   by Karen

Yukiko was a wonderful guide. We truly enjoyed our time with her and would highly recommend.

2 years ago |   by Su-Anne

Yukiko-san greeted our family of three dressed in her kimono which was a very sweet gesture. She took us for quick shopping before lunch at a local sushi restaurant where the chef prepared the food in front of us. Yukiko-san then showed us more of Shibuya before taking us through Harajuku, then to Aoyama to look at the latest from Honda. Our final destination for the day was Aki Harbara where my teenage son bought his Gundam model kits. It was a packed day but Yukiko-san planned it extremely well and was very patient throughout, taking the effort to explain history of local places such as the Drunkards Alley and Togo Shrine. We highly recommend Yukiko-san!

2 years ago |   by Nancy

Yukiko is very patient and entertaining to us. She mingle with my kids from ages 15 to 5 years old ! She has this personal touch and motherly affection. She is also good towards my 72year old mom! Imagine???? Handling from both extremes of the world!!!!! She is very helpful also. She help us find the thing that my daughter wants! we would definitely want her to be our tour guide again if we come back to Tokyo !!!

2 years ago |   by Florian

We booked the Tsukiji Fish Market Tour and had a wonderful time with Yukiko. She was very kind, had a ton of information for us and was also interested in us, all this with a perfect english. If you want a perfect tour, you find the perfect guide in Yukiko. We will book her the next time we will come to Japan.

2 years ago |   by E.K.

Yukiko was amazing from the moment we booked the tour with her. Growing up with Japanese anime, we wanted to spend the day soaking up everything we've read and seen in anime. Yukiko truly delivered! She started us off in Akihabara and continued to Harajuku and ended in Ikebukuro. She prepared subway and JR maps with our hotel marked so we can explore on our own after the tour. She also helped us find out information about things we want to do on the days we weren't with her...truly going above and beyond! Thank you Yukiko! We hope to see you next time!!

2 years ago |   by Jolie

Thank you Yukiko for an excellent tour. You were so patient with us as we changed our minds so many times trying to decided what to do in Tokyo. Your email communication with us was excellent and everything went to plan. You even taught us how to use the subway!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge about your beautiful city. Jolie and Julie :)

2 years ago |   by Anna

This was an excellent tour and I'm very happy I booked this. Yukiko was a wonderful guide - very well prepared and thoughtful. It was great to have a guide to give context to what we were seeing in the market - for example items and produce I had never seen before and would have walked by without knowing how and what they were used for. The market itself was a very unique experience. I highly recommend this tour, it was one of the highlights of our Tokyo trip.

2 years ago |   by Jon

My wife and I are avid travellers and have taken guided tours all over the world and have found Yukiko's to be one of our favorites thus far! She was timely in all her communications, provided us with plenty of information/maps of the locations prior to our arrival in Japan, and left me assured that we would be getting an excellent tour. She came prepared (even showed up early to our meeting location) and spoke perfect English. I would highly recommend Yukiko as a guide for your travels in Japan! We felt as if we were taking a tour with a friend and not a hired guide... Thanks again for everything Yukiko!!

2 years ago |   by Dulch

Yukiko helped me organise a customised tour for my family visiting Tokyo. She was extremely helpful and diligent in accommodating my requests and queries- going above and beyond! It was such a pleasure dealing with her and I couldn't thank her enough for making the tour a memorable one for my family members! After the tour I received a 'report' from Yukiko and a photo from the tour! I was in the loop the whole time. My family's all praises of how knowledgeable/professional and warm she was. I am glad to have found a 'gem' of a tour guide in Tokyo.

2 years ago |   by Ben

Can I say a big thank you to Yukiko for guiding our family around Tokyo over 2 separate days... My wife & I along with our 2yo daughter had a fantastic couple of days seeing the sights we had planned out together... Everything was planned well in advance including tickets & the best routes to take with our stroller... We even had to make a few changes along the way as we did some sightseeing on our own in-between tours & also to fit in with our daughters mood... I can happily recommend Yukiko to anyone looking to visit the sights of Tokyo hassle free with a friendly local... Thank you :)

2 years ago |   by Marion

Absolutely one of the best tour guides. I gave her a list months in advance of what I would like to see and she was able to make it happen. She answered all questions and requests promptly via email. She picked us up at the hotel lobby on time. Before the tour started she showed us our itinerary marked on a map. I like her organization skills. She is very knowledgeable of the rail system which is very complicated to navigate. She also gave us very clear instructions and training on how to use the local subway for our other days in Tokyo. Most of all, her command of the English language is strong and made us able to communicate with her with ease. Very highly recommended.

2 years ago |   by Alan

Yukiko was an exceptional guide for our group in Japan. We had a group of 5, ranging in age from 65 to 14 and she did a great job of crafting a full-day custom itinerary that had something for everyone. Over the course of the day she connected with each person, providing personal insights around individual interests and by the end of the day everyone felt the tour had been tailored to them. Prior to our trip, Yukiko and I exchanged several detailed emails, collaborating on an itinerary that maximized our time with her vs. things we could explore on our own. She developed a detailed itinerary for a full day that included the Tsukiji Fish Market, temples, shrines, a traditional Japanese lunch with authentic live music, all of us making plastic food like you see in restaurant windows and even a little taste of the Harajuku area (for the 14-year-old boy in the group). And more. I will unreservedly recommend Yukiko to anyone I know who has interest in a guide for their trip to Tokyo and will not hesitate to contact her again on a future trip. We've hired guides in many of the major cities of the world and I don't think we've ever had such an exceptional value as we received with her.

2 years ago |   by Isabel

Yukiko was the most dedicated guide we could have! In perfect English and whit a great feeling what to present her guests, she crossed a lot of different neighbourgoods with us. What a fantastic first day in Japan we had, Yukiko made it memorabel. Isabel

2 years ago |   by Priya

Yukiko was fabulous. She was knowledgeable and engaging . She spoke with authority on local customs and took us to great places and wonderful restaurant. Her English is great Overal we had a wonderful time.

2 years ago |   by Bryan

Yukiko is a kind, pleasant and amicable lady who made our day tour enjoyable and informative as possible. She shared her extensive knowledge of Japanese culture and history as we roamed the Japanese gardens appreciating the cherry blossoms while at the same time enlightening us on the background of the tsukiji fish market. Not a novice traveller to Japan, she never failed to provide us with more facts that we never knew about. She always took initiative to look out for new places and provided us with clear directions of recommended places of interest taking into account her client's personal preferences and physical disabilities. She has been most gracious in being an interpreter, organised in booking our bus tickets in advance to gotemba outlets and whatnot. The tour has been smooth sailing as a result. I will definitely keep in contact with her and would recommend booking a personal tour with her the next time I visit Tokyo - maybe consider a Mt Fuji tour or Japanese artificial food making experience. Thank you, Yukiko. Best regards, Bryan.

2 years ago |   by Terri

Yukiko was fantastic. Included all the sites we wanted to see in such a memorable way. Very well prepared, generous in Sharing such wonderful insights into her culture! Professional and practical she was a tremendous ambassador for Tokyo and Japan.

2 years ago |   by Grace

We are a big group but Yukiko is very patient and helpful with us. Whatever questions we have, she would answer us clearly. We enjoyed the tour very much. Thanks you.

2 years ago |   by Judy

I booked a full day tour with Yukiko, which I got to do what I wanted to do, see, and eat. My jam packed day consisted of, visiting some historic spot, visiting hidden gems of Tokyo which are unknown to the tourist, shopping (which I gave her a list of the things for the family), eating at a ramen museum, eating street food, and visiting an owl cafe. Please keep in mind, I kept emailing her and requesting for things and Yukiko was very prompt in terms of drafting the itinerary daily. Yukiko was very responsive, organized, prompt, helpful, accommodating, knowledgable, respectful and resourceful. Prior to our tour, we've communicated through email, which she informed me about the weather, where to meet, updated itinerary (since I kept changing my mind), and answered all my concerns. I am so glad I booked a personal tour with Yukiko, otherwise I would have spent my time in Tokyo getting lost and becoming best friends with the taxi cab drivers, staring at maps all day, or being stuck in my hotel to prevent myself in getting lost. If I had more time in Tokyo, within a heartbeat I would have booked her for the rest of my time here.

2 years ago |   by Cynthia

Thank you Yukiko for an informative fun day. Only having 1 full day in Tokyo I was very glad to have chosen a private tour with Yukiko. We covered a lot of interesting sites without feeling too rushed. Time for a fabulous Sushi lunch and a bit of shopping. I highly recommend this tour!

2 years ago |   by Rhys

This was a great start to our first day in Tokyo. The fish markets and the gardens were the highlights and the tour helped us understand better how to get around. Thanks Yukiko.

2 years ago |   by Belle

We had a very fun, informative, and enjoyable whole day tour with Yukiko. I highly recommend her as a guide. Five stars! She has been very helpful and accommodating to all of our requests and preferences and always prompt to answer queries plus her tips and recommendations are invaluable! Even helping us with other concerns on our Japan trip which we very much aporeciate. It truly was a joy to have had her as our Tokyo tour guide. Thank you Yukiko for being so friendly, fun, and professional at the same time:) From the day I booked the tour online, till the day of the tour, she gave us useful tips on helping us make our tour of Tokyo comprehensive and fit to our preferences. A worthy mention of our unforgettable tour with her aside from the usual must-sees in Tokyo, is the lunch we had at Tagetsu (which she recommended and promptly booked for us). In our group is Alfonso, a chef from Spain. We were all overjoyed (esp. Alfonso) with the amazing kaseiki dining experience that Yukiko set for us at one star Michelin, Tagetsu. Not only was the food superb, the chef/owner also happily obliged on Alfonso's request to view his kitchen! Incredible experience indeed! Yukiko was highly knowledgeable on all things Japanese---history, culture, etc.. plus her great command of the English language and wonderful personality made the tour with her one of the highlights of our Japan trip. Thank you again, Yukiko! And a special thank you for the dragon origami for Miguel. He loves it and how very impressive it is to be able to make such exquisite artwork! Very precious indeed!:)) Domo arigato. Best regards! Belle, Miguel (Manila, Philippines) Alfonso (Oviedo, Spain)

2 years ago |   by Ingmar

My wife and I spent a great day with Yukiko. She's a very knowledgeable guide, a pleasant person and speaks very good English. If our schedule had been more accommodating we'd have booked her for a second day.

Very Good
2 years ago |   by Bobby

My wife and I appreciate Yukiko's attention to our needs. From the beginning of our correspondence, she put together various options for us to consider, given our previous visits to Japan that have made us more than just the regular Tokyo tourist. Yukiko was patient in keeping us updated with the status of each potential tourist spot as the actual tour date drew nearer. We had a wonderful time interacting with her throughout the tour, learning more about Tokyo and Japanese culture through our discussions in between tour sites (during our train commutes). Yukiko is very generous with information about her experiences with different tours, tourists, and sites within and outside Tokyo. We highly recommend her as a tour guide to those who are first time and previous visitors to Japan.

2 years ago |   by Tom

Our family wants to thank Yukiko for excellent tour of Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. We requested Yukiko to meet us at our hotel and she a few minutes early but was willing to wait for us. We had our daughter with us in a stroller and she planned all the routes accordingly so we could take elevators and ramps everywhere we went. She even drew a map for us for when we departed we could find our way back! She also found us a place to store our stroller so we could go inside the fish market because they did not allow strollers. While walking to toward the fish market she was showed historical landmarks. She was more than willing to take photographs. Not only that, Yukiko was great at taking photos! She took it horizontally and vertically just to be sure. We had an great time at the fish market and Yukiko was knowledgeable. Her English is good and she is very nice and polite. As we departed, Yukiko gave our daughter some origami as a gift. She loves and still cherishes it. Thank you so much Yukiko! Do not hesitate to book a tour with Yukiko. It was such a pleasure and treat to be guided by a true professional.

2 years ago |   by Jamie

Yukiko is very friendly and shares details along the way we walked to our guided tour. During the workshop, Yukiko helped to translate the instructions of the workshop and also took photos for us while we were busied with the fake food ingredients. The maccha parfait workshop is fun and recommended for all.

3 years ago |   by Tara

I had a day and a half to see Tokyo and Yukiko did a wonderful job at preparing an exciting tour and I saw so much in such a short time. Yukiko adapted to my needs and desired on the trip seamlessly and had in depth knowledge of the sites she took me to. It was an added bonus that she is a nurse herself and was able to share some of her experiences in the health care system in Japan. I would highly recommend Yukiko if you want to Tour Tokyo especially if your time is limited.

*I am available to do a tour from 8:00 am to 18:00 pm in weekdays. Saturday might be available, so please contact with me.

*I am available to do a tour in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakone and Mt.Fuji area.(Other places might be possible, please ask me.)

*I am afraid that I don't provide Night tour.

*The pick up service of your hotel is in Tokyo. Maihama, Urayasu area and Yokohama area are possible.(Because there are outside of Tokyo,an extra charge is needed.)

If you would like me to pick you up at Narita air port and hotel in Narita, please contacting with me.
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