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Cities where I can guide: Kyoto , Osaka , Nara , Kobe , Mount Koya

Languages English ( License ), Japanese ( Fluent )

(12) Reviews
Hourly rate 27 USD Price up to 5 people
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Hello, I’m Makoto (Mac) and I'm a national-licensed tour guide.

My previous career as an automotive engineer, gave me the opportunity to learn English and to live in the US, Germany, and England. After I retired, I learned more about the Japanese history especially focusing on Nara and Kyoto to become a historical specialist of the Nara area. I now live in Ikaruga town in Nara prefecture, where the UNESCO World Heritage, Horyuji temple is located. I regularly offer guides on the Fujinoki tumulus, which is located near the Horyuji temple. It contains very interesting Archaeological findings from the end of the Kofun Period.

Recently, there are many foreign tourists who come to Japan, and I hope they enjoy learning about the culture and history of Japan. I would like to help tourists have a broader and deeper understanding of the Japanese culture and that is the reason why I decided to become a tour guide to help and support their experience in Japan.

Nara is the place where Japan started. The capital was located in Asuka, Fujiwara and Nara before it moved to Kyoto. Therefore, there are many places to visit in Nara to trace the original history of Japan, which I have a depth of knowledge.
Let’s explore the roots of Japan together!!

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Reviews ( 12 )
Carla Carla Brazil
3 days ago

“ Wonderful visit ”

It was a very pleasant afternoon we shared with Makoto guiding us visiting historical places in Osaka. He is very professional, attentive and sweet. He maked our visit wonderful.


I am so glad that you have enjoyed the tour of Osaka, and i also enjoyed being with you. Please have a nice stay in Japan, and have a nice trip back to Brazil.

Ric & Kathy Ric United States ( Couple )
2 months ago

“ Superb one day tour of Kyoto ”

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Makoto! It was easy to communicate by email before we left for Japan and together we came up with an itinerary that would work for a full day. His knowledge of Japanese history is excellent and we began our tour with an overview of history. He provided us with several handouts to help us understand Japanese historical time periods, the location of the seat of government and who had power for the different eras. This gave us a better understanding of each site we visited. We were able to tour Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kinkakuji and Ninnaji. At each site, Makoto provided us with historical background and interesting information, unique to the site we visited. He was able to relate the relationship of Nijo Castle, the Imperial Palace and Ninnaji. We loved seeing each of the sites and would highly recommend Ninnaji. Being a little out of the way from Kinkakuji, it was not crowded and we were able to walk within the beautiful residence, not to mention seeing the temple and pagoda. To end our day, we walked through a quiet area of Kyoto as well as through Myoshinji which contains 47 temples (Makoto added this in since we had a little more time left). A quick, inexpensive, yet satisfying Japanese lunch was enjoyed and Makoto had previously thought through a location that was on the way so that we would not waste any time. Makoto's English is good and he is very easy to understand. He did not rush us through each site and allowed us time to ask questions and take pictures. He also laughs easily and we enjoyed him as our guide. If we ever return to Japan, we would ask Makoto to be our guide in Nara which he knows extensively. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to do this. We highly recommend Makoto as a guide!


Dear Ric and Cathy, Thank you very much for your nice comments. I am so happy that you have enjoyed the tour and Kyoto. Especially not only temples and castle, but also you showed good interest on peoples' life and culture. I also enjoyed very much being with you. I hope that you can come again and I would like to guide Nara next time. Thank you for your choosing me of your guide. Best regards, Mac Yokoyama

Jun Jun United States ( Friends )
2 months ago

“ Knowledgeable and sincere ”

Mack was simply great. He communicated well before the meeting. His English was great - I understood every word. He was waiting for us at the rendevous point in Nara to greet us. He gave us a presentation of the tour before we set off and he provided the background of Nara. Mack was enthusiastic about his job and answered all our questions. Made the Nara experience more thorough because he knew the background, rituals and history behind the shrines, temples, lanterns, parks, etc. We were a group of 8. He guided us through the sights efficiently. He took us to a nice reasonable Japanese restaurant for lunch. I would highly recommend Mack. A great guy.


Dear Jun, Thank you for your nice message. I really enjoyed being with you and your friends. I also realized that you have so nice friends. It was rainy day, and I hope that you can come again to Nara and Horyuji temple some day in the future. I will try to prepare sunny day next time. Thank you for your choosing me of yoir guide. Best regards, Mac Yokoyama

Alina Alina Brazil ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ It couldn’t be any better! ”

Makito ‘Mac’ is an excellence guide!!! He knows a lot about Japanese Culture, History and Religion, and he’s very generous on sharing this knowledge with us. He’s also very committed on offering the best plan ever for the clients and, moreover, he’s kind and a a lovely person! We recommend him strongly!


Dear Alina, Thank you for your nice comments. I am pleased to know that you enjoyed the tour. I also enjoyed being with you, and some Brazilian language. I hope that you enjoy the rest of trip in Japan, and have a nice trip back to home. Thank you for your choosing me of your guide. Best regards Mac Yokoyama

Cody Cody Singapore ( Friends )
3 months ago

“ Very professional and thoughtful ”

I have arranged a trip for my uncle and his friends to Osaka with Mac and have found him to be a very professional and thoughtful guide! The planning was very smooth. We had changed our itinerary halfway with new requests but those were also quickly accounted for and we fixed a new itinerary very quickly. When our group met with Mac, he was well prepared and have printed out a list to facilitate any further discussion. The trip went smoothly as Mac meticulously oversaw all their needs.


Dear Cody, Thanks for your very positive comments. I really enjoyed being with your uncle and friends. We also wnjoyed typical Japanese food,Okonomiyaki. I hope that you can come over to Japan someday. Thank you for choosing me as a duide for your uncle. Mac Yokoyama