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$ 36 Hourly rate Price up to 3 people
Come and visit Tohoku the north-earstern Japan!
I can give you unforgettable memory of Akita and Aomori trip.
Shirakami Mountain Range, the First World Natural Heritage stated in Japan in 1993 is here.
Enjoy old traditional local lives of Japan which totally differs from that in big cities.

Tohoku is broad that I often must request you for my hotel stay.
Thank you for your understanding that the transportation and hotel fee may be required beside the guide fee.
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Cities where I can guide: Aomori , Akita

Languages Japanese ( Native ), English ( License )

(3) Reviews
Hourly rate 36 USD Price up to 3 people
( Max : 8 People )
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Thank you for paying your attention on Miwi's tours.

I am a tour guide with national licence of guide interpreter, especially good in Akita. Akita is a prefecture locating south next to Aomori the north tip prefecture of Honshu the main land of Japan, and is facing to the Sea of Japan.

The word Akita may reminds you of DOGS or the Vatican admitted MIRACLE STATUE of St. Mary- Our Lady of Akita-, but there is much more here. The Shirakami Mt. range, the world natural heritage, unique folklores NAMAHAGE the God's messengers-UNESCO stated world intangible heritage-, classical bear hunters MATAGI, beautiful view of the Sea of Japan at the sunset, rice field of world famous label Akita-komachi, sake the rice wine, festivals, various fruits, and so on that I would never end writing up here. Oops! I almost forgot to mention the Samurai Houses district Kakunodate and the Japan Deepest Lake Tazawako!

I am a lisenced Namahage Missionary whici means I can tell you a lot about the Akita local lives.

I was not brought up in Akita nor Tohoku the northern area of Honshu mainland of Japan, but have lived here over 13 years. I was brought up in Tokyo and moved here unexpectedly (because of my husband's job). I totally had no idea about Akita nor Tohoku before then. I am proud that I have the view of an etranger and I can show you what you would be interested in. Tohoku has everything you would expect to Japanese local and classical lives.

Please visit Akita and Tohoku area. This area is not well known to the outer world than its residents yet.
You explore Akita and be the pioneer of this region with Miwi.

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* Duration: 4 hours minimum and 10 hours maximum per day.
* People: 8 maximum

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Reviews ( 3 )
Laurence Laurence United States ( Friends )
5 months ago

“ Best tour guide available anywhere ”

As a seasoned ocean cruise traveler, who along with my wife have used many different private tour guides for our numerous shore excursions, Miwi is arguably the best private tour guide we ever had. She speaks excellent English and is very knowledgeable about Akita and it's surrounding areas. Her expert commentary on the samurai house, the tea house visit and lunch, and the beautiful Tazawako Lake are all memorable. The highlight of our tour was the walk through the Dakigaeri Gorge to the Mikaeri-no-taki waterfall. The two thirds mile walk to the waterfall is a must. To see the beautiful blue water contrasting with the beautiful white boulders and the green foilage is unbelievable. And the falls are a sight to see. I wish I could add pictures I took in them. Maybe Miwi will post s... read more


I should mention that you made me cry quite!! Thank you is not enough at all to show my appreciation that you became my precious guests and gave me such a wonderful comment to my tour. The Koa Clock on my fireplace will always cheer me up. I miss you and your party, but am looking forward that we will have another chance to see each other again!! Hoping all my appreciation can be reached to you!

Elson Elson United States ( Family )
Very Good
6 months ago

“ Visit to Oga ”

Miwi did a very good job explaining the history in Oga. She took us to many places within the peninsula and took the time to stop and see the best views. She is friendly and very considerate. I would defintely hire her again.


Hi, Elson-san, I am so pleased to hear you enjoyed Oga with me. I had been worrying about your journey after Akita. Thank Our Lady of Akita she has blessed and protected you. I am looking forward I will have another chance to show you Aktia more!

AURORA AURORA Philippines ( Friends )
7 months ago

“ Akita experience ”

Very helpful, very accommodating, well prepared and very knowledgeable about places we went in Akita. Joyful, friendly and happy to be with her for the whole day.


Thank you for your review and I am happy to know you enjoyed Akita. I am so pleased I could accompany your group to the Miracle Convent on the Transfiguration Day. I am looking forward I can show you more Akita and Aomori someday. I'll be waiting to see you again.