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3 weeks ago |   by Ralph

“ Loved our Tour! ”

We loved our tour with Toahi! She was prompt, easy to understand, and you could tell she enjoys what she does. Made our trip productive and enjoyable.

1 month ago |   by Dan

“ Great day with Toshi in Tokyo! ”

My Girlfriend and I recently visited Japan for the first time. We started in Osaka/Japan where we hired a guide from TripleLights in that area. We had such a great time with her, when we got to Tokyo, we decided to use TripleLights again, and chose Toshi. Toshi was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and confident. Those of you who don’t know Tokyo, it can be quite a daunting task to navigate your way to all the points of interest, as there are so much to see and every destination is a minor challenge to find (even with a smart phone and TripAdvisor at hand). A lot of time and walking can be wasted as you’re searching for your destination. From the very beginning, Toshi had planned out our route based on the time that we requested, and she knew every little turn, short cuts, and even which elevators we should take from the subway station, etc. she has an immense amount of knowledge about history and culture. And you can tell that she genuinely enjoys her job. She took us to an amazing sushi restaurant at the fish market for lunch. We went to so many places in our relatively short time together, all the way from the Imperial Palace to Tokyo Bay to Shibuya. And of course, the Owl cafe in Harajaku was super fun! We highly recommend Toshi as your guide in Tokyo.

1 month ago |   by David

“ Excellent guide ”

T-chan was excellent. We would highly recommend her to anyone visiting Tokyo. She was extremely knowledgable, had excellent english, and very friendly.

1 month ago |   by Esther

“ Tokyo day ”

T-Chan gave us a most memorable day in Tokyo. She immediately connected with us and her energetic and lively approach to her guiding was infectious. We felt very comfortable with her and her flexibility and ability to understand our needs were much appreciated. She is an excellent guide and we had an amazing day. Arregato gozaimasu! Esther

2 months ago |   by Jackie

“ 6 hour day ”

Thanks T-Chan for a lovely day. You were knowledgeable, well prepared and fun.

2 months ago |   by Sonia

“ 2 half days in Tokyo ”

T-chan was a wonderful guide-- knowledgable, energetic, and very accommodating. We had a plan of what we were going to see and do in Tokyo but our plans changed and T-chan was very flexible and came up with a new plan on the spot! She is organized and helpful and enhanced our group's experience in Tokyo! Arigato T-chan!

2 months ago |   by Lynda

“ Tokyo in half a day ”

We had a great time with T-chan. She was punctual, accommodating and delightful. We thoroughly enjoyed our day as we covered a lot of territory and she shared a lot of knowledge. The highlight of the day and our trip overall was a fantastic meal at the Tokyo fish market- you need to be a local to find this eatery. We couldn't recommend her more highly.

2 months ago |   by Binit

“ Energetic and entertaining trip to Hakone ! ”

T-chan is an energetic tour guide who met all our requirements and requests in visiting the key sights of Hakone. She is very easy going, has a pleasant manner and her English is excellent. Nice touch to email us some pictures of the day at the end of the tour, thanks T-chan! Visiting Hakone by ourselves would have been stressful with all the train changes etc so T-chan was invaluable in making the day enjoyable. We were particularly happy to have clear views of Mt Fuji and loved the Open Air Museum.

2 months ago |   by Frank

“ A full day with a great guide... ”

T-chan was very personable, very organized and had planned the day according to what we wanted to see and do. She explained what we were seeing or doing and answered all our questions. We would definitely want her as our guide, should we need one again.

3 months ago |   by James

“ Tokyo trip ”

We are a family of four, including two girls aged 15 and 16, from the UK. We recommend using T-chan if you are visiting Tokyo. She was very helpful and communicative before we arrived, and came up with a tailored plan for us. She was very flexible in changing this when we changed our minds. We had 2 days in central Tokyo & 1 day at her house, where we had a tour of her neighbourhood, tea ceremony, made sushi and the girls dressed in kimonos which was most enjoyable and memorable. Will book again when we revisit. Thank you T-chan

3 months ago |   by Glenn

“ Best way to see Tokyo! ”

T-Chan was our guide for one and a half days in Tokyo. She was the best! She is a very nice lady, warm hearted, spoke great English, and very informative about Tokyo city and Japanese subcultures and lifestyles. It was a tour on foot. She met us at our hotel lobby, and started the day by helping us purchase our all important IC subway cards. She helped make sense of the subway system. She tailored the tour to what we wanted to see, but still made sure we saw all the important sites like Asakusa, and neighborhoods like Harajuku and Omotesando. It was great to have a local guide! We covered a lot of ground. We are foodies and planned to have T-Chan take us out a half day on a second day dedicated to Tsukiji Fish market, ending up seeing the izakays under the old railroad. But Tsukiji Fisk market was a highlight. She brought us to a alley restaurant serving us the best maguro and Toro we’ve ever had. In fact, much of our tour was about the foood culture and of Tokyo. All in all, I would highly recommend T-Chan to any traveler! No need to feel intimidated by first time on Tokyo, if you have T-Chan by your side.

3 months ago |   by Cierwen

“ Amazing first day in Tokyo! ”

Toshi was an excellent guide, cannot recommend her enough. It was my solo overseas trip and she made me feel very welcome. The sites we saw were Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, Tokyo Toy Museum, Tokyo Fire Museum, Shibuya- crossing, Hachi-ko, faithful dog, Restaurant Nabezo – shabushabu and sukiyaki lunch, Kabukiza theater, Ginza shopping street, Isetan department store in Shinjuku. My highlight was the absolutely beautiful cherry blossom trees in Shinjuku gardens, a very peaceful place. Overall my first day was amazing and I enjoyed hearing Toshi tell me all about everything.

3 months ago |   by Jeshua

“ T-chan is THE BEST ”

I can't even begin to express how incredible of a time we had with T-chan. She made our trip so memorable and I am so grateful that we got to spend our first (but not last) trip to Tokyo with her. From arranging airport transportation to samurai training lol to a lovely tea ceremony she prepared for us in her beautiful home, everything was outstanding. She is no longer just our tour guide, she's our friend!!!! Highly recommend T-chan to anyone thinking of visiting Tokyo!!!

3 months ago |   by

“ A Spectacular Day with T-Chan ”

From the moment we first made contact with T-Chan, we knew we were in for a spectacular day in Tokyo! A million thank yous to T-Chan for guiding and educating us through the wonderful sights, sounds and food of Tokyo. We had planned a very full day throughout various parts of the city and with T-Chan’s assistance, we saw everything and more on our wish list. From our early morning start at the Tsukiji Fish Market to our grand finale in Shinjuku, our day was perfect in every way. T-Chan was professional, informative and a joy to be with. Thank you, T-Chan!

4 months ago |   by Dini

“ Awesome day with Toshi ”

Toshi was the right selection we made. She came on time to pick us and was really helpful in touring, specially with 2 young kids. She is an energetic and friendly guide with lot of patience, always with a smile. She is rich in her knowledge about Japan and it’s history. Toshi helped us even beyond her tour time to buy train tickets and to find the way back to our hotel. I highly recommend her as your guide if you want to have a pleasant & happy time. Thanks Toshi for making our day memorable and will definitely contact you on out next visit to Japan.

6 months ago |   by Heather

“ Fascinating city of Tokyo and wonderful tour guide. ”

Toshi met us at our hotel at the agreed time, and explained the course for the day. We went with her to the subway to purchase our day travel ticket. Our first stop was The Imperial Garden which was beautiful even in the winter, then caught subway to Harajuku which we walked through and found a Soba noodle place for our lunch. Next stop was Meiji Shrine where Toshi talked us through the importance of Shrines in Japanese culture. We then caught 2 more trains to Odaiba city, one of the trains being a driverless train. We found the entire day amazing, and Toshi was a great communicator telling us all about history and meanings of many ideals we encountered. We highly recommend Toshi as a guide for anyone wanting a truly authentic experience in Japan.

6 months ago |   by Linda

“ Overview of Tokyo ”

We were highly impressed with T- Chan for several reasons- apart from having a delightful personality, it was abundantly clear that significant effort had gone into our 6 hour tour, including research regarding a special dietary requirement. T- Chan clearly loves what she does, taking major pride in her home city. There was just the right combination of information sharing along with a down- to- earth humility and genuine friendliness. We would thoroughly endorse T - Chan as a reputable and friendly tour guide to anyone visiting Tokyo.

7 months ago |   by Anita

“ Fun filled, Find filled, Fact filled Food filled Day! ”

T-chan arrived at my hotel promptly in the morning to escort me on a memorable Tokyo adventure. Since this is my third trip in the last 6 months to Tokyo, I was looking for something adventuresome, personalized and off the beaten path! We began the day at the antique flea market held in Machida Tenmangu shrine. I was able to purchase two super cute kimonos as Christmas gifts for my two nieces. From there we explored Daiso which is Japan's version of America's Dollar General. Generically theses stores are called 100 yen stores. Then we blazed through the local supermarket, enjoying samples of food while we shopped for our sushi ingredients. I was also able to score two bags matcha green tea Kitkat bars to use as stocking stuffers for the kids back home. Next, T-chan made me feel welcome at her home then proceeded to teach me how to make sushi. Her well behaved dog Mame kept a watchful eye us as we made Futomaki(rolls), Temaki(hand roll), Inari (fried tofu wrap) and Chirashi. In addition to eating the sushi we made, this experience included tasting samples of Daiginjo sake and umeshu (apricot liquor), Maccha green tea and Wagashi (Japanese sweets, made from sweet red and white bean paste), "wa" means Japanese. Before returning to the train station for the ride home we took a stroll through Machida's quite streets, filled with lovely homes and natural areas. All through the day, T-chan was very attentive and took care to answer all of my questions regarding Japan's history and culture which I found to be very valuable. Thank you T-chan! This was a day well spent. I highly recommend you as a guide for anyone looking for a customized tour filled with attention to details.

8 months ago |   by Sara

“ It was a very good tour ”

Toshi was a wonderful guide for my parents

8 months ago |   by Hagi

“ Let Toshi (T-chan) plan and guide in Tokyo and you're guaranteed an amazing experience ”

We had two wonderful days with Toshi (T-chan) and we met a tour guide who knew her work very well From the contact stage through email. In the way she prepared us for the tours. How to help the manager in Tokyo. And of course the fascinating walks and places we saw. Highly recommended with a five-star rating. Traveling with Toshi (T-chan) is a great experience

8 months ago |   by Beverly

“ Best Japan Guide ”

Toshi was a great guide, who truly cared that we saw all we could see on our tour. She is very knowledgeable and it is very easy to communicate with her. She made our tour in Yokohama the best tour which we had on our entire Japan trip. Thank you, Toshi.

9 months ago |   by Elvee

“ customized Tokyo tour ”

we had a great time with Toshi, who took us through inner and outer Tsukiji market, the elevated train to Odaiba, water bus to Asakusa and finally walk through Asakusa and Sensoji temple area. She was friendly, very knowledgeable and also so helpful in helping us plan more things to do in Tokyo. She even followed up by email to make sure we had directions to where we were going next. She was an excellent guide, and we would not hesitate to book her again.

9 months ago |   by Naser

“ Tokyo tour guide ”

She is very kind,helpful and she explained well japan history. I visited a lot of places in Tokyo for one day . Thanks Toshi

10 months ago |   by Daniel

“ A very enjoyable experience ”

T-chan was friendly, and kind. She was very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. At the safety center, she was invaluable. Without here I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the center nor the simulation as well as I did as the staff did not speak Engllish. With her acting as an Interpreter I was not only able to understand their lessons and instructions but they were able to understand my questions. T-chan was an excellent interpreter. Not only this but she was also able to explain the relevance of the center and Japanese culture in general. I would also recommend this as a tour idea. The center was very informative and I really enjoyed the simulator. We were told to get under the table on our knees. I could barely stay on them as the motions were very intense. Due to rain, she was willing to be flexible enough to change the itinerary from the Japanese garden into a "cat cafe" It was a good choice. I really enjoyed it. Since there aren't any cafes like this that I know of back in the States, it was a unique experience. It was very relaxing. As someone that loves animals, it was like heaven. The cats are able to walk around the cafe and interact with the patrons as much or little as they want. They aren't forced at all. It was a very nice place. I can't recommend T-chan highly enough. She will definitely increase the value and enjoyment of your time in the Tokyo area.

= Hotel pick-ups only in Central Tokyo and Yokohama.
= Charges start at the meet-up time.
= Please book at least SIX HOURS PRIOR to a custom booking.
= For 4-hour tours, please check out "Tokyo Your Way" "Ueno Half-Day" and "Shinjuku Half-Day".

***I offer tours using public transportation (train, subway, bus and/or taxi) as it gives guests a better feel for the city. It's the fastest way of getting around Tokyo. Yes! You heard that right. Public transportation IS the fastest way of getting around Tokyo. Experience the clean and highly-efficient Tokyo public transportation system!
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