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Cities where I can guide: Kamakura , Kanagawa , Tokyo , Yokohama

Languages English ( Business ), Japanese ( Conversational )

(4) Reviews
Hourly rate 21 USD Price up to 5 people
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Hello to all of you on the screen.

My name is Toru Ishii and I am a licensed national interpretater of English language.
I have been guiding scrolling around a Japanese landscape garden designated as Scenic Beauty in Yokohama city for the last 2 years. I would like to explain about time-honored Japanese architectures, transfered from Kyoto and Kamakura, designated as Important Cultural Property.
I am also interested in Tea Ceremony and in the ritual of serving powdered green tea in the garden.

Yokohama opened its door to overseas comers in 1859 after the Meiji Restoration. The port of Yokohama shared about 70 percents of overseas trading in Japan. The main export was raw silk thread. Now the beautiful city of Yokohama has become historically exotic and ranks as one of the most fascinating internationally trading city that attracts many foreign tourists.

I am always happy to guide tourists around this historical region and Introduce the delights of Japanese cuisine and Chinese cuisine in China town according to the visitor's requests.

Stepping further out from Yokohama, I would recommend Kamakura city,
a 20 minutes train ride on the JR Line, where the visitor can feel the fresh ocean breeze. The nearby Zen Buddhist temples and the Great Buddha are main attractions and souvenir shopping adds the excitement.

Kamakura was established by the first Shogun, Yoritomo Minamoto, in 1192 and the shogunate government lasted till 1333. He established his Samurai government which ruled over Japan.

After arriving at Kamakura or Kita-Kamakura station, the visitor can easily walk around the city. This city is easily accesable by train from Yokohama (less than 30 minutes) and Tokyo (less than 1 hour).

As for my background, I have experienced staying in Louisiana in the United States and studied at the university there. Now I am 60 years old and I am still working for a company, while at the same time, I work as a volunteer guide a few days a month in Yokohama city.

I like traveling in foreign countries, and have experienced short time staying at several European countries, North America as well as some Asian countries.
Last January, I travelled San Fransico and Merced city, California.
I would be delighted to exchange cultural experience with many visitors from all over the world.

If you happen to be visiting my country and if you are interested ,
please feel free to contact me.

Toru Ishii

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Private Tours

This Is Your Exotic Tour In Yokohama

(4) Reviews
by Toru
I will guide you scrolling around the Japanese Landscape Garden, where you can experience the tea ceremony and taste powdered green tea, within three hours...
3 Hours US$ 73 up to 5 people

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Reviews ( 4 )
Michael Michael Australia ( Friends )
9 months ago

“ Fun and memorable day ”

Not only is Toru very knowledgeable in his trade but also has a sense of humour second to none which made our day with him around Tokyo an even more memorable one.


Dear Michael, Thank you very much for your review with rather too many nice things about: I wish you had spared my blushes. Please say my sincere appreciation to ladies and your friend. Toru

Aidan Aidan United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Fantastic tour with Toru ”

So 3 full days in Tokyo. What do you do? You could finagle through a Fodors guide and do it yourself. That’s a lot of work. Or you could get yourself a guide. Having help in Japan is a must. It was key navigating around, conversing for informational purposes and moreover having a local guide show you the beauty that is Tokyo. We did so much on Sunday with my brother here too for that day. It culminated in Karaoke Can as we were retracing the movie Lost in Translation. Toru navigated us through Japanese Anime, The Harajuku district and then onto Karoke Can where we all had so much fun. The next day solo with Toru, we went to Sky Tower, Pokémon Store, A sumo demonstration with lunch that he dropped me off and picked me up from and then onto the Samurai museum which was amazing. ... read more

Tram Tram United States ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Great Sightseeing Experience of Tokyo, Kamekura, Enoshima Island ”

Toru provided our group with a wonderful sightseeing experience in Japan. We had opportunities to experience Japanese culture by visiting areas of historical importance and learning about Japanese customs. He was very friendly and accommodating with changes in schedule during the trip. We would consider re-booking with Toru if we are visiting the area again.

Wayea Wayea United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Good, but English need improving ”

Toru was courteous, reliable, and accommodating, He was prepared for the tour with maps and photos, and took us all around Sankei-en Garden in Yokohama and accompanied us to a cat cafe by special request. But it was difficult to understand his English. There was also a taxi ride misunderstanding, but Toru paid the driver for the extra distance we traveled.


Hello, Ms. Waynea Chen I once again could write you and thank you for your reviewing, in which I realized what and how to improve my ability of my tour guide. With my more knowledge and experience, I will do my best tour guide from now on. Best regards, Toru Ishii