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$ 20 Hourly rate Price up to 4 people
Available only in Amami Ōshima at this moment, however expecting to expand the area to Kagoshima in the main land near future.
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Cities where I can guide: Amami

Languages Japanese ( Native ), English ( License )

(2) Reviews
Hourly rate 20 USD Price up to 4 people
( Max : 8 People )
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Hi I'm Eiji, an English tour guide in Amami Ōshima.

Born in Tokyo and left the crazy town when I was 22 years old with my little backpack. Spent about 3 years to see and experience the world, more than 25 countries in total, and lived in a couple of different part of Japan, such as Yakushima, Izu, and Kochi. And finally, drifted to the southern subtropic island, Amami Ōshima in 2015.

I have worked as an English tour guide for an Australian company for 3 years and also worked as a sea kayak tour guide for 3 years, love to show people around my favorite places.

My hobbies are outdoor activities such as canoeing, surfing and camping. Traveling, eating and drinking as well!

I'm looking forward to sharing our time and traveling together on this beautiful island.

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Private Tours

Low Key Amami Night Exploring

(2) Reviews
by Eiji
4:30h $ 109

Low Key Amami Experience (Half Day)

(2) Reviews
by Eiji
3:30h $ 82

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Reviews ( 2 )

1 month ago |   by Dorothea

“ Amami Experience with Eiji ”

We were a group of 8 passengers from a cruise ship and Eiji was our guide for 5 hours..He had excellent local knowledge and spoke an excellent English.Eiji provided a very interesting tour of Amami.After pickup from Naze Port we drove to Kinksakubaru forest for a short stroll to admire the local flora.Then a break at Ohama Beach and the Tsumugi Museum to see the process involved in making high-quality silk fabric to make tradional kimonos. We highly recommend Eiji should you visit this part of Japan.

8 months ago |   by Julius

“ Wonderful day with a perfect guide! ”

NOTE: We combined two tours with Eiji and this review will cover both of them! SUMMARY: Eiji is a perfect guide who speaks English extremly well, and, at the same time, just a very nice and funny guide – If you get the chance to get to Amami Oshima, try to book a tour with him. It’s worth every cent. Now let me go into some more detail: We (couple 32 and 34) just (yesterday) did a half day tour to Kinsakubaru and then, after dinner (Keihan, local dish you should try), which we had together, went off for the night tour. So in fact this review is two reviews combined! So we spent about 8-9 hours with Eiji, and we had a wonderful time! Even before the tour started, communication with Eiji was easy and he gave us useful advice on what to do on Amami (you can spend the time as you like and there is not very much English information about Amami, so deciding on what to do is not very easy). He met us precisely at the appointed time at our hotel and we went off for the drive to Kinsakubaru forest. During the drive, *******ted about this and that and he also gave us an introduction into Amami’s very special nature. At the forest, which is amazing, he showed us many things we probably wouldn’t have noticed at all if we had gone there by ourselves. It really was a nice walk through the forest (not a hike, should you be concerned that it is physically demanding, which it is not at all!). After the walk, we went to Ohama Seaside Park for a walk and to watch the sunset, accompanied by some tea (Lemongrass from Eijis Garden – didn’t know that Lemongrass could taste so intense (in a positive way)) and brown sugar candy which Eiji brought along. Having watched the sunset, we went to downton Naze to a place where we had Keihan together – really good and it was nice to have dinner with Eiji. He then even stopped at a Convienence store with us so we could get some „necessities“, and off we went through some forest roads (which are mostly only used by guides, even though they were in good shape) fort he night tour. It didn’t take long until we saw the first creatures: Frogs, Snails, Birds, Mice and of course the famous Amami Black Rabbit (I’m sorry I don’t remember the names of the creatures, but pretty much all of them are endemic to Amami and/or endangered). We got pretty lucky as quite a lot of the creatures we saw seem to be very rare. Throughout the tour, you mostly sit in the car and only get out on occassion – this is not out of laziness (Eiji will explain and show you everything anyway), but due to a very understandable concern for the security of the guests: The Habu Snake is active at night and it’s not like you would miss out anything by sitting in the car. After about 3 hours of roads driving, Eiji drove us to our hotel and stopped – again (!) – at a convenience store so that we could get a beer. So, Eiji really is a great guide and if you come to Amami Oshima (Which we can only recommend, we went to Ishigaki before and Amami Oshima is really very different – while Ishigaki is a nice place to stay, especially if you diving, for some reason, we felt that Amami Oshima has more of an Island feeling to it), you should try to book a tour with him – he’s probably the only English speaking guide on the Island and the Island itself is really a place which is not very oriented towards non-Japanese tourists (which is neither a problem, nor a bad thing, just something which makes its sights less accessible to those who do not speak Japanese).