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Kaleidoscopic Kyoto w/Award-winning Photographer

(20) 口コミ
by Ai
Ancient Artistic Kyoto Highlights Tour! An award-winning+magazine-cover photographer & an MBA candidate who major in tourism & hospitality management at Ky...
6h ¥ 66,300 3人まで people

OSAKA Gourmet+KARAOKE w/a cappella singer♪

(20) 口コミ
by Ai
A native Osakan guide will take you to a local restaurant that is not on the internet nor guidebooks.After the lunch/dinner, we will enjoy Japanese KARAOK...
6h ¥ 41,759 3人まで people

Animals in Ancient Capitals w/Award-winning Photographer

(20) 口コミ
by Ai
This tour is focusing on animals in ancient capitals. 1. [email protected] Park to meet deer. Deer has been regarded as a messenger of god. You can touch, feed, ...
6h ¥ 60,000 3人まで people

Magical UNIVERSAL STUDIO Surprise☆** w/Former Crew

(20) 口コミ
by Ai
Since my father and I was in charge of constructing attractions, I will tell you behind-the-scene stories and the history of USJ.
6h ¥ 41,759 3人まで people

Tempting Tokyo Trip fr Kyoto/Osaka w/Photographer

(20) 口コミ
by Ai
A trip to a modern, sophisticated Metropolitan area! Since I used to live in TOKYO and travel often, I know the capital very well. We will travel via SHINK...
12h ¥ 60,000 3人まで people

Healing Hiroshima fr Kyoto/Osaka w/Award-winnig Photographer

(20) 口コミ
by Ai
A daytrip from KANSAI(Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara) to HIROSHIMA!First, we will eat HIROSHIMA-YAKI, a local pancake for lunch.After the lunch, I will show you ...
8h ¥ 45,833 3人まで people

Outstanding Osaka w/Award-winning Photographer

(20) 口コミ
by Ai
One-day Osaka highlights tour!Since I have lived & worked in Osaka for more than ten years, I know the city very well.Besides, I am an artistic person, I c...
6h ¥ 59,500 3人まで people

Arima Onsen(hot springs) & Kobe Beef w/ Photographer

(20) 口コミ
by Ai
ARIMA ONSEN is a traditional hot springs resort town in a mountain side of KOBE.The nightscape of KOBE is so beautiful that its sparkling landscape is desc...
6h ¥ 40,741 3人まで people

Kyoto Campus Carnival w/Kyoto U MBA Student φ(..)

(20) 口コミ
by Ai
I will take you to universities in town.This tour is suitable for-a family whose children are planning to study/homestay in Kyoto.-scholars/university admi...
3h ¥ 38,000 3人まで people

Himeji Castle+Kobe Beef Blast! w/Award-winning Photographer

(20) 口コミ
by Ai
We will go to Himeji Castle & KOUKOEN Garden in the daytime and stop by Kobe harbour☆★Himeji Castle is also called White Heron/Eagret Castle. As its name ...
6h ¥ 38,000 3人まで people
【Familiar towns】
My main areas are Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, and Himeji.

Since I used to live in Tokyo and travel around Metropolitan area very often, if you could cover my transportations(+ accomodation if necessary), I can travel(+stay) with you.

【Anyone is welcome!】
If you or your family members/friends are:
physically challenged people,
senior citizens and/or babies,
don't hesitate to ask me special requests.
I'm willing to help these guests:)

Please take out travel insurance. My insurance will NOT cover your sickness, injury, and/or accident during the tour.
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都市 Kyoto , Osaka , Nara , Hyogo , Kobe , Shiga , Mie , Wakayama , Mount Koya , Himeji

言語 Japanese ( 母国語 ), English ( 通訳案内士資格保持 ), French ( 上級レベル )

(20) 口コミ
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