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Osaka Special on a wheelchair

(26) Reviews
I'm a certified tour guide speaking English and taxi driver with a van equipped with a rear entry accessible lift. The van can accommodate 1to2 wheelchair...
6h $ 469 up to 6 people

KOYASAN ( Mt.Koya, Wakayama) are so kind for wheelchairs

(26) Reviews
Although there is no mountain of Mt.Koya in Wakayama Prefecure,people generally call the places Mt.Koya ,literally heights. Why? Because they have peace...
9h $ 731 up to 6 people

Uji is so cozy and gives you on a wheelchair comfortable at...

(26) Reviews
However Uji is usually famous for Byodo-in Temple,the Uji river and its surrounding scenery also appeals to tourists. See the video clip of the blog . h...
6h $ 469 up to 6 people

Nara, deerpark and an exstra large statue of Buddha

(26) Reviews
Nara was an ancient capital of Japan just for 80 years in the 8th century. But it played an important role in Japanese culture a lot. Daibutsuden housin...
8h $ 609 up to 7 people

Tasty Central KYOTO on your wheelchair

(26) Reviews
Nishiki Market has more than 130 shops,which is called ‘Kyoto's Kitchen‘.It is located in the middle of Kyoto city,extending from east to west. Pontocho ,...
6h $ 469 up to 6 people

Exciting Eastern Kyoto on your wheelchair

(26) Reviews
The most popular sightseeing spot in the world in 2014 ,Fushimi-Inari Shrine ,is located a little south to Kyoto city. It is said to be dedicated to God o...
6h $ 469 up to 6 people

Ride from Kansai International Airport to your hotel in Kyot...

(26) Reviews
Kansai International Airport is an important gate for Osaka,Kyoto,and Nara. Why don't you use my van,HiAce,Toyota ? It's very useful for 4,5,6 passengers...
2h $ 375 up to 6 people

Walk and enjoy outdoor bathing at a hot spring resort in Ky...

(26) Reviews
Do you know there is a hot spring bath house in Kyoto City ? It's located in the north corner of Kyoto city, almost 40 minutes' ride from Kyoto Station,JR...
8h $ 375 up to 6 people

Autumn Foliage in Kyoto on a lift van

(26) Reviews
This is an accessible taxi tour,too. All the mountainsides of Kyoto are coloured with red and yellow. Among them,I recommend sevral places for people wh...
6h $ 469 up to 6 people

Osaka Custom Booking from Osaka Port to Nara and Osaka back ...

(26) Reviews
Wouldn't you like visit Japan by a cruise ship? Osaka has a port of call in the west corner of Osaka city,a 30 minutes' ride. When you would like to sp...
6h $ 469 up to 7 people

Sake brewery and whisky distillery tour

(26) Reviews
This is a van-ride tour in the north corner of Osaka where is a peacefull and tranquil scenery with pure spring water underground. The sake brewery,called...
7h $ 515 up to 5 people

Local Festival at Katsuyama and Eiheiji Zen- Budhhist Temple...

(26) Reviews
This tour is recommended for people who are interested with Japanese local culture , food ,pastral scenary and festivals in the north regeon of Japan. The...
2 days $ 1,406 up to 5 people

Strawberry picking tour in Osaka from January to mid-May

(26) Reviews
The picking strawberry is one of the harbingers of the height of spring in Japan. Since we have sweet and safe strawberries to eat there, visitors from ab...
8h $ 609 up to 6 people
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Cities where I can guide: Kyoto , Osaka , Nara , Wakayama

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