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  The shrine and the Buddhist temple in the west corner of Kyoto City boast calm,tranquility,and peacefulness. A few couples just married ...

Konchi-in,a Zen Buddhist Temple close to Nanzenji

Konchi-in Buddhist Temple close to Nanzenji boasts a beautiful landscape garden and dry one with such distinctive features as fountain-like...

Ine,an old fishermen's town in the northmost Kyoto Province

Ine town near Amano-Hashidate has more than 100 houses built just along the coast where is situated 2 hour north from Kyoto City Center by c...

Hi Ace,lift taxi for people in a wheelchair

Hi-Ace,TOYOTA accommodates 6 pax and a wheelchair with 7 suitcases and a few pieces of luggage. Its really useful for you to transfer fiom...

Monkey Park

Monkeys’ park in Mt.Iwata ,Arashiyama Going trekking in an uneven slope for almost 25 minutes from the west side of Togetsu Bridge will tak...

Mino Falls

  Do you beleive there is such a peaceful forest within an hour van ride from Osaka City? I will guide you there even if you are in a wh...

The Momiji Tour from Hawaii

How many times did we exchange emails befoere your visit to Osaka,Kyoto,and Nara? It was in April that I got your email for the first time,...

Be sure to choose your days in spring except ‘Golden Week’

Japanese people never fail to rush to place of scenic beauty during ‘Golden Week’. The term,Golden week ,refers to a holiday-studded week...

UJI district always attracts you !!

Uji besides Byodo-in Temple boasts various aspects of Kyotos attractions See the following video,please !!! https://www.youtube.com/watc...

Intimate family from Hong Kong

Cheerful Mama,papa and their children in filial piety living in Hongkong came over to Osaka and Nara for sighteeing in the early February. ...

Plum garden at Osaka Castle

Plum blossoms are the harbingers of a warm spring. We can enjoy viewing plum blossoms from mid February to late March at Plum Garden of Osa...
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(28) Reviews
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