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4 days ago |   by Nurit

“ Shin is the best! ”

I started to communicate with Shin regarding 2 days of guided tour from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji, to Hakone to Kyoto. Since this was early in my attempt to put together a plan for a 17 days tour for 6 people in Japan, Shin very quickly gave me invaluable advice and tips, way beyond his two days with us. He practically “took responsibility” for our well being during the entire time. Rented a minivan for us for one day, took care of all other reservation we still needed, gave us information about hotels we booked, calculated the cost effectiveness of a JRpss based on our needs, and more. I booked his days about 3 weeks ahead, but he took the initiative to continue to correspond with me during the next 3 weeks whenever he had a new thought or idea of what will make our trip better (all 17 days of it, not only the 2 he was booked us). Corresponding with him was a pleasure, always prompt and full of good tips and answered many questions as most of first time in Japan traveler will have. Continuously encouraged me to ask him any question I had about our trip, not only the days with him. Extremely generous with his time to help as much as needed. To call Shin a “tour guide” really covers only a small portion of what he has done for us. In addition, he is very knowledgeable in history and culture. We have learned from him a great deal about Japan. He is very punctual, very polite, very efficient, pays attention to details. His English is very good. He met us in the morning highly prepared with hand drawn maps specific to our trip. He quickly became part of our group. All in all a very nice gentleman. Shin made our trip easier and unforgettable. We love shin and are extremely grateful for him being with us. We highly recommend him! If he is available he’s your guy!

1 week ago |   by Max

“ We love shin ”

Shin made our trip unforgettable. He is highly knowledgeable, tons of fun, extremely polite and punctual, and a fantastic host for Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. We wouldn’t have been able to see nearly as much without him, and it wouldn’t have been half as fun. We love shin! Highly recommend - don’t think twice...he’s your guy!

2 weeks ago |   by Joe

“ Maraming Salamat Shin! The Best! Efficient and friendly service ”

We are a family of four from the USA. Part of our Asia tour had 5 days in Japan with only 3 full days of touring, and we wanted to see the three major cities: Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in that short amount of time without having to figure out the complex subway system of Japan. We are so glad that we found Shin. We spent 3 days with him. He is a very nice gentleman, knows his way around the cities of Japan, and goes out of his way to help us to make our vacation worry free. His English is very good and he explains well. He helped us translate many items and signs. Took us to shortcuts and places some other tourists dont know about. He would make detailed notes on paper to give us in case we get lost or when we go on our own when the tour is done for the night. He also speaks Tagalog which is my wife and my native language. He knows our culture well, having lived in the philippines. It made us and the kids very comfortable with him from the beginning. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service that Shin has provided. Not only did we have a great 3 day tour seeing all the cities. but we also made a lifelong friend in Shin. Thank you Shin! See you next time.

4 weeks ago |   by Candace

“ Outstanding Personal Guide! ”

Our family of four was fortunate to have Shin as our personal guide. We were visiting from Hawaii and it was the first time we travelled alone to Japan. Shin offered his help immediately after we contacted him, always responding with “ask me anything (even questions outside the booking dates). He helped us reserve our seats on the Shinkansen, and even changed the time of his ticket so he could take the Shinkansen with us when we went to Tokyo. Shin’s tour was special. It was personalized to our interests and included local culture, history, and restaurants we would not have experienced without him. Shin’s English is very good. He is personable and easy to talk to and understand. He found topics of interest to make conversation with all of us. We all enjoyed Shin and he quickly became a part of our family. Shin is very thoughtful, knowledgeable, helpful, and detailed. He always kept our group together making sure no one got lost. Shin took photos for us and sent them to us at the end of the day. We appreciated his determination to help us find gifts we wanted to purchase. He read the packaging for us and made recommendations. Shin was a wonderful guide, we didn’t have to worry about anything. Shin was always thinking one step ahead to make sure everything went smoothly. Before we parted, Shin shared tips and options about getting around and drew detailed maps for us. We really appreciate Shin’s time and energy. Thank you so much Shin-san for the very special memories!

4 weeks ago |   by Shari

“ Five stars for SHIN! ”

Our family of four, with two younger teenagers, loved our trip to Kyoto thanks to spending two days with Shin. Shin had excellent communication with us prior to our arrival, suggesting itineraries based on our preferences. He was very experienced in the public transit system of Kyoto which facilitated getting around quite efficiently. Shin is a most considerate and thoughtful individual. He went out of his way to accommodate our travel requests. The kids absolutely loved visiting the monkeys of Arashiyama, something we wouldn’t have planned ourselves. We saw a good deal of most of the must-see sights in Kyoto. On our third day (without Shin) we experienced an earthquake in the 5.5 range. It was quite scary especially being in a country outside of our own (U.S.). Shin contacted us even though our time with him had ended, to inquire after our well-being and offered his assistance should we need it. He also helped us manage train arrangements for our next stop, Hiroshima. Suffice to say we highly recommend Shin for his expert knowledge of the area, his kind and considerate manner and overall excellence as a guide.

1 month ago |   by Samira

“ Great days in Tokyo and Yokohama ”

very good organization, customer orientated, very good explanations. Thanks for the great days in Tokyo and Yokohama!

1 month ago |   by Cathy

“ Above and Beyond ”

I presented Shin with a challenge when organising my tour by wanting a more everyday cultural experience. My initial request was very vague and wishy washy. Shin was constantly patient in working with me to come up with an itinerary. In the end we settled on a mixture of high and low culture and we packed a lot of experiences into a very fun day. Shin is very generous in his nature and keen to try to fulfill the wishes of anyone booking with him. He was very helpful about other aspects of travelling in Japan both before and after our tour. Thank you so much Shin. I look forward to booking with you again next time I am in Japan.

2 months ago |   by Nilo

“ Shin is an excellent tour guide! ”

I just want to commend Shin san for the excellent handling our our tour in Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. He went out of his way to help us and attend to our needs as well. Our vacation was a very pleasing and memorable experience.

3 months ago |   by Komang

“ Memorable first visit ”

Shin was so fantastic. easy going, a should must guide... We spend 3 days with him, he show us how to use Train, what should we do, etc my son really love the adventure that Shin took us. Hope to see him in the future, memory remined Thank you so much Kakek Shin for the wonderful trip, your cucu so deep in love with Japan.

3 months ago |   by Evelyn

“ Tour with SHIN in Tokyo ”

SHIN without a doubt was the very best guide we have ever had, and we have traveled all over the world. He was knowledgeable, knew the best places to see, eat and shop. He went way over what he was supposed to do. Spent many extra hours with us without charge. Went out of his way to make sure we saw everything we wanted, made reservations for us and guided us with a friendly, happy attitude. Could not have enjoyed Tokyo the way we did without him. Only sorry we didn't use him for our guide in Kyoto. My husband and the two friends we traveled with all felt the same way, he was the best guide ever. Thank you, thank you, SHIN.

3 months ago |   by Patricia

“ Perfect Guide For Our Visit to Kyoto ”

Shin's guide services provided us with an excellent experience in Kyoto on March 11, 2018. In addition to a full day of wonderful sites (Golden Temple, Food Market, Bamboo Forest, etc.) Shin helped us purchase our tickets to Hiroshima, and provided detailed information for our connections to Mt Koya and to the Iya Valley. Shin was prompt, sensitive, knowledgable, and had an excellent sense of humor. We give SHIN our highest possible evaluation.

4 months ago |   by Ma

“ More than a Guide ”

Mr. Shin was very accommodating and genuinely concerned. He went out of his way, over a month before our scheduled tours, to look for a special requirement of my daughter who has a medical condition. And, he gave me regular updates on it. Mr. Shin was also generous with his time and very knowledgeable not only of the tourist spots we visited but also of places we passed by. Having been previously assigned in the Philippines, he would sometimes talk to us in Filipino. This gave us a special affinity. He was just like a "kababayan" (compatriot). Our 2-day tour of Kyoto and Nara was indeed interesting and enjoyable!. MR. SHIN is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

4 months ago |   by Greg

“ Beautiful Kyoto - Quick Tour ”

Touring with Shin was amazing! In 5 hours, Shin helped us see the important places that were on our list. He met us on the platform of the Nizomi train and helped us quickly drop off our luggage and hit the road! We started with the Golden Temple (breathtaking), then on to the Kiyomizu Dera Temple (uphill beauty) and ended at the Fushimi inira Taisha Shrine (amazing torii’s gates). These sights were not closely situated and without Shin’s guidance, it would’ve taken really long to get around. Thank you Shin - you are the best AND we appreciated the history and guidance you provided!

4 months ago |   by Brian

“ Excellent and very knowledgeable guide ”

We spent 2 days with Shin - 1 day in Tokyo and 1 day in Kyoto. Shin's English is very good and his knowledge was excellent as he was able to answer every question we asked. He gave us very good advice about sights to see and he also recommended excellent restaurants for lunch. He also showed us his family house in Kyoto which I felt very honoured to visit. He also helped with our train tickets and gave very good advice about using the Metro in Tokyo. After 2 days he felt like a very good friend. I have no hesitation in recommending him and would use him again if I visit Japan in the future.

4 months ago |   by Peter


mr shin is a wonderful tour guide , he always make sure you are comfortable during the trip, all are easy when you are with mr shin no worry at all nothing much to say but EXCELLENT , "highly recommended" hope to see you soon thanks for the wonderful and memorable tour

5 months ago |   by Andrew

“ Look no further, Shin san is THE guide to have! ”

Have you ever experienced serendipity? Well, that's the what we felt when Shin san 'stumbled' into our lives. My wife and I are from the USA, and our daughter attended school in Japan as part of an exchange program in Kitakyushu. When our daughter flew to Japan on her own, she was met with the daunting task of navigating the chaotic train station in Tokyo. When attempting to buy a train ticket, she heard some people speaking english nearby. She approached them, and asked for help. This is where she first met Shin san, who happened to be with a couple from the Philippines that hired Shin san as a tour guide. Shin asked his clients if it would be okay if he helped our daughter. The very gracious couple said of course, go ahead and help her. Shin then helped our daughter buy a train ticket, and actually escorted her to her seat. She was extremely relieved, and was put at ease. She texted me Shin's business card, which had his email address on it. I emailed Shin san and thanked him profusely for helping our daughter, and said that if we come to Japan, we would hire him to guide my wife and I around. Well, several months later, we did just that. Right now, I am sitting at the airport after a terrific 10-day trip to Japan (for the first time). We hired Shin san for two days. The first day, he took us around all sorts of sites in Tokyo. We took a stroll around the Imperial Palace, saw a samurai statue, and many other sites, which Shin san backed up with knowledge of each location. Trust me, he knows where to go, and where to find the out of the way cafe to eat at, without being too touristy. Our lunch was at a Japanese restaurant, which meant that we had to remove our shoes, and walk in our socks over to our lowered table. Very cool. But I have to say, that BEFORE the first day, Shin went above and beyond his responsibility, and he actually met our daughter at the Tokyo train station, and escorted her to our hotel in the Shinjuku district, which is about 30 minutes by train from Tokyo station. Unbelievable, and extremely generous. On the second day, he took us to the Enoshima Seacoast via train, then we went to Kamakura area, and saw the Hasedara Temple, The great Buddha, Komachi Street, and many other places. Again, we found a quaint little coffee shop to have a cup of coffee, and shared some cheesecake. Very relaxing. During both days, Shin san is busy taking pictures (including selfies), and at the end of each day, he texted me copies of some of the pictures that he took. Nice touch! After we were all done, and move on to our next venture (which was Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea), Shin san checked in with us, to make sure we were okay with our independent travels. All in all, we just love Shin san, as you can see from all previous reviews. I'm not surprised at all that he has had such an impact on people's lives. He's true kind soul, who just wants to make his guests happy, and relaxed. Success!! May we meet again Shin san, and if and when we return to Japan, you will be hired by us again. Thank you!!

5 months ago |   by Khairul

“ Memorable Japan trip with most excellent tourist guide! ”

Shin-san is a very kind-hearted, friendly and generous man. He had been very helpful during our journey to Nara, Kyoto and Shiga (Biwako Valley). Even though we did not book him for our Osaka trip, he was kind enough to provide helpful tips and guidance on how to go about in Osaka. In fact, he had always been in touch even before our trip and advised us on suitable itirenary. His willingness to do extra ‘homework’ in order to accomodate our religious needs was also commendable. He was very patient with our 2 kids even though sometimes their behaviour could be challenging. We highly recommend Shin as your local tourist guide in Japan.

5 months ago |   by Helen

“ Enjoyable tour with Shin san ”

Shin san is kind and helpful always. When we began contacting Shin san, he always listens and promptly answering any of our queries, to help us customised our Kyoto and Tokyo day tours which were perfectly enjoyable. It has been a relaxed, fun and informative trip with Shin san. He cares about your needs and makes our trip a wonderful experience. Highly recommend. Thank you so much Shin san!

6 months ago |   by Maria

“ Amazing 9 days tour of Japan with Shin san ”

After our friend recommended Triple Lights my Family and I went through their list of guides and decided to hire the services of Shin san. At first it was only for Tokyo and Kyoto/ Nara so that we can get the services of our friend’s guide since he lives in Osaka. From the very first time that we communicated with Shin san, he was so enthusiastic and eager to assist us. One of our inquiries was for the birthday of the emperor. I really wanted to be there and attend that event where Emperor Akihito will give a message and wave to the people who are inside the Imperial Palace. Shin San checked for us the process for that and even accompanied us going there. And for me it was the highlight of our Japan trip. I thought my husband and our kids will get bored and tired since there was walking and waiting and standing for hours. But to my surprise. They were so happy to have experienced something like that. Shin san made our trip to Japan convenient and stress free even on days he was not with us. He made sure we know where we were supposed to be going and how to get there.... which train to take, even the time schedule of the trains going to a certain destinasyon like Universal Studios and platform number. We were really pampered —he gave our kids (ages 22 and 18) candies to taste and us some Japanese cakes. It was well beyond what he is supposed to be doing. It was like our kids had a Japanese grandpa. He took care of coordinating with the hotel staff for the taxis which will bring us to the Tokyo station when we went to see the emperor. He was a big help when we are looking for a restaurant since he speaks Japanese and English. What is Special is that he also speaks Tagalog! It was fun to discuss with him things about the Philippines because he has lived in the Philippines for several years. We learned things about Japan that we would not have known if we did not get a guide. More than anything —-our Japan trip would not have been as fun and enjoyable and stress free and convenient ad it was if it was not for Shin san. By the way, I need to emphasize that he was always on time if not early but he did not make us feel we needed to rush or hurry up. We had a wonderful time in Nara deer Park strolling and feeding the deer. Shin San was so nice and energetic. He was not counting the time. He wanted us to enjoy the trip. For all of those and more: “maraming maraming salamat Shin San!!! We will wait for you next year in Manila. With much Love, RioPamPatRap

7 months ago |   by Krishiel

“ Tokyo city tour ”

Mr. Shin is the best tour guide we have while in Japan. He is very accommodating and gives advices, tips and directions for us to enjoy our entire stay in Japan. He even meets with us upon arrival in Tokyo eventhough it is not yet the schedule of our city tour. He really takes time to check on us if we are doing well in Japan. The tour is very informative and worth it. He knows Tagalog also. We highly recommend mr. Shin.

7 months ago |   by Melinda

“ Osaka Day Trip ”

It was a fantastic day trip with Mr Shin! He was very patient and accommodating with us. Even though my parents who are not proficient in English were comfortable in communicating with him. He even helped us in booking of the transportation for the rest of my trip. It was really thoughtful of him and we enjoyed his company. We would highly recommend him as a tour guide!

7 months ago |   by NATALIE

“ Fantastic tour and guide! ”

From the moment we booked our tour, Shin contacted me to ensure we had the perfect itinerary. It was our first time in Kyoto and we wanted to see as much as possible! He even suggested some temples that were lesser known. He is fantastic! He was able to even keep our two children (ages 9 and 11) entertained and interested. We were all so thankful to have him as our guide, instead of trying to “wing it” on our own. Shin even helped us plan our itinerary for the following day to Nara. Highly recommend him!

8 months ago |   by Jo

“ Tour in Kyoto ”

Shin you are amazing - form Temples To Shrines, guidance and knowledge helping up book our tickets and advising us on directions, to taking us to this beautiful little bakery - it clearly shows that you enjoy what you do. Anyone going to Kyoto I would highly recommend you book Shin as your guide. If you ever come to Cairns North Queensland we would like to return the favour. Best wishes to you and your family. Jo

8 months ago |   by Loraine

“ Very nice man!? ”

I highly recommend SHIN as a tour guide very accomodating, kind, i will never forget him. Even my son wants his service...😀

9 months ago |   by Elvira

“ great and kind tour guide ”

Had a great time in Tokyo for first time, thanks greatly to our fantastic guide Shin. He met us at our hotel promptly if not early and took us around Tokyo through public transportation that if we were doing it by ourselves will take us forever to learn with many mistakes.Shin took care of all the details and made sure that we made it to our ship to check in on time. We started as strangers meeting face to face in a foreign land and parted us friends. Looking forward to seeing more of Japan in the future, hopefully with Shin.

9 months ago |   by Everett

“ Best guide ever!!! Far more than a guide in fact :-) ”

I can not express how above and beyond Shin went for us. He was truly far more than a guide in every aspect. I have toured with more than a hundred or more guides over the years (no exaggeration) and Shin really separates himself from the rest. From the moment we contacted him he was responsive and helpful. He took care of things for us in other cities in which we already had a guide. It was unreal as he was picking up the slack for other guides and didn't want or expect anything in additional return. He is just that sort of man whom really cares for his guests and wants to help people when ever he can. Byond all of his inherent traits Shin possesses great logistical organization and a fantastic depth of local historical knowledge for where he is guiding. He moves as fast or as paced as anyone may need and trust me we were super impressed by how quickly he could move when we had to catch a tour boat before it took off (we had to catch up to him lol). Above and beyond is all I can say as he did so much before we arrived and so much after we left him (he kept checking on my flights during a typhoon when even my current guide had no desire to do this). Shin was an absolute pleasure to be with all day and my only regret is that we did not hire him for guiding in some of the other places we went (as we were already obligated to prior bookings). You would be doing a MAJOR disservice to yourself if you choose any other guide in the places he does tours as he simply is the best. Thank you Shin for making another one of our Japan trips so memorable, for it is people like you that always keep us coming back. Sincerely, Everett & Yana

10 months ago |   by Ana

“ Truly an amazing, unforgettable experience ”

My family and I cannot thank Shin-san enough. He has been amazing prior to, during and after our tour. He puts his whole heart into and goes the extra mile in everything he does! He planned the perfect Hakone tour for us, making sure we have an open communication, and clearing any doubt we may have about our itinerary. He goes out of his way to ensure that we have the best experience of our tour, wherever it may be. My mother has difficulty walking long distances, and he was always mindful that she didn't get too tired during our tour. Truly, our Hakone trip would not be the same without his extraordinary guidance and help. We also had the good fortune of traveling to Kyoto, his hometown, with him, as our day of departure to Kyoto coincided. He even accompanied us to our hotel in Kyoto, so that we will not get lost and our mother can rest quickly. I cannot believe the luck we had to meet such a good person with such a heart of gold! We are very grateful to Shin-san. We are very glad that we met not just an amazing tour guide, but also made a wonderful friend. Thank you so much Shin-san, we wish you all the very best for all your endeavours!

10 months ago |   by Norah

“ Wonderful time in Yokohama! ”

I am very happy that I selected Shin san for my trip to Yokohama. Even prior to engaging his service, I asked multiple questions and Shin san patiently answered all of them in detail. He always replied my emails promptly, at times almost instantly! Once I confirmed his service, I was impressed with Shin's professionalism in providing me with the time schedule and the transportation cost. He took the trouble to include a map of the routes to show the sequence of the tour. I am grateful that Shin provided me with an estimate of the costs of the trip to Yokohama from Shinjuku. This enabled us to prepare extra cash to bring along. Most wonderful of all is that Shin communicated with me via *******s and updated me on the weather prior to our departure date. Being able to contact Shin san easily makes us feel so at home and re-assuring that we have someone in Tokyo to seek help when needed. He offered his time to us and is so kind to reply us whenever we asked him for help. On the way back to our hotel, he went to the extreme to bring us and help us shop for the stuff we needed. We can see from the small actions that make Shin san so spectacular and different! Thank you, Shin san! You are our friend now! Having you made our trip to Tokyo memorable. We hope that you will and bring your family to visit my country soon.

10 months ago |   by Bryan

“ Could not have been better ”

I am so glad I selected Shin to be our guide around Tokyo. He was extremely organized, extraordinarily nice, and helped us a great deal. Shin speaks English perfectly, and humbly answered all of my silly questions from everything we were seeing to the ins and outs of the history of Japan. Shin met us at the airport at an hour I wasn't sure any guide would be willing to meet us. He navigated for us through all the public transportation from the airport into Tokyo, around Tokyo, and to another airport. He also helped us store our luggage while we toured around Tokyo, and he did a great job of picking places we would be interested in seeing (not typical tourist spots) and finding good traditional food to eat. My wife and I are looking forward to coming back to Japan and seeing if Shin will be available to be our guide again. To not only see more of Tokyo but also to see some of the other cities of Japan that Shin has lived in and is familiar with. Beautiful, clean, advanced, interesting country, and what a treat to get to have it shown to us by Shin--such a great guy that we are very grateful to, for choosing to spend his day with us. PS It was especially fun getting to see the different types of groceries and having explained to us what we were looking at. PPS I was also surprised the level of coordination that occurred throughout the booking process. I'd highly recommend both TripleLights and Shin.

10 months ago |   by Olivia

“ An incredible tour through Hakone with Shin. ”

My sister and I booked our tour with Shin having never been to Japan before. Seeing that we were in Tokyo for most of the trip, we wanted to experience the outskirts of the city as well. From the moment we expressed our interest to Shin he was incredibly enthusiastic and helpful. He did everything from sending us fun activity options and detailed itineraries, to thoughtfully sharing the whether predictions and giving us clothing tips in the days prior to our tour. Seeing that we were traveling two hours outside of the city we started our day around 7am. It was very easy to locate Shin as he was promptly sitting in our hotel lobby and we exchanged photos of each other. Shin was as enthusiastic and kind as in his emails. We started our day by taking the bullet train to Hakone and another train up the mountain to the Open Air Museum. Throughout this time my sister and I took advantage of Shin's knowledge and asked him a wide range of questions that he was excited to answer. Everything from how to navigate the subway systems to when the hydrangeas are in bloom. We arrived at the Open Air Museum which was incredibly breathtaking and spent a good amount of time walking around. Shin told us about the outdoor sculptures and showed us the incredible Picasso exhibit within the Museum. He kept us on schedule and we continued on our way up the mountain first by train and then by a very thrilling suspension railway car. It was a semi cloudy day but the views were still Breathtaking. We then took a boat across the beautiful Lake Ashi to a wonderful hidden gem Museum. This traditional Japanese art served as a nice contrast to the more modern work at the Open Air museum. Shin also had a vast knowledge of the Japanese paints - specifically the minerals used to make pigments. In addition to Paintings, this museum had a stunning view of the lake and a nice cafe where we all had some coffee and pastries. Next, we took a short cab to the natural hot springs which are scattered throughout Hakone. Shin made sure to reserve my sister and I a private room in advance so they had everything prepared when we arrived. We spent an hour soaking in the hot spring with a serene view of the forest. The establishment was clean, casual, and peaceful - we left completely rejuvenated. For the final leg of the trip we took the bullet train back to the subway and Shin showed us to our hotel. We arrived exactly on schedule and incredibly satisfied with our action packed day. Shin was the most kind, fun and gracious tour guide we could have asked for. He aloud us to enjoy these incredible experiences, be informed and eliminated all the stress of scheduling and navigation. Furthermore, he was just an incredible person to get to know and gave us a day we will never forget.

11 months ago |   by Joe

“ Great day in Hiroshima ”

Shin was a great guide for the day, he was filled with great facts and history of the area. He even took time to talk about future visits to Japan with other areas to visit based on what he and I spoke about. Good day, highly recommend Shin as a guide.

11 months ago |   by Edgar

“ Great guide (especially if you are from the Philippines) ”

Shin was an excellent guide for our short visit to Kyoto. He was very friendly and personable and really went out of his way to make us feel welcome in Japan, even before and after our day trip to Kyoto. He speaks both English and Tagalog fluently, and during our trip even sang Filipino love songs for us! It was easy also to communicate with him through ******* (TripleLights please take note, most if not all Filipinos who travel abroad use *******, but our other guides did not even know what ******* was) so even before we met him he was already sending us pictures of how he looked, pictures of the restaurant we were planning to go to for lunch, and note this, train schedules, not only for our Kyoto day trip, but even after that, train schedules for Nara and pictures of the sites there which I found quite useful as my family had to split up and take different trains that day. So you can see that he really went out of his way! I would highly recommend Shin, not just for Kyoto but also other cities in Kansai area, and would especially recommend him for Filipino travelers. He is one of us and you will see this right from the time he greets you.

1 year ago |   by Stephen

“ Great Kamakura Tour! ”

SHIN is a great tour guide. He took us on a tour of Kamakura. He is very friendly and very knowledgeable of the area. He was eager to share his insights of the area. I highly recommend him.

1 year ago |   by JENNIFER

“ Went above and beyond! ”

Provided an itinerary for myself and 2 boys, met us at airport and even secured a locker for carry ones. Took us around on tour and even to his favorite restaurant. Thought of taking boys to samari museum which was huge hit for boys. Very thoughtful and thorough guide!!!

1 year ago |   by Okamoto

“ Fantastic! ”

Mr Shin is an excellent guide. He made our visit to Nara incredible, once his knowledge about the culture, religion, politics and gastronomy are quite impressive. On the top of that, he is also extremely polite and gentil!

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