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3 days ago |   by Miranda

“ Great day sightseeing in Tokyo ”

Michiko was a great guide in Tokyo. We were together for a day and she showed me the highlights of Tokyo. We particularly enjoyed the markets and the boat trip up the river to the old town.

2 weeks ago |   by Pat

“ Hakone in May ”

Lovely trip with Michiko shame the weather was so bad as it rained all day but we were able to do all transport routes so able to travel across the town. Michiko was a lovely guide very thoughtful and accommodating as we had a young baby with us.

Very Good
2 weeks ago |   by Armita

“ Hakone-machi ”

Michiko, is very nice and helpful .. she was patient w my kids and very mindful w our needs and wants :) although the weather wasn’t good we had a great time with her.

2 weeks ago |   by Judith

“ A fun walk through the night ”

Michiko was an informative and fun guide over our 4 hour food and bar hopping night. Communication with Michiko prior to meeting was excellent and we had a fun nights walking tour. The bar down Memory lane was particularly good. Thank you Michiko

3 weeks ago |   by Ross

“ Lucky to have Michiko as our guide. ”

Michiko was about as fantastic of a guide as I could have imagined. My friend and I felt confident in navigating many of the tourist areas of Tokyo, even without speaking Japanese, and were in search of a guide that could take us to places to see how Tokyo locals live, eat, and drink. Michiko found a brilliant balance of explaining Japanese culture in some very popular areas, including Meji Shrine and Asakusa Temple, Shibuya and an amazing grocery, but also took us to some off the beaten path places like Jujo Ginza and Iidabashi. The food we ate was fantastic and we were able to see how Tokyans live and eat, something we specifically requested. We were happy to allow Michiko a great deal of flexibility in planning and only gave her a few restrictions on food, and insisted we visit areas that had fewer tourists, where English would be a barrier in ordering food or understand our surroundings. Michiko provided an excellent tour and demonstrated a great sense of humor on our tour. Her tour has been the highlight of our trip. We spent 2 days with her and cannot recommend her services enough.

3 weeks ago |   by Wendy

“ Delightful! ”

My day with Michiko was the perfect start to my Tokyo trip. In addition to the tour highlights, she was immensely helpful with Japan Rail arrangements and showing me how to use the subway system. Couldn't have done it without her!

1 month ago |   by Janet.

“ Last Sunday in Tokyo ”

A positive experience with guide Michiko * she arrived at the hotel on time and explained the Tokyo underground system . * she informed us quite in advance about the possibilities to watch Sumo wrestlers at a stable. * she took us to a hidden gem for a great shabu shabu experience * she supported me and was a great help in finding back my lost cell phone. * she speaks English very well

Very Good
1 month ago |   by Minal

“ Great tour ”

Me and my friends had a great time and enjoyed every bit of the tour! Very informative and helpful!

1 month ago |   by Trevor

“ 6 hour city highlights tour ”

Michico was excellent, extensive knowledge of major sites and very personable. We had a great time exploring the city sites. Would highly recommed her as a tour guide.

2 months ago |   by William

“ 3 days with Michiko inTokyo ”

Our family of four (2 adults and 2 children, ages 12 and 10) went to Tokyo for Spring Break. We contacted Michiko a few weeks before to help us navigate the urban wonderland of trains, shops, and shrines that is Tokyo. Michiko emotes kindness and fun as well as pride in her city and country. Her English was fantastic; I greatly admire her skill. She was great with my kids; engaging them well into our touring. Before the trip, I told her some of the things we liked, such as food, anime, Pokemon, history, Ghibli, and gaming. She incorporated our requests into a busy, but reasonable itinerary for three days generally starting at 9:00 am. She taught me how to figure out the subway and Japan Rail, which was valuable once we were on our own. She also incorporated a visit for us to a hedgehog cafe! I highly recommend booking with Michiko.

2 months ago |   by Owen

“ Amazing time in Tokyo ”

We came to Tokyo for a short visit and wanted to absorb a real life experience for what it's like to visit. With Michiko's help we were able to spend four fabulous hours exploring Shibuya, Shinjuko, and Kabukichō. We explored the train/subway, two great restaurants and twisted and turned through a myriad of narrow alleys full of unique bars and restaurants. Somehow on our journey we even made it to Godizilla, clothes stores and more!! Fun, exciting and an amazing life experience. Thank you Michiko!!! My wife and I are honored to have met you. O and L

2 months ago |   by Anita

“ Perfect day in Tokyo ”

We were only going to be in Tokyo for one day and thanks to Michiko that one day was a perfect one. Michiko was very knowledgeable, flexible, and accommodating to our requests. We could not have seen as much as we did without her. We learned a great deal about the areas we visited which enriched the experience. According to my Fitbit we did over 16 miles of sightseeing. What a wonderful day. Thank you Michiko!!

5 months ago |   by Alex

“ Able to adapt the itinerary as we went along ”

Was in Tokyo on very short notice and as I liked her reviews I picked Michiko. Very nice lady that really knows Tokyo well. I didn't have a lot of sights on my list as I didn't have much time to prepare, so she came up with ideas for me as we went along, which was great, i.e. taking the boat to the national garden as I saw the boat terminal and wanted to try it. Highlight for me was the little restaurant (sits 8 people max) she took me to, were *******ted with all the locals and tried all types of local specialties. Would recommend her to anyone looking for a real authentic Tokyo experience.

6 months ago |   by Carrie

“ A wonderful Tokyo experience! ”

From the day I selected Michiko, she has been responsive, informational, helpful and professional. I hired her for two days in Tokyo and she created 2 very full days including some of Tokyo's best sights. Her knowledge of history and details of the sights made them come alive. She was very considerate, always concerned with my desires and my energy level. I can highly recommend her.

7 months ago |   by Bruce

“ Great tours ”

She was ontime, took care of everything, led us to everything we had time to see. Ensured that we had a wonderful experience. Tours in Japan are a little expensive but she was well worth it. She handled everything including transportation, entrances and food. We never had to make any transactions.

8 months ago |   by Zavier

“ Definitely a worth it ”

It was a fun experience getting to know the drinking scene of Tokyo. The people you meet while doing it is just fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone. Michiko-San is such a nice lady. She tells you the history of the areas you go drinking at.

9 months ago |   by Abhinav

“ Excellent experience ”

Excellent guide. Gave us an outstanding tour. Very knowledgeable. Would recommend her anytime and will surely utilize her assistance next time we visit Japan.

9 months ago |   by Jessica

“ Great day with Michiko ”

Myself and my 8 year old spent the day with Michiko which was very informative and totally made us feel comfortable in a culture which is very different from our own. Michiko picked us up from our hotel and was on time. She taught us how to use the subway system and the took us to the places we had requested. She had a few itinerary options to save time. She was very patient and understanding to a young child's interest level. She had a very positive and sweet energy. I would book her again for sure, in fact I tried but she was not available. In addition she followed up with additional information after to make sure I had all the details to have a great trip. Highly recommend.

10 months ago |   by Janet

“ Very thoughtful and caring guide ”

I am so sorry to say that we missed our tour of Tokyo due to illness at the last minute. I immediately notified Michiko who sent a text a couple of times offering to do a shorter tour or assist in any way she could. So sorry we missed the tour,but she was lovely to work with and answered all my questions leading up to our tour. If we get back to Tokyo, you can be sure we will contact her.

11 months ago |   by Renee

“ Flexible Guide ”

Michiko was a wonderful guide for our group of six adults. She was able to adjust the tour according to our time and our interests. We toured the Tsukiji Market and she made arrangements at one of the sushi restaurants for us, which everyone enjoyed. Oishii! She also took us to Asakusa, Asahi Brewery, and Imperial Palace. Awesome day! Mahalo Michiko-san!

1 year ago |   by Calvin

“ My tsujiki guide ”

Michiko is a nice lady . I guess i book only 3 hours . so it was kinda rushing thru the stores . which we wanted to eat along the way. Michiko was kind enough to say no worries take your time . but she brought us to a very good shushi & shashimi restaurant ! super good ! thanks michiko .

1 year ago |   by Rosemary

“ Vacation in Tokyo ”

Michiko did an excellent job guiding my husband and me throughout Tokyo. From our early planning stages of this trip, we were very nervous energy because of the language barrier and the transportation system in Japan. However, Michiko spoke good English, took us to the bank, to nice restaurants, great tourist sights, and fabulous shopping centers. We would like to give special thanks to her and triple lights for the service you provide to tourists from foreign countries. We had a great time.

1 year ago |   by Christy

“ Fun day in Tokyo ”

I had a wonderful day tour of Asakusa with Michiko. She was a very knowledgeable guide and explained to me the local customs and history of the area. I did the tour on a layover of Tokyo and she made sure I knew how to get from the airport to the meeting point and even walked with me to the correct train platform for my return journey to the airport to make sure I didn't get lost. I really enjoyed my day with her and totally recommend her as guide for anyone on a trip to Tokyo.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Sandro

“ tokyo at night ”

great time!!! went to local japanese resturants and bar. fun time. recommend it

1 year ago |   by Amy

“ Unique Bar Hopping Experience ”

My husband and I had a totally unique experience with Michiko that I don't think could have been accomplished without a Tokyoite. It was our first hours in Tokyo and we got to experience a part of Shinjuku like a local. It was definitely a fun and memorable evening. We had a quiet pleasant time at our first stop in fancier izakaya and then went for a walk around Shinjuku to see Godzilla, sit with the robots for some pictures, Kabukicho, and Omoide Yokocho(Memory Lane). We then headed to another izakaya, I believe to be in Memory Lane, which we had to climb up a narrow steep stairwell to get to the upstairs area and were joined by two locals, total strangers which I hear is common, for an even more memorable night. Then off to Golden Gai to experience the drinking scene there. We are not big party goers and drinkers but enjoy an occasional drink with friends and so I think despite what the night might sound like it could be enjoyed by all. We got to experience the "Japanese" small plates, their beers, and shochu and the ambience. Thank you Michiko for an experience we will always remember.

1 year ago |   by Susan

“ Sunday in the Psrks with Michiko ”

Michiko is the most lovely guide. She is very knowledgeable and efficient, but gentle and easy going at the same time. We felt like we were with a Japanese friend leisurely strolling the Meiji Shrine and the cherry blossom filled Shinjuku Gyoen Park, learning many interesting things along the way. Michiko took us to Harajuku and helped us shop for a young girl's costume. She also took us to a beautiful department store to purchase our picnic lunch. We were most appreciative of Michiko's teaching us to use the subway. She is excellent and we hope to see her again as our guide on our next visit to Tokyo.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Grace

“ Tokyo thru an insider's eye ”

Michiko was a very good guide who gave us the insider's look into Tokyo- from the cool shops to go to in Harajuku, Pokemon center, Tokyo skyview tower and the best tonkatsu lunch in town. She guided us thru the dizzying Tokyo train and subway maze. We enjoyed the Imperial Gardens tour with the blooming sakura and the soothing zen gardens.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Greg

“ Good guide for a quick tour of major sights ”

Michiko conducted the basic highlights tour of Tokyo for me -- my one-day stop in Tokyo. Everything went smoothly. She is knowledgeable about the sights and easy to talk to.

1 year ago |   by KEVIN

“ Tour was great!! ”

The tour with Michiko was great. we spent a little time in one of the yakitori bars under the tracks of Shibuya. It was a nice hole in the wall type of place. I was able to eat good yakitori and drink good sake. The best part was that Michiko was able to help me communicate with the other customers that were eating there. The second place we went to was Alcatraz Theme restaurant. It was a very interesting place. I was able to try a lot of weird things. If your traveling solo or in a group, Michiko is a good person to help show you around.

1 year ago |   by George

“ "Custom tour" flexibility greatly appreciated - TripleLights is the best ! ”

We wanted to experience Shinjuko at night and other areas of Tokyo during the daytime. TripleLights let us have our way by taking a six-hour tour and dividing it into a 3 hr daytime and 3 hr nighttime tour, separated by dinner in a traditional, non-touristy Japanese restaurant. Michiko Muranaka, our guide, executed this tour beautifully for us. It would take too long to describe everything we did, but suffice it to say everything we wanted to accomplish was accomplished, and more. Seeing Shinjuko on a Saturday night was like being in Times Square...multiplied 5+ times with its tremendous neon signage and displays. Nothing else compares.

1 year ago |   by Scott

“ Great Evening Pub and Restaurant Tour ”

Michiko was a terrific addition to our Tokyo vacation! She met us as planned at our hotel and returned us to our hotel. Her command of English was very good, not perfect, but we never had any real language barrier problems. She knows Kubichiko and related areas like the back of her hand, made a handful of detours to facilitate some things we saw on the way (Godzilla!) and otherwise handled us and the Japanese pub owners with aplomb! We would definitely ask for her by name the next time we are in Tokyo!

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Roman

“ Tokyo tour, Kagurazaka tour. ”

Michiko was very good, we enjoyed our two trips.

1 year ago |   by Vivian

She was an excellent tour guide and she helped us a lot in planning all the destinations we wanted to see.

1 year ago |   by George

Michiko was a wonderful tour guide! - I was only in Tokyo for a 30 hours layover. I wanted to see the city at night. She was very gracious in meeting me a little later then normal time at my hotel. She was very knowledgable in the city history and culture. I would highly-recommend her if you are visiting Tokyo!

1 year ago |   by Eduardo

Michiko is an excellent guide. She is very informative and extremely patient. We arranged for two tailor-made visits - a first for her! - and it seemed like she had years of experience on both! Highly recommended!!

1 year ago |   by Su-Anne

Our family of three had a great time with Michiko-san. She took us through Sumanachi-Ginza to experience local food, starting with a family-run tempura shop with forty years history. Michiko-san also recommended us to little shops with sushi, takoyaki so we could try a range of food along a 600M long street. Our final stop was Ikebukuro, where my son bought souvenirs from the Pokemon Center. Michiko-san is a very patient and thoughtful guide who made the day very enjoyable for our family.

1 year ago |   by Elizabeth

Michiko was so great to have as a tour guide for my first day in Tokyo! She is very kind and knowledgeable, and her English is excellent. Not only did we have a great tour, but she very graciously helped me learn the subway system and get a pass card, which was invaluable. She took me to her favorite Ramen restaurant in Asaksa which was my favorite meal of the trip! Seeing my interest in learning the Japanese alphabets, she gave me a fun little lesson on the boat ride. Without her commentary, I would not have understood half of what I saw. Wish we did more days! Arigato Gozaimashita Michiko-san!

Very Good
2 years ago |   by Jan

Michiko is a very knowledgeable guide with a good sense of humor and We enjoyed her tours very much. The "missing" Star is due to a little language problem

2 years ago |   by Beth

Just back from our 2 week cruise around Japan, China and Taiwan. Michiko was a wonderful guide. We only had 5 hours and she managed to fit in a whirlwind informative tour of the important parts of Tokyo. Her command of English was excellent and her sense of humour was lovely. Right from the very start, she made us feel like we were being shown around Tokyo by a friend and not a paid guide. She was fun and easy to be around and we left her regretting not having longer in Tokyo with her. A huge thank you to her and next time we are in Tokyo we will be in touch... Highly recommend!

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