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4 days ago |   by Delia

“ Tokyo and Hakone 2 Days ”

Super friendly guide. We booked 2 days Hakone and Tokyo with Dai. He met us in advance at our hotel to book our train the next day to Hakone. Even helped us booking our train to Kyoto which is not part of his tour. Dai is easy to talk to and very organized in our tour. Restaurants he suggested are also very good. He even brought us towels to use for our foot bath in Hakone. He is simply a thoughtful person and we appreciate his time with us.

1 week ago |   by Jacquelyn

“ Tokyo Visit Was Amazing ”

Dai was an awesome tour guide. He took us around the city, was extremely knowledgeable of what routes to take, restaurants to visit, and even has a pretty good mastery of Spanish. He’s visited over 150 countries as well, so it was also extremely fun to talk with him about his experiences. We had a great day in Tokyo thanks to Dai. He’s the best!

1 week ago |   by Dmitriy

“ Great tours in Tokyo! ”

This was our first time in Japan and we only had two days to see Tokyo area. We could have not picked a better guide than Dai. Both mornings he met us at our hotel lobby and took us to the tours. We saw temples, shines, busy shopping streets and Tokyo Electric town. We took train to Hakone area and enjoyed the lake, hot springs, views and open area musium. Dai introduced us to local food and expanded many things about local traditions and life. Dai is very organized, knowledge and professional. He even had towels so we could dry our feet after enjoying hot spring in Hakone. Every day after the tour he brought us back to our hotel to make sure we didn’t get lost in supper busy Tokyo metro system. Many thanks Dai for our wonderful two days in Tokyo! Dmitriy and family.

1 week ago |   by Nicole

“ Day Tour of Tokyo ”

We spent a FULL day with Dai exploring eastern Tokyo - Tsujikii, Asakusa, Ueno, Akihabara and Imperial Palace. Dai met us at our hotel and dropped us back 8 hours later - exhausted but somewhat enlightened after our first day in Japan. Dai was kind enough to introduce some newbies to Japan to the Tokyo Metro, ATMs, and enough basic language and etiquette to get us of to a great start for the rest of our journey. Dai is a calm, interesting and attentive host with a dry sense of humor - I can definely recommend a day tour in Tokyo with Dai.

2 weeks ago |   by Roberta

“ Tour of Hakone ”

Dai is very personable with excellent English skills. His organization of our trip fromTokyo to Hakone was perfect. We were there during Golden Week but the way he organized our itinerary we avoided the bad crowds. Our tour was fro 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM (including all the transportation) so Dai was very generous with his time and kept us on schedule. Also the lunch spot he picked was wonderful. Dai's only limitation is that he could provide a little more narrative--a little more history. But he did give us good details about every place we visited. Overall we would recommend Dai enthusiastically.

3 weeks ago |   by Marilyn

“ Rained But Still A Great Day in Tokyo ”

The day started with rain but Dai rearranged the schedule so that we saw everything we wanted. Dai has a wonderful quiet but efficient manner in guiding and took good care of us. Gave us lots of good information. I highly recommend Dai as a guide.

1 month ago |   by Richard

“ One Day Tour In Tokyo ”

Dai was our guide for the day and we had a great time. He put together a plan for us and we were able to keep on schedule. Dai has a great personality and sense of humor that makes the tour very enjoyable. He is very knowledgeable of the sights and the underlying history. He was able to handle any questions we asked throughout the tour. We also enjoyed an nice lunch along the way. I would not hesitate recommending Dai for your tour. You will learn quite a bit and have fun along the way. Thank you for the great tour!

1 month ago |   by Mariana

“ If you like to travel, you have to meet Dai ”

Dai is everything you expect from a tour guide and more. Very professional, hospitable, and attentive. Also, he's been almost everywhere (including my hometown!) so is a very interesting person to know if you like to travel. Excellent English and knows some Spanish which is even better for me. I wanted to go everywhere and he made it happened and adjusted schedule to my liking. He is knowledgeable of the history, culture and other activities/attractions of Tokyo. I learned about the religious traditions and costumes which I'm very grateful. Suggested places that where cool. Best tour guide. Good luck too

1 month ago |   by Linda

“ Tokyo Ultimate Tour ”

I am a travel agent heading up a small custom group through Japan for three weeks. Dai is the gold standard of tour guides. He was our guide for two full day tour in Tokyo. Dai has traveled the world, he was very aware of how to get us around Tokyo extremely efficiently (time connections, costs, best routing, best food). Dai was very thoughtful and caring to each each person in my group. I have traveled to many amazing destinations and I never had a private guide with such impeccable guiding and caring skills. Rating 10 gold stars

1 month ago |   by Kelli

“ Awesome Tokyo Day Trip ”

Dia was a wonderful tour guide. He made sure to ask us our interests and planned our stops with them in mind. We used the subway system all day because it stopped closer to all of our locations. Dai had no trouble navigating and kept us in the loop the whole time. He had great recommendations for shopping and food. We came late during cherry blossom season and he even asked if we could change one of our locations so that we could see more blooms. I would highly recommend Dai as your guide!

1 month ago |   by MIKE

“ Best Guide in Tokyo ”

This was my first time to Japan and while I have long wanted to travel here, I felt it might be overwhelming to visit. I was lucky enough to have Dai as my guide for two days. He was fantastic. He put together the perfect agenda for our tour and was always open to last minute changes and requests. I had my parents with me who are limited in their ability to walk. Dai was amazing with them and found ways to ensure all of us were happy. He took us to two lunch places that were wonderful and certainly not something I could have found on my own. If you're looking for the best guide in Tokyo - look no further. In Dai you have found the most knowledgeable and friendly guide. He is a wonderful gentleman and am so grateful we had time with him in Tokyo. Mahalo nui loa Dai!

1 month ago |   by Alice

“ Dai was great! ”

He was on time and spoke great english. Very knowledgeable and pleasant. He has traveled the world and been to more countries than anyone I’ve met. Would use again.

1 month ago |   by Jill

“ Great couple of days touring with Dai! ”

I had 2 full days with Dai with one day in Hakone and another day in Kawagoe. Dai is just great! Very organised and well planned. The days were quite packed but Dai seemed to know the best way to get around with tight connections, to squeeze as much into the day as possible.He is easy going and friendly. The days were full on but Dai was flexible and allowed me more time in some spots and we moved on quickly if I had finished at other spots. Knowing my interest in food, he introduced me to a lot of new Japanese flavours! He is officially THE most well travelled person I have ever met and has a lot of stories about his adventures. It makes for interesting conversation and he is very easy to talk to. I asked him all sorts of questions about Japan and the Japanese way of life. And he was very happy to share his opinions and insights with me. If I ever need a guide in the Tokyo region again, I would not hesitate to call Dai again.

2 months ago |   by Geoff

“ Five Stars and More Guide ”

I had a wonderful experience being guided around Tokyo and the Hakone by Dai. He was flexible as to where we toured adjusting easily to my requests and some weather challenges we were presented with. Dai was very organized, promp, informative, and especially knowledgeable about the what, when and where of the expansive transportation systems of Tokyo and beyond. When in the Hakone be sure to visit the Open Air Sculpture Museum and don't miss soaking your feet in the hot springs. You will not be disappointed spending time with this delightful and interesting professional guide.

2 months ago |   by Gaither

“ 3 Days in Tokyo ”

My son (16) and I spent our first 3 days in Tokyo with Dai as our guide, and I don't think we could possibly have done any better. He is very knowledgeable and experienced (he is an avid traveler himself, which helps a lot!). But in addition to those qualities, he is also helpful, efficient, thoughtful, and kind. He helped us navigate the mass transit system in Tokyo and made it seems so easy that it never even occurred to us that it might actually be difficult to most newcomers. He always had everything well-planned out, but never made us feel like we were pressed for time or "on the clock." If we wanted to spend a little more time in a certain place, he always made us feel like we had all the time in the world (even though I'm sure we didn't...). The days were packed and well-planned out, but we never felt pressured for time. Dai ultimately took us to multiple Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines, some traditional gardens, the Imperial Palace, the Tsukiji Fish Market, Shibuya Crossing, up >1,000 on the Tokyo Skytree for an amazing view, to a museum (our request), and multiple shopping districts. We are gamers and anime fans, and so he spent lots of time taking us to places in Akihabara, Sunshine City, etc., where we could really get our geek on! He took us to some of the themed cafes as well (hedgehog café, maid café, etc.). We ate amazing food at all the places that Dai took us to. Overall, I'm not sure that by ourselves we could have packed all of that into 6 days, much less 3! And it was such a good time! But perhaps more important than all of that, Dai is a kind and attentive person. No detail seems to escape his notice. I noticed that several of the other reviews talked about Dai walking really fast. We didn't notice this (granted, we live in Western Colorado, and hiking is in the blood...). Certainly, Dai was capable of going fast, but he was so careful to match our pace rather than the other way around. If we were game to speed up, he would speed up to match us. If we wanted to slow down and catch our breath, or perhaps spend a little more time shopping or sightseeing in an area, Dai would immediately sense this (without us even having to say anything) and would give us time. Again, he is a very considerate person. Another thing I would like to say about Dai is that his linguistic skills are excellent! He of course speaks spectacular English, but to my delight, he was also a patient teacher of Japanese. I had been trying to pick up some Japanese for the past few weeks, and though my skill level was still quite poor, Dai would carefully correct or encourage me, as the situation dictated. I also speak some Spanish, and my son speaks German. What a great surprise when Dai would talk to us in those languages as well! (not that these are languages of fluency for him, but it just goes to show you how well-rounded, well-traveled, and educated he is!). Finally, let me speak to Dai's flexibility. Based on our likes and preferences, Dai had carefully set up a 3 day agenda. However, at the end of day 2, my son was realizing that maybe he had requested too much time shopping and not enough time seeing cultural sites. I spoke to Dai to see if there was any way that we could re-configure the schedule of the 3rd day. I was worried it might be too hard, given that it was so last-minute, and given that Dai had planned very carefully. I told him not to worry about it if it was going to be too much work or too difficult. But not only did he make some big changes for us on the spur of the moment, but he did it amazingly well, and with a great attitude. Anyway, I could go on and on, but suffice to say, Dai is great!!! We highly recommend him!!! You can't do any better!!! The Bynums

2 months ago |   by Jeremy

“ Wonderful tour guide ”

Dai was a wonderful tour guide. He is well traveled around the world and very knowledgable about Japanese history and culture. I would recommend him to anyone that would like to see the sights of Tokyo!

3 months ago |   by Avice

“ Excellent guide for tokyo ”

My folks had a wonderful and happiest day tour with Dai. He made everyone at ease and comfortable. He showed his professionalism. He brought us to the places we requested. He was very friendly and gentleman. Will definitely recommend him to my friends and relatives if they come to Japan. Keep it up Dai. Hope we can meet up again in future. Thank you Dai.

3 months ago |   by Katie

“ Tokyo in 5 hours ”

We had the BEST day with Dai. We had a short 48 hours in Tokyo and asked Dai to design a first morning for us that would help us maximize our time wisely. We saw a highlight of the city and he helped us learn the train system and took us to a delicious sushi lunch. Because of our time with him, we felt comfortable on our own later and we truly felt like we got the most that we possibly could out of the fascinating wonderful city with the little time that we had. Dai was a delight- happy, smiley, super knowledgable and fun. There was no awkwardness, he was comfortable without being annoying and just a really fun guy to spend the day with- I felt like we were hanging out with an old friend who was a local. He was early and right where he was supposed to be and never pushy with us- he made the day what we wanted and followed our lead. He has traveled the world and it was lots of fun to talk to him about it. I can't recommend him enough- I would not HESITATE to book some time with Dai and let him show you his city!

3 months ago |   by Frank

“ we loved having Dai as our Tokyo Guide! ”

We always look for people to give us an insight to the culture, history and geography of places we visit. Dai was very informational, great at maneuvering throughout the city and we got to see so much in one day! We also loved the fact that he was a world traveler with a great understanding of what we needed out of our trip to Japan!

3 months ago |   by Hazel

“ A fantastic guide! ”

Having Dai as our guide was such a great start to our trip! As backpackers pre kids, we were somewhat hesitant to hire a guide but thankfully we did! Dai made sure he tailored the itinerary to things that we wanted to cover whilst being flexible with two young children. We were able to do something that kept everyone happy - from the fish markets and amazing sushi, Akihabara and Asakusa. We could not have covered anywhere near as much ground on our own. And this time gave us the skills and confidence to explore the rest of Tokyo on our own for the rest of our stay. Thank you Dai for a wonderful day - my son thought of you throughout the rest of our trip, wondering whether you would enjoy the same food or sights we were seeing. Book Dai - before his schedule fills up!!

4 months ago |   by Sean

“ Amazing tour in Tokyo! ”

Can’t say enough good things about Dai! It was our first time in Tokyo and had only one free day from business to do a quick overview tour of Tokyo, and Dai took lead and hit every single area we wanted to see, the best part was how patient he was with us with multiple stopping places that we wanted to see. He was great at communicating with locals to help us try new foods and even arranged lunch for us at the oldest ramen establishment in Tokyo! Great job Dai, see you soon!

4 months ago |   by John

“ Simply awesome ”

Dai is simply awesome !!! Without hesitation would recommend him. Has good command of English and extremely humble. I had a bucket list of what I wanted to see in Tokyo & this guy did it !! After 8hrs criss-crossing Tokyo , I'm happy that I've had a good taste of what Tokyo can offer. Not only was he a good tour guide , he helped us understand some of the etiquecy of being Japanese .... That's was my highlight. Thank you and best of luck to you Dai !!! Keep on backpacking

4 months ago |   by Che-lou

“ Amazing experience ”

He is very cool and awesome! We had so much fun touring around tokyo! I highly recommend Dai!

4 months ago |   by Erika

“ Day in Tokyo ”

We had an extended layover in Tokyo and spent the day with Dai. This was well worth it. Dai showed us multiple parts of the city, introduced us to unique Japanese food and made great use of the time we had. Dai speaks english very well and is able to answer a lot of questions about Tokyo and its history. We would highly recommend touring with Dai!

4 months ago |   by Graham

“ Extraordinary good guide ”

Dai is an extraordinary good tour guide. He is proffesional, accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable and charming. His English is impeccable which enabled me to enjoy a relaxed and very enjoyable tour. I would highly recommend Dai to all other travellers wishing to enjoy exploring Japan.

5 months ago |   by Sukhjeet

“ A great introduction to Tokyo ”

Dai was a great guide and would recommend this tour for those wanting to see the 'main' sights in a single day.

5 months ago |   by Nga

“ Excellent Tour guide-Highly Recommend ”

- Very friendly - Speak English very well. - Very flexible to accommodate our various stops of interests. - Dai is a wealth of interesting tidbits and great information everywhere we go!

6 months ago |   by Paul

“ Excellent guide ”

Dai is awesome and very knowledgeable , he moves fast paced so better wear good shoes. Will recommend to friends and faMily. Thank you dai .

6 months ago |   by Angela

“ Tokyo Tour ”

Dai did an fantastic job! We saw more of the city than we expected and loved every minute of it! He knows the city so well....streets, subways, sights and more!

6 months ago |   by Greg

“ Tokyo in a day ”

We had the best introduction to Tokyo with Dai. He was very informative he helped us with any questions we had as well as showing us the sights we were interested in. We were able to customise or tour to give us a good insight in Tokyo’s extensive transportation network. Dai also arranged for us an information pack to help us with the rest of our holiday. There is so much more to see than you think. And his transition of English is very clear. As he is a experienced traveler We found him to be Very organized, knowledgeable, courteous And a great travel guide

6 months ago |   by Douglas

“ Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful. ”

See the title. We saw a ton in one day. Only thing is we walked so much our feet hurt! :)

6 months ago |   by Kaye

“ Unique experience with thoughtful guide ”

Our day tour with Dai was a wonderful adventure across Tokyo. He provides insights about culture, history and life in this amazing city. He plans a tour that makes the city inviting and manageable built around your interests. Dai is very efficient and effective in blending time with travel as you move from sight to sight. Because of his extensive travel experience he is sensitive to concerns or questions that another guides might not think of discussing. Dai brings his own enjoyment of travel to his tour. If you want a fun and interesting tour then your guide should be Dai.

6 months ago |   by Mallory

“ Wonderful Day with Dai! ”

Dai was a great guide, I would recommend him to anyone visiting Tokyo/Japan. He met us at our hotel our first morning and planned out a wonderful day for us! He showed us how to use the subway which was very helpful and definitely the easiest way to get around Tokyo. We used the train the rest of our 10 day stay! We visited the fish market, Imperial Palace, Electric Town, Ginza area and Senso Temple. He did a great job answering all of our questions and has traveled the world himself and had a ton of knowledge about various topics. I would highly recommend starting out your trip with a day with Dai! Tokyo is huge and we covered a ton with Dai in just 1 day. He also was able to give us suggestions for our remaining days in Tokyo. The day we spent with Dai was one of the best of the trip!

6 months ago |   by Benjamin

“ Enjoyable Tour ”

We really enjoyed our tour in Tokyo because our tour guide, Dai, was always accommodating to us. He understood our needs and he showed his flexibility in guiding us. He even taught us how to buy train tickets from the ticket vending machine. He can speak english fairly well. He brought us to good restaurants which offered delicious food with resonable prices. We highly recommend Dai to our friends who want to tour Tokyo.

6 months ago |   by Rachel

“ Dai goes above and beyond to help you! Great Tour Guide! ”

It was a rainy day during our tour with Dai, but that didnt stop us from having a good time! Dai is flexible, fun, patient. knowledgeable, and friendly. During the tour, he was able to adapt to any changes - whether we wanted a quick bite to eat or spend extra time at store - we never felt rushed. oh, and his english is superb! What impressed me the most about Dai is his helpfulness outside of the actual tour. I had communicated with Dai prior to coming to japan and Dai was always prompt when it came to answering any questions! He even tried to help me purchase tickets for the GHIBLI museum (unfortunately, they were still sold out, but thank you for trying!). While on the tour, he gave me all these flyers for different activities, maps, etc etc - that were extremely helpful during my stay in japan! From Our Group -- THANK YOU DAI for a fun time in TOKYO!

6 months ago |   by Marlis

“ Wonderful Tour of Tokyo Highlights ”

Hi, Our family of 5 had a day tour of Tokyo with Dai. He put together an itinerary based on our interests and was flexible in altering it according to our requests. He showed us places we would never have found on our own. We saw much more of the city than we ever could have on our own. We packed in so much in 8 hours. Everyone really liked Dai. He was kind, patient, interesting and polite. He paced the tour well and told us great stories! He also made recommendations for our days before and after the tour which were much appreciated. The highlight of our time in Japan was the sushi we had with Dai at the Tsukiji Market. We love sushi and he took us to a place that served excellent sushi and sake for a great price. Thanks to Dai, our family had a terrific time in Tokyo!

7 months ago |   by Rhodean

“ Dai was great guide and friendly and really enjoyed the day. ”

Dai was a great guide. Friendly and knowledgeable. Had a great day.

7 months ago |   by Simon

“ Wonderful way to see Tokyo ”

We had two days with Dai and had a great time, Dai was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to be helpful and accommodate all of our requests. We packed in seeing a lot of different things and there is no way we would have been able to navigate the transport and get to so many diverse places on our own. Thanks Dai !

7 months ago |   by Anne

“ A fascinating introduction to Tokyo culture. ”

After contacting Dai by email, Dai organised a tour that suited our interests. He came to our hotel and took us by the rail system to so many different parts of the city including the Tsukiji outer fish market, Ameyoko shopping streets in Ueno, electric town (Akihabara) where we also went to a hedgehog cafe (so cute!), Shibuya crossing, Shinjuku Golden-Gai, and “piss alley” . All in one day. Dai was wonderful company, a lovely guy.

7 months ago |   by Min

“ A very energetic and knowledgeable guide! ”

Dai-san gave me an eight hour tour of Tokyo. Initially, I only planned to visit Asakusa and Meiji Jingu Shrine. He recommended me Akihabara since I am an anime fan. It was a nice experience. We even went to one of the maid cafes in the area at my suggestion. Dai-san was a bit shy but accompanied me to the cafe anyway! In Asakusa and Meiji Jingu Shrine, Dai-san taught me a lot of Japanese culture. He recommended me to try Asakusa Menchi which is very "oishi"! Dai-san knows the entire city well and was able to accommodate all my needs. I highly recommend his service!

7 months ago |   by Will

“ Fantastic tour of Tokyo ”

Dai gave my wife, our 2 year old daughter and I a 5 hour tour of Tokyo. He tailored the tour to our needs we had the little one with us. Dai had lots of interesting knowledge of the city and gave us lots of other tips for the rest of our stay in the city. I highly recommend him and will be suggesting my friends use him.

8 months ago |   by Diana

“ A day in Tokyo with Dai :) ”

Dai is very friendly. He is keen to make the tour is organized. He is organized, and very punctual. The tour program was scheduled well, was on time. We didn't miss anything during the tour program. We saw Tokyo's rich history and beautiful scenery because of Dai. :) We had an amazing day in Tokyo. Dai keep it up! Highly recommended for sure. :) Thank you for your time and great experience!!! Diana Manila, Philippines

8 months ago |   by Jim

“ A very knowledgeable guide for Tokyo ”

A group of four of us used Dai as our full day tour guide for our first time in Tokyo. He asked what we wanted to see and set up a personal itinerary for us. He not only fully knows the city and recommended some great spots to see, but he is very personable and a well seasoned traveler himself. I would highly recommend his services for any visitor to Tokyo.

8 months ago |   by Ellen

“ Terrific guide! ”

Our experience with Dai was outstanding. He is well traveled, flexible, knowledgeable and has excellent English skills. Other than Tsujiki Market we were unsure until that day which other places we would want to visit. It was our last full day in Tokyo and we didn't know what we would have already seen. We discussed it when we got together and planned a great day. Dai accommodated all of our needs and wishes. He even helped us locate our restaurant for dinner so that we could find it on our own that evening. He will go at whatever pace you desire, but if you want someone who can walk quickly, Dai is for you. Highly recommend!

Very Good
8 months ago |   by Maria

“ First timers in Shinjuku ”

As it was our first trip to Tokyo, and had a tight schedule, we opted for a personal night tour of Shinjuku, Shibuya , Kabukicho. Dai was great. He was able to show us much more than us attempting it on our own. He was a fast walker, which we loved. Polite, good English and ********** email replies.

8 months ago |   by Renato

“ Excellent Guide ”

Dai is a very knowledgeable guide, he knows Tokyo very well and we had a very good time with him. He is patient and handled very well changes in the itinerary we requested him during our time in Tokyo. Dai also has been traveling a lot around the world and we really enjoyed talking with him about different places he visited. Finally, I must say his English is excellent, fluent level, then it was easy to communicate with him during our trip. I highly recommend Dai as a guide.

9 months ago |   by Jack

“ Best decision we made! ”

If you are even thinking about hiring a guide to show you Tokyo, look no further! My wife and I could not speak highly enough about Dai, both as a person and as a knowledgeable guide. Dai gave us the one day, eight hour tour, and we feel like it would've taken us a week on our own to see everything that Dai showed us in one day! He is the best!

Very Good
9 months ago |   by Jennielynne

“ To a world traveller ”

Our tour to Tokyo was a rainy, wet one. Really, relentless rain was poring the two days we were in Tokyo. But all was ggod, with Dai helping us in going around Tokyo. We were able to hit 5 spots in Tokyo, 1 Imperial Gardens, a view of Marunochi, 2 Akihabara, 3 Asakusa with a view of Tokyo Skytree, Asahi Buildings, 4 Meiji Shrine and 5 Harajuku DAI is a very helpful guide, happy, accommodating and walked very fast! So ready your feet for a 20,000 steps tp keep up with Dai. Not only did he tour us around Tokyo, but he also let us experience the Tokyo Subway. Thank you Dai!

9 months ago |   by John

“ A day in Tokyo ”

My wife, son and I began our 6 days in Tokyo with your guide - Dai. Holy smokes what a blast we had. If you are planning a stay in this amazing city you will be wise to begin your time with a full day planned by Dai. Second piece of advice is to arise early and eat a full breakfast because once Dai shows up you will be chasing him the whole day - this energetic man has been to 154 countries and has spent his life in Tokyo which allows his cup to overflow with experiences that are available to you. It would have taken numerous days to retrace our steps of Dai's eight hour tour. His knowledge of the subway system was smooth & efficient not to mention a lesson for our remaining days. Dai has a easy going personality, speaks English well and has a genuine concern for your comfort & enjoyment throughout the day. We very much enjoyed our time with Dai. The Drake's Asheville, NC USA

Very Good
9 months ago |   by Matthew

“ Highly recommend getting a personal guide if traveling with family ”

Dai was great! Really knew his stuff! Saw a lot more than if we would have tried it ourselves. Helped navigate the subway system and picked it up very quickly. Does walk very quickly so you have to keep up or ask him to slow down.

9 months ago |   by Sandy

“ Highly Recommend Dai! Excellent English, Knowledgeable, and Fun! ”

Don’t hesitate to book with Dai! Our family of four (Mom, Dad, two sons ages 18 and 16) hired Dai to show us around our first two days in Tokyo July 24 & 25. We had never been and this was a last minute trip so I felt overwhelmed trying to figure out what to see and do and how to organize sites geographically, transportation, etc. I knew we needed a guide but really wanted to make sure we found the best guide for our family and especially the boys since I wanted them to be engaged in the touring. Dai was perfect for our family! Our communication before and after booking was prompt. Dai has traveled extensively and this has helped him refine his English language skills. He speaks very good English and has a great sense of humor (which sometimes doesn’t translate.) Dai is young enough for our boys to relate to and they had fun sharing stories of Dai’s world travels and interesting (crazy) foods he has tried along the way. I enjoyed seeing my boys talking and bonding with Dai. I left the planning up to Dai and just asked him to show us the best of Tokyo. He divided our days into exploring the East side of Tokyo (Tsukiji fish market, Imerial Palace, Ginza shopping area, Asakusa, Ueno Park) and West side (Tokyo Metro Gov’t building observatory, Meiju Jingu Shrine, Harajuku, Shibuya, Hama Rikyu Gardens, the boat ride over to Odaiba.) We really enjoyed our lunch in Asakusa and appreciated that Dai requested one of the more traditional Japanese tables. We talked about the interesting cafes in Tokyo (dogs, cats, owls, maids, etc. and when he mentioned a hedgehog café, the boys were interested so we made time for a quick stop there as well! We mentioned a specific item we were looking for and helped us try to shop for it. Dai is a master navigator of the Tokyo metro. He led us effortly through many various train stops. We had a very crowded train ride for one stop on our starting mornings but we learned to just shove right in that train with all the other people - all part of the experience! We started at 9AM both days and other than the 9AM quick train ride from our rental apartment to Shibuya and 5PM return trip, most of the trains were not crowded. People move quickly and with a purpose in Tokyo. Dai taught us what side of the escalator to stand on vs. walk on, how to purchase our ticket, etc. Dai was on time both mornings and it was nice that he met us at our apartment to guide us the entire way. I read on some travel sites that you can’t see Tokyo in two days but I don’t agree. Yes, we did a lot of walking and moving around but we all felt we experienced so many areas and neighborhood differences in Tokyo. After our two great days, we wanted to hire Dai for our 3rd or 4th day in Tokyo as well but he was already booked for those dates. I had talked to him about some day trips we were considering and on Day 2, he brought me English language maps and tourist information for those areas and even wrote down the specific train lines, transfers, and costs to get to those places. With Dai’s information and the metro experience we learned from him, we successfully navigated to visit Kamakura on our own. Dai went above and beyond to ensure our family had a good experience. We appreciate having not only a great guide but now a new friend as well! Highly recommend!

10 months ago |   by Minerva

“ tokyo tour ”

I have already submitted a review earlier; he was very good in being able to navigate and guide us to as much places as we can see in one day ; also good info on the places we visited and great that he has travelled a lot so he knows what tourists are looking for; . very accommodating and flexible

10 months ago |   by Thess

“ Truly unforgettable! ”

We had our 1day tour with Dai last June 19 and it was truly unforgettable! Dai brought us to all the places we requested and showed us everything we wanted to see. He even went out of his way to help us with our shopping! Dai speaks good English. He is very kind, patient and he is good with kids too! It's like having a good friend around and not a tour guide. Our day with Dai made us love Tokyo even more! We would highly recommend Dai to all our friends and relatives who will be coming to Japan! Thank you so much Dai!

11 months ago |   by Arwinnah

“ All of Tokyo in a Day ”

We requested Dai at the last minute since we had a stopover in Tokyo and we had never seen the city before. We spent the day walking around all the hotspots, from the Meiji shrine of old Tokyo to Akihabara of the new. He was very knowledgeable of the subway system too, which baffles even the locals. In the end, we had a great dinner at a restaurant Dai recommended, where we had the best Kobe beef we've ever had. Would recommend!

11 months ago |   by Colleen

“ Highly recommended ! ”

I highly recommend Mr. Dai . he was very informative and went out of his way to make sure our tour was well met

11 months ago |   by Mary

“ Terrific Tokyo Tour ”

I was traveling solo to Tokyo for the first time and wanted a guide to help me see some main sites and get acclimated to the city. Dai did a great job showing me everything I wanted in a very efficient and fun fashion! He's also a fascinating world traveler and very interesting to talk with. Part of the fun of traveling solo is the people you meet. Dai added to a wonderful and memorable trip! Highly recommend him!

11 months ago |   by Ira

“ Great one day tour of Tokyo ”

Dai is a great guy with a vast knowledge of Tokyo. He was very open to our preferences in planning the tour as well as making adjustments during the day. One thing to be aware of if you tour with Dai, he has one speed when walking and it's FAST! This is not a criticism but a truth. He moves through the train stations with uncanny precision and the speed of a cheetah.

11 months ago |   by Jennifer

“ If you want to cover a lot of ground he is your guide! ”

Dai was really great. My husband and I had one day in Tokyo. We could not have done half the things we did without Dai. He had early access to the fishmarket we alone could not have gotten, and we covered everything I wanted to see and more. He had great and informative commentary and history. He was prompt, efficient, and patient. I will be recommending him to everyone heading that way. As I understand, he does other places besides Tokyo too, so when we head back that way, we will check in with him first.

11 months ago |   by Navin

“ Most friendly and knowledgeable guide ”

My overall experience being guided by Dai in Tokyo was excellent. He arrived on time and even though we had a agreed to an itinerary, Dai was very flexible and customize as we went along. He covered all of the important areas of Tokyo and was amazed at his in depth knowledge of each area or site we visited. Very personable with a very helpful, warm and friendly manner, it was a pleasure learning about Tokyo and it's history from him. I would definitely recommend using Dai as your guide when visiting Tokyo.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Rex

“ Great trip to Hakone. ”

We enjoyed Dai a lot. He allowed us to see the area ourselves but also added in spots to our experience with his knowledge. Our trip logistics were very efficient, making our day easy. Dai was on time, delivered what was expected and very friendly. Our only suggestion for Dai is to deepen his understanding of the Hakone area...where he is newer in guiding. Dai is an expert in Tokyo area.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Algernon

“ Ueno and Asakusa Tour ”

We had a long walking tour of the Ueno and Asakusa areas including Ueno Park and the Sensou-ji Temple. I appreciated Dai's information about the etiquette for temples and shrines.

1 year ago |   by Jayvee

“ Amazing 7 hour tour ”

If you want something customized to what is it you want, then Dai is the tour guide for you. Having visited 150 countries makes him a well traveled person. He is flexible with what you are looking for and can easily adjust schedules accordingly. Me and my family had the best time with him, as he showed us exactly what we wanted. A chill tour. I would recommend him with my friends and family.

1 year ago |   by Lucas

“ Fantastic Tokyo in one day ”

We wanted to see the highlights of Tokyo in one day and with the extreme friendly support of our guide Dai we were able to see a lot. We started of course with the Tsukiji fish market, amazing place were you can see the biggest Tuna fishes you have ever seen and a whole variety of all other fresh fishes. then we went to Ginza shopping district and Kabukiza theatre. Then Marunouchi for the Imperial palace and huge buildings in the financial district. Also Shibuya with the Takeshita Dori where we lunched in a typically japanese restaurant. After lunch to the most famous crossing Shibuya crossing. And many other things. Dai, our very nice tourguide managed us to travel to all these highlights in a very nice and flexible way and told us evrything we wnated to know about Tokyo and the Japanes culture. He was amazing and we highly recommand him, without Dai we were lost for sure. Thanks again Dai for a beautiful day in Tokyo.

1 year ago |   by Andres

“ Awesome tour experience with DAI in Tokyo! ”

I highly recommend DAI as a tour guide. He was very punctual, knowledgeable, respectful, accommodating and did everything he could, for us to have a great day in Tokyo. With the time we had, DAI took us to the main attractions of the city. He communicated with us very well, he asked us what we wanted to do and also gave us very useful recommendations for us to have a very pleasant and productive visit. Thank you so much DAI!!!

1 year ago |   by Terrell

“ Two day tour of Tokyo ”

Can't say enough good things about this guy. We spent two days together traveling around Tokyo. Meeting up with him was easy as Dai met me at the train station closest to where I was staying. Communication prior to the tour was good too. We explored all the Tokyo hot spots and enjoyed lots of good food. Dai is also a great conversationalist as he has had many world travel experiences. Dai, thanks for helping me have a great trip!

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Giorgio

“ Very friendly guy ”

Dai has been a very good guide. I also want to personally thank him for being so flexible when we ask to modify our tour due to the previous tours variation . He has been so gracious and accommodating. He also has helped us with our children during the tour and drived us in an excellent fish market local resturant, helping to choose delicious local dishes. Really a first class guide!

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Ken

“ Great day with Dai ”

We booked an 8-hour tour of Tokyo with Dai and had a great time. We had two kids (ages 8 and 13) and he came up with a custom tour that kept them interested and everyone had a good time. it was a good thing to do on our first day in Japan and learned what to do at shrines and temples, how to use the subway and train systems and some restaurant etiquette and ordering skills. Highly recommend.

1 year ago |   by Chris

“ Short visit to Tokyo ”

I was travelling on business and had a day spare to explore Tokyo. I chose a few places that I wanted to visit (landmarks, shopping etc) and i was collected and was dropped back at my hotel by Dai. I would not of have much success navigating the metro myself. Dai is well travelled and spoke excellent English and was very knowledgable about Tokyo and the areas we visited. Dai was a lot cheaper than some of the other guides listed. I have told him to up his prices! I throughly enjoyed my custom tour and would recommend 100% to others.

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