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When is the best time to view Mt. Fuji from Hakone?

by Yuki
Possibility of viewing Mt. Fuji Winter is the best time to view Mt. Fuji as the possibility of her whole view is higher than 50% and Hako...

Autumn color with Mt. Fuji from Hakone

by Yuki
I visited Hakone on Nov. 26th with my guests from Philippin. We enjoyed the speed of Shinkansen at Odawara station as usual but we were scol...

Snowy day in Hakone, we managed to return at last !!

by Yuki
I went to Hakone on Nov. 24th with my guests from Florida, USA.  It snowed in Tokyo after 54 years in November and it is a record in the his...

Autumn excursion to Dewa Sanzan Shrines

by Yuki
Five story Pagoda (Michelin ★★) If you think something wrong with a pagoda in a shrine, you know about Japanese religion well. Thats right...

Autumn excursion to Risshaku-ji temple

by Yuki
There is a statue of Basho Matsuo, a famous Japanese poet in Edo period. Rissaku-ji temple is famous for the Japanese poem in Edo period by...

One day excursion to Itako

by Yuki
1. Iris flowers are in full bloom now ! The Ayame or Iris festival is held from May 28th to June 26 at Itako in Ibaraki prefecture about 2 ...

Tokyo's dry landscape garden

by Yuki
Last week, we went to a dry landscape garden in Tokyo. I have been to the dry landscape garden of Ryuan temple in Kyoto. But I like the one ...

Iris flowers will be in full bloom in the east garden of imperial palace !

by Yuki
Last year, I went to the garden today to check the iris flowers. It will be the same at the end of May to June this year ! The garden of Me...

Flowers in the east garden of the imperial palace

by Yuki
The cherry blossom season has almost finished but there are many beautiful flowers comming to bloom one after another or all together. I hav...

Hamarikyu, a Japanese garden

by Yuki
Yesterday, I guided my guests from Philipine to Hamarikyu. We took Sumida river cruise from Asakusa to visit the Japanese garden from the ri...

When will be the best time for viewing cherry blossoms ?

by Yuki
Most of the cherry blossoms in Japan are Somei-yoshino which is a hybrid of two species; the one named “Edohigan” which blooms before its l...
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The wholesale area of Tsukiji moved to Toyosu on October 11th, 2018 but its outer market stays at Tsukiji where we can enjoy good sushi and delicious Japanese foods.
I have a one day tour to Kyoto from Tokyo, but you have to pay the cost of about 30,000 JPY per person for the transportation of you and me.
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(235) Reviews
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