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10 popular sightseeing spots of Tokyo

by Eddy
This article shows 10 popular sightseeing spots of Tokyo for those who visit Tokyo for the first time.   Central Tokyo Imperial Pal...

Shinkansen (bullet train)

by Eddy
Shinkansen is the super-express train nicknamed “the bullet train”. ■ Tips to enjoy Shinkansen ride(1) EkibenWhen Japanese people use Shink...

Onsen (hot spring)

by Eddy
■ OnsenOnsen refers to hot spring. Japan is a volcanic land, so there are more than 2,000 hot springs resorts. Onsen are a central feature o...

How to go to Shinjuku from Tokyo

by Eddy
■ From Tokyo station to Shinjuku station It is the fastest way to go by JR Chuo-line train from Tokyo to Shinjuku station. It takes about 1...

Kaiseki-ryori (traditional cuisine)

by Eddy
■What is Kaiseki-ryori? There are many different food cultures in Japan. Sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, ramen, are famous. Beside these, there i...

Tokyo sightseeing courses

by Eddy
 In Tokyo there are a lot of sightseeing spots.  This article introduces three sightseeing courses.  ■  Tokyo sightseeing course 1  Sumida...

Kamakura one day tour

by Eddy
Highlights:1) Great Buddha statue and Hasedera temple2) Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine and Komachi street ■ Great Buddha statueIn the Kotoku-...

Hakone tour from Tokyo

by Eddy
Hakone is a popular hotspring town located near Mt. Fuji.  Hakone has a lot to offer on a day or two days trip from Tokyo.  This article int...

IC cards for transportation

by Eddy
■ Kinds of IC cards for public transportation If you use Japanese public transportation, you should use an IC card to pay fares. Major card...

Cherry blossom spots in Tokyo

by Eddy
Cherry blossoms viewing is the Japanese traditional custom called hanami. In modern days, many people have an outdoor party under cherry blo...

Meiji-jingu in Tokyo

by Eddy
Meiji Jingu is the largest Shinto shrine in Tokyo.Enshrined is the Emperor Meiji who was the great ground father of the current Emperor. ...

Religious places in Fukagawa, down-town Tokyo

by Eddy
Fukagawa is a district in down-town Tokyo. There are two unique religious places, which are close together side by side. They are a Shinto s...

Sensoji temple in Asakusa

by Eddy
Asakusa is one of the most popular spots and a historic district located in the east part of Tokyo. ■ Sensoji temple A symbol of Asakusa i...

Features of Japanese gardens

by Eddy
Types of Japanese garden Japanese gardens have been loved by not only Japanese but also foreign people.   There are 2 types in the Japan...

Chiba City Monorail

by Eddy
The Chiba City Monorail is one of the most remarkable suspended monorails in the world.  The view from the windows make you feel like youre...

Chiba city sightseeing spots

by Eddy
Chiba city is located east-southeast of Tokyo on Tokyo Bay and not far from Narita Airport. Much of Chiba city is residential and forms a pa...
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