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Street Art - major around the world coming in to Tokyo

by Mari.K
What is street art? What is the difference between street art and graffiti? According to Difference Between Net, an online dictionary, the b...

Is Japan "Obsessed" with Cleanliness?

by Mari.K
Why is Japan so clean and tidy? This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get while working as a tour guide. Many foreigners a...

Ukiyo-e and Its Influence on Impressionism

by Mari.K
Ukiyo-e is a genre of Japanese traditional printing which was established during the Edo period and became popular among ordinary people in ...

Cat Street-Harajuku – Vintage Fashion

by Mari.K
Many foreigners are visiting Cat Street. Why? Cat Street in Harajuku is a birth-place of various fashion trends. After World War II, there ...

Why Religion Plays a Small Role in Japan

by Mari.K
One of the frequent questions I get from foreign travelers is, What is the religion in Japan? They are curious about Japans religious cul...

Guided Art Tours: An Immersive Experience

by Mari.K
Guided art tours introduce Japanese fine art to foreign tourists more intimately. Without a guide, they are not able to enjoy their museum j...

De-cluttering - Dan-Sha-Ri Nowadays

by Mari.K
Due to COVID 19, people in Japan are forced to stay home. This phenomenon influenced our life-style and economy. We have a lot of time at ho...

Autumn Leaf-Watching - Momijigari

by Mari.K
Maple trees change the color of their foliage during autumn and many countries have leaf-watching traditions to enjoy this season. In Japan,...

10 mins Calligraphy in Narita

by Mari.K
Shodo is one of the traditional Japanese cultures which is the way of writing Chinese and Kana characters with a brush in India ink. Good Ja...

My town’s festival "The Sutra of Great Wisdom of Thunder" in February - Dragged-up Bearers

by Mari.K
My town festival called ”Ikazuchi Dai-Hannya” is held the 4th Sunday of every February. About 50 young and old men who dressed up like women...

In Narita, you can enjoy a historical town with cherry blossom from late March to mid April

by Mari.K
If you have spare time more than three hours at Narita airport, you can visit Japanese old temple called Narita-san, Shinshoji and tradition...

Hello Kitty - Kawaii Culture

by Mari.K
Famous actresses, movie stars, singers, like Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga enjoy wearing Hello Kitty outfits. Hello Kitty is so famous in the w...

“Safety” is One of the good points in Tokyo, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said in GSW 2017

by Mari.K
Global Summit of Women (GSW) was held in Tokyo from May 11-13, 2017. I enjoyed attending and got stimulated a lot. More than 1300 ladies ove...

Cherry Blossom Tour

by Mari.K
Today, I guided a nice couple from Chicago and we had a wonderful time.  Asakusa was noisy as usual but Imperial Place East Garden was great...

Employee outing tour from Philippine

by Mari.K
Yesterday, I guided an employee outing tour including executives’ families from Philippine. The company is one of the biggest canning compan...

A Dutch medical professor’s visit to Tokyo

by Mari.K
I used to work as a medical secretary to a famous child neurological pediatrician but unfortunately he passed away three years ago.  One of ...

Tsukiji Fish Market

by Mari.K
Yesterday, I guided Australian family to Tsukiji fish market. Father and his son (12 years old) came from Singapore for his son’s spring vac...

ASIMO Robot Demonstration in Tokyo

by Mari.K
Today, March 6th, 2016, I visited the Honda Welcome Plaza at Aoyama and enjoyed ASIMO demonstration. ASIMO is one of the world’s most well-k...

My hobby - Stained Glass Craftig

by Mari.K
One of my hobby is stained glass crafting.  The following is my work.  
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