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3 days ago |   by Elaine

“ Wonderful Tour of Ashikaga ”

It was such a lovely day, we had a great time with Yoko-san showing us around Ashikaga Gakko, Bannaji Temple and Ashikaga Flower Park. Yoko-san took care of the express train reservations, guiding us from Tokyo Metro to Tobu Line, everything went smoothly. Both my husband and I are so happy we made a new friend with Yoko-san, it was like having a friend showing us her hometown. Even though we were not able to view the wisteria flowers in full bloom at the flower park, we still had a great time visiting the park. Yoko-san's attention to details is very impressive, we highly recommend her as a private guide for your next trip to Tokyo.

1 week ago |   by Erin

“ Memories to last a lifetime! ”

Yoko exceeded expectations during our private tour to Ashikaga Flower Park! She was well organized, excellent communication before/during/after the tour, thoughtful, and knowledgeable of the area. Our 8-month-old even got attached to her sunny disposition! We are very happy to have enjoyed our time viewing wisteria with Yoko! It was a beautiful experience and recommend to everyone.

3 weeks ago |   by Annabel

“ very pleasing personality ”

Yoko is a competent guide very respectful & always with a smile

1 month ago |   by Vicki

“ Day trip from Tokyo to Kamakura ”

Yoko was a lovely guide for my family of 5 including my two children ages 7 and 8 and my father. She was incredibly sweet and patient with us as we managed the trains, buses and crowds. We travelled when the Cherry Blossoms were blooming so it was more crowded then usual. The Great Buddha at Kamakura is quite a site. We enjoyed the shrines, some sesame ice cream and other Japanese treats. Yoko helped us every step of the way with shopping, payment, teaching us things. It was a very nice day. Then she helped us navigate out evening plans and answered questions for our subsequent adventures. Having Yoko as a guide made visiting Kamakura from Tokyo much easier. There are buses, trains and walking to navigate and it would have been much more difficult to figure out without a guide. Yoko made it easy so we only had to worry about enjoying the trip.

3 months ago |   by Sam

“ Excellent guide on short notice ”

I booked Yoko on a short 1 day notice and she was very prompt to reply. After explaining everything we wanted to do, she gave me some suggestions on where to go. After we started the trip with Yoko we changed what we wanted to do. Yoko promptly changed our route and got us to where we wanted. She was very good at helping out and very pleasant to speak with.

4 months ago |   by Ileana

“ Guide and friend ”

Yoko is always smiling and she engaged our whole family including our 3 boys ages 4,6, and 8. She made us feel like we were being guided by a friend. She speaks excellent English and is eager to find answers for every question you may have. She used her iPad to give us details for things we wanted to do on other days. We enjoyed her guidance as we toured temple, shopping and learned how to use the trains. Her recommendation for lunch was great We will remember her warmly.

4 months ago |   by Alexandra

“ Beautiful introduction to Tokyo ”

We had the great pleasure of having Yoko-san as our guide for a half day tour on the morning of our arrival in Tokyo. She showed us some beautiful places, taught us some wonderful things about Japanese history and culture and took us to the most incredible ramen-ya for lunch. What a wonderful beginning to our adventure in Japan. Thank-you Yoko-san, you are a treasure 🙏🏻🇯🇵❤️

5 months ago |   by Manisha

“ Visit to Kamakura ”

I had booked a trip to Kamakura for 3 people and I ended up getting sick last minute. Yoko took my elderly parents who are in their 70s to Kamakura on her own and treated them so kindly and slowed down the pace of the tour for them. Was so glad that we had Yoko as a guide!

6 months ago |   by Jaclyn

“ 1 Fantastic Day (8 Hour Tour of Tokyo) with Yoko ”

Yoko is very well educated about Tokyo and very efficient in her travels around the city. I would not hesitate to have her custom tailor an itinerary and have her help with navigation and information. She is super friendly and professional! Thank you, Yoko!

Very Good
6 months ago |   by Elia

“ Two days Tokyo trip customized ”

Thanks to Yoko.. she is very patient, friendly and helps us to find the stores we need, . especially for when we bring a wheelchair, she shows us how we can enjoy with wheelchair when we uses subway and jr station with comfortable.. I will definetely contact her again while I will visit to Tokyo again..

6 months ago |   by Daryl

“ Wonderful experience ”

Yoko made the trip to Kamakura truly wonderful and memorable. Yoko is friendly, kind and considerate. She shared many interesting information about the places we visited. She also brought us to one of her favorite restaurants in Kamakura for boiled baby sardines (delicious!), fresh sashimi and my favorite tempura soba. She was also very helpful in recommending interesting places to visit and good kaiseki restaurants in Tokyo.

6 months ago |   by Jessica

“ Day with Yoko ”

Yoko was an excellent guide! She was very knowledgeable about both the history and contemporary lifestyle in Tokyo. She was a warm host who tailored the tour perfectly to what we wanted. We highly recommend her services. A very fun day!

6 months ago |   by Cathy

“ Special Tokyo Experience ”

Yoko made our Tokyo trip extra special. She was very accommodating and we really appreciated how flexible and patient she was to our needs.

Very Good
7 months ago |   by Lynn

“ Kamakura Highlights ”

Yoko spoke beautiful English. She was very easy to understand. Although the weather was terrible, we went to see the big Buddha. She had a great deal of knowledge to tell us about this area and why the Buddha were so important. We were delighted to spend half the day with her and would have enjoyed more except for the torrential rain that was falling down. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to go to Kamakura. She even gave us a momento of Japan at the end of our trip.

8 months ago |   by Roel

“ One day Tokyo Tour ”

Yoko took me and my family on a unforgettable one day tour through Tokyo. As this was our first trip to Tokyo, Yoko also provided us with instructions on how to find our way in Tokyo which was very helpful throughout our stay. She met us at the hotel and showed us some wonderful shrines and shopping areas. Yoko is a wonderful person who is very knowledgeable about Japanese customs and traditions. I would highly recommend her to anyone who plans to visit Tokyo.

9 months ago |   by Regan

“ Excellent tour! ”

We are a family of 4, with 2 teenagers on our first trip to Japan. Yoko met us at our hotel and our full day tour began. We first went to the Tsukiji fish market and was amazed at the variety and freshness of seafood and produce in Japan. We sampled the varied foods in the market, eating mochi, Japanese omelet, onigiri, and sushi, which were all very good. Yoko explained all of the items that were unfamiliar to us. After, she took us to the top of a building's observatory to view Tokyo Bay and our amazing surroundings. She also took us to the Hama-Rikyu Gardens. As expected, the garden was beautiful. We then had lunch at a noodle restaurant and ate cold soba noodles, which was very refreshing, especially on a hot day. We then went shopping in Ginza. First at a department store, where she helped us purchase a Yukata. She then found a great store for us, where they sold pens and stationery, as we purchased items for school. She was very patient and helpful as we shopped excitedly in Ginza. Our last stop was at the Mei-ji Shrine. Throughout the tour, Yoko was very knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating for our needs. She even helped us purchase tickets for the Shinkansen train to Kyoto. We would highly recommend Yoko for any tours!

9 months ago |   by Cyrus

“ Tokyo all day tour ”

This was by far the best thing I did. Having a private tour was informative and amazingly fun. Yoko made it fun and exciting. She was very sweet and kind and a good sense of humor. She knew a lot about the areas and the history. Navigation was a breeze. Anything you were unsure about she would kindly take you step by step. We got to eat at a very nice ramen restaurant. In the end it felt more like a close friend taking us around then a guide which made it more fun and comfortable. I highly recommend doing a tour. And a bonus with Yoko as your tour guide. Thank you again Yoko for the best tour.

10 months ago |   by Barbara

“ Harajuku shoes ?? ”

I opted for the Harajuku, Meiji Shrine and Shibuya tour. A six hour tour. From the moment I booked with Yoko, she was in constant communication with me. Being it the first time out in Tokyo, I was looking for someone who was well versed and knowledgable with the area. I found that in Yoko. Her speaking English was also a plus. Made it easier to communicate and understand each other. The Shrine and history behind it was a marvel. She took me thru Takeshita Street which was a treat for me. I ended up at Out of this World shoe store. Btw..if you love unique shoes swing by there! Shibuya crossing was a spectacle. I would recommend and hire Yoko again when needed. She's knowledgable, sincere and patient. I took a bit of my tour time in shoe store. ;)Managed to finish and enjoy the rest of my tour! Thank you Yoko.

11 months ago |   by Meira

“ Visiting Kamakura with Yoko ”

I loved spending the day with Yoko in Kamakura. Before meeting, she had looked up a special train/bus pass for us to use when in Kamakura. At the different temples , Yoko knew about each one. We went to a really neat tea ceremony in the bamboo gardens. I have many food allergies and Yoko , looked up restaurants that I could eat at. She took me to a traditional Japanese Buddhist monk style restaurant where they would have food that I could eat as a gluten free vegetarian eater. It was the best meal I had in Japan.

11 months ago |   by Lynn

“ Private Tokyo Tour ”

My family enjoyed our tour of Tokyo with Yoko. She is friendly, accomodating, flexible and efficient. Even though we had alot to see throughout the tour she never rushed and somehow just fitted everything in. She catered to our needs and adapted as we went along including last minute changes on the day itself. What I appreciate most was her openess and warmth. She was always smiling and cheerful. We felt so comfortable with her. It was like a friend bringing us around. Thank you so much Yoko!

11 months ago |   by Meng

“ Full Day Tokyo Highlights ”

Yoko is a wonderful guide. She is very pleasant, cheerful, professional, and knowledgeable about the history and culture of the places we visited. We could not possibly have covered so many of the famous sights on our own as efficiently as Yoko guided us. She is very accommodating and we appreciate all her recommendations. Though we covered many places, we never felt rushed. Yoko took us to a famous Sushi place at Tsukiji Fish Market where we had a fabulous lunch. After the full day tour, she followed up to recommend a couple of shops near the hotel to shop for a few specific items we wanted to check out on our own. Yoko speaks excellent English and we had no problems communicating before and during the tour. We had a really fun and enjoyable day! Thank you for the memorable experience.

1 year ago |   by Sergey

“ Great guide ”

Very friendly and sensitive guide, perfect organization of the trip from beginning to end. It was very pleasant to communicate and spend time together on the trip.

1 year ago |   by Srinivasan

“ Half day city tour of Tokyo and Ashikaga national park ”

Yoko-san was a very good guide. She planned our tour so that we could cover the possible places with the limited time available. She even booked our train tickets in advance before our arrival. The only disappointment was that the flowers were not in full bloom at the Ashikaga flower park .

1 year ago |   by Akop

“ Tokyo trip ”

Hello! Yoko was an absolute pleasure to have be our guide in Tokyo. Without her knowledge and guidance we would be lost. I will recommend my friends and family to her anytime!!! Thank you Yoko for an unforgettable experience.

1 year ago |   by Shavonne

“ Two Tours with Yoko ”

My husband and I were only in Tokyo, Japan for about a week, so I decided to hire Yoko as our tour guide for 2 of the 7 days we were there. My husband was skeptical at first and felt we could navigate our points of interest on our own. Either way, I booked the “One day Tokyo” and “One day trip to Kamakura” tours and we thoroughly enjoyed both. With both tours we had the opportunity to see many shrines and temples (including Meiji Shrine, Sensoji Temple, Hokoku-ji temple and others) of which Yoko was very knowledgeable and able to share key historical information. Being able to drink Matcha tea with Japanese sweets while overlooking a bamboo garden at Hokoku-ji was the highlight of our trip to Kamakura (seeing the Great Buddha was awesome too). She even directed us to Kiddy Land in Tokyo where I had the chance to shop for Hello Kitty and Sailor Moon souvenirs! She recommended two great restaurants for our lunch breaks during each tour. When the first restaurant option during tour #1 ended up having a long line, she offered an alternative which was off the beaten path yet perfect for what my husband was hoping for (less mainstream and more what locals would experience). My only negative was the bus ride we had to take between destination in Kamakura, as they were quite cramped and rocky which triggered my motion sickness. This was in no way Yoko’s fault, obviously, and I was able to recover quickly once off the bus. In all, I was grateful for the instructions on how to get around using the Metro/JR lines, information regarding other points of interest not on the tour and her overall positive and friendly demeanor. She speaks English very well and we had no major communication barriers during our time together. It was like a friend was showing us around Tokyo and not a stuffy tour guide. My husband even admitted I was right (of course) to book the tours with Yoko and that he could not have imagined exploring Tokyo and Kamakura without her. We were genuinely sad to have to part from her after our second tour. If you are like me and like to stroll and browse in one location without feeling a time crunch, I would recommend scheduling just 2 or three destination during the One day in Tokyo tour. My husband is not such a person so bouncing to 4 different locations was fine for him. Sorry for such a long review :)

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Beng

“ Tokyo city tour ”


1 year ago |   by Umberto

“ Excellent guide. ”

I booked the guide for a friend of mine and his family. They told me she was a wonderful guide.

1 year ago |   by Lynette

“ Personalised tour of Tokyo ”

We had a fantastic day with Yoko. As well as taking us to all the sites we wanted to see Yoko explained the history and customs of each place She taught us how the underground trains worked so we could get around ourselves and recommended places to go We had a delicious Japanese lunch which was enjoyed by all. Yoko was an excellent guide.

1 year ago |   by Michael

“ Yoko is an excellent guide ”

We only had one day to tour Tokyo and Yoko was a perfect choice. She expertly guided us through all the sights we wanted to see. We took public transportation and throughout the day never felt rushed. She picked the best place for lunch. Prior to the tour Yoko answered all of our inquiries promptly. Yoko went out of her way to make our day enjoyable. I recommend Yoko highly for your Tokyo tour.

1 year ago |   by Janaki

“ Gorgeous Tokyo! ”

Yoko is an amazing guide! We had a lovely time with her. She was informative and ensured that we were comfortable throughout our tour. She is such a warm and friendly person! We learned so much about Tokyo from her. Thank you, Yoko for the wonderful memories! We can't wait to visit again!

1 year ago |   by Raman

“ Great experience and fun ”

Yoko was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She covered a lot of the important sights in Tokyo but didn't make it feel rushed. Tokyo can be overwhelming for the first-timer but Yoko helped us navigate very easily. She also helped us with shopping at the end of the busy day as a lot of the department store employees don't speak English. She helped us with ticket reservations for the rest of the trip too! All in all it was a very good experience and would recommend her for other first-timers!!

1 year ago |   by Annemarie

“ First Impressions of Tokyo ”

We spent the afternoon of our first day in Tokyo with Yoko in the lead. She guided us through the use of the subway system and provided us with a less complicated map so that we could easily see where we were going. Our first stop was the amazing Hama-rikyu Gardens. Yoko prompted us to take part in the tea ceremony at the Tea House in the center of the gardens which we enjoyed partaking in the special tea that they offer. This was a wonderful start to the rest of our time with her. We would highly recommend her as a guide. Her English was quite good and her knowledge of the sites was very informative.

1 year ago |   by Storm

“ First Time in Japan, we will definitely be back thanks Yoko ”

Goodday , We would like to express our thanks to Yoko who was an amazing tour guide, as first timers to Japan we were very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed our tour. She was very informative & helpful. We had a clear understanding of every place she showed us and would highly recommend her, we will definatley be back.

1 year ago |   by Jean

“ A great day from Yokohama Port to Kamakura ”

Yoko met us on time at the cruise port. We walked to the train station and took two trains and a bus to the first temple in Kamakura. Yoko mentioned an option to have green tea here which was a lovely experience among a giant bamboo forest. Then we walked down a very busy shopping street and enjoyed a nice lunch (Yoko helped us find something we liked on the menu). Another bus took us to see the Big Budha; Yoko showed us how to do the cleansing ritual as we entered. We returned on the bus to the train station, then one train to the Yokohama train station and a taxi back to the ship. There was a lot of time spent traveling on the trains and buses, but those trips were nearly as much fun as seeing the Karakura sites. We returned full of the sites and sounds of a lively city and peaceful temples. Thanks Yoko for 7 wonderful hours we will long remember!

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Sri

“ Very concerned about the guests ”

She is kind and caring. Always wants to make sure that the guests are taken care of. Speaks good English

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Sri

“ Very friendly and pleasant ”

Speaks good English. Goes out of her way to help

1 year ago |   by Imelda

Our tour with yoko was very enjoyable. She was very accomodating and helped us research and find things we were looking for. - she was like an old friend we were visiting in Tokyo!

1 year ago |   by Rose

My family and I were visiting Japan for the first time and we reached out to Ms. Yoko to see Kamakura, in particular it's temples: Hokoku-ji, Hase-dera and Kotoku-in. We exchanged emails before the trip and so meeting her felt like we were meeting an old friend. She's very sweet and knowledgeable. We enjoyed visiting the temples with Ms. Yoko. Besides the temple, we also enjoyed perusing the shops along Komachi-dori.

1 year ago |   by Marisa

Our whole day tour with Yoko was such a very memorable experience. We all enjoyed that day and we felt at home with her. We love her patience and she's so sweet and smiling always and very pleasant to be with. How I wish we can come back soonest to see her again. Thanks Yoko for being a part of our happy memories in Tokyo. Until next time, Marisa

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Solomon

Yoko was on time and very professional. We enjoyed the tour.

1 year ago |   by Edwin

We are very grateful with our tour guide Yoko for being patient in handling such a big group of 14 people including 5 children and a PWD, my eldest son who had sprained his left knee. We were taught how to take the train, where to purchase tickets as well as on how to use the Pasmo or Suica card. We were able to see the different tourist spots because of Yoko’s effort. Ed Robin

1 year ago |   by Paolo

We had a lovely Sunday with Yoko at Meiji Shrine and visiting several neighborhoods of modern Tokyo. We feel like pros on the Tokyo metro after our day! Yoko helped us locate nice spots to do a little souvenir shopping as well. Thanks Yoko!

1 year ago |   by Junko

Yoko was very responsive to our itinerary wishes and was well prepared in moving us easily from place to place using the metro/underground. She was like a friend in Tokyo - easy to be with - who helped us in every respect, from buying train tickets to providing relevant facts and cultural info of each place, from finding a great Okonomiyaki dining spot to answering all our questions. As I enjoy photography, she helped me get certain shots (e.g., traditional wedding party). She was always willing to take photos of us whenever we wanted. She introduced us to a visitors' center with a great view of Sensoji and its surroundings. She's a caring guide and we recommend her.

1 year ago |   by Josie

Yoko was a wonderful introduction to our 2 week stay in Japan and a perfect tour guide for Tokyo. She was so easy to work with planning our itinerary. Very accommodating and making excellent suggestions. Our lunch together was delicious and enjoyable. She chose a very non touristy place which we never would have found on our own. Her English is excellent and we found her easy to understand. Thank you, Yoko, for a very special day in Tokyo.

2 years ago |   by Sarkis

We have done many tours in many cities in the world. But nothing can come close what we had in Tokyo. It is like having local family member (sister, daughter ...) walk you thru town in most comfortable, efficient and self controlled pace. And Yoko, our guide did all that in Best way. We are completely satisfied and happy the way she customized our interests regarding to sightseeing, food and shopping options in giant city like Tokyo. And I can say we got most out of it whatever was possible in 8 hours to see experience and feel the local life in Tokyo while she was with us.

2 years ago |   by Danielle

We had a great day exploring Tokyo with Yoko. She was extremely accommodating before, during and after the tour, even making suggestions for what we might do/see on our own aside from what we did on our tour. Her very friendly and polite nature and desire to help made our tour excellent. She was also flexible and did everything she could to make our day in Tokyo a fun one! It's great sightseeing with a local and learning more about their culture. Thanks so much Yoko!

2 years ago |   by Lorraine

Our English speaking guide, Yoko, was very professional and friendly and was very flexible with our itinerary. Yoko showed us how easy it was to use the bus and subway, which cut our transportation cost down. Since we only had 4 hours, we wanted to get more shopping done since we had visited temples, gardens, etc on previous visits to Japan. Yoko accommodated us by taking us to shops where we purchased gifts for family and friends. We would highly recommend TripleLights to all our friends who travel to Japan!

2 years ago |   by Mia

We had a wonderful time exploring the city of Tokyo! Yoko was very accommodating and helpful with information. My husband and I were glad that we chose to do a private tour with Yoko instead of joining those big groups of city tours. By doing a private custom tour, we were able to see a lot and experience more of Tokyo in a limited time. After the tour, Yoko continued to provide us with a lot of information via email so my husband and I can continue to explore Tokyo on our own time. Thank you Yoko! Koki says hi :-)

Very Good
2 years ago |   by Kristine

Yoko is a very nice tour guide. Her English language skills are excellent and she knew Tokyo very well. We had a lovely day visiting gardens, temples and enjoyed a traditional tea ceremony. I recommend her for assisting you around Tokyo by public transportation.

2 years ago |   by Jo

Yoko was an excellent guide. We would not have found our way without her. She took us to some amazing places, and explained about each place well in good English. We had a fantastic lunch at a place we would never have looked twice at - but the food was really tasty (and cheap). Thank you Yoko for a fabulous day out.

2 years ago |   by Novy

Hi Yoko san, we just want to say how lucky we are to be able to have you as our tour guide. You are very very kind and understanding and you did your utmost for us, especially to our 2 year and 4 month son. You are very patience toward him and thats what amazed us the most, you are truly amazing. And we are all satisfied with your guidance. You are very informative and very capable to adapt with our last minute changing plan due to the bad rainy weather. After a day trip with you, We know Tokyo wayyy better now. Really hope to see you again someday.

3 years ago |   by Cheng-i

Hi Yoko, We truly appreciate all you did for us regarding our last minute change of tours for both days as well as your ability to accomadate our special requests. We thoroughly enjoyed your expertise. The tip you gave us regarding how to transfer 2 different subways in Kyoto was invaluable. We would definitely try to contact you for future tours when we get to see your beautiful country again. My wife is thinking about referring you to her coworker who may be interested in traveling to Tokyo in the near future.

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