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5 days ago |   by Marina

“ Excellent tour ”

Very knowledgeable and extremely flexible. We had a really great time and learned a great deal about Japanese culture and landmark sites in Tokyo.

2 weeks ago |   by Nicole

“ 2 perfect days with Masa! ”

I don't have enough positive things to say about Masa. He was knowledgeable, speaks perfect English, is very worldly, interesting, gracious and had a great sense of humor! Not only did we learn a lot from him but we had a ton of fun. In addition to taking us to see the amazing sights of Tokyo, he took us to delicious restaurants during lunch so that we could experience the food as well. We highly recommend booking as many days as possible with him!

Very Good
1 month ago |   by Lay

“ Hakone sightseeing ”

It was good to know the highlights of Hakone from Masaharu-san despite on a rainy day. It was great that he was our guide in Hakone.

1 month ago |   by Dipika

“ Full of insights ”

Masaharu-san was extremely knowledgable and alert to our needs. He took us to the best restaurants and shared so many insights and unique observations about the country that by the end of the tour we had learned a lot. He also knew the best places to eat! It was indeed a great pleasure to experience Tokyo with him.

2 months ago |   by Van

“ Everything was perfect and according to the plan that I have imagine for my family to enjoy our visit and tour in Japan. ”

Masaharu has made our trip am remarkable and a memorable one thay will last in our lifetime! The rich and great insights he shared about Japan was encapsulated in the 2 days trip we shared with him. His passion for sharing the rich culture of Japan has captivated our hearts to even embraced a deep respect of Japanese cultures and traditions. Thus if in the near future that we will be having an opportunity again to come visit and be back in Japan, we'll definitely have Masaharu with us who is already of part of our family. Kudos Masa Job well done! Cheers!

2 months ago |   by Lisa

“ Excellent Guided Tour of Tokyo with Experienced Well Spoken Guide! ”

Recently I had the great opportunity to take a guided tour of Tokyo with Masaharu. I was delighted with my experience and would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of getting some wonderful insights into the exciting city of Tokyo. He was organized, flexible and accommodating of my requests and interests. Together we enjoyed Scenic places, the Tokyo Edo Museum, Shrines, The Scramble Crossing, Shopping, A delicious lunch, and more all in one day! I did the 8 hour tour. Masaharu's English is excellent and there were no communication problems at all. He's a very nice, interesting person and is easy to spend time with. Book him as soon as possible! You will be happy you did!

3 months ago |   by Geoff

“ Trains & trains ”

My wife & I were met at the Yokohama cruise terminal by Masaharu and the day began. The journey, via train to Tokyo, was interesting but quite long at about 90 minutes with changes. We were very glad to have Masaharu to navigate the metro system, but we found the trip interesting and it gave us time to talk at length with our guide about life in Japan. The visit to the Imperial Palace area was interesting after which it was it was more trains to cross the city to the oldest area of Tokyo. More and more interesting information from our guide as we checked out the area and visited a famous restaurant for a typical Japanese lunch (it was inexpensive). Masaharu's command of English is very good because he used to live and worked for years in London for a major shipping company. With hindsight, for our next visit via a cruise ship, I would ask Masaharu to show us around Yokohama, which would require far less train trips, but we had to see Tokyo which, for us was a very small taste, that has wet our appetite for further visits. . I recommend Masaharu as a guide who loves his job and showing off his home town. If you are not sure what to see allow Masaharu to help you, depending on your interests and fitness.

Very Good
3 months ago |   by Anna

“ 4 great days touring Tokyo and Kanakura ”

Had a very nice time with Mass, friendly, very polite, good historian. Met us and delivered us back to our hotel each day, changed up the itenerary when we wanted something different, like museums instead of more temples. Definitely take a day trip to Kamakura.

3 months ago |   by Kelli

“ Perfect Trip to Fuji ”

Masa was a wonderful guide. He showed up early, navigated all of the trains and stops with ease and made wonderful recommendations for shopping and food. He even made a point to check out our location a week earlier to make sure it would be safe for us on the day of our trip. He is not only knowledgeable but very polite. I highly recommend Masa as your guide!

4 months ago |   by Jason

“ Great Tour, Food and Conversation ”

We had an amazing day with Masaharu, he knew all the great sites and places to eat. Incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend and use again.

5 months ago |   by Bert

“ Cancelled tour ”

I had problems with my passport and hotel reservations and had to cancel the tour. Masaharu was very concerned and tried his best to accommodate me. However, it could not be done, but he was very helpful. thank you for your concern, Masaharu.

6 months ago |   by Kelsey

“ Excellent Tokyo Trip!!!! ”

My family and I had an amazing time with Masa this January 4th. He was very punctual and greeted us at our hotel in Shibuya. He also took the time to get to know our family before the tour. The itinerary he created was specifically catered for our family. A couple places we were interested in was the Tsujiki Market, Sumo town in Ryogoku, Anime and game shops in Akihabara. Masa was able to take us to all those places plus a couple bonus spots like Ginza shopping strip, landscape Japanese Gardens, Chanko Nabe lunch experience, etc. Also, with his proficient English speaking skills, he was able explain the a little bit about the history and culture of the country, its transportation and sites , and he was able to answer all the questions we had. Having Masa as our tour guide was such a great decision! We wouldn't be able to get around town and see these amazing sites without him.

6 months ago |   by Shanie

“ Very good day with Masaharu! ”

We went around with Masa last Dec 28, and everything went as planned (Asakusa, Imperial palace, Tsukiji Market for lunch, Meiji Shrine, to end in Harajuku). there were 11 of us in the family. Masa was in the hotel promptly at the agreed time and was very patient with us the whole day, despite the many asks and questions and delays. Masa was able to share history of Japan to kids and made it interesting, along with tidbits about Shinto vs Buddhism. He was also very knowledgeable in all the questions we raised about the shogunate, samurais, etc. It was a very interesting day. We also asked Masa to make a reservation for our lunch and it turned out really well. Masa's english was also impeccable, as he has lived in the UK for 11 years. Will definitely go around with Masa again on our next visit, as he does tours for Tokyo environs as well. Highly recommend Masa!

Very Good
7 months ago |   by Jennifer

“ Tokyo Trip ”

This is our first trip to Japan. We have hired Masaharu for five days. He is very puncture and speaks good English. He is good in the history of Japan and prepares the daily itinerary in advance. Our family enjoyed ourselves very much.

7 months ago |   by Khalifa

“ Perfect guide in Kyoto ”

He was very friendly and kind god bless him.

7 months ago |   by Karen

“ Visited Shibuya, Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, Shinagawa, Odaiba, Tsujiki fish market, Ginza ”

Masaharu is a great guide, he tried to make our tour very interesting as we discovered many Tokyo neighborhoods. He was also very patient to be on our rhythm. Recommended! :)

7 months ago |   by Veronica

“ Excellent day in Tokyo! ”

Masaharu is an excellent guide and I would highly recommend him! I was in Tokyo for a few days for work and found myself with an entire day without meetings and decided to get a guide to show me the highlights. He is very knowledgeable, kind and adjusted the tour just for me. We stopped and had the most delicious lunch I would have not found on my own. He also offered to take my picture at every stop! Thank you Masa for such a great day!

Very Good
7 months ago |   by Roger

“ Excellent Tour Guide ”

Masaharu has been very helpful in the planning and execution of our customised tour. During our planning stage, we have made many changes and Masaharu accommodated to most of them. My guests are also highly satisfied with the service rendered and they commented that they had a wonderful time in Japan. I will definitely recommend Masaharu without any reserve.

7 months ago |   by Rochelle

“ Great Day with Masaharu ”

Our group spent the day with Masaharu and had a great time seeing the major sites around Tokyo. He was very friendly and easy going - and was able connect well with both the teenagers and adults in our group. Masaharu knows Tokyo and its sites quite well and was able to structure the day in a way that met the diverse needs of the entire group. I would not hesitate to use him again! Thank you Masaharu!

8 months ago |   by Merritt

“ Wonderful guide ”

We had a great day touring in Tokyo. Masaharu is a wonderful guide who is very patient and understands the needs of his clients. His flexibility and knowledge provided a memorable experience for us. l would highly recommend him to anyone interested in touring Japan. Thank you Masa!!

8 months ago |   by Valerie

“ A fantastic Layover in Tokyo! ”

Masaharu was extremely warm and kind and very knowledgeable of the city! We learned so much and highly recommend him to anyone coming into the city for the first time. We were only there for about 6 hours on a layover but We cannot wait to return and see more of the city and what he has to show us!

Very Good
8 months ago |   by Chris

“ Nokko full day your. ”

Masahura met us at the train station. He guided us through Nikko. We enjoyed our day with him.

8 months ago |   by Jason

“ Excellent, extremely helpful. ”

We covered a lot sites in short time yet rich in learning. Most important he was extremely helpful when the tour was over and I had multiple unexpected problems getting to airport problems. He went out of his way to help. Truly an honorable man.

8 months ago |   by Karen

“ Nice Guy... ”

Our first two days in Japan were spent with Masa. He escorted us to the top tourist attractions in Tokyo (temples, shrines, fish market, Imperial Palace gardens, etc.). He is a very friendly and professional guide. To get to all these places we took the subway and walked. To be honest, the walking and several flights of stairs at the numerous subway stops were too much. We were exhausted and somewhat fed up by the end. We should have requested taking taxis for a portion of the time and I strongly recommend this to anyone considering this tour. I'm a runner and I found it to be too much, plus you're wasting a lot of time getting to the sites and it seemed to us that we were crisscrossing the city rather than seeing sights in one area and then moving to the next. Having a guide or going on a tour is a must in my opinion. Navigating the subway in Tokyo is not easy. It's a huge system and while there is some signage in English, you will find it confusing to get around and locate sites once you emerge from the underground. I would also encourage Masa to provide more background information about Japan and the sites as he guides clients through the city and to walk a little more slowly. We almost lost sight of him a couple of times. He is very knowledgeable and very nice.

Very Good
9 months ago |   by GRAHAM

“ Review of our day out with Masaharu. ”

We had a very enjoyable day with Masaharu visiting the area around Yokohama, and especially the Sankeien garden. He was very helpful especially as my wife is disabled. He was also very knowledgeable . We would certainly recomend him as a guide to any future visitors.

9 months ago |   by David

“ Great guide ”

Masaharu was a great guide for us for a day and a half in Tokyo. He arranged our itinerary but was extremely flexible with changes, which we made due to bad weather. He also took us to great restaurants for lunch. His English was excellent and my wife thought he was very sweet. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Very Good
9 months ago |   by Beverly

“ Tokyo Guide ”

We enjoyed our tour with Masaharu very much. He made sure that we saw many of the major sights in Tokyo in the day that we spent with him. He is very knowledgeable about the transit system and that enabled us to move around quickly. Thank you, Masaharu.

9 months ago |   by Alla

“ A pretty good tour ”

Masaharu was on time, efficient -we were able to cover the entire itenary.. His English is pretty good. However, we would like the guide to have more depth in history knowledge as well as in other common areas of interest. As a whole a tour was useful and we do not regret taking it.

9 months ago |   by Ada

“ Our day in Tokyo ”

We had only one day to get to know the highlights of Tokyo. Masaharu did an excellent job of showing us everything we wanted to see and more. He was very patient and kind, always willing to please. During the several months before our visit, we E-mailed him innumerable times planning our tour. He always responded quickly and was flexible with all our requests. Any time we're in Tokyo, we will contact Masaharu to be our guide. We recommend him highly. He is pleasant, knowledgeable and polite.

9 months ago |   by Alice

“ wonderful day in Tokyo with Masaharu ”

Masaharu is an energetic fine person with perfect English We had a wonderful day in Tokyo and his knowledge of public transportation was terrific. No taxis. Our itinery was from 1 Pm to 8Pm and we saw as much as possible with city lights after 6PM. Then he returned us to our ship Thanks Masaharu Alice

9 months ago |   by Deborah

“ Excellent informative guide ”

Masaharu was so helpful before we even came to Japan by helping us book a small country inn, Matabe near Kyoto as we needed a Japanese speaker. Masaharu went far beyond just being a guide with this and translated how to get there from their emails. We had a wonderful tour around Tokyo in 4 hours we saw two shrines and he showed us the major sights and explained the transport system. We all felt very comfortable in Masaharu's presence and he was very polite and we all enjoyed the tour greatly despite having arrived in Tokyo at 07:30 that morning Deborah

10 months ago |   by Susan

“ Took Good Care of Us ”

We had a great morning tour of Tokyo with lots of insight from Masaharu. Also, one of our traveling companions became ill during the first part of our tour and he was very helpful in getting her get back to the hotel and being understanding of the situation. In spite of our delays, he still managed to show us the things we had requested and stay on schedule. At the conclusion of the tour, he took us all to the very confusing Tokyo Station and made sure that we got the correct tickets and made the connection for the onward part of our journey.

10 months ago |   by Caroline

“ Masaharu was very knowledgeable, professional and delivered a fantastic tour ”

Masaharu delivered a precise, comprehensive tour in the short space of time that we had. He was extremely friendly and helpful, beyond our expectations. A lovely man whom we hope to see again on a return visit. We would book Masaharu without any hesitation as he made our day in Tokyo very special. Thank you Masaharu.

10 months ago |   by Soraya

“ Sumo & Asakusa Tour ”

Mr. Masaharu picked us up at our hotel in the morning. We went to ryogoku area thru train and walking to see the sumo training and national arena. After seeing some sumo wrestlers, we were able to enjoy a feast of chanko nabe. He was extra thoughful and reserved a table for us infront of the sumo ring replica. Lunch was delicious. We were also able to see the Edo museum. He was very knowledgable and informative regarding japanese history. After we were able to take the waterbus to Asakusa. Mr. Masaharu was very considerate of my mother's condition as she has difficulty in walking. Our guide adjusted the pace of our tour to fit my mother.

11 months ago |   by Anna

“ We are enjoyed this day in Tokyo ”

We are spent a very interesting and wonderful day in our excursion with Masaharu in Tokyo. He is very professional, punctual, well organised and friendly person. Today we known many things about old and modern Tokyo, had perfect time in Imperials Gardens and enjoyed traditional japans dishes. We saw many of Tokyo's famous sights. And of course we will recommend him to our friends who will visit Japan!

1 year ago |   by Kenny

“ Mr Masaharu is the best of the best!!! ”

Mr. Masaharu is very professional, knowledgeable, punctual, patient, very smart, very organized and very very Japanese cultured :) He is always very punctual coming to our hotel, and he planned our trip so well that the travel from one attraction to another was so smooth and time consuming. Mr. Masaharu is very knowledgeable with all the places he took us to, and hepatiently explained the culture and history of these places in great detail. He brought us to great restaurant with authentic Japanese foods, especially the best sushi place in the world and with great prices :) We were so glad that Mr. Masaharu was able to be our interpreter in all the places with his excellent bilingual (English and Japanese) ability. I would definitely recommend his to all my friends and families. My next trip to Japan, I will hire Mr. Masaharu in a heartbeat!!!!!! Thank you Mr. Masaharu for your great friendly service and for treating us like your family!

1 year ago |   by Donna

“ Tokyo Highlights in a Day ”

I spent a wonderful day with Masaharu in Tokyo seeing the most popular sites. He is extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture of Tokyo and shared many stories about the different temples, shrines, monuments and neighborhoods we visited. He also took me to a fabulous place for lunch which was a feat in itself as I am vegan and gluten free. So finding this gem of a restaurant in Tokyo was quite a surprise. Also, walking the city gave me a much better perspective as we traveled with the "locals" on the trains and subways. I would highly recommend Masaharu if you come to Tokyo. If you are English speaking, you will understand him perfectly!

1 year ago |   by Ong

“ Great tourguide ”

Masaharu is a friendly and accomodating tour guide. We will definitely recommend him to our friends who will visit your country

1 year ago |   by Alexandra

“ Tokyo Highlights ”

After just arriving in Tokyo, completely jet lagged and with only a short time to sightsee, Masaharu was a breath of fresh air! Masaharu thoughtfully created a fully customized itinerary that allowed us to see many of Tokyo's most famous sights. He seemlessly guided us though the train system, a feat we never would have been able to accomplish on our own, and made for a tremendously enjoyable day!

1 year ago |   by China

“ Private Customized Tour of Tokyo ”

Excellent experience. Masaharu was able to customize an itinerary specific to our interests and even taught my son how to eat with chopsticks during our traditional private Sushi lunch. We would highly recommend Masaharu.

1 year ago |   by Elizabeth

“ Good Intro to Tokyo ”

My husband and I enjoyed our day long tour of Tokyo with Masaharu. He is very knowledgeable and personable.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Spencer

“ A quick view of Tokyo ”

We had only 6 hrs to get a feel of Tokyo. Masaharu met us at our hotel, helped us negotiate the trains and spoke excellent English. He was on time, very professional and answered all our questions. A very fast paced tour of the Imperial palace, Shinjuko Gyoen gardens and Shibuya crossing Just be prepared for lots of stairs.

1 year ago |   by Lady

“ Excellent Tokyo guide! ”

We had an excellent, fun & memorable 2 1/2 Day Tour with Masaharu. He took us to all the spots we wanted to see in Tokyo. He was very flexible with our requests & answered all our questions promptly even before we came to Tokyo with lots of informations too. He is really a friendly & very knowledgeable guide. We wish you all the best Masaharu & we hope to see you again in our future Japan visit :-)

1 year ago |   by Chau

“ First time visit Tokyo ”

He is very giod and knowlegable. It was raining so hard on that day but we still visited many good places and enjoyed the day with him in Tokyo

1 year ago |   by Gonzalo

“ Great way to start our visit to Tokyo ”

We were lucky to have met Masaharu. We had a great time visiting the Shinjuku and Shibuya areas with him. He brings knowledge and friendliness to the experience that made it different.

1 year ago |   by Adam

“ Wonderful Experience ”

Masaharu was a wonderful guide! He spent the whole day showing us the highlights of the town. He is very knowledgeable on Japanese history, and very easy to talk to. He even taught us how to use the Tokyo subway system! We definitely recommend him. Excellent guide!

1 year ago |   by Yana

“ Great Guide! ”

We spent 3 days in Tokyo with Masaharu. He is very friendly and patient. He also is very willing to share his knowledge of the Japanese culture and sights! Thank you Masaharu for sharing Tokyo with us!

1 year ago |   by Neeca

“ Excellent tour of Tokyo ”

My husband and I were only in Tokyo for three nights, it was our first visit to Tokyo and we wanted to fit in as many sites as we could. I sent Masaharu a list of the places we wanted to visit, and he was quick to respond with a detailed itinerary and his own recommendations, and even assisted with finding us dinner options for our first night. We spent two days with Masaharu and toured all of the major sites in Tokyo. We could not have done it all on our own (especially navigating the subway!) or as efficiently without him. Masaharu timed everything perfectly. He is very personable, kind, and knowledgeable. There was not one question we had that Masaharu could not answer. I highly recommend Masaharu as a guide, and will contact him during our next visit to Tokyo. Thank you for making our trip to Tokyo so memorable Masaharu!

1 year ago |   by Loi

“ Exploring Japan with a short period of time ”

Masaharu is a great guide to have. He was understanding in creating a custom tour to fit my needs and requests. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommended. I will definitely let him know when I plan to go back to Japan.

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