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Basically, I run my own schedule and time and you can freely consult with me regarding your plan/s or trip. We can discuss it and always have extra activities as options on hand as well. I can handle up to 10 people and can help arrange for your transportation, logistics and everything else needed to make your trip memorable.

Regarding location limitations, I can always accompany you everywhere you want around Japan as long as you shoulder the transportation, lodging and other expenses and cover for the time for me to meet you and return to my home. I don't set any restrictions as long you can include those costs in your budget. I am more than willing to accompany and guide you wherever you want.

The rates I have provided here are just for my basic services, costs such as lodging, hotel, food, and entrance fees and such shall be borne by the hiring party. I understand that there is a basic round-trip transportation fee charged to the client but if it is shouldered and the time is covered as part of the job, I can always be on the go anywhere within Japan.

My rates vary differently based on the various factors below for your understanding:

1) Number of people to be handled (Additional person/people means additional work and energy for me to handle)
2) Difficulty of the tour concept / contents (if it is just a tour or a tour including/needing my professional photography skills as well - please refer to my tour packages)
3) Day Time and Night Time - I can extend my tour hours to night time or late hours if you need more time and company, but I charge extension/overtime fees as outlined below per hour per group if the time overshoots past 6 pm exceeding from our basic Day Tour agreement. (Sometimes I need to take cab to my house/office in Saitama or even a hotel to stay for the night and this premium rate covers for those costs and expenses)

*** RATES are subject to change without prior notice. For a full quotation for your needs, please do consult and ask beforehand to avoid confusion.

*** PEAK SEASON RATES MAY APPLY during the SPRING SEASON (March-May) and I reserve the right to increase my rates depending on my availability and demand.

All surcharges are to be paid and settled at the end point / end time. So please make sure to bring enough cash in yen to cover for other expenses not covered by the original booking.

------------------ RATES CONCEPT and GROUPINGS Explanation ------------------

A. Basic Rate concept: about $50 (5,000 yen) per person per hour

(This is what you will see being displayed below here but essentially, each tour package that I offer here slightly differs in the rates depending on the contents and difficulty and coverage which I offer them).

Please use this is as a peg rate or reference just in case you wish to book me for customized tours. For simple tours, you can request or book me using this basic rate of about $50 per person per hour then. However, I offer savings and discounts if you book me thru any of my available tour packages which I am have here on my profile.

------------------ Group Concept applies to the current Tour packages I am offering ------------------
*Theoretically for more than 2 persons, I have built-in savings and discounts if you book me using my available tour packages instead.

B. Group concept: I categorize groups per 2 persons. (1-2 persons = 1 group, 3-4 persons = 2 groups, 5-6 persons = 3 groups, etc.) 1 group is up to 2 persons.

Daytime: about $50-$100 per hour per group

Nighttime: about $100 and up~ per hour per group

------------------ EXTENSION / OVERTIME NIGHT TIME RATES ------------------

A: PAST 6 PM til 12 AM MIDNIGHT - (time exceeding past 6 pm if continuing from Day Tours): about $150 per hour per group.

B: PAST MIDNIGHT RATE - (if you book any of my Day or Night Tours and extended til past midnight): $200 per hour per group.

------------------ STARTING POINTS TO ENDING POINTS and OVERTIME COMPUTATIONS ------------------

Time starts the moment I meet you at our agreed meeting point (usually your hotel front lobby) and will end when I return you back to your original destination and pick-up point, unless agreed later in the tour where you want to finish as ending point.

Case Sample:

We may finish the day tour officially at 6 pm for example, but you wanted me to take you home either by train or taxi and we reach your hotel and lobby at 7:15 pm.

Extension rates apply on a 30-MINUTES Basis.

Although actual time is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Surcharge shall be computed as 1 hour and 30 minutes (1.5 units of OVERTIME A Rate of $150 per hour per group) and shall be $150 x 1.5 = $225 per group.


If you have questions or anything regarding my premium tour guiding services, please do not hesitate to consult with me, I would be happy to answer your inquiries, and/or outline and explain the costs to you if needed.

I look forward to showing the best of Tokyo / Japan to you as the best and premium tour guide there could possible be! read more


  • Duration: 4 hours minimum and 20 hours maximum per day.
  • People: 11 maximum
  • Tours are basically walking tours using local transportation (trains and buses). Please mention if you would like to use a taxi or a private hire.
  • For multiple days, please mention in the message.

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