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Samurai Kembu School in Kyoto: Samurai for a Day - 1 hour le...

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by Hanami
[Price] Adult: 7,000 Yen Child(5-11yrs old): 6,000 Yen [Schedule] *Please choose from the three sessions below. 1) 11:15 Theater open 11:30 Lesso...
1 Hour CN$ 450 per person

Samurai Kembu Performance in Kyoto - Evening -

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by Hanami
**Notification of temporary closure of Samurai Kenbu Show from April to May Due to coronavirus, we decided to temporarily decrease our business. We info...
1 Hour CN$ 193 per person

Samurai Kembu School in Kyoto: Samurai for a Day - 1 hour 30...

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by Hanami
[Price] Adult: 9,000 Yen Child(5-11yrs old): 8,000 Yen [Schedule] *Please choose from the two sessions below. 1) 11:15 Theater open 11:30 Lesson ...
1.5 Hours CN$ 578 per person


  • 若您于预订行程日期当天取消, 将酌收 100% 取消费用
  • 若您于预订行程日期的1天前取消, 将酌收 50% 取消费用
  • 若您于预订行程日期的 2 到 7 天前取消, 将酌收 30% 取消费用
  • 若您于预订行程日期的 8 到 14 天前取消, 将酌收 20% 取消费用
  • 若您于预订行程日期的 15 天前取消,行程费用将全额100%退还给您。
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Eric Eric United States ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ Authentic Samurai Dojo Experience ”

Nice staff, knew English fairly well, and great teachers. It was fun being a samurai for a day and learning Kenbu (sword dancing) as well as the history of the samurai. They even taught me the folding fan, that was so cool. One of the lady instructors took me up on stage and shown me how they performed the Kenbu dance and guided me on how to do it with music. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much.

Florencia Florencia 日本
2 years ago

“ Samurai experience ”

I really really enjoyed the lesson. My instructor was a very knowledgeable lady. As constructive feedback, I encourage her to speak slowly, so enounciating is easier, and more clear. I think that would help the listening for those whose native language isnt english. Overall, the environment was great. There were plenty of instructors making sure we were doing the right moves. It was an outstanding service. After I went, I recommended it to 4 people and they all went to do what I did thing the same week :) Cheers!


Hello. Thank you for visiting Samurai Kembu Theater. I am very glad that I was able to introduce the enjoyment of this performing arts to your family. We practice and everyday teach as a Japanese traditional arts master. And also we will continue to work to convey the culture that the samurai created. I hope the experiences here will be wonderful memories. Thank you very much.

Olive Olive Philippines ( Couple )
3 years ago

“ Experience worth travelling for ”

We went back to Kyoto from Osaka and changed our itinerary for this experience and we were not disappointed. It was an experience worth making a time for.


Thank you for visiting Samurai Kembu Theater. We are happy to hear that you felt comfortable. We hope we can see you again in future.

Andrea Andrea 日本 ( Family with kids )
3 years ago

“ Entertaining ”

We had a very entertaining and instructive introduction to Kembu. I would highly recommend.


Hello. Thank you for coming. We are also happy in being able to hear that you liked it.