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1 week ago |   by Maribel

“ Very professional tourist guide !!! ”

Kim as we called him was an excellent tour guide, very professional and knowledgeable. He was also very kind and polite and he pleased us and accommodated the schedule according to our request. He introduced us into getting to know his culture and the lifestyle of Japan very well. I recommend him to anyone who chooses to see the city and be able to also indulge in the history behind it, he is good company and a great tour guide overall.

1 week ago |   by Mina

“ Not only a great guide, but a great person as well ”

We hired Koichiro-Koji to guide us on our second day in Tokyo. Koji was all we had hoped for and more: kind, polite, patient and knowledgeable. He adjusted the schedule on the spot to accommodate our 18-year-old son’s wishes to see Akhihabara (he helped my son find a video game while my husband and I enjoyed free massage chairs; he also helped us get a discount on the game) and ended our day at the cat cafe, after finding out we love cats, instead of the sights previously planned. He took us to sample delicious fresh sushi and experience our first cold soba and tempura and cold matcha tea. More than “just” showing us the sights, Koji impressed us by being kind, sweet and happy to share the Japanese customs and his heritage with us; he was very friendly with our son and made sure to fully engage him in the tour. Thank you Koji! We loved spending time with Koji and were sad to say goodbye. He has become our friend. Koji, when you come to Canada, we would be thrilled to return your kindness and show you around 😃!

2 weeks ago |   by Joy

“ Friendly and flexible guide ”

Spent a couple of days in Tokyo on our way back to the States from the Philippines and had Koji for one day exploring Tokyo's main highlights. Without him, we wouldn't have been able to explore as much as we did. Koji was so accommodating and flexible right from the booking process. He customized the itinerary so that something even my 2.5 could enjoy but was flexible and accommodated all our requests at the spur of the moment. We spent the day trekking the must see's in Tokyo, getting some good bites and even a couple of good beverages. Using public transportation gave us a local experience and the tour felt personal. Overall a great day spent with a great guy. Thanks Koji :)

2 weeks ago |   by Ed

“ Wonderful guide ”

Koji is wonderful! and funny. We had him for two days and it was all worth it. We wouldn’t have seen all of Tokyo by just relying on our own. Using Tokyo’s train system is the most efficient way to tour the city and one will need to read, write and speak Japanese. Using a private tour guide personalizes the whole experience.

1 month ago |   by Teresa

“ An Extraordinary Food Tour with a Gracious and Knowledgeable Guide ”

Koichiro was an extraordinary guide. He listened very well to our food choices and recommended great sushi and tempura restaurants we would never have found on our own. From the Tsukiji Fish Market Uni stand to the best sake we have ever enjoyed, the day was a palate expanding journey through Japan. 5 stars to Koichiro. We would love to experience Tokyo again with him!

1 month ago |   by Joe

“ Book with Koichiro now before he’s booked up completely! ”

Koichiro was great, very highly recommended, his English is excellent as he has lived in America for some time, was very flexible with our scheduling for the day, very open in explaining elements of Japanese culture, extremely helpful in navigating subway and trains (I’m sure we would have been lost without him, in fact we did get lost on our own the next day!). He took us from a traditional festival at Imperial Palace to the modern craziness at Akihabara and knew where to go, explaining everything clearly along the way, and making sure to drop us back off at our hotel. He is now quite booked up for the rest of our stay, book him ahead of time, early in your visit if possible. Happy Traveling

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Thierry

“ A geat day with a great person ”

Before traveling, we exchanged a few messages with Koichiro so that he could get a feel for what we wanted do and discovery with him during our day together in Tokyo. He understood exactly what we were interested in doing and seeing (and what we were not interested in doing and seeing). We spent a great day walking through some of the more preserved parts or Tokyo, tasting, smelling hearing, taking it all in with the great comments given by Kochiro. In conclusion, this was an excellent way to jump start our trip in Japan and we warmly recommend Koichiro and Triplelights who all did a professional job materializing this experience.

2 months ago |   by Crys

“ A beautiful day in Tokyo! ”

Koichiro was an incredible tour guide! We discovered so many treasures of Tokyo all in a day, and even went past our allotted time. He was so gracious and helpful. We had an amazing day with Koichiro. I highly recommend him as your your guide!!!

2 months ago |   by April

“ First visit to Tokyo ”

Koichiro provided a wonderful first time visit to Tokyo. He was very mindful of our dietary restrictions and tried to secure places that we could enjoy. He focused his itinerary to meet the needs of our interest. Koichiro was clear and concise with his English usage and his time management was excellent. His presented himself in a professional manner and we indeed had a fun experience.

3 months ago |   by Antti

“ Very nice trip to Hakone with Koichiro ”

We had a great day with Koichiro, leaving from our hotel in Tokyo and ending at the next hotel in Hakone region. Koichiro had lot's of knowledge on the area and looked out the time schedules and best routes for our visit. I can warmly recommend him for a tour!

3 months ago |   by Bill

“ A great guide. Highly recommended! ”

This was my first visit to Japan and planning the details of my trip was becoming overwhelming. So happy to have found out about TripleLights and especially Koichiro. I can't say enough good things about him. He speaks excellent English and was easy to talk to. When I gave him a list of things that I wanted to see, he was able to quickly setup an itinerary for me that made sense given the locations to make the best use of my time. He even offered suggestions on other places to see that might interest me. Throughout the whole planning process, he was very flexible and answered all my questions in a timely manner. One thing that really stood out was his research into the places I wanted to visit. I know that he was unfamiliar with one of them and made a special effort to review the place ahead of time to make sure we didn't encounter any surprises on the way. As a guide, he made me feel comfortable from day one. He's dependable, funny, makes interesting observations and as an added bonus takes great pictures! I'd highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a guide.

3 months ago |   by Cleofe

“ “Koichiro our tour guide and a new found friend from Tokyo” ”

Koichiro or Kim is such a nice tour guide.He is friendly,reliable and punctual.At Narita express on our way to the hotel,he made sure that our luggages were in place and secured.He even helped us carry our luggages.During our tour he would always ask if we are already tired or hungry.At Shukiji market,he brought us to a well known sushi shop and i really loved the taste of sushi,will go back there in my next trip.When i asked him where to buy a santouko knife,he suggested a shop in Asakusa and it was of good quality.Aside from being our guide,he was also our photographer.When i went shopping at Shibuya he was very patient waiting for us althou it was already late.To make it short,we had a great time cause Kim is a hands on tour guide.A very professional guide who knows where to bring us to dine,shop and relax.Would surely recommend to my friends here in the Phil. Kim thank you so much for making our trip wonderful !

3 months ago |   by Victor

“ My son and my first time in Japan and Tokyo a trip of a lifetime ”

Well where to start , if you are looking for a personal guide , i can not recommend someone more qualified and more wonderful than Koichiro . What a wonderful friendly and warm soul he is , so helpful and thoughtful on my son and i trip to Tokyo and the area around , i requested a trip to the wind and ice cave near Mt Fuji ,and even though Koichiro had not been himself yet , you couldn't tell because how professional he was , always looking out for us and our needs .He went out of the way to make sure we were happy and comfortable ,I really enjoyed the fish market , if you come to Tokyo it is a must and Koichiro knows the best spots and vendors to sample , i felt so much at ease with him at our side ,We hired a guide but ended up making a new friend that i hope we see again on our next trip to the land of the rising sun , he shared a dream of climbing Mt Fuji and watching the sun rise , i hope his dream comes true someday soon . i picked Koichiro because i wanted someone young enough to be able to interact with my 15 yr old son and his interests , yet Koichiro is wise beyond his years very flexible, if you are looking for a boring old guide that see this as just a job don't pick Koichiro he isn't that person . He is a very talented and aliveand very knowledgeable person whom is loving and caring of those he guides , all i can say is we were very blessed to have him show us his country and see it through the eyes of a local, thank you again so much for making this a wonderful trip for Ian and i .

4 months ago |   by Daniel

“ Very pleasent and most helpfull to please and accomplish wishes of custommer ”

I spent 3 days with Kim and was very satisfoed with his services. I gave his in advance my wishes and interests, and he was very attentive and precise in organising our programe. I was very satisfied with his organisation. He was always on time, pleasent, friendly and willing to please by adding new places. He was also great in suggesting excellent restaurants. I would certainly reccommend him, he is an excellent guide.

4 months ago |   by Meagan

“ Very thoughtful guide with a great taste for food! ”

I had a wonderful tour of Tokyo with Koichiro, who took me to some of the major attractions of the city, and also some hidden restaurant gems. I found the tour very interesting, and he offered many good insights into the local culture. Koichiro was also attentive to my interests and needs, adapting the tour to look at stores or areas I was more curious to see. He also went WELL out of his way to find an electronic device for my phone that I was looking for (which was not easy to find!). Even beyond the tour, he has been great at responding to any question I've sent him. I highly recommend him for whatever tour experience you're looking for in Tokyo!

4 months ago |   by Ivan

“ Wonderful worry free 2 days tour with Koichiro ”

We booked 2 days with Koichiro San (feb 16 and feb 22) so this review will be for both days. Promptness is truly appreciated especially when we are pressed for time. 2 days will never be enough to see the whole city but a well thought off guide certainly did the trick. The tour was very casual, like you're touring with a friend and flexibility is a plus. He made us feel comfortable, always thinking about us whether we are hungry, tired, need to stop for some rest or need to go to the restroom. Going from one place to another by train is chaotic in Tokyo but being with him made it worry free for us. We learned a lot about the Japanese culture, heritage, customs and traditions. We (me and my wife) appreciate him for not being too time conscious like other guides do. He wouldn't show that he is in a hurry in fact he would suggest for us to stay and hang around a little bit more especially when there is so much to see in one place. Not to mention that he doesn't mind being our photographer for the day as well. it was fun to explore with him. We will definitely book again if given the chance to come back here with our kids in the near future.

Very Good
4 months ago |   by Sophia

“ Day in Tokyo ”

Koichiro was a lovely, polite, young man who showed my 8 yo daughter and I around town. Heavily jet lagged, having just arrived the night before, he was very accommodating to our slow pace. It was nice to have a guide show us around on our first day to help us get our bearings and acclimate and navigate the subway system. Thank you!

6 months ago |   by Ohad

“ Fascinating evening tour ”

Well planned and intresting tour. Combining knoweledge and fun.

7 months ago |   by Monique

“ Energetic knowledgeable accommodating young man! ”

Enjoyed our day with Koichiro navigating our way around a large, crowded city. He took us to some of the quieter outskirts of the city and we explored some of Tokyos quirkier sites. A handsome young man, and very helpful to guiding us for the next day via subway directions so we could explore on our own without getting lost!

7 months ago |   by Jesse

“ A really amazing day. highly recommend. ”

We had a fantastic day touring Tokyo with Kim. He contacted me shortly after booking asking me what kind of places we wanted to see. We exchanged a few emails to setup the list of places. He met us on time in the lobby of our hotel and we toured the city together. He is very knowledgeable about Tokyo, its history, culture, and customs. He is very easy to talk to. He lived in USA for several years so he is fluent in English. He did more than just the tour. We were going to Mt. Fuji the next day and my girlfriend needed warm clothes. Kim took us shopping, and when the outfit she liked wasn't in her size on the rack he discussed with the staff and they found her size. All around a wonderful experience that set the good mood for the rest of our vacation in Tokyo.

7 months ago |   by Sreya

“ Koichiro was a great companion ”

This being our first trip to Tokyo we wanted to cover a lot of places and yet get a taste of the local flavour and the cutting edge Japanese sensibility. So while we did see tourist attractions like the Imperial Gardens and the Meiji Shrine we were also interested in seeing contemporary art and design and get a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine. Koichiro was able to navigate our schedule and needs and introduce us to great pork ramen, one of the best meals we had, expose us to the Doraemon exhibition and take us to the Tadao Ando exhibition. All in all he was an excellent resource who helped us achieve our aim and guided us through the unfamiliarity of Tokyo with ease and speed! We wish him well and hope the future brings him great fortune!

7 months ago |   by Anton

“ Enjoy Tokyo Like a Local ”

I don't want to repeat all the other reviews but Koichiro was really a professional guide who went above and beyond his role. I planned my short trip to Tokyo to shop for souvenirs and electronics. As a tourist who couldn't speak Japanese, such undertaking was not easy. Thankfully, Koichiro planned everything for me so that we can visit many stores efficiently. He also helped me avoid tourist stores and visit stores where you can buy quality goods. When I wanted to buy tea cups, instead of buying low quality but expensive souvenir cups, he brought me to an art store where I found quality tea cups for a bargain. His style was really warm and laid back. He was very accommodating to my requests and (sudden) schedule changes. When I wanted to eat fugu at last minute, he happily obliged and brought me to an amazing fugu restaurant. My trip with Koichiro was really different than group tours where we need to stick to schedule and sometimes feel rushed. It was very personalized and Koichiro really took time and a great deal of effort to get to know my preferences beforehand and researched about it. For young travellers (and those who are still young at heart) Koichiro was a really great travel companion. During my trip, I felt like visiting a friend who showed me around. Sometimes the highlight of the day was my conversation with Koichiro. He was really candid and I learned a lot about Japan. He helped me with my shopping bags too! Tokyo is a very big and vibrant city that has something for everyone. However, one drawback was that little information was provided in English. One can spend hours researching online about places to visit in Tokyo but most information are written in Japanese. Even a lot of Tripadvisor reviews are written in Japanese. Choosing a good restaurant from an English blog or website means that you'll spend a lot of your time waiting in line with fellow tourists even though the store next door might be just as good and cheaper. This is why travelling with Koichiro helps a great deal. He knows a lot more about Tokyo than English blogs and he can do better research than we can. Plus he can help you communicate and explain things to you so you can really focus on experiencing Tokyo like a local.

8 months ago |   by Vivian

“ A Warm And Accomodating Guide ”

Absolutely a wonderful guide! Koji or Kuya Koji as my son fondly addressed him (it means an older brother) really took the time to make us comfortable during our tour even giving all 3 of us a body warmer each as his presents. He's a warm, sincere, accomodating person; and very patient with my son. When told about my husband's minor knee injury (he accidentally hurt his knee the night before our trip), Koji efficiently adjusted our schedules and looked for ways to avoid staircases, and searched for elevator/escalator at train stations to minimize my husband's discomfort. Highly recommended! We safely arrived in my home country yesterday and have yet to report back to work. However, my husband is already recommending Koji's services to his colleagues who are planning their visits to such an amazing city! Thank you Kuya Koji! Vivian

8 months ago |   by Shachar

“ Excellent Guide ”

Koichiro was an amazing guide he showed me around Tokyo, he answered all my questions, he was very informative , professional & had a lot of patience, he helped me avoid the tourist traps, and took me to a good restaurants , where the locals eat. Highly recommended. Shachar

9 months ago |   by Joanne

“ Excellent and Efficient ”

Koji had been an amazing tour guide on my 5-hour exploration around Tokyo. He listened carefully to my requests as my goal was to have as many good photos as possible. He took me to photograph-worthy places and he even took photos of me everywhere. So he is not just my tour guide, he also became my official photographer! Memories captured. He also took to the initiative to help me out on my shopping bags. Such a gentleman! My tour was not only fascinating with places we've visited, it was also very efficient as he planned our itinerary very well that we did not waste our time going around Tokyo. Thank you, Koji! I did not only have a tour guide in Tokyo, I gained a friend. Highly recommended! :)

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