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  • Duration: 4 hours minimum and 10 hours maximum per day.
  • People: 9 maximum
  • Tours are basically walking tours using local transportation (trains and buses). Please mention if you would like to use a taxi or a private hire.
  • For multiple days, please mention in the message.

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Spiritual Tour in Izumo

(2) Reviews
by Ritsuko
This is a short walking tour around Izumo Grand Shrine, which is one of the most sacred and important shrines in Japan. At Hinomisaki, you can enjoy the ...
4:30h US$ 213 up to 5 people

Matsue Castle and Sightseeing Boat Tour

(2) Reviews
by Ritsuko
This is a historic walking and boat tour around Matsue Castle. You can experience the nostalgic atmosphere of Matsue with 400 years old Matsue Castle an...
5:30h US$ 258 up to 5 people

Trip around Izumo Grand Shrine

(2) Reviews
by Ritsuko
This is a tour of spiritual Izumo, which is known as the land of gods. We visit one of the oldest shrines in Japan where a lot of people visit there from a...
6h US$ 281 up to 5 people

Yasugi Experience

(2) Reviews
by Ritsuko
Are you interested in experience something really local in Shimane? Then why don't you choose Yasugi?Yasugi will have you enjoy the natural beauty with won...
7h US$ 328 up to 5 people