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not 2 days in a row
less than 4 hours
daytime only (till around 3pm)

Only available in April, May, June, October, November, December


  • Duration: 1 hours minimum and 4 hours maximum per day.
  • People: 6 maximum
  • Tours are basically walking tours using local transportation (trains and buses). Please mention if you would like to use a taxi or a private hire.
  • For multiple days, please mention in the message.

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Amusement Town Koedo Kawagoe !

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by Katie
Enjoy your half day or full day in Koedo Kawagoe which has Edo period atmosphere. It's just 30 minutes away from Tokyo by train.
3h $ 108 up to 3 people

Imperial Palace (former Edo Castle) - Let's get to know abou...

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by Katie
The Imperial Palace used to be the Edo Castle where "Shogun" lived and the center of the govenment during the Edo Period. The Castle has been destroyed se...
2h $ 81 up to 5 people

Browsing in the alleys of Kagurazaka !

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by Katie
Kagurazaka has an atmosphere of the old time. You can enjoy strolling in the stone-paved narrow alleys and shopping at local shops. There are shrines, tem...
2h $ 80 up to 5 people

Don't miss beautifu autumnal or fresh leaves on Mt. Takao !

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by Katie
Mt.Takao is about 600m high located in the west of Tokyo. It's quite popular and lots of people - kids, young people and the old - visit there through the ...
4h $ 150 up to 3 people