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Cities where I can guide: Tokyo , Kamakura , Chiba , Narita

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(42) Reviews
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Hello everyone!!
I’m Hiroki,national licensed guide interpreter focusing on offering tours on the subject of hidden Japan charms,such as indigenous cultures, life styles, and highly skilled craftsmanship!!
Let me now intoroduce myself little bit, I’ve been living in Chiba city near Tokyo for more than 40 years since when I was a student of a university located in Tokyo.
I studied commercial science at the university.(Bachelor of business and commerce)
Incidentally, my graduate thesis topic was ”Rise of handicraft manufacturing in the late Edo period”.
After graduation, I joined a petrochemical company in 1980. As is customary with Japanese style lifetime emplpoyment, I worked for the company until the retirement in 2014!!(same company for 34 years!!)
And,after passing the state examination in the year 2015, I’ve started a new career of a guide interpreter as my second life.
Since then,I maily had an actual experience of an interpreter in a variety of traditional Japanese culture workshops for foreign tourists.(Specifically,Chanoyu-TeaCeremony,Ikebana-flower Arranging,Shodo-Calligraphy,Tougei-Pottery,Washoku-Japanese Cuisine,Iai-The art of Drawing the Sword,and so on.)
Fortunately,as every instructor in the workshops was an authority on the subject, I was able to develop a capability of giving proper explanation on Japanese culture through the great experience of acting as an interpreter with the masters.
Additionally,for all my long experience in petrochemical industory,the reason for choosing a brand-new career is to make my dream of transmmiting traditinal Japanese culture to the people all over the world come true.(I’ve always wanted to do this kind of thing after being inspired by my ancestral origin of being Samurai retainer served a Daimyo feudal lord for generations!!)
And so, that’s why I’m so happy to have a great opportunity to make your trip in Japan much more enjoyable!!
I’m really looking forward to seeing you in my tours!!

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Private Tours

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YANAKA Private Walking tour & Soba buckwheat noodle making!!

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Learn Soba buckwheat noodle making and try your own made Soba noodle. [The venue: Traditional Soba restaurant, ”やなか蕎麦YANAKA Soba” in YANAKA] 40 years ex...
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YANAKA’s Walking tour with cultural experiences !!

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It’s a Temple Town, Yanaka’s Walking Tour with a stroll through the Historic Temple District there!! It’s a tour of the carefully selected highlights of YA...
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Sunday tea gathering in Samurai town near Narita!!(Tea cerem...

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Besides its locational advantage(60 minutes from Tokyo and 30 minutes to Narita airport by train),SAKURA city exposes all visitors to the Samurai’s culture...
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Tour of Samurai town good for stopover tourists in Narita A...

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SAKURA city is most suitable sightseeing spot for the tourist who are going to stay in Narita or transit at Narita Airport!! Besides its locational advanta...
4h $ 94 up to 4 people

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Reviews ( 42 )
Susan Susan United States ( Couple )
20 hours ago

“ Walking in the Yanaka District ”

Hiroki was a terrific guide who led us around the Yanaka district showing us important sites (where the last Shogun is buried) and many famous temples. He was well prepared and informed us of much of Japan's history and in particular, this area of Tokyo. His english was great and his enthusiasm to teach and help us was fabulous. I would definitely recommend him.


Dear Susan, Thank you very much for joining my tour and giving me such a wonderful review !! I'm so glad that you fully enjoyed the nostalgic townscape of Yanaka district, one of the few towns escaped from being burnt-out ruins during World War Ⅱ. Definitely, please come back to Yanaka again especially in the springtime when Shidare cherry (drooping cherry) trees of ineffable beauty are beautifully blooming in these historic temples !! (Above all, Cherry blossoms blizzard in Zensho-An Temple you stopped by is really overwhelming!!) Thank you again, please give my best regards to your husband !! Sincerely, Hiroki

Julie Julie United States ( Couple )
3 days ago

“ Excellent introduction to Japan ”

We had a great day with Hiroki. He picked us up and returned us to our hotel in Kanda. It was our first day in Japan and he gave us an excellent historical and cultural overview of the city. We saw interesting sights and he taught us about how to use the different transportation systems while exploring the city. We will be traveling in the country for a month so it was helpful to learn about food, religion, important words to know where to buy souvenirs for our family. Thank you for a wonderful tour day, Hiroki!


Dear Julie, Thank you very much for joining my tour of "selected destination in Tokyo to learn about Japanese History and Culture"!! Since the tour includes transportation orientation and its destinations are strictly selected and combined from the perspective of answering your simple but significant questions about Japan effectively, it came to be the most suitable tour for your 1st day in Japan !! And also, today's tour really turned into a meaningful one for me, because I learned a lot from your questions to the point!! Thank you again, and I hope your trip in Japan will be a memorable and wonderful experience for you. Sincerely, Hiroki

Gerald Gerald Australia ( Family )
Very Good
1 week ago

“ Generous with his time ”

Hiroki was very generous with his time. He had a lot of knowldeg about he history as we asked many questions around japanese traditions


Dear Gerald , Thank you very much for joining my tour !! The duration of 2 hs quite seemed to be too short for the tour of YANESEN area, but I'm glad you seemed to have had a fun!! I had a great time with you, too !! Especially, your questions to the point activated my brain were so impressive for me !! Thank you again, and please enjoy the rest of your trip in Japan !! Best regards, Hiroki

Agnieszka Agnieszka Japan
Very Good
3 weeks ago

“ It was nice trip around Tokio ”

Positive tourgide


Dear Agnieszka, Thank you very much for joining my tour between your international conferences in Japan and posting a nice review despite being busy at work !! Unfortunately, it's a day of unseasonable cold rain and poor visibility, so we had to end the tour skipping over a few highlights, but I'm a little relieved as you enjoyed in its own way. Thank you again, and please give my best regards to your colleagues !! Sincerely, Hiroki

Ajay Ajay India ( Family with kids )
4 weeks ago

“ Short transit trip around Samurai town and Naritasan temple: amazing guide, very helpful and knowlegeable ”

Our experience with Hiroki was simply amazing. He is very knowledgeable about history of the area and patiently and clearly answered all our questions. But most importantly, he is extremely courteous, considerate, prompt and resourceful (we were traveling w/ of 2.5 year old who was a bit riotous at times:-) partly due to jetlag and travel -- but Hiroki was simple amazing in helping us throughout our tour, which involved a lot of walking). Would any day recommend his services to make your trip around the area joyous and memorable!


Dear Ajay, Thank you very much for choosing my tour for Narita Stopover !! It's considerably tight schedule for 5 hs stopover tour as we toured both Samurai town and Naritasan temple being a bit far apart from each other, but I'm so glad you had a memorable time. And also, I had a great time with you and your family including your cute son !! This time, it's only a few hours stay in Japan on the way back home, but please have Japan in your mind when you plan your travel next !! Thank you again, and please give my best regards to your wife and son !! Yours sincerely, Hiroki


Travel to "Hideout Islands" of "GOTO ISLANDS", one of the real unbeaten tracks in Japan !!

by Hiroki
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Selected Destinations in Tokyo to learn about Japanese history and culture !!

by Hiroki
It’s the best itinerary plan hiring a knowledgeable guide, which is good for learning about Japan’s history and culture!! The destinations a...

Sawara, the traditional town filled with nostalgic air of 19th Century!!

by Hiroki
◆The town of Sawara, located some 45minutes by train from JR Narita Airport Terminal 1 Sta. or some 90minutes by highway bus from Tokyo Sta....

Winter is the best season to visit Ueno Area!!

by Hiroki
★Short days of winter are good for enjoying the breathtaking night view of Ueno Area like below!!  Bentendo-do Temple on the Naka-no-jima i...