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Cities where I can guide: Tokyo , Kamakura , Chiba , Narita

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(7) Reviews
Hourly rate 27 USD Price up to 3 people
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Hello everyone!!
I’m Hiroki,national licensed guide interpreter focusing on offering tours on the subject of hidden Japan charms,such as indigenous cultures, life styles, and highly skilled craftsmanship!!
Let me now intoroduce myself little bit, I’ve been living in Chiba city near Tokyo for more than 40 years since when I was a student of a university located in Tokyo.
I studied commercial science at the university.(Bachelor of business and commerce)
Incidentally, my graduate thesis topic was ”Rise of handicraft manufacturing in the late Edo period”.
After graduation, I joined a petrochemical company in 1980. As is customary with Japanese style lifetime emplpoyment, I worked for the company until the retirement in 2014!!(same company for 34 years!!)
And,after passing the state examination in the year 2015, I’ve started a new career of a guide interpreter as my second life.
Since then,I maily had an actual experience of a volunteer interpreter in a variety of traditional Japanese culture workshops for foreign tourists.(Specifically,Chanoyu-TeaCeremony,Ikebana-flower Arranging,Shodo-Calligraphy,Tougei-Pottery,Washoku-Japanese Cuisine,Iai-The art of Drawing the Sword,and so on.)
Fortunately,as every instructor in the workshops was an authority on the subject, I was able to develop a capability of giving proper explanation on Japanese culture through the great experience of acting as an interpreter with the masters.
Additionally,for all my long experience in petrochemical industory,the reason for choosing a brand-new career is to make my dream of transmmiting traditinal Japanese culture to the people all over the world come true.(I’ve always wanted to do this kind of thing after being inspired by my ancestral origin of being Samurai retainer served a Daimyo feudal lord for generations!!)
And so, that’s why I’m so happy to have a great opportunity to make your trip in Japan much more enjoyable!!
I’m really looking forward to seeing you in my tours!!

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Reviews ( 7 )
Sarah Sarah Australia ( Family with kids )
3 days ago

“ Highly recommended! ”

Myself and my two boys (ages 10 & 11) spent the morning with Hiroki at the Samurai experience. He was incredibly kind and helpful. We had trouble navigating the metro system and so jumped in a taxi and Hiroki spoke to the driver on the phone and made sure we got to the right place. He translated the Samurai experience well and it has been the highlight of our trip to Tokyo so far. After the Samurai experience (which I would highly recommend - tweens and teens will love this!) we were heading to the snake cafe. By this time I was very anxious about navigating the rail system and Hiroki not only organised rail cards for us all but even accompanied us on the complicated underground rail system right to the door of the snake cafe to ensure we got there ok. Nothing was ever too much trouble and... read more


Dear Sarah san, thank you very much for your heartfelt review !! My happiest moments are when I hear that my customers had a memorable time. And also, I had a memorable time with you and your cute and polite sons !! Please enjoy the rest of your days in Japan. I hope to see you and your sons again.Thank you again and stay happy !!

Antony Antony New Zealand ( Family )
3 weeks ago

“ Iado cutting lesson ”

Great time and very interesting. Both Hiroki and the Sensei were enthusiastic and patient. We attended as a family. Myself and two girls tried the lesson - successfully too - with a nice feeling of relief and achievement. Can recommend for sure.


Antony san, Thank you very much for your great review!! I'm really happy to hear that you and your family had a great time!! I and the Sensei had a great time, too!! Because, you and your daughters tried the sword testing(試し切りTameshigiri) with a focused mind to cut the rolled tatami upper layers successfully, and gave us many questions to the point during the viewing of the antique Samurai weapons exhibited in the Dojo. Moreover, all of you learned how to appreciate the beauty of the Wave-Patterns (刃文Hamon) on sword blades using the antique samurai sword to succeed in spotting the tiny martensite crystals forming the upper edge of the Hamon called Boiling(沸Nie)!! Thank you again, and please enjoy tne rest of your stay in Japan!!! Hiroki

Darren Darren Singapore ( Solo )
4 weeks ago

“ Trip to Ueno, Yanaka, Owl Cafe and Tokyo central ”

I really enjoyed my experience with Hiroki-san! He was patient, knowledgeable and planned the route well. He was also flexible and had a good grasp of the area. He made adjustments for bad weather swiftly as well and I really learnt a great deal about Japan history and culture with him. He also offers reasonable rates and can come on short notice. I would definitely recommend him to my friends, family and all future tourists to Tokyo!


Darren san Thank you so much for your great review!! I had a really great time with you, too!! And,I'm so happy to hear your satisfaction!! Since we always do our best for your satisfaction, your great review really encourages us. Thank you again, and have a nice flight!! Hiroki

Christina Christina Australia ( Solo )
2 months ago

“ A personalised 1-1 tour with a private session with a Sensei ”

A TRULY MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE! Starting with a hotel pick up, walk to the train station to experience Japan’s amazingly complex and efficient metro train system which led us to a walk on a non-descript Tokyo street off the touristy track. The Iaido experience was more than wielding a historic and genuine katana against a tatami roll. Coming into this with an interest in history, military heritage, blades and forging, it was the 1-on-1 conversations with Sensei Sakaguchi that made it special. The highlight was to be able to touch swords, armour and other weaponry centuries old, including pre-Edo period pieces that had seen actual battle. Hiroko translated beautifully and also took some amazing photos. His passion, interest and pride in his heritage really came through. Memory for a lifetim... read more


Dear Christina san Thank you very much for your wonderful review !! I’m really happy to hear that it became a memory of your lifetime!! (Those words make me happier than anything else!!) Sensei Sakaguchi always considers how to tailor the most favorable experience to suit each participant’s own needs. That’s why this tour takes the form of a private session with a Sensei focusing on the 1-on-1 conversations with him.(In the case of your session, it’s particularly focused on the appreciation of Japanese swords such as examining of the shape of the blade, appreciating the beauty of the Wave-Patterns called Hamon, etc., since it seemed that you’re very much interested in Japanese swords.) So, I’m very much looking forward to seeing you when you visit Tokyo again. Thank you very much aga... read more

James James Japan ( Family )
3 months ago

“ Exciting and interesting Iaido experience. ”

I booked Hiroki for an Iaido experience for my brother. Hiroki picked us up at a nearby Tokyo Metro station and took us to the dojo where we were introduced to the Iaido sensei. Hiroki was friendly, and extremely accommodating and translated both ways effortlessly. The experience was fantastic, I only watched and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My brother couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of his trip in Japan. The Iaido sensei is about a good at his craft as anyone can ever be. He teaches you how to use the katana to cut through a rolled mat in one cut, all the while Hiroki is translating to make sure there are no misunderstandings. Hiroki seemed very knowledgeable about the ancient Japanese martial art, and added thoroughly to the intrigue. Upon finishing the 1hr 30mins experience Hir... read more


James san Thank you very much for giving me such a wonderful review!! I'm so happy to hear that your brother had a really great time and it became memorable experience!! And also, it's a great experience for me and the Iaido master, Sakaguchi sensei. (He's so happy to hear your review, too) Thank you again, and I'm looking forward to seeing you someday!! Hiroki