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Sapporo Lavender spots

by Shinobu
If you want to watch lavenders in Japan, what town do you imagine?  Of course, Furano and Lake Kawaguchi Area are so popular. But, you can ...

Tomamu Ice Village

by Shinobu
Hoshino Resort Tomamu is famous for winter skiing and sea of the cloud in summer. But it also has a popular Ice Village.  This one started ...

2019 Winter Biei and Furano

by Shinobu
Winter Biei and Furano are also very interesting. (1)Shikisai-no-Oka Hill: You can enjoy snowmobile(1000yen) and snow rafting(600yen) there...

Lake Akan's Volcanic Activity

by Shinobu
Lake Akan has a mud volcano around Lake Akan Onsen Town. The mud volcano is Bokke.   It keeps volcanic activity still now.  The admission...

Co-existence of Lake Toya and Mt. Usu

by Shinobu
Lake Toya and Mt. Usu(737m) have a  co-relationship.  Both were made by volcanic activity.  Lake Toya is a caldera lake.   And after the la...

Winter Sapporo Nakajima Park's Cross Country Skiing

by Shinobu
I went to the Nakajima Park, and tried cross country skiing yesterday.You can rent it for free.Please fill in the application form, and tell...

Mt. Moiwa, the Night View

by Shinobu
Mt. Moiwas Night View. Its 531m high. This night view was chosen as one of Japan New Top 3 Night Views. If you want to visit here, you ha...

Lake Kussharo, a good place for activities

by Shinobu
Lake Kussharo is a caldera lake, and good place to canoe, watch swans in winter, and take hot springs. There is a Mt. Teshikaga Iozan behin...

Sapporo Snow Festival

by Shinobu
  Sapporo Snow Festival is a world-wellknown festival now.   But when this festival started in 1950,  it was held by high school students, a...

Norbesa Building

by Shinobu
If you visit Sapporo, I recommend to go to Norbesa Building. Its 300m away to west from Susukino Station, and this building has a ferris w...

Hakodate Sakura-gaoka Street

by Shinobu
Many cherry blossom flowers bloom from late April to early May. Here is a new sightseeing spot for watching cherry trees.  These trees are ...

How to enjoy at Mt. Okura Ski-Jumping Stadium

by Shinobu
Mt. Okura Ski-Jumping Stadium is one of most popular sightseeing spots  in Sapporo, and was 1972 Winter Plympics place. You can go up by us...

Kushiro City Washo Market and Hotel La Vista Kushiro's Foot Bath

by Shinobu
I took some photos at Washo Ichiba Market, and La Vista Kushiros foot bath.I ordered Kagotte-Don at the Market. Katte-Don means ordering bo...

Blue Pond, Biei Town

by Shinobu
After an amateur photographer accidentally found this pond, this pond became popular. Because this pond is 26 km away from Biei Station, an...

Goryokaku Tower, the great view all year round

by Shinobu
Goryokaku was originally built for a fort.   The character is star-shaped castle, and the designer studied European castle skills. Now this...

Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden Monkey Mountain

by Shinobu
Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden is in Yunokawa Area which is famous for hot springs. The entrance fee is 300 yen, and you can watch monk...

Niseko by public transportation

by Shinobu
You can go to Niseko from both Sapporo and New Chitose Airport. (1)From Sapporo  2 Buses run from Sapporo, and  the fee is 4500 yen (round...

Otaru House Boat (Yakatabune)

by Shinobu
  This is Japanese traditional recreational boat.  We call this ship Yakatabune.  Old rich persons often held a party inside the boat. ...

Otaru Canal, Otaru City Itself

by Shinobu
Hokkaido is safe Otaru is located 43 km away from Sapporo, and takes about 1 hour by an express way bus or train. And this Otaru Canal sup...

Mt. Iozan around Lake Kussharo

by Shinobu
You can feel the Earth is alive. You can smell sulfur,  but thanks to this mountain, Lake Kussharo is a good hot springs (Onsen) area.  Al...

Mt. Hakodate Breathtaking Night View

by Shinobu
If you visit Hakodate, this Mt. hakodate is indispensable. Why?  Because the night view is chosen as Japan Top 3 Night Views, Nagasaki, Kob...

Otaru Wagashi-making (Japanese sweets)

by Shinobu
You can make wagashi (Japanese sweets) at Tsukushi Makita in Otaru City. Japanese deveoped them for expressing 4 seasons by using red bean ...

Sapporo International Skiing Course Autumn Festival

by Shinobu
https://youtu.be/4hUcaOz2ZTk Here is a good place to watch autumn leaves and panorama.   It opens from mid September to mid October, and i...
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