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Cities where I can guide: Kyoto , Osaka , Nara , Kobe , Shiga , Nagoya

Languages English ( Professional ), Japanese ( Native ), Danish ( Beginner ), French ( Beginner ), German ( Beginner ), Russian ( Beginner )

(18) Reviews
Hourly rate 35 USD Price up to 10 people
( Max : 30 People )
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Hello. I am Hero from Shiga. I have lived in Denmark, Canada, Germany.
I would like to explore Japan with you without language barrier. I know well about local foods (both cheap nice one and expensive fancy one), nature, sightseeing spots. Also I can guide hiking, fishing, snorkeling...all kind of outdoor sports. Let's go to adventure together. I am originally from Shiga prefecture. Then I have lived in Nara, Okinawa. My major is marine biology. I played volleyball, rugby, swimming and diving! So I am happy to talk with your about science. I can guide Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe and Shiga!!In addition other places are negotiable by texting!

Also I know where we can eat tasty melon pan, Gyoza, sushi, sukiyaki, pizza, udon and Japanese BBQ!!
Vegan and vegetarian restaurant too!! Yes, I am super foodie person!

Jeg har boet i Nørrebro, København 1 år i 2010. Jeg kan tale dansk lidt.
Skal vi snakke Dansk?Jeg vil gerne går tur mit dig!Vi ses i snart!!

Hallo. Ich bin Hero. Ich habe auf Helgoland gewhont 1 jahre in 2016.
Ich kann Deutsch sprechen ein bisschen!Lass uns auf Tour gehen!!

Меня зовут хироши. Я немного говорю по русски.
Пожалуйста свяжись со мной!

Je suis Hiroshi. J'ai vécu à Toulouse 2 mois. J'aime le fran et tarte aux pommes!
Allons faire un voyage ensemble.


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* Duration: 1 hours minimum and 20 hours maximum per day.
* People: 30 maximum

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Kyoto welcome tour

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Shiga nature tour

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Japanese foods introduction tour

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Reviews ( 18 )
Tony Tony Australia ( Couple )
4 days ago

“ Hero is the best! ”

After having trouble navigating Japan and Kyoto on our first trip we decided to hire a guide and we hired the best guide ever! Hero met us at our hotel and was friendly, polite, accommodating, he took us to the Nishiki food market and we were introduced to many types of Japanese foods we would never have tried on our own. We then had lunch at a fantastic resteraunt that Hero recommended. The afternoon was spent touring Gion district and the Funishimi shrine. Hero was very knowledgeable, friendly, worked in with our needs and wants, even helped us to buy our bullet train tickets to get us back to Tokyo Narita airport! When we come back I WILL be asking Hero to guide us again! Thank you Hero for making our trip truly memorable!


Thank you for writing sweet review!!It was nice to meet you in Kyoto!Tony practiced Karate before in Australia. So he knew Japanese mentality. And Tony couple respected Japanese culture and local rule. So I was happy to guide 2 of you!!Tony was interested in Nishiki market sample foods. We could find Tony's favorite Yuzu drink!Also I know you do not like seafood and bamboo shoot! It was my pleasure time to find your favorite foods in Japan. Thank you for treating my lunch too!Thank you for treating me as a friends!I hope I can visit your cool garden and want to see your water system and goats!Have a good flight!! ;)

Roberta Roberta United States ( Family )
2 weeks ago

“ Pleasant, relaxed, knowledgable, and attentive tour guide! ”

Hero was an excellent guide during our trip to Osaka! He is relaxed and was attentive to the interests of our small group. He took us to numerous local inexpensive eating spots, and helped us navigate the intricate train system. He is adept at conversational English and shared much with us on Japanese life and culture. He emailed suggestions for our later trip to Kyoto, as well. If you are looking for a pleasant, relaxed, and informational tour of Osaka (or Kyoto), Hero will not disappoint!


We started having 1 dollar Udon lunch. It was good start for foodie tour!! Roberta helped many Japanese students in USA as a host! So she already knew many Japanese life. Also her family could enjoy many kind of seafood, Japanese street foods and beers. So I was also happy to introduce my home county's foods. All of your family were easy going and respect Japanese custom and culture. Thank you very much for treating me many times and be gentle always. I hope to see you in USA someday!! Cheers!

Michael Michael United States ( Family with kids )
2 weeks ago

“ Kyoto Sightseeing ”

Simply put, we had a fantastic experience with Hero! My wife and I were traveling to Japan for the first time with our 7 month old. We decided to hire a guide to help orient us to Kyoto and couldn’t be happier with our choice in selecting Hero. He led us though a bustling Nishiki market, stopping frequently at shops to introduce different aspects of Japanese culinary culture as well as other fun shops. What would otherwise have intimidated us with such a busy street became an unforgettable experience as Hero made the market become alive for us. From there, we crossed town to see the Gion and Yashaka districts and several important shrines and temples in the area. We saw idyllic preserved walkways that took us into the world we came to explore in Japan and cut through other passageways (tha... read more


Thank you for writing sweet reference. It was nice to meet you under the sun with full of people everywhere in Nishiki market, Yasaka shrine and Yasaka area. Even this hot conditions, Michaele eastern so smart. It was unbelievable. I really appreciate her corporation. In addition, she is [Kawaii] always. So I could get happiness from her. Thank you. I hope we can meet up again someday in U.S or Japan.

Ahlam Ahlam United Arab Emirates ( Friends )
3 weeks ago

“ Great guide ”

We had an amazing day with Hero, very warm and spirited person. Very good restaurants choice, and breathtaking places. We will definitely come back to Kyoto to meet him again. Thank you Hero!


merci beaucoup! Avec pleasir. It was nice to meet you. All of you were so kind and respect Japanese culture, custom and people. I also learned many things about Maroc and Dobai. Thank you very much. Now I want to make good couscous by myself. A bientot! ;)

Laurie Laurie United States ( Friends )
Very Good
3 weeks ago

“ We had a great day in Kyoto with Hero ”

Hero met us at our hotel and we spent the next 6 hours exploring parts of Kyoto including the Nishiki Market, the Kiyamachi area and, once it started getting dark, the Gion and Yasaka area. We ended our tour at a noisy all-you-can-eat-and-drink restaurant which was a lot of fun. After 6 hours of walking around, and all of it interesting/beautiful/compelling, we felt it was one of the best days of our vacation. Hero is a good communicator (lots of time spent in Europe and North America has made him a fluent speaker of English) and was very good company in addition to being a wonderful guide.