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Cities where I can guide: Kyoto

Languages English ( License )

(84) Reviews
Hourly rate 56 USD Price up to 4 people
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*Please note that we use public transportation for regular tours. If you need a private transportation, please contact me.

Hi! I'm Masaki Mori. Please call me Makoon.
I was born in Japan but have lived in Vancouver, Canada for about 10 years.
I'm an English teacher,translator, and a professional breakdancer.
I also teach future guides in a professional program organized by Kyoto city.

Would you like to surround yourself with wild monkeys and feed them? or feel the fresh air in the bamboo forest, go shopping for new shoes for yourself and gift for your family in local shopping districts, check out that shrine you saw in "Memoirs of Geisha", eat super tasty ramen, see some Kyoto's very traditional temples and take pictures, or tired of seeing temples and feel like hiking??

If you feel any of the above, please join my tour!
I love my city Kyoto. I'd love to guide you to this city of 1200 years of history, share what I know about the modern and tradition, take you to beautiful scenic locations, and support you making your trip UNFORGETABLE!!

I'm pretty friendly and flexible, too!
For any concerns, please just contact me.
I'm here to help you!
See you soon!!

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* Duration: 2 hours minimum and 12 hours maximum per day.
* People: 4 maximum

Private Tours

Your very own Kyoto Tour!

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by Masaki
7:30h $ 391 up to 4 people

Be a Monkey!!  Experience

(84) Reviews
by Masaki
5h $ 270 up to 4 people

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Reviews ( 84 )
Mike Mike United States ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ Gem of Kyoto ”

Couldn't have had a better guide to navigate our experience through Kyoto. Makoon will make your experience unforgettable and his knowledge of the sites enhanced our time tremendously. We left with a better understanding of the culture and traditions of Kyoto and he even took some of the best pictures we will treasure forever. Makoon deserves 10 stars! Stop looking and book him now.


Dear Mike-san I can't appreciate enough for your great and such a quick review! I'm glad you liked some of the pictures, I know it's actually a rare occasion for you to have picture together (except selfies!). You both were very much respectful toward the different culture, and share some great insights about this country! I also learned a lot from your positive attitude! I'm fortunate to have a chance to show the city around for great guests like you! Sincerely looking forward to seeing you again in the future! Warm Regards, Masaki Makoon Mori

Lyall Lyall United Kingdom ( Couple )
3 weeks ago

“ Two days in Kyoto ”

We spent two excellent days with Masaki (Makoon) seeing the highlights of Kyoto during a very hot July heat wave! He is very organised, speaks good English and you'll find him easy to understand and good company. He also arranged lunch both days to suit our dietary requirements - first day we had a 'tofu lunch' in a traditional restaurant which was very interesting, second day we had a noodle/pancake meal in the Gion district. Makoon knows all the places to visit in Kyoto and comes highly recommended. Our highlight was walking around Gion and getting an understanding of the geiko & meiko heritage - we were lucky to see a meiko on her day off. Makoon also takes great photos which is nice if you're a couple travelling together.


Dear Lyall, I'd like to express my appreciation to your kind review. It was a very hot day indeed, but still a great time especially in the main weekend of the Gion Festival! It makes me really happy to hear you especially enjoyed the culture of Maiko and Geiko, understanding their lifestyles are one of the interesting parts of Kyoto definitely! Thank you for enjoying the local food, too. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience and the flavor! Please enjoy the photos and remember the great time you spent in Kyoto! Warm Regards, Masaki Makoon Mori

Mariko Mariko United States ( Family )
3 weeks ago

“ Wonderful day in Kyoto ”

We had a wonderful day exploring Kyoto with Masaki as our guide. He speaks english well and is very knowledgeable about the history of Kyoto and the sites that we visited. It was wonderful to see Kyoto at our own pace on a private tour tailored to our interests. Masaki is a fun and energetic guide and I would highly recommend him.

Jane Jane Australia ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ The Perfect guide for Kyoto ”

I need to give 10 stars as five is not enough. Masaki Makoon spent two days safely and proudly shepherding us around some of the most fascinating jewels of his beautiful city, Kyoto. One day in the city, one day in nature. The pace he set was perfect and he cared for our wellbeing and spirits in the high temperature. I can not recommend this knowledgeable, professional and charming person highly enough as a guide! We learned so much, and felt a connection with not just the surface beauty of the places we visited, but with the underlying history and their unique energy. We also had delicious food, found wonderful gifts, and enjoyed his company. I can’t wait to return to Kyoto again. My recommendation is to let him set the agenda, and take at least two days. Have fun!


Dear Jane It's truely an honor for me to receive a review like this. I, too, enjoyed guiding you in a great deal becauase I could see you were really enjoying each place we visited. I'd also like to express my appreciation for you taking time to listen to all the hisotric and cultural information, that's a big respect. It was also great to hear about your story and insight about Japan, and also an opinion as an entrepreneur. That was very much inspiratoinal. I really hope to see you again in the future. Till then, please take care! Warm Regards, Masaki Makoon Mori

Kimberly Kimberly United States ( Family )
1 month ago

“ The winner for Favorite Guide worldwide is... Masaki aka Makoon ! ”

Our family has been using guides for at least 6 years visiting cities in Europe and Asia. I selected Makoon for 2 reasons. 1) His excellent reviews 2) His breakdancing background (my teenage son's are dancers too and I knew he would get along with my sons if he was also a dancer) I have to admit his rate was the highest of any of the guides we booked in Japan but I just had a feeling he would be worth it and I was right. Makoon was worth every penny ! He helped ensure that our schedules were not too ambitious, was very mindful of the weather in Kyoto which would affect how many sites we could see and was very flexible in choosing lunch locations for us as we had already been in Japan for a week before getting to Kyoto. This was all during our planning conversations. Once we met, Makoon had a wealth of information to share not only historical, anecdotal and most interestingly some lesser known facts about the lives of Maikos and Geikos. He shared visual information on his ipad that kept everyone engaged, he's the only guide we've had that did this and I thought it was very effective as people have a tendency to tune out when a guide only talks. He was also great at using any downtime on trains or waiting at crosswalks to give us tidbits. He spent 10 years living in Canada so his English is great too. We did one day of shrines and temples in Kyoto and another day at Arashiyama and the Monkey park and Bamboo forest. The Monkey park was a hit for everyone in the family and the combination of one day in the city proper and one day at Arashiyama was perfect. We could spent a 3rd day with Makoon as there are still so many other places to explore but we'll have to save that for a return trip to Kyoto. Our family hands down voted Makoon our favorite guide of all of our trips worldwide to date and his name was mentioned well after we left Kyoto.


Dear Kimberly, It's truely an honor to recieve a review like this, especially from an experienced traveler like you. I'd like to appreciate you being very much prompt in the planning phase,and of course, I'm always happy to support you with information of lunch, dinner, and sites! It was a pleasure for me to interact with your dancer kids, I'd never forget the conversation we had and the baby freeze in the Bamboo Groves! Again, I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for choosing and spending time with me. Looking forward to seeing you all again! Warm Regards, Masaki Makoon Mori