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Some tour is availalbe on limited dates and requires some lead time. I can guide other cities, such as Matsuyama area, Shimanami Bridge Area, Naoshima Island, Matsue area. In case I need overnight stay one day advance, accomodation fee and relocation fee will be added.
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Cities where I can guide: Hiroshima

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(7) Reviews
Hourly rate 46 USD Price up to 6 people
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Hi, I am Mitsuyo. I am a national government licensed tour guide. As a fun loving, enthusiastic person, I promise you unforgettable days in Hiroshima. Being nestled in between Seto Inland Sea and mountain forests, there are many things I’d love to share my passion on this area with you. From a range of basic course- visiting 2 world heritage sites (Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima Island), to more extended courses, such as excursion to neighboring cities for sake testing, trekking mountain forests, Japanese cultural lessons in a beautiful and tranquil house, and off course local gourmet, I offer you a full list of activities you may be interested. It will be my honor if I can add more value on your Hiroshima stay.

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Forest Therapy in Sandankyo Gorge

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Sandankyo Gorge locates about 75 minute drive north-west of Hiroshima. You walk through waterfalls, streams, ravines, cliffs, hanging bridges while you enj...
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Reviews ( 7 )
Michael Michael United States ( Couple )
9 months ago

“ Historic Place ”

Wondering why we didn't get to have the Tea Ceremony lesson. It wasn't;t because of time we pid for a 10 hour tour and were sent off on train back to Kyoto after only 8 hours.


Thank you very much for your review. Regarding the tour length, it was scheduled from 10:00 ~ 18:00 as we have communicted before the trip. Although starting time and ending time shown in the system are consistent with the plan, I also notice that duration is said to be 10 hours. I have no idea why it happens. If you were expecting to have a 10 hour trip, I am very sorry for the confusion. And also, I am sorry that I couldn't give you a tea lesson. It is very regrettable to have sent you back to Kyoto without satisfaction. If you don't mind, could you let me send you something to your home as a memory of Japan? Is there a anyway to get your mail address? Mitsuyo

Chris Chris United Kingdom ( Friends )
9 months ago

“ Engaging, friendly and knowledgeable local guide. ”

I can thoroughly recommend Mitsuyo as a tour guide. Her English is superb as is her attention to detail. We were never hurried and Mitsuyo was very skilled in providing as much or as little information as we required. She knew all the places to go and never tired or faulted throughout our 4-hour tour. She has a pleasant and engaging personality as well as extremely high levels of professionalism. She showed us around Hiroshima and it was fascinating from beginning to end. She even recommended a fabulous lunch spot to get some amazing noodles. Overall it was a magnificent experience.


Chris, Thank you for the kind review. I also enjoyed the day with you two. It was so fascinating to show Hiroshima to you who can give me interesting point of views. You also educated me so much! Thank you again for the great day. Mitsuyo

Eric Eric United States ( Solo )
10 months ago

“ Hiroshima in Two Days ”

I booked her for two days - one day in Miyajima and the other around the city. Miyajima was a lot of fun, going hiking up Mt Misen and the sightseeing. It was 25, 000 steps you say? That's twice as much than Disneyland! But the view was breathtaking. And Hiroshima, the city. As an American, I wanted to come see the city through the eyes of the Japanese and it's history on the other side. And it's a shame that we couldn't enter in the Peace Memorial Museum because the line was 3 hours long, it was during Golden week so it was to be expected. Instead, she shown testimonials for some survivors moments after the explosion just around the corner from the musuem. Still, I got to see the dome and the exact spot where the atomic bomb exploded. It was, through a historical viewpoint, incredible... read more


Eric, Thank you for coming to Hiroshima. I guess google map did a good job after I left you this afternoon. Anyway, I am very pleased to walk Hiroshima with you and appreciate so much about the fact that you, such a young man has a deep interest in the history of this city during WWII. It is regrettable that you could not visit the museum. But I hope you can catch up with the all the information when you visit Peace Memorial Museum in Nagasaki. Today, 24000 steps, and yesterday 26000 steps. I wish your 50,000 steps have given you a good memory. Enjoy rest of your days in Japan! Thank you again for these two days. Mitsuyo

Anna-Marie Anna-Marie United States ( Family )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Hiroshima and Miyajima Island Day Tour ”

Mitsuyo was a very easy guide to follow. She had lots of information for us and let explore on our own at times while at the temple or museum. This gave us our space, but she was there anytime we were to asked a question.


Thank you very much for joining my tour. And for such a surprising gift! I enjoyed so much about the various questions I got and it made me enthusiastic to learn more about Japanese martial art :) I hope you could enjoy Sakura flowers before you left Japan.

Blaire Blaire Australia ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ Amazing tour of Hiroshima ”

We had a great day exploring Hiroshima. Mitsuyo was very knowledgable and made the tour very enjoyable. She even organised a cooking class for us to finish off our tour with her which we would highly recommend.


Thank you very much for choosing my tour. I hope you enjoyed your okonomiyaki! It was fun to be with all of your group. Wish you beautiful days for the rest of your stay in Japan.