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$ 36 Hourly rate Price up to 4 people
I have no fixed holidays. I'm very flexible, not always though. If you inform me early enough, at least 72 hours and more beforehand, I may manage to accept your requests.

During the tour, my coverage areas are mainly poor public transportation area, so mostly use my vehicle(4 adult guests Max), it is easy to travel and free to move. I don't charge for the vehicle operation fee (only request you to pay costs for parking and toll road fee in cash on site, if used).

My vehicle can take 4 adult guests or 2 guests plus 3 children max . 5 adult guests and more need a rental car. I have a professional drivers license, I can drive almost types of vehicle. Depends on the numbers of customer, I rent a suitable size car and drive during your tour. I drive as a designated driver. In this case, you have to pay for all cost for the rental car (Rental fee, insurance, fuel, toll road, parking fee, etc).

My coverage areas are Nagasaki, Saga and Fukuoka. I live in near Ohmura city in Nagasaki prefecture, so depens on where I go to meet you(meet-up), I will request you to pay Meet-up fee on site. It is showed 1,000JPY on my pricing page. But meet-up fee will be different price based on the transportation fee from where I stay. I will inform you meet-up fee in the proposal tour plan before your booking.

Here are basic meet-up rate on each area, Ohmura city Free, Sasebo city 1,000JPY, Nagasaki city 2,000JPY, Saga 3,500JPY and Fukuoka 7,000JPY. I try to choose cheapest way, but If meet-up fee costs more than 8,000JPY, I may not accept your tour request. But if you don't care high pick-up fee(more than 8000JPY), I go anywhere as far as I can.

I am working in both Nagasaki and Okinawa, so stay 2 places about the half and half days. I've lived in Okinawa for 8 years until March 2018 and I am qualified and registered as a Okinawa Prefectural interpreter tour guide .

On my schedule calendar, available days means that I stay Nagasaki, on the contrary, unavailable days might means I am in Okinawa(not 100%), so I might be able to guide you in Okinawa. If you intend to have a private tour in Okinawa, please inform me through this web site, I might be able to guide you. Because I'm HERE in OKINAWA then!!!!

Hokkaido is also not on the list. But I lived in Hokkaido for 10years when I was young and traveled all over Hokkaido by mortorcycle. So I can guide you if you provide for my transportation and cheapest hotel costs.

One of my hobby is handmade Japanese Soba noodles. I can teach you how to make Japanese Soba. Soba is made of backwheet flower, one of Japanese traditional healthy low calorie food. I hope you don't have back wheat allergy.

Making Handmade Soba and Tempura Experience activity has been showed on my original tour list.
Please try it.
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Cities where I can guide: Fukuoka , Nagasaki , Saga

Languages 简体中文 ( Professional ), 繁體中文 ( Professional ), Japanese ( Native ), English ( License ), Korean ( Beginner ), Portuguese ( Beginner ), Russian ( Beginner )

(2) Reviews
Hourly rate 36 USD Price up to 4 people
( Max : 8 People )
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Hello, everyone!! My name is Yukihiro, call me "HERO". I'm eager to introduce this unique country, Japan to foreign guests. I am not a professional interpreter. I have retired from Japan Ground Self-Defense Force(JGSDF=Japanese Army) this year.
大家好! 我名字叫xing2 bo2, 請叫我xing bo。我喜歡跟外國遊客分享這個很有意思的國家---日本國。我是個業餘的翻譯導遊, 不太專業, 我今年退休了日本陸上自衛隊(日本陸軍)。

I have spent most of my career as a Army NCO(Non-commissioned officer) . My job experiences are only in the military world, but there are variety of specialties, so I didn't feel boredom. I lived in many places all over Japan, such as Hokkaido 10years, Chiba 15years, Okinawa 8years and more places.

I am working for the half of month as a tour-conductor in Okinawa Japan. Rest of month, I live in Nagasaki Prefecture, and work as a Triple Lights interpreter tour guide.
我一邊在沖繩當旅遊服務員大概半個月,一邊在九州長崎當Triple Lights的翻譯導游工作剩餘的月。

I am registered as a Okinawa prefectural interpreter tour guide (English & Chinese), but don't have a government certification. So I am brushing my skill up to get it.

I speak English, Chinese (simplify & traditional) , no problem to guide you, not like a native though.

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Reviews ( 2 )
Ashley Ashley Singapore
1 month ago

“ One Day Tour at Nagasaki ”

Excellent service provided by Yukihiro. Fully customised to guests needs and provided good introduction & explanations when visiting places around Nagasaki.


Ashley and Erick Thank you very much for high evaluation. The weather was excellent but bad timing for A-bomb museum on that day. i am sorry for that. You have only visited the part of Nagasaki high light spots, please come again in the future. I hope to show you around again. Yukihiro

Bobby Bobby Hong Kong ( Family )
2 months ago

“ Kumamoto castle and fruit picking ”

Yukihiro San is very nice and professional. He is very response to the message and provides very clear information on the non-includes items. During the tour, he tried his best to accommodate our requests and took care of my parents, who has limited mobility. Overall speaking, I will highly recommend Yukihiro San to plan to visit Japan.


Dear Bobby, Thank you very much for the high evaluation to me. The weather was so nice, but sorry for the inefficiency because of the middle day of three consecutive holidays of Japan, heavy traffic and crowded situation. Kumamoto is not my home area, so it is not well known area, I felt the shortage of knowledge and experiences in Kumamoto, so I couldn't provide you the best performance. If you visit Nagasaki, please hire me again, I promise you to guide you in my best performance to travel there. Yukihiro