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2 weeks ago |   by Ursula

“ Wonderful experience with Kahoko! Highly recommend! ”

My granddaughter and I have now returned to the US after a wonderful trip to Tokyo! We saw so much, learned so much, and had a totally wonderful adventure, and Kahoko was a major contributor to this wonderful experience for the two of us. Her willingness to share information about everyday life and Japanese culture as well as recommendations for activities and the best local logistics were incredibly helpful. And the sushi experience and tea ceremony at her home were highlights of our trip. Kahoko was a pleasure to be with in every way!

Very Good
3 weeks ago |   by Nurit

“ Excellent communication, very helpful and knowledgable ”

Kahoko is a lovely woman whose care for our well being was obvious. We were a group of 6 and she did a great job guiding us through the streets, the attractions and telling us about the history and culture which we came to Japan to learn. Communication with Kahoko prior to the trip was easy. She suggested daily itineraries and was happy to accommodate our suggestions. Kahoko's English is excellent and we communication was easy and pleasant.

1 month ago |   by Richard

“ Rrrrrrrrrrrr ”


1 month ago |   by Brian

“ Wonderful tour ”

We had seen the highlights of Tokyo on a prior tour so we asked Kahoko to provide us a more authentic, off the beaten track experience and that is exactly what she did! Wonderful little restaurants, peaceful parks, an amazing graveyard, an incredible museum, a great open market and the shimbbashi crossing experience we had such an amazing day. She also helped us plan out itineraries for two days on our own. It was a pleasure planning the tour in advance by email, Kahoko had great ideas and did an amazing amount of research for us, she is a wonderful communicator. We feel so lucky that Kahoko was our guide, you will too!

1 month ago |   by Mark

“ Tokyo guide ”

Kahoko was an excellent tour guide. She had everything planned out She accommodated our changes to the plan Her English was. Excellent

1 month ago |   by David

“ A unique and private experience away from the grind of Tokyo. ”

Our experience was just that, an amazing Experience. We customized our time together by having her pick us up and helps us with train travel since we have never been to Tokyo before. She gave us lessons on the the train and made us very comfortable. The train ride was a fun time itself for us and our kids. She was so nice and accommodating to our requests. We just loved visiting her town and home and she made us feel so welcome. From the Kimono wearing and picture taking in the park, to an authentic tea ceremony and home style sushi lunch. She went out of her way to make sure our little girl had fun and was a part of the experience. When we are in town again, we will be using her for our guide needs. We'd recommend her and her tours to anyone, whether first time or many times to Tokyo. She's amazing!

1 month ago |   by Estie

“ Kahoko went above and beyond ”

We arranged a private tour with Kahoko for two adults and two kids (ages 4 years and 3 months). Given the age of our kids, we knew we would need to bring our stroller with us. In advance of our tour, Kahoko located all the elevators in the subway stations so that we could travel with our stroller. She even pushed the stroller with one hand while she held an umbrella in her other hand as we explored some of the sites. And she helped hold our baby during lunch time so we could all get something to eat. Our whole group had a very positive experience thanks to Kahoko.

1 month ago |   by Leanne

“ A wonderful guide with great English! ”

I would highly recommend Kahoko as she was so lovely, helpful and knowledgeable! We really enjoyed our day with her as she made it a great experience! I will also mention that she is an English teacher, so is a very good communicator. Overall, I thought she was one of the better guides I have had on my travels and definitely deserves all of the great reviews she has received!

1 month ago |   by Merrill

“ Layover Tour ”

Kahoko was a wonderful tour guide. My husband and I had a 11 hour layover in Tokyo on our way home. Prior to meeting up she gave us all the tips on how to navigate the airport and what train to take into the city. Once we got there she gave us a fantastic tour of the city, we hit up spots all over town! We could not believe how well organized she was, it was incredible. If you have the chance do your self a favor and book with Kahoko.

1 month ago |   by MaryBeth

“ Great Day with Kahoko ”

Kahoko was excellent. We had a fabulous day seeing all the best sights in Tokyo. She made getting around a huge city manageable. There is no way we could have seen all the great sights on our own, let alone in one day. Kahoko knows Tokyo really well and got us around the city through the Metro system very efficiently. Kahoko speaks English well (teaches English part-time). She is very personable and we had a lot of fun spending the day with her. Thank you Kahoko!

1 month ago |   by Frank

“ A fantastic day in Tokyo with Kahoko ”

We had a fantastic full day in Tokyo with Kahoko. Her English is excellent, but most importantly she is such a lovely person to be with and very knowledgeable on many different topics. We managed to cover quite a few places during our time with Kahoko, as she took us not only to some of the touristic sites but also away from the beaten tracks. The suggestions she gave at the end of the day helped us to visit other nice places in the days thereafter. We had a fun time, saw a lot and would certainly go out with her on a next trip to Tokyo. A really great day with a very nice person. A warm thanks, Frank and Hermke.

2 months ago |   by Esther

“ Half day tour in Tokyo ”

We had a wonderful day with Kahoko. She understood our needs and was very flexible throughout the day. We would never have been able to navigate the subway system without her guidance. She was very kind and knowledgeable and made our first day in Tokyo most memorable . Thankyou. Esther

2 months ago |   by Gary

“ Kahoko - great Tokyo tour ”

Our Tokyo Day Tour with Kahoko was wonderful. We had a fun time touring the Tsujiki Market and Asakusa. Kahoko speaks fluent English. She was courteous and accommodation. Every item we requested were answered and happened. She was very capable and went out of her way to help us. If we come back to visit Tokyo again, we would not hesitate to have Kahoko as our Guide.

2 months ago |   by Suzie

“ Our wonderful time with Kahoko ”

We had two half days with Kahoolawe. As well as showing us around Tokyo she was wonderfully helpful with all our queries. She assisted us to buy Shinkansen tickets and to validate JR passes. Nothing was too much trouble for her. We enjoyed her company and highly recommend her.

2 months ago |   by Rei

“ Definitely a memorable experience ”

We will always look back to this wonderful experience. We would recommend her to our friends and colleagues who wish to experience Japanese culture and hospitality. Upon finding out that I have a physical disability, she and her husband even went the extra mile to assist me.

2 months ago |   by Kathryn

“ Great orientation to Toyko! ”

Hohoko was very knowledgeable, flexible. And pleasant to be with. We spent 8 hours with her out first day in Tokyo, and we're able to go out our own the next day in comfort..

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Andrea

“ Kahoko is great ”

Kahoko met us at our hotel and introduced us to the huge and complex Tokyo subway system . This was vitally important for our 6 day stay and we were quickly travelling to all the sights we wanted to see. Kahoko took us to the large park at Ueneo where saw children competing in a dance competion and people enjoying a day off in the sunshine and eating street food, the more human face of Tokyo

2 months ago |   by David

“ Great Guide: Took us places we'd have never found otherwise ”

We spent 4 well-paced and interesting hours with Kahoko, visiting shrines, temples and gardens. She is experienced, linguistically and culturally fluent in American English, warm, engaging, and very knowledgeable. We visited some well-known shrines and temples, plus an extraordinary garden we'd have never found on our own.

2 months ago |   by Mark

“ Gracious, Accommodating Host ”

Kahoko was a marvelous guide. She showed us the highlights of Tokyo taking special care to point out transportation details and the best ways to get around. She was knowledgable, kind, and patient. I would recommend her guide serve to anyone. THANKS KAHOKO!!

2 months ago |   by Barbara

“ Excellent Tour of Tokyo ”

I was shocked to hear we had walked almost nine miles on our day tour of Tokyo. So much to see and do. Kahoko started our tour at the fish market, which was fascinating. We visited temples and shrines and had lunch in a wonderful local restaurant. We saw views and street scenes it would have been impossible to see on our own without Kahoko. She was fantastic, and we only wished we could have stayed longer to discover more of this great city.

3 months ago |   by Deepak

“ Cherry Blossoms revisited with cheerful Kahoko ”

We had two days of personal tour and our guide Kahoko brought made it memorable by cheerfully packing in everything feasible. We saw the blooming cherry blossoms both during the day and lit up in the evening lights, walked through Tokyo and travelled extensively on the subway. The temples, quaint eating joints, local sweet delicacies, gardens, river cruise, transversing through shopping areas on a budget with those with no budgets!! The weather played along with sunny clear days allowing us to make most of the two days. Kahoko had devised an itinerary to suit our varied choices, history, old town area v/s new centers, culture, food habits, interesting new eating places- even managing to interchange plans within those two days to suit our weary feet. Her cheerful disposition, excellent communication skills, extensive knowledge and willingness to accommodate real;y brought Tokyo to life for us. If we ever visit again, our choice would be have Kahoko show us more of rural Tokyo. It was a very happy vacation for us - or shall I use say shiawase - the japanese word for happiness. Thank you Kahoko happy tired Anjali and Deepak Kumar

3 months ago |   by Anthony

“ A lovely day in Kamakura ”

We had a wonderful day in Kamakura. Kahoko met us at our hotel and escorted us, by train and tram to see the Great Buddha, the bamboo forest and several temples in Kamakura - as well as choosing a great place for lunch. Kahoko spoke very good English, and had a sense of humour. She was very flexible with our plans for the day - and together with great weather - gave us the perfect day trip from Tokyo

3 months ago |   by Sandy

“ Exceptional Service ”

I highly recommend Kahoko san she was energetic, polite, knowledgeable and was able to provide a great service to my family. In our group of seven we were travelling with my elderly parents and two young adults. My moms has some mobility issues while the two younger adults moved at a faster pace. Given our diverse group Kahoko san was able to keep everyone engaged and was extremely thoughtful towards my parents and even gave them a small gift. We did have an agenda but she quickly adapted to our requests and also was quick to find us a Very good place to have lunch. I would highly recommend Kahoko san and would use her services again.

4 months ago |   by Krystal

“ Best touristic and local tour ”

Kahoko was an amazing guide. Very patient and knowledgeable of the history. She is always trying to find the best spots for taking the most amazing pictures. We definitely love our tour with her and she made us fall in love with Tokyo. 100% recommend it!

4 months ago |   by Leigh

“ Great day! ”

Loved my half day tour with Kahoko. She met me at my hotel and we were off on our adventure. I loved how she geared our pace towards me. I like to move fast and see as much as possible. I saw so many highlights in just 3 hours - she teally takes pride in guiding her guests.

5 months ago |   by Nana

“ Perfect Tokyo Day ”

We wanted to start our visit to Tokyo with a knowledgable guide to show us the highlights of the city. Kahoko provided a highlight-filled day and more. Before the trip started, she reached out to learn more about what we wanted to see. We had a full day planned but, after we started, Kahoko was able to make modifications to our itinerary based on what we found more interesting - this was wonderful and allowed us to see some of the regular life in Tokyo. It was a long day, but so worth the tired feet!

Very Good
5 months ago |   by Maarten

“ Tokyo in 1 day ”

Being new to this dynamic modern city, to us Kahoko has opened a varied Tokyo within one day: tsukiji fishmarket, kabukika theatre,asakusa temple,ginza, meji jingu shrine, harajuku, omote sando, museums,good speed, interesting info, nice noodlerestaurant, scramble crossing, foodcourts, modern architecture, complex transportation etc. etc.

6 months ago |   by Karen

“ Wonderful Guide for Tokyo ”

Kahoko was most informative and very accommodating and flexible for our needs and requests- we enjoyed our time together immensly and we had a full day enjoying Tokyo...many thanks Kahoko for your advise and guidance!

6 months ago |   by Johanna

“ Excellent Highlight One-Day Tour ”

We are incredibly happy and lucky that we booked our tour with Kahoko. She knows Tokyo like the back of her hand! We trusted her to put together a one-day itinerary, and the entire day exceeded our expectations. She is organized, generous, smart, and fun to talk to. It felt like we were visiting the city with a friend, not just a tour guide. She was sensitive to our needs, making sure we had enough bathroom and food breaks whenever we needed it. We honestly could not have done a one-day tour of Tokyo on our own - but with Kahoko, we were navigating the trains, tourist spots like a pro! As she got to know us better throughout the day, she adjusted our transit a little bit in order to add in neighborhoods that she knew we would like based on our interests. We are major foodies, and she delighted us with visits to wonderful markets, food stalls and restaurants! I would *highly* recommend Kahoko as a tour guide. I look forward to seeing her again on our next visit!

6 months ago |   by Jane

“ Great day in Tokyo! ”

Kahoko was a very informative guide who was happy to accommodate the interests of our family within the tour options we had selected. Thank you, Kahoko, for an excellent introduction to one of the world's great cities!

6 months ago |   by Andreas

“ Tokyo layover ”

Kahoko was awesome! We had a 10 hour layover with 7 hours to spend checking out Tokyo. She met us at the airport and arranged everything! Train ride to town, metro to old town, taxi’s & even a boat ride. Took us to a cool sushi bar, a Ramen house, temples & lots of street markets. It was our time in Tokyo & im sure we got to see & do so much more with her guidance than if we tried to figure it out ourselves. I highly recommend this and Kahoko!

6 months ago |   by Patrick

“ Kahoko is a fantastic guide!! ”

Kahoko is a very personable and considerate guide, our tour with her was a fantastic introduction to Tokyo. She goes above and beyond to tailor the tour to exactly what you want to see, and is very knowledgable about the history and culture of Japan. We highly recommend her tour, especially if you are new to Tokyo!

6 months ago |   by Alex

“ Friendly, knowledgable, and flexible ”

What more could you ask for in a tour guide? We strongly recommend booking Kahoko's "as you like" tour; she was able to accommodate our requests as well as add in suggestions of her own. Whenever our group of 6 had a question, she was able to answer. Thanks again, Kahoko!

Very Good
6 months ago |   by Lily

“ Very tentative and patient ”

We had a great day in Tokyo with Kahoko. It is not easy traveling with two young kids. Kahoko took care of us down to the very little details like bringing tissue and candy to keep the boys going. She took the extra mile of walking us out to the station and making sure we know how to find the dinner spots we wanted to go to before she left. Definitely worth booking especially on your first day in the city so you can get some tips on things to do and getting around for the rest of your stay.

7 months ago |   by Irish

“ We had a great time in tokyo! ”

Kahoko has been an amazing tour guide. My family changed our meeting place the last minute but it was not a problem for Kahoko. She also let us enjoy the food and places that we see and adjusted the itinerary as we go along. The next time the you come to Tokyo, I highly recommend Kahoko. Thank you Kahoko!

7 months ago |   by CLEMENCIA

“ Going Japanese with Kahoko! ”

When we met Kahoko at the hotel lobby, we were impressed with her Japanese outfit. She was simply looking elegant with the way she carried herself. She spoke English quite well with a smile and confidence. She assisted us in wearing our Kimono which took several minutes with all the trimmings we have to wear one over the other. After the walk in the beautiful garden with our outfit, she demonstrated a tea ceremony explaining every detail. Interesting in fact. She served a very good lunch after. We enjoyed every moment with her from the start to the end. We got to meet her husband too who was equally amiable. She and husband made our day!!! We are happy we booked this tour!

8 months ago |   by Patricia

“ A Terrific Tokyo Tour with Kahoko ”

We had an amazing time with Kahoko!! We had a group of 4 friends visiting Tokyo for a few days and there were a few specific areas we really wanted to see. Even though the areas are further apart, Kahoko was very accommodating and helped us plan a terrific itinerary. We enjoyed every minute we had with her. She also made great suggestions on where to take a rest and all the nice bathrooms along the tour route. ;) THANK YOU Kahoko for making our Tokyo tour so memorable. We hope to use your service again the next time we visit Tokyo! Patti

8 months ago |   by Maureen

“ The BEST!!!!!! ”

After 5 unforgettable days in Tokyo, my husband and I have not stopped talking about Kahoko and how much we miss her!Tokyo is an amazing beautiful city, but with the company of Kahoko every place became even more special!! She is an outstanding very knowledgeable guide and, at the same time, an exceptional human being. An hour after meeting her, we felt like we had known her all our lives!! She takes care of every single detail and puts lots of love into her job!! We like to travel a lot and we have hired guides in many places. There are guides and there is Kahoko!!! With her we knew that we had made a friend to keep! Thanks to her we will always keep Tokyo in a very special place in our heart!! We recommend Kahoko 100%!!!!!!!

8 months ago |   by Michael

“ Fantastic! ”

My wife and I arrived for our honeymoon and we had setup to meet Kahoko the following morning for a few hours around the city. She met us at our hotel and our adventure began! Great time and extremely nice guide. She helped us get a Sucia card and explained all the places we visited. Highly recommend Kahoko if you want a guide in Tokyo!

8 months ago |   by John

“ Handled our different request superbly ”

Cannot have asked for a better guide. Well prepared and went that extra mile when asked. Would recommend Kah to anyone. She took us to traditional places which gave us a much better an interedting look at tokyo . Well done and thanks. John

8 months ago |   by Kenneth

“ Wonderful Day in Kamakura ”

Kahoko is a very friendly and professional guide. Excellent pre-trip communication and itinerary. She is very organized but flexible as well. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Kahoko and would do it again.

8 months ago |   by Chris

“ Kahoko was our guide for the last two days. I highly recommend. ”

Though it rained non stop Kahoko guided us by subway, J R train effortlessly around Tokyo. Always with smile. She teaches English and thus speaks and understands well. I highly recommend. All four of us will miss her as we leaves Tokyo.

9 months ago |   by Concepcion

“ Kamakura tour October 2017 ”

Our experience with Kahoko is very good. She has a good command of English and knowledge of the history of the places we visited. There were six of us in our group, and we highly recommend her to my friends who plan to visit Japan specially Kamakura and the neighboring places went to. Thank you Kahoko and thank you Triplelights. Mrs. Concepcion Regino

9 months ago |   by Janet

“ Great day in Tokyo ”

Kahoko was quite gracious & accommodating. Her command of English was very good. We got to see the sights we were interested in, plus some of the local scene that tourists don’t often see. Kahoko was full of energy & a delightful person!

9 months ago |   by Caryl

“ outstanding tour guide ”

Kahoko was an outstanding tour guide for our first trip to Tokyo and Japan. She was so pleasant, easy to be with and always had a smile. We let her know ahead of our arrival what we would like to see and do while in Tokyo. She not only planned those activities but introduced us to the incredible Tokyo subway system. Kahoko brought us to interesting restaurants and introduced us to new foods. She was interesting and knowledgeable and wanted to share her country, it's history, culture and customs with us. We believe she went above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend Kahoko on your next trip to Tokyo.

9 months ago |   by Min

“ Great guide! ”

Kahoko-san was a great guide. She was very knowledgeable and considerate. It was an interesting tour. She taught me a lot of Japanese culture. In Hamarikyu Garden, she showed the way to drink macha tea in Japanese tradition. She even brought a handkerchief for me knowing paper towel is not widely available in public places in Japan and foreigners from US usually do not bring handkerchiefs. I highly recommend Kahoko-san for any visitor Tokyo.

10 months ago |   by Susan

“ Excellent and very professional ”

My husband and I were very impressed by our guide, Kahoko. She speaks English beautifully, was very sensitive to our particular interests,and was able to adapt our itinerary to make sure we took advantage of special opportunities then on view such as an exhibit at the National Museum.

10 months ago |   by David

“ Two great tours ”

We had the pleasure of Kahoko's company for a four hour and three hour tour on consecutive days. Both tours were customised and Kahoko was happy to change plans when we stayed a bit longer at some destinations. Her English was fantastic, and she knowledgeable and very friendly. In addition, on both days she provided additional assistance for us to get to our next destination after the tour. The first day she waited at the station for 20 minutes while we went back to our hotel to change, before accompanying us to another station where we had to catch our connecting train, all in her own time. One of the nicest people I've ever met. Would definitely recommend.

11 months ago |   by Jenny

“ Best guide ever!! ”

We enjoyed our tour with Kahoko very much. She met us by our train station. We planned our day together. Kahoko explained the Japanese culture, what to do at the temples and shrines. Taught us how to use the metro/train system in Tokyo. She had so much energy and we did a lot of walking! She was very patience with us, since we had to stop several times for my husband to rest and my kids wanting to try different kind of food. Kahoko's english was perfect. We had no problem with our communication. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a tour guide.

11 months ago |   by Deborah

“ Like having a good knowledgeable friend show you around! ”

Kahoko was great! Terrific English skills, planned a perfect day with van and driver and lunch, wonderful with kids. I enjoyed our day and conversation. I recommend her highly!

11 months ago |   by Roland

“ Flexible, Creative, and Super Fun to Be With ”

Our plane arrived into Tokyo an hour early...we were already scheduled to begin earlier than usual...at 7AM. When I messaged Kahoko...she met us something the airport at 6...and took us over the bridge and across the moats to the imperial palace...a perfect beginning to a very early morning! Throughout the day, Kahoko added adventures to our trip, and she showed us, in our 12 hour layover in Tokoyo, more of the city, the history, and the culture than we could have ever done on our own. If you only have a day, but want to get two or three days worth of sites, there is no better way than to go with Kahoko. My family of seven are all so grateful, and we couldn't recommend her any more highly!

11 months ago |   by Sandra


Our family had 4 different tour guides on our trip and Kahoko was by far our favourite. She was lovely, kind, informative, and felt like a part of the family. We truly missed her when we had to say goodbye. You are sure not to miss by selecting Kahoko as your guide!!

11 months ago |   by Lisa

“ Kahoko - Not Just a Tour Guide ”

Traveling alone can be difficult and, well, lonely. Today, I was blessed with Kahoko for a tour guide because she wasn't just a tour guide, but a companion for the day! We visited two places that I wanted to go: the Sensoji Buddhist Temple and the Meiji Jingu Shrine. We also fit in a wonderful traditional Kiseki meal. I had asked to stop for a meal and asked her to pick something traditional and this lunch was delightful. Kahoko was full of knowledge on this histories of these places and as we talked and she learned about my likes, she suggested little side trips so that I could see different things I didn't know existed. She also explained how to better use the subway system and suggested places for me to go later in my trip. I would recommend any traveler, especially one travelling alone, to hire Kahoko.

1 year ago |   by Dina

“ Kahoko review ”

Kahoko came to the hotel on time, even a little early. Even though we were late, she was patient and calm. She was professional and courteous and tailored the tour to our needs.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Stephen

“ Great tour of Tokyo ”

Kahoko is a great tour guide. She took us on a tour of Tokyo showed us many different aspects of Japanese lives. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend her.

1 year ago |   by WILSON

“ Wonderful guide and friend ”

My family had a wonderful time touring around Tokyo with Kahoko! She was friendly, knowledgeable and flexible. We were able to get a very good sense of daily life in Japan which is what we wanted to experience. It felt like having a good friend take us around Tokyo. We would definitely use her again if we come back to Japan. Thanks for a fantastic experience!

1 year ago |   by Nichole

“ Fun Day in Tokyo! ”

We had a great full-day tour with Kahoko. She was flexible, kind, and easy to work with. We appreciated her knowledge of the area, history of Tokyo, and patience with our toddler. She was very helpful with navigating the public transportation system and even bought our son a treat. We would highly recommend Kahoko as a guide. Thank you for a great experience of Japanese hospitality!

1 year ago |   by Jordan

“ Simply perfect guide for a first time visit! ”

Kahoko took the time to answer all of our questions and customized the tour around what we wanted to see. She was the nicest guide and made sure my wife and I were comfortable at every step. Would use Kahoko again when I come back to Tokyo!

1 year ago |   by Anita

“ Paradise on the outer edge of Tokyo ”

Kahoko expertly guided me through the labyrinth of Tokyo’s metro system for our day’s excursion to Mt. Takao. First by subway, then train, then cable car and finally we used our own two feet walking on a very civilized paved path to reach our destination. Even though our weather was picture perfect with blue skies and puffy white clouds, Mt. Fuji eluded us from the summit of Mt. Takao. That said, the sheer serenity of this location and the exquisite views make this a very worthwhile tour. Kahoko is a fantastic guide with knowledge of Tokyo and all things Japanese from food to art to architecture to history and culture. So in addition to a great hike, I learned much about Japanese culture – past and present. Thanks Kahoko for a fantastic and fulfilling day!

1 year ago |   by Terry

“ It was a joyful, exciting, relaxing way to see the Tokyo with and through the of women living there. ”

Kahoko greeted us with a warm welcome and had a wonderful day planned out for us beginning to end with walking to the Kabuki theater and fish market, and seeing temples and shrines along the way and boat ride to another city, sharing history past and current concerns, sampling new meals, giving guidance to gift buying ideas and ending with coffee together. This is the best way to see a city especially with a different language. Definitely would invite Kahoko to lead us again.

1 year ago |   by Abbey

“ A wonderful day in Tokyo ”

Kahoko was terrific. Her English is very good. Her informative commentary really added to or enjoyment of all of the sights. She easily adapted to our preferences and went well beyond her commitment in order to accompany us to the location we wanted to visit after our half day tour to make sure that we found it. I would highly recommend her to anyone visiting Tokyo.

1 year ago |   by Anton

“ Awesome Guide for Families and Foodies around Tokyo! ”

I love how patient, gracious and knowledgeable Kahoko is when it pertains to Japan culture, food, and family. We traveled with 4 boys aged 12, 9, 7, 2 and she was very helpful in managing the tour with them. My wife likes Kahoko and we wish we have more time to spend with her. She speaks English very well and very approachable. Highly recommended!

1 year ago |   by Dee

“ It was a Fabulous Day ”

Kahoko was delightful. She was very knowledgeable and interesting. We had spent two days in Tokyo prior to meeting Kahoko and had seen many of the major sites. She offered a different perspective on the city and introduced us to places we would not have seen without her. She was flexible. Her English is excellent. Clearly her goal was to ensure we had a beautiful day and she did that very successfully. We cannot say enough good things about her. We would recommend her unhesitatingly. You will be fortunate to have her as your guide.

1 year ago |   by Aaron

“ Excellent Tour ”

Kahoko is an excellent tour guide. She has in-depth knowledge of local history so it was a treat to tour with her. She is very friendly, accommodating, and took us to her favorite lunch spot in Yanaka Ginza (soba noddles). We highly recommend Kahoko and would tour with her again.

1 year ago |   by Rosemary

“ Vacation in Tokyo ”

Kahoko San was a great tour guide. She was very timely and knowledgeable of all locations we visited. She spoke very good English and was very confident in her guidance. She actually went above and beyond what was expected of a tourist guide. She had no obligation for helping us carry our shopping bags, but she did. That was very much appreciated. There is no way my husband and I would have enjoyed our visit in Tokyo had it not been for her guidance and the services we received from triple lights. Thank you very much for everything.

1 year ago |   by Amy

“ A Day in Tokyo ”

My husband and I had an exceptional day visiting which I believe was the eastside of Tokyo with Kahoko. I had mentioned to Kahoko when first arranging the tour of places we might be interested in seeing, but never having been to Tokyo and so many places on our list I told her the 1 must place to go, Tsukiji Market, and let her take it from there. We had a very well versed tour of the market, got to tour the bustling secondary wholesale area with all the carts zipping around, the outer markets and had lunch at an absolutely wonderful standup sushi bar near the market. She took us through Asakusa, Ginza, and Akiharabara. Ginza was not high on my list but having Kahoko guide us through the Kabuki theater, which lead to conversation about Takarazuka, the basement food area of Mitsukoshi Department Store, and a stop at a nice cafe area above the central area of Ginza to have a break and to enjoy the view of the busy Ginza streets from floors above, which we would have never found on our own, provided us with a well-rounded view of Ginza other than just expensive shops. Even more than all the places and insights that Kahoko provided was conversations about life in Tokyo which felt like having a friend take us around for a visit.

1 year ago |   by Jon

“ Best guide we've encountered. ”

A++ Kahoko is one of the best tour guides we have encountered. She guided us for one and a half days in Tokyo and one day in Kamakura on either side of a Riviera Travel tour of central Honshu. Her English is excellent and she went out of her way to make sure we had an enjoyable visit. Each morning she met us in our hotel lobby and returned us to the same spot at the end of the day. She taught us how to use the Tokyo subway ticket machines and then how to navigate the subway system. When entering a train she always hurried ahead to find us seats. Without her help we would have wasted at least half of our time getting from place to place. We were able to fit in all of the items on our bucket list not covered by our commercial tour, and then some of her suggestions. We went to some of her favorite local restaurants for our lunches: a 10 seat sushi restaurant at the Tokyo fish market, a small tempura restaurant in the Yanaka district, and a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kamakura. We would have never found these wonderful little restaurants on our own. Kahoko is very knowledgeable about all things Japanese and is a pleasure to be with. She was more like a personal friend than a tour guide. You will not find a better guide in Tokyo than Kahoko. We highly recommend her. Jon and Susan April 11, 12, 23

1 year ago |   by Ruby

“ 6 hour tour around tokyo ”

Wow, she's great. I love here, my family loves her. She is a good guide..she speaks english fluently..thank you ms kahoko for the experience especially the authentic japanese restaurant..

1 year ago |   by Mervyn

“ 2 days in Kahoko's Tokyo ”

We had a fantastic time with Kahoko. Well paced days,great knowledge of the areas visited and easy to converse with. It was like visiting with an old friend. Highly recommended.

1 year ago |   by Sara

“ Pleasant and knowledgeable tour in Tokyo with Kahoko ”

Kahoko san was very nice and professional guide with whom I spent six hours viewing Tokyo. She planned our route well knowing my wishes but also taking into an account the city constraints like traffic and rush hour. We discussed many aspects of Japan during the tour and she shared me interesting things of Japanise way of living and the society overall. I was very satisfied of the tour and can highly recommend Kahoko as a guide to share highlights of the wonderful city of Tokyo and Japan in general.

1 year ago |   by JO-ANN

“ Memorable trip ”

Our Tokyo trip was well worth it thanks to Kahoko. We were able to visit and see everything we planned. It was kind of hectic but everything fell into place (even the weather) :) Kahoko was kind enough to accomodate all our requests. Will definitely book Kahoko again on our next family trip to Japan.

1 year ago |   by Gabriella

“ Great family time with Kahoko ”

We had a wonderful first day in Tokyo with Kahoko. She was friendly, organized and flexible when we made some adjustments to our very ambitious plan for the day. She was great with our children and even helped us by making a reservation for my husband's birthday dinner. I'm not sure what we would have done for his birthday without her help. She made what could have been a stressful first day in town easy and fun.

1 year ago |   by Vicki

“ Young Family of 3 Had a wonderful day in Tokyo with Kahoko! ”

Kahoko was very prompt setting up arrangements for our tour and was there on time to meet us at the beginning of the day. We had a stroller for our 1 year old so she found elevators to use in the subway wherever we could. She was patient, informative, kind, flexible and helpful with our toddler all day long. We highly recommend her for your tour (especially families!)

1 year ago |   by Adriana

“ A marathon in Tokyo ”

Kahoko is a very gracious guide who speaks excellent english and showed great stamina taking us on an intense day tour in Tokyo that she catered to our specific wishes. She taught us a great deal about local customs, recent history and has great insider tips of special places to see in Tokyo that are not on the usual tourist route (which we greatly appreciated). Arigato gozaimasu Kahoko!

1 year ago |   by Kavita

“ Best guide ever! ”

Kahoko was excellent! - organized efficient and so good with my kids (aged 15,14,11) We were visiting for the first time from Chicago. She made sure to touchbase via email and make a plan while understanding my families needs. The night before I emailed her late to ask for her help with JR Pass bookings and she was happy to take time out help us. She even took my kids around Tokyo station while my husband and I stood in line and made our reservations. She was extremely knowledgeable about Tokyo and very easy to talk to. She took family pictures all along the tour for us. Lunch was planned at a restaurant that worked out perfectly for our vegetarian and kid needs! She even took time out to let my kids shop at their favorite store Uniqlo during the tour and still show us all that we wanted. Our day tour with Kahoko was out best day in Tokyo! Highly recommend!

1 year ago |   by Anitha

“ Day trip Tokyo ”

Kahoko was very professional. Planned the day very well - specially customized to the mixed ages in our group - two children and one senior. She took us to linch places that accommodates vegetarians and was a pleasure to spend a day with.

1 year ago |   by Belinda

“ Quick trip to Tokyo! ”

We absolutely LOVED Kahoko!!!! She was awesome!!!! She met us at the airport as we were not confident we could manage on our own. HA! She showed us everything. Well as much as you can see in 10 hours! :-) We would not have had as much fun if we didn't meet her. We will definitely request her again when we return with our children. A++++++++++

1 year ago |   by Charles

“ Wonderful Tour with Kahoko ”

We arranged for a 1/2 day tour with Kahoko. I had emailed her that we wanted to visit Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings and Shinjuku Gyoen. I let her know that we would be jet-lagged seniors and that we didn't want to have too hectic of a pace. She responded promptly that it this itinerary was very possible. We had a wonderful time with her as she was so personable, professional, and a wealth of information. In a short time, we felt like she had been a long time friend. We not only learned about the sights that we visited, but she pointed out interesting things in our transit. We even learned how to maneuver the transportation system that we felt comfortable traveling around Tokyo on our own. Even though it was early in the season for the cherry blossoms, Kahoko took us to a beautiful tree in bloom in Shinjuku Gyoen that she had discovered the day before. We plan to return to Tokyo next year with other family members, and we hope to have Kahoko guide us around again.

1 year ago |   by MOHD

“ Full.fill my dream ”

Very friendly person. Very knowlegable person about tokyo . Explain me in detail. I very hPpy. I will recommande to my friends. Thanks alot (どうもありがとうございました)

1 year ago |   by Shyam

“ A truly wonderful introduction to Tokyo! ”

Kahoko was a splendid tour guide and gave us a really thorough introduction to Tokyo! Depending on your itinerary (our's was ambitious), definitely wear your walking shoes, I think we hit 12 miles! Kahoko's English is excellent and she herself is very sweet and likable. We were also very appreciative and impressed by the fact that she visited a vegetarian restaurant we had suggested the day before we arrived, just to make sure there were no issues in finding it (T's TanTan, vegetarian ramen, which we really enjoyed). It was very helpful to have a tour guide our first day in the city to help us understand how to navigate the subway, and Kahoko was great about making sure we saw the sites we wanted to see. Thank you Kahoko for your hospitality and a wonderful day in Tokyo! ありがとうございました!

1 year ago |   by Joe

“ Wonderful 4hr tour with Kohoko on our first day in Tokyo ”

Best decision to have a tour on our first day in Tokyo. Kahoko was a wonderful guide and we felt very blessed to have her with us. We were a large group of seven including three teenagers who had just hoped off an overnight flight so all a bit tired. She really responded to the groups needs and interests as we toured around Akihabara, Akasaka and Nippori/Yanaka. We did more in those 4hrs with Kahoko's guidance and directions than we have done in days since on our own. She took us down backstreet shortcuts and through suburban areas as well as to more well known tourist destinations. She advised us all what was what at the street food markets and helped with purchases on our journey. As a parent herself, she had a great understanding of the kids needs/wants. We can't thank her enough and when saying goodbye at the station it was like parting from a good friend. I can highly recommend taking a tour with Kahoko, you would never regret the decision. Best wishes on your travels.

1 year ago |   by Judy

“ A perfect introduction to Tokyo ”

We were fortunate to spend half a day with Kahoko on December 31st to get a taste of Tokyo. We arrived the night before and were a bit nervous about navigating the metro/railway so we wanted someone who could help orient us, and to show us some of the key areas of Tokyo. Kahoko met our request perfectly - she was waiting for us at the designated spot and helped us buy our Pasmo card and explain the train system. We travelled by train to Akihabara first to see the arcades and anime world; then to Asakusa to visit the beautiful Sensoji temple where Kahoko taught us the customs for New Year. She took us to an authentic conveyor belt sushi restaurant where the fish was so fresh - thank goodness she was able to translate for us as the servers didn't speak English. Finally, we went to Shibuya/Harajuku areas where there were lots of stores and street vendors selling different types of food. Kahoko is a very gracious and refined tour guide who made us feel so comfortable. What a wonderful introduction to Tokyo. ありがとうございました !!

1 year ago |   by Marlou

“ What a FUN Day with Kahoko! ”

My Family's first trip to Japan became more memorable with the tour guided by Kahoko-san. We learned a lot most especially on how to understand the "seemingly" complicated train system in Japan. But with how Kahoko presented it to us and explained on how to read the map, the rest of our train rides in Tokyo was a breeze. Thank you so much. Would definitely recommend Triplelights with Kahoko as guide to friends and relatives who will visit Japan soon. :-)

1 year ago |   by William

“ Two beautiful days in Tokyo ”

We had two wonderful days in Tokyo with the dedicated and resourceful help from Kahoko. Kahoko is super nice, very knowledgeable and accommodating. The tea ceremony in the Hamarikyu, my daughter's spontaneously visiting the Cat cafe and my son's best eel lunch are just the few of many fond memories we had for our two days and three nights in Tokyo. Kahoko,thank you very much! Tokyo, we will be back!

1 year ago |   by Bruce

“ Great day with Kahoko ”

We booked a half day and a full day tour with Kahoko , We had a awesome time kahoko was very prompt , well spoken in English Very knowledgable on all the places we visited . Kahoko even went out of her way to accomodate a special requested place we wanted to visit for my wife . Sorry for making you late for your next appointment . We had a lovely time and would defiantly do not again

1 year ago |   by Roy

“ Kahoko - a 5-Star Guide ”

We arrived in Japan at 5am for the first time and wanted to experience Tokyo with a local who could show us around. Kahoko met us at our hotel and from that moment on, we felt that Kahoko was more than a guide but also someone we could trust, more like a friend. She showed us how to navigate the Tokyo Metro, the sacred places, the new and exciting places, as well as the traditional parts of Tokyo. Kahoko took us to a traditional Japanese lunch and my wife enjoyed sashimi (raw fish) for the very first time, and with Kahoko's expert guidance and knowledge made for the most enjoyable Japanese meal. Overall we thoroughly loved her and so will you! Kahoko is a 5-star guide!

1 year ago |   by Charlotte

“ A fantastic pit stop in Tokyo. ”

I was on a business trip to Japan and had a day spare to explore Tokyo. What better way than with a helping hand? Tour was as described and I very much had an enjoyable day and learnt a great deal with Kahoko. If you want to make the most of a short stay I highly recommend booking.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Anna

“ 1 Day Tokyo Sightseeing ”

Kahoko speaks really good English and it's a bliss communicating with her. She is very prompt with her response and takes the trouble to plan the travel itinerary according to our intended sights to visit. My family and I had a wonderful time visiting Asakusa, taking the water boat to Hama Rikyu Garden, experiencing the Tea ceremony and sweet mochi and stopping Odaiba as our last visting site. I would definitely contact her again when I'm next visiting Tokyo again. Arigatou gozaimashita!

1 year ago |   by Filip

“ Great general overview ”

Our guide was friendly, intelligent and dynamic whichallowed us to see the maximum in 5 hours tlme.

1 year ago |   by Jason

“ Wonderful Japanese cultural experience ”

My wife and I had such a wonderful time with Miss Kahoko. She's punctual in meeting us in our hotel elegantly dressed in nice kimono which set the tone for the cultural activity. Her house is very quaint and immaculately clean and tidy. She taught / help us into our respective kimonos before heading to a nice stroll in a nearby lovely Japanese garden. The tea ceremony was very solemn and relaxing to the senses. The kaiseki lunch which she cooked is really delicious, not to mention that the arrangement is very pleasing to the eyes. She even served us the most delicious grapes that we have ever tasted - the Tanenashi variety. Overall this tour is highly recommended for those who like to experience the real Japanese culture in a 4 hour span. By the way she even went out of her way to bring us to Ginza after our tour is concluded which is a big convenience for us. Overall an excellent experience second to none. Thanks a lot Miss Kahoko.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Eran

“ 2 days around Tokyo ”

We had a wonderful time travelling around visiting sites with Kahoko. She is knowledgeable and kind and speaks good English. I would definitely contact her again next time we are in Tokyo.

1 year ago |   by Paula

“ Tokyo, Japan: Highlighlights of the city ”

What a memorable and wonderful travel experience I enjoyed with Kahoko as my tour guide in Tokyo, Japan. Kahoku is educated, fluent in English, well informed, elegant and most definitely, a "people person!" Wherever we went, Kahoku was engagng with the people we met. Her demeanor made every experience, whether touring, shopping, dining or travelling on the metro a friendly experience. Together we toured some noteworthy sites in and around Tokyo, namely: The Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Market, Tokyo Tower, New Art Center, Meiji Shrine, Senso-ji Shrine. We visited the neighborhoods of Roppongi, Shibayu, Asakusa and Akihabara, as well as, the nostalgic towns of Ueno & Yanaka. We attended a Tea Ceremony and rode in a Rickshaw: Kohoku even dressed in traditional kimono one day too. What a wonderful way to get immersed into Japanse culture. I am fortunate to have had the honor and pleasure to have had Kahoko as my travel guide and now a friend.

1 year ago |   by Marilyn

“ A wonderful "Sumo" sized tour experience ”

We had a a very full and fantastic day with our guide Kahoko. She was ready and filled with all sorts of information, maps and transportation schedules and procedures for us. She was answering so many of our questions that we had without even asking. She readily made changes to our itinerary due to the rain and to my physical limitations. She aptly and efficiently took us through the Tsujiki Fish Market. We were very fortunate to be immediately seated at a favored/popular sushi restaurant and had the omakase (chef's choice) which was delectably fresh, generous in portion ad beautifully presented (no photographs allowed!). While at the fish market, Kahoko directed me to a knife vendor since I had wanted to buy a high quality carbon steel sashimi knife. Through her interpretation, I was able to learn quite a lot of the care and use of the knife which I greatly appreciated. Plus she enjoys cooking as well and has experience in filleting fish. We also visited the Ginza area (where we met an up and coming sumo wrestler) for shopping, visited the Kabuki theater and took a break at a tea shop with a beautiful garden; the Imperial Palace, Asakusa area browsing and shopping and visit to Senoji Temple. We arrived back to our hotel at 4 pm very tired but loaded with many suggestions, places to visit and directions for our time on our own. We did go to a Fugu (pufferfish) restaurant the next night that she suggested and it was a wonderful and memorable experience. Not only was Kahoko full of very helpful travel information and historic background of Tokyo, she was so warm with a sense of humor and engaging personality. And very patient and sensitive to my physical limits. If/when we return to Tokyo, we will definitely have Kahoko be our guide to other parts of the Tokyo area.

1 year ago |   by John

“ The wonders of Japan ”

Kahoko is a wonderful guide who shared her extensive knowledge of Japan with us that included Tokyo and Nikko in particular. She communicated with us quite well. She has a subtle sense of humor and a quiet confidence in her demeanor. We whole hardily recommend her to anyone with an interest in Japan

1 year ago |   by Elaine

“ Excellent experience with Kahoko ”

Kahoko was a wonderful guide - we visited places of interest and nothing was too much trouble. Kahoko also explained in detail how the metro worked as we navigated Tokyo. She also arranged lunch for us at a Japanese restaurant which we very much enjoyed. I would recommend Kahoko to anyone wanting to visit Japan.

1 year ago |   by Nora

“ Half day tour ”

Kahoko was an excellent guide. She had great depth of knowledge and also lovely sense of humour. She was very generous with her time and considerate of our needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

1 year ago |   by Sandra

“ Kahoko's outstanding Tokyo ”

Kahoko arranged a fabulous walking tour for us based on our expressed interests within the timeframe and took us to places we would never have come across on our own. Kahoko went above and beyond, courteously assisting us prior to and after our tour with suggestions such as which transport card to purchase, typhoon information and details of where to find items we required. Emails were answered promptly. Highly recommend Kahoko for a very personalised experience.

1 year ago |   by Sue

What a wonderful experience! Kahoko was absolutely amazing! Although she will do any type of tour you want, we left the day up to her, & we were not disappointed. She helped us navigate the trains, showed us so many fascinating places, took us to a marvelous restaurant for a tempura lunch and then to a traditional tea ceremony, just to name a few. Throughout the day, she provided history, explained traditions, and answered our never ending questions with patience and wisdom. At the end of our day, Kahoko helped us plan for the rest of our journey & even mapped out our trains. I highly recommend Kahoko - a wonderful, knowledgeable guide and a lovely person!

1 year ago |   by Garry

On our recent trip to Tokyo, we booked an english speaking tour guide to show us the sights of this beautiful city. We were graced with the presence of much more than just “ an English speaking tour guide!” We met a new lifelong friend in our guide Kahoko Kawada. Upon initially meeting her she told me, my wife, and my college age son and daughter to call her “Auntie.” How is THAT for making you feel at home in a foreign land! Just as extraordinary as her welcome, her knowledge of all the sights as well as the transportation on the train was impeccable. She made navigating Tokyo seem easy and graceful. Kahoko was also sensitive to the fact that we don't normally walk close to 14 miles a day and gave us ample time as WE needed for breaks. Even break times were chosen in places that deserved time for introspection instead of a casual glance. Kahoko tailors her tours to the sights that her guests want to see. She will e mail you ahead of time asking for your input. Between the time we had e mailed her until we met, our list had changed. In an instant, Kahoko proefssionally amended our itinerary to the last detail including the train schedule. Along the way, she was a fantastic listener commiting to memory the last details of information we had shared with her making us feel truly valued as her guests. She is also quite a story teller herself sharing with us her life experiences as well as Japanese lore and culture. This gave us a richer appreciation Japan and more specifically Tokyo. We truly consider ourselves blessed and more enriched for having the guidance of Kahoko Kahada. Our trip to Tokyo simply would not have been the same without her. Anyone who is lucky enough to share a day of touring with her throughout Tokyo will also be blessed by her bright personality, her careful knowledge, and her extreme professionalism. Like ours, your trip to Japan will be the trip of a lifetime!

2 years ago |   by Kelly

Review from my boys.. Hi Aunty Kahoko, Thank you for being a great guide to us! During the trip, we constantly had new places we wished to visit and places we wanted to go back to (Akihabara haha), and you could fulfill our wishes and make adjustments in the schedule every time :) We really enjoyed all of the places we visited with you, and also had the opportunity to get closer to Japan and its culture and tradition. Not only did we see the traditional side of Japan, but we also came in close contact with modern Japan and its beauty through your excellent command of the English language. Thanks so much for the great time in Tokyo! If you are looking for a guide in Tokyo, I would definitely Recommend Kahoko! :) Ryan and Rayner Singapore

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