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I can help you visit the places around Abashiri, where I live and go hiking in our area. There isn't frequent transportation service here and I think you need to take a taxi or rent a car. We basically begin our tours from Abashiri and return to this city. If you plan to start your tour from different cities, let me know about your plan. In that case, you might need to pay for my transportation expenses and accomodation fees. There might be some cases that I have to drive a long way ( more than 3 or 4 hours for one way) and stay at a hotel on the day before meeting you.
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Cities where I can guide: Hokkaido , Other Hokkaido Locations , Shiretoko / Abashiri

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(2) Reviews
Hourly rate 38 USD Price up to 4 people
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I used to be a high school English teacher at the public high school in Hokkaido. I retired from an English teacher 6 years ago and I got a license of the national government licensed guide interpreter. I live in a small city named Abashiri, which is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido island, Japan and very rich in nature. Abashiri is surrounded by natural beauty such as lakes, rivers and mountains. I like to go hiking in the mountains near our city all year round. In spring, we can see beautiful peaks crwoned with remaining snow, in summer there are a lot of alpine flowers, in autumn we can see gorgeous autumn colors and in winter we can enjoy snowshoeing in the small mountains on sunny days and seeing beautiful Okhotsk Sea covered with drift ice. I would like you to enjoy walking in the forests while hearing birds singing. I hope you will have a chace to enjoy some of them. I can help you spend wonderful time here.
Abashiri offers you not only natural beauty but also some interesting museums which specialize in northern minorities such as Ainu, Inuit and Eskimo. Also, there is a drift ice museum where you can touch some drift ice in the very cold room (-15 degrees Celsius) even in summer. You will have a great time visiting those small museums.

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Private Tours

Mt.Meakan Hike, Active Volcano Hike in Hokkaido

(2) Reviews
by Hiroshi
There are two mountains named Mt. Akan in the Akan Naitonal Park; Mt.Meakan (female Mt.Akan) and Mt. Oakan (male Mt.Akan), both of them are volcanoes. Mt.O...
10 Hours US$ 288 up to 4 people

Mt. Musa Hike, Peaceful Walk in the Forest in Hokkaido

(2) Reviews
by Hiroshi
Mt. Musa (1005m) hike, which gives you a quiet, peaceful time while walking in the forest in Nakashibetsu town, Hokkaido. You can see magnificent views of ...
11 Hours US$ 288 up to 4 people

Mt.Nishibetsu Hike, Enjoy Alpine Plants in Hokkaido

(2) Reviews
by Hiroshi
Enjoy the hike at Mt. Nishibetsu with lots of beautiful alpine flowers and relaxing time at the Nishibetsu Cabin. You can stop by Lake Mashu Observatory to...
11 Hours US$ 288 up to 4 people

Northern Peoples and Drift Ice in Abashiri

(2) Reviews
by Hiroshi
Visit to the local museums which specialize in the culture of Northern Peoples and drift ice. Abashiri, a small town located in the eastern part of Hokkaid...
7 Hours US$ 269 up to 4 people

Mt. Mokoto Hike Surrounded by Natural Beauty in Abashiri

(2) Reviews
by Hiroshi
Mt. Mokoto is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido. It is not so high and you can enjoy walking on the trail well-maintained while listening to birds' s...
8 Hours US$ 288 up to 4 people

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Reviews ( 2 )
Sandy Sandy United States ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ Outstanding experience with local guide ”

Our group from Seattle Washington spent two days with Hiroshi in Eastern Hokkaido - one day touring the Abashiri area and the second hiking in Lake Akan. We had a great experience with him and highly recommend him. In planning the trip, Hiroshi was a pleasure to work with. We were interested in hiking and seeing some of the natural wonders of Eastern Hokkaido. He answered all our e-mails promptly with excellent ideas and information, and was very flexible in developing a trip that met the needs of our schedule and group interests. On our arrival to Japan, Hiroshi went out of his way to make two trips to the airport as some of our group was delayed. Upon meeting him, we bonded quickly. His written and spoken English is excellent - not surprising as he is a former English teach... read more


Hi Sandy Thank you so much for your message. I had a GREAT time spending two days with you, too. It was also a hppy and pleasure time for me. Unfortunately, we didn't have the best weatherfor the hike at Mt.Meakan but as I told you during our hike, that was a kind of the notice that we should hike again. So I'd like you all to come again to Mt. Meakandake to enjoy its spectacular views in the near future !! I was really glad to know you had a good luck to be able to see beautiful views of Lake Mashu, a small pond called 'Kaminoko-ike',or God's Child Pond in English and rare birds including cranes during the rest of your tour. Please let me know anytime when you need some information about eaastern Hokkaido. I'm looking forward to hearing from you !! Thanks again for your kind words... read more

Craig Craig United States ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ Custom tour of Abashiri ”

Hiroshi is an excellent and knowledgeable guide around the Abashiri area. He’s very communicative and worked with me to research and schedule a tour to fit my interests so don’t feel limited by the tour description on Triplelights. He was a gracious host. We ate the best oysters I have ever tasted near Lake Saroma. His English is very good, both written and spoken


Thank you for your kind comments, Craig. I'm happy to know you really enjoyed your stay in Abashiri. December is not the best time to visit Abashiri, but we did have a great time visiting scenic spots, water birds observation and drift ice museum. Especially, having delicious oysters WAS a high-light for me, too. Please come and visit Abashiri again and have more memorable experiences with me. Thanks again for visiting Abashiri. Hiroshi.