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My schedule of this year 2019 has NOT been finalized.

When you need me for your trip in Japan, please check my tour page named “Customized Tour for You” before inquires. In which you’ll guess how you’ll be guided and how much it’ll cost you in addition to guide fees.

After the first contact from you, I’ll ask you some questions. For example, what are you MOST INTERESTED in Japan? Are you good walkers? Would you tell me your food preferences?
It won’t take you so long. I just need some information for making better plans. I’d appreciate it if you’d give me such information at first contact. Then it may save your time and energy.

After presenting you the first tour plan, you can ask me to revise the itinerary only once. I’d appreciate it if you’d read it very well before you ask me questions.

To avoid misunderstanding or trouble with you, I never accept Direct Booking. read more


  • Duration: 1 hours minimum and 7 hours maximum per day.
  • People: 15 maximum
  • Tours are basically walking tours using local transportation (trains and buses). Please mention if you would like to use a taxi or a private hire.
  • For multiple days, please mention in the message.

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