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1 hour ago |   by Nadya

“ Fantastic! ”

Fumiko was amazing! Her communication prior to our visit was very thorough. She planned the day that catered for our needs. She really took into consideration my children's ages and what they would like and they did enjoy the day. She also helped us with other issues regarding the rest of our trip which was very useful. Were very happy to have her as a guide.

Very Good
2 hours ago |   by Deepka

“ Highlights of Tokyo ”

We had a wonderful day with Mayumi. She showed us the important sights in Tokyo. She was very pleasant and accommodating. Thank you Mayumi.

Very Good
6 hours ago |   by CHRISTOS

“ Short visit to Fukuoka - Japan. ”

Reliable, helpful, ready to give you all information.

7 hours ago |   by Pritam

“ Quick one and day half tour ”

Apart from fitting into my demanding and changing wants of covering many areas in just 1 ½ days, Mitsuru did a great job as a tour guide. Right when I landed in Haneda, he had a file ready for me with my hotel information and train map. When I left from the hotel (even though he was not responsible for me that day), he made sure that I have safely reached airport. Also made me comfortable riding the complex maze of subways in Tokyo of my own in just one day. Walked 67,000 with him (fitbit). Highly recommended from my experiences. Saved me money providing useful tips (Paid Vs free views of Tokyo, 5-20X cheaper transport to airport etc which are just hard to know without being a local). Page will crash if I list down what places I visited.

Very Good
10 hours ago |   by Carl

“ Five day Tokyo Tour ”

Great service from Kojma on the three days that we used the transportation. Kojima tried his best to speak in english, he was friendly, honest and helpful

15 hours ago |   by Louise

“ Wonderful guide ”

Mayumi was prompt, energetic , informative, and flexible enough to maneuver slight changes we made to our itinerary. We wanted to hire her another day but she was booked up for the rest of the month. We had a terrific day with her! Will definitely have our friends use her when they go to Tokyo.

20 hours ago |   by Julia

“ Makiko was wonderful! ”

I told Makiko about the places that i’d wanna visit and the situation of my parents (they’re old and can be easily tired) and she tailored our trip to our needs. She even suggested ways on how we can take full advantage of what we paid. She’s smart and pretty and really nice. In fact, even after the trip, i asked her about my toubles in commuting and she guided me through it. She even made some calls to confirm my questions. I highly recommend Makiko on your travel!

Very Good
22 hours ago |   by Vivian

“ Tokyo Tour ”

We had a wonderful time with Mayumi! She had setup a tour for us to go see quite a few places but we had too much fun trying food at Tsukiji Fish Market, enjoying the tour at Imperial Palace, and Asakusa. If we had more time we would definitely book another tour with her again. Thank you!!

1 day ago |   by Andrew

“ Lovely guide ”

Nobu was excellent. Could not find any faults and will be looking to book again.

1 day ago |   by Irene

“ Uncle Yoshie ”

Wonderful guide. Very physically fit. Excellently knowledgeable. Kindness overload. Loves his job so much that everything he does becomes personal. Places gone to were a balance for kids and adults, perfect for our group. Indeed he made our First trip to Kyoto memorable.

1 day ago |   by Robert

“ The peace memorial and her explanation ”

We had a great ytime and she was a wonderful guide.

1 day ago |   by Debbie

“ Fantastic Guide ”

We are very happy to have Mr. Junichi guided us around Tokyo on our stay in June. His knowledge of the city history is broad. We loved all the spots he took us to. We highly recommend Mr. Junichi, and sure will use his service again for our future visits. Debbie

1 day ago |   by Larissa

“ A great taste of Tokyo. ”

Akita was fantastic and speaks excellent English. We spent a whole day getting a taste of what Tokyo has to offer (and are keen to return). He was able to incorporate the Pokémon cafe and Star Wars collectable shopping into the itinerary for us along with a wonderful ramen restaurant for lunch, which our teenager said was the best food he’s ever had. Very worthwhile experience and we highly recommend Akira to any travellers who would like to make to most of one day in Tokyo.

1 day ago |   by Kim

“ Kyoto guided walking tour ”

Hiroshi was extremely friendly, informative and accommodating. He developed a customized itinerary based on our initial ideas and complimented those with other interesting sites. He also provided relevant and historical points throughout our tour. I highly recommend Hiro- he was an excellent guide.

1 day ago |   by Florencia

“ Samurai experience ”

I really really enjoyed the lesson. My instructor was a very knowledgeable lady. As constructive feedback, I encourage her to speak slowly, so enounciating is easier, and more clear. I think that would help the listening for those whose native language isnt english. Overall, the environment was great. There were plenty of instructors making sure we were doing the right moves. It was an outstanding service. After I went, I recommended it to 4 people and they all went to do what I did thing the same week :) Cheers!

1 day ago |   by John

“ Kyoto-Arashiyama, Ryoanji, Gion ”

We can’t thank Masaki enough for his personalized tour. He was knowledgeable about the sites we visited and led us through some very cool zen exercises while at Ryoanji temple. He provided us with some spectacular photos after our tour and when we are concerned about emergency alerts regarding flood conditions, he reached out to us to provide helpful advice. In the end he was more than just a tour guide but a friend.

2 days ago |   by Dolores

“ Great Ride ”

Our driver was very friendly and helpful. Excellent driver. He was very acvomodating to our needs. I highly recommend this company.

2 days ago |   by King

“ Excellent tour guide ”

Good English-speaking Japanese tour guide is hard to come by, Junko is one of the few. She worked very hard to make the best day out of our limited tour. Highly recommended

2 days ago |   by Bonggal

“ Hideaki is an excellent guide for your trip in Tokyo ”

Hideaki or we always call him as "Mura san". He is very nice person, he is very detailed and considerate. He responded to my email quickly, making offer of travel proposal with detail. He was also very helpful to us as my wife missed her wallet at the mall. We greatly enjoyed the 1 day excursion tour enjoy the beauty of fuji mountain from hakone, and lake ashi with Mura san. He also gave us basic information how to get to osakadan and interesting locations that we can visit in osaka and kyoto. He is an interesting guys and with lots of travel experience understands travellers needa. We highly recommend Mura san as your tour guide in Tokyo !!.

2 days ago |   by Mary

“ Too Good !! ”

The Best guide anyone can ask for. I can guarantee that...If you happen to be in Japan and need a guide, Makiko is the one...From the first time she met my two sons till the day they departed, Makiko was great - informative, helpful, and kind. I cannot thank her enough . THANK YOU VERY MUCH MAKIKO !!

3 days ago |   by Ori

“ Amazing and beautiful ”

The tour with maumi was spectacular it was so good we definitely recommend our friends to enjoy the day with maumi. She was professional,polit.and very nice behavior Thank you maumi From ori and arin sterenfeld ❤️

3 days ago |   by Karen

“ Riko is the best! ”

Our family of three only had about 3 full days in Tokyo so we decided to hire Riko to make the most of our short time there. I didn’t want to waste any time worrying about ground transportation or figuring out restaurants. Riko was a savior for us! Not only did she speak perfect English, but she knew the background and history of everything we saw. Prior to our arrival, she and I went back and forth on possibilities - so she had a very detailed (but flexible) plan in place. She taught us how to use the subways/rails, she took us to two great restaurants, and she helped navigate a JR rail pass snafu (my fault but she went out of her way to fix). We are eternally grateful for all her help!!!

3 days ago |   by Crystal

“ Best tour guide I've ever had ”

I can't imagine how my Osaka trip would turn out without Kaori. She made every minute of my time with her so fun and memorable. It was the best solo-trip I've ever had and I can't say "thank you" enough to her. It was my first time visiting Japan on a bleisure trip and I was nervous about getting around the city all by myself. The trip was decided at the last minute, hence I had no time to do my own research on where to go, what to do during my weekend in Osaka. I was so lucky to find Kaori on Triplelights. She was super fast in responding to my email (less than 5 minutes when I hit "send" button), she was well-prepared and took care of every little thing: from bringing an extra umbrella to my hotel when it was raining to getting a train card for me. Besides she helped me to take tons of photos during this trip which was my main goal of the entire trip. We had a great time eating BBQ dinner the true Japanese style, we watched the sunset together, laughed with (and at) each other. Thank you so much for everything Kaori! I can't wait to be back to see you again, my friend!

3 days ago |   by Ellen

“ Yokohama taxi ”

Terrific driver....timely,friendly service great

3 days ago |   by Jeremy

“ Tour day tour of Tokyo and Kamakura ”

We had a really educational and fun two days with Makiko who put together a comprehensive itinerary based on the things we were keen to see in Tokyo and Kamakura. She was also extremely flexible with what we wanted to do as we ended up visiting the Tokyo fish market impromptu for lunch. She was also very helpful with sorting out our JR Passes and identifying specific shopping places for my daughter to visit. We would thoroughly recommend Makiko to anyone looking for a friendly and informative guide in and around Tokyo.

Very Good
3 days ago |   by Julia

“ perfect final day in Japan. ”

Akira was a perfect host. We only had one day in Tokyo. We saw so much more than we could have achieved ourselves. The Sky Garden was my highlight, and the delicious Tempura lunch. Having someone navigate the subway for us was great and then ensuring we got to the airport in time. Highly recommend Akira!

3 days ago |   by Gilles

“ The best way to enjoy a great tour experience and learn about japanese culture ? Call Maru ! ”

Because of Maru, my trip to Tokyo was really an excellent experience. She is dynamic, knowledgeable, super organised, helpful, efficient, friendly and her positive attitude is really contagious. On top of that, Maru really loves what's she's talking about. That makes the difference, you will fully enjoy the tour and have a lot of fun learning about japanese culture. If you want to discover food, museums, entertainment areas and what makes Japan so special, just call Maru ! She will be the perfect guide if you're travelling alone, with colleagues or with your family. That's why I highly recommend her. Enfin, si comme moi, votre langue maternelle est le français, vous pourrez en plus échanger quelques mots avec elle. Elle en a commencé l'étude. Je vous recommande vivement de penser à Maru pour vous guider et maximiser votre découverte durant votre séjour au pays du soleil levant ! Gilles

3 days ago |   by Shirley

“ Best Memories of Yokohama ”

We enjoyed Yuki as our guide. He is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Our tour was excellent.

Very Good
3 days ago |   by Tim

“ Afternoon in Kyoto ”

Hiroshi is very knowledgeable, friendly and funny. He helped us to understand the history of Japan and the importance and context of the places we visited, Nijo Castle and Imperial Palace. He made an effort to engage all of us including our adult and teen children by asking them questions including what they thought about a place or event. Hiroshi’s experience as a school teacher was evident and helpful. We highly recommend him to anyone.

3 days ago |   by Phillip

“ Hiroshima and Miyajima in a day ”

Our family had a fantastic day with Michiru and we were able to see all the things we wanted to see in the area given we only had around 5hrs to see both Hiroshima and Miyajima. Michiru was fantastic and had the day planned to the minute with all transport connections well organized. Thanks for the fantastic day!

4 days ago |   by Lisa

“ The older side of Tokyo. ”

My daughter and I had a great day with Fumiko. We loved the wind chimes at Ikegami honmonji Temple. We modelled kimonos and tried our hand at origami. We got to see another side of Tokyo one without the flashing neon lights maybe a more local view of everyday life in Tokyo. I would highly recommend Fumiko.

4 days ago |   by Suzanne

“ The best tour guide ever ”

This was our first time in Japan and we hired Mitsuru to help us get to our airbnb from Narita as well as booking a full day tour with him. I can't say enough what a helpful, wonderful, knowledgable guide he was. Super helpful in getting us acquainted with the train and metro system which can be very daunting. He tailored our tour to our family's needs perfectly. He was super flexible and responsive. I wish I could have hired him the whole time. He was amazing!

4 days ago |   by Kathy

“ Well prepared, resourceful, delightful guide ”

It was clear before we got to Tokyo that Mari took her work seriously and was determined to provide us with the type of tour we desired. Mari showed great versatility on subjects and an ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. She is fun to be with and did a great job getting us interacting with shopkeepers. Mari quickly picked up from conversations that we needed to buy train tickets to Kyoto and to use an ATM. Before our tour ended she made sure those tasks were completed. She also was great about instructing us on subway use and cultural rules. We highly recommend Mari!!

4 days ago |   by Gina

“ Wonderful Guide ”

Highly recommend Junko as a tour guide. Very knowledgeable, caring and well prepared guide. Had an amazing tour at fish market where we loved the different samples to taste. Had our 8yo grandson with us who she also looked out for in the crowds and always had our needs in mind. Due to the heat had to cut our tour short which upset us but Junko was very caring making sure I was ok doing all she could to make me comfortable. Thank you for the part of the tour we got to do with you, and will use you again on our next visit to amazing Tokyo.

4 days ago |   by Jane

“ The Perfect guide for Kyoto ”

I need to give 10 stars as five is not enough. Masaki Makoon spent two days safely and proudly shepherding us around some of the most fascinating jewels of his beautiful city, Kyoto. One day in the city, one day in nature. The pace he set was perfect and he cared for our wellbeing and spirits in the high temperature. I can not recommend this knowledgeable, professional and charming person highly enough as a guide! We learned so much, and felt a connection with not just the surface beauty of the places we visited, but with the underlying history and their unique energy. We also had delicious food, found wonderful gifts, and enjoyed his company. I can’t wait to return to Kyoto again. My recommendation is to let him set the agenda, and take at least two days. Have fun!

4 days ago |   by Sophie

“ Very excellent, easy to understand and informative ”

Michi was a very friendly person who was very informative and gave an overall excellent review of Hiroshima

Very Good
4 days ago |   by Arnel

“ A short and rainy side trip to Takayama ”

Our trip to Takayama may have been tainted with bad weather but thanks to our tour guide, Takahiro, who made our short stay somehow worth the while. We were not able to do much because of the heavy rain that day and the necessity to leave Takayama right away because of storm warning, but he patiently tried his best to make us feel comfortable and let us see some important city sights and have us taste great local food.

5 days ago |   by Axa

“ Transfer and private tour in Fukuoka ”

superior service. great organization.

5 days ago |   by Linda

“ Ahmed made the trip to Kyoto and Nara even better! ”

4 ladies from the United States spent 2 marvelous days with our very knowledgeable guide Ahmed. He arranged an itinerary for us that allowed us to see just what we wanted in the short time allowed. He gave us great insight in excellent English, allowed for each of our individual personalities and chose a delight fun restaurant for lunch. He even did his best to navgate the torrential rain that chose to fall just the 2 days we were touring so that we were often on a bus or under shelter when the rain was the heaviest. Thank you Ahmed! We highly recommend you to other visitors to Kyoto and Nara.

5 days ago |   by Maribel

“ Very nice person and excellent tour guide ”

Kazu was an excellent tour guide, very professional, organized, and flexible in accordance to rearranging our schedule if needed. Even thought we went through an earthquake together, he kept the calm and tried to show us as much as possible. He took us for lunch to a local restaurant and we really enjoyed the food. I wish I had been able to do the next day tour with him. The earthquake was a very scary experience but Kazu kept us calmed and still made it very enjoyable day for us. We're really grateful Kazu.

5 days ago |   by Vanessa

“ A Magical Experience ”

My 16 year old daughter and I spend a day with Mr. Masaki and we couldn't have asked for a better introduction to Kyoto. We chose Mr. Masaki because of his background as a history teacher, superior english skills and great reviews. He was the greatest guide we could ever imagine - thoughtful, educational and perfect in every way. We learned so much, saw all the most wonderful spots - we left the agenda up to him and only shared our interests to inform the trip schedule. He took us everywhere and is a sheer delight to spend time with. Thank you Mr. Masaki for showing us around. If anyone is considering him as a tour guide - do not hesitate in fact, book him as fast as possible!

5 days ago |   by Christina

“ Wonderful tours of both Hiroshima and Miyajima ”

Michi was extremely knowledgeable and we learned so much from her tour. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Japan! She was very patient (particularly since we had our two sons, ages 14 and 7, with us) and we were able to take our time seeing both Hiroshima and Miyajima. Thank you again, Michi!

5 days ago |   by Ted

“ Kyoto one day tour with Yoshihisa ”

Our two families really enjoyed our experience with tour guide Yoshihisa! He was really accommodating with our requests and was extremely knowledgeable with all of the sights we visited. We are all from california and very limited in the japanese language but Yoshihisa had no problem communicating and explaining to us all. Yoshihisa even helped us with arranging our luggage transfer from Kyoto to Tokyo. He came and translated for us at the local 7 Eleven! This way we wouldn't have to lug around our larger suitcases on our trip to Tokyo.

6 days ago |   by Stanley

“ Motoko is very nice and knowledgeable. She knows Tokyo and made our visit enjoyable ”

Motoko is a very good guide.

6 days ago |   by Maribel

“ Very professional tourist guide !!! ”

Kim as we called him was an excellent tour guide, very professional and knowledgeable. He was also very kind and polite and he pleased us and accommodated the schedule according to our request. He introduced us into getting to know his culture and the lifestyle of Japan very well. I recommend him to anyone who chooses to see the city and be able to also indulge in the history behind it, he is good company and a great tour guide overall.

6 days ago |   by Lee

“ Best — Guide — EVER ”

Hiroko Is everything you could want in a guide. She is extremely knowledgeable, interesting, funny, compassionate, and is very hard-working. We had some special requests and she was happy to accommodate us. We got a lot done in that short amount of time we had with her which was seven hours, and we could easily have used her services for another three or four days. She is absolutely delightful and I highly recommend her to anyone.

6 days ago |   by Abby

“ Great visit to Hakone ”

Ai was great. She was easy going and flexible with our group of adults and children (70+ years old and 3-10 year olds). She kept things fun, light and interesting and had things planned out very well so we really made the most of the 1 day we had touring Hakone and the surrounding area. I would highly recommend Ai as a tour guide!

Very Good
6 days ago |   by Sally

“ Very flexible and accommodating ”

Junko was a lovely tour guide and we greatly appreciated her willlingness to adapt our tour based on the interests and energy levels of our children (ages 10 and 12 yrs old). We also appreciate how well organized she was and it was very nice of her to provide us with add'l materials to help us get around Tokyo and look up things of interest for the rest of our trip.

6 days ago |   by Ms

“ *** BRILLIANT! Well planned custimized itinerary - 8 Pax *** ”

Group of 8 pax. (age ranging from Grandma to 10 years old). First timers in Toyko. We were not into boring coach tours, no parks or gardens, but wanted to see weird, interesting and uniquely Tokyo things that would wow us. After researching Tokyo's bucket list, we passed Takako a list of things we wanted to included with our time with her, and she devised a itinerary incorporating our requests. She did a brilliant job to helped us get the best of the city for first timers in the short time we had. We spent 2 days with her. We really enjoyed our time with Takako and at no point did we feel rushed. She saved us from getting lost in the metro system or trying to work out which exits to use. She taught us customs and rituals that we would not know about unless we had read up on it. Her tours made our trip most memorable. We are all looking forward to visiting to Tokyo again based on the great time we had. Thank you so much Takako!

1 week ago |   by Roy

“ Fukuoka trip ”

Nice and unforgettable..!!!!

1 week ago |   by Ron

“ Tour of fish market ”

Excellent tour guide

1 week ago |   by Corinne

“ Kamakura tour ”

One of the best ways to see a place is using a personal tour guide, Toru responded quickly and adjusted to our likes and wishes . Comparing all the tours available, my group was able to go at our own pace and plan our itinerary . I asked to do a tea ceremony , which was definitely a highlight being private and his choice of the gardens was peaceful and beautiful . Our seaside lunch introduced us to the local fish and felt it was really A local spot - no tour buses! We even got to watch a surfer hitting the waves from the restaurant! He was knowledgable about the area and give us new insights. His English was perfect and clear , with a touch of accent !!! I wish we had more energy and time to cover all the sights. Thoroughly enjoyed his company and felt like I’ve known him for years ...may he guide many more travelers in their search for making our world a smaller place !

Very Good
1 week ago |   by Lisa

“ Clueless in Tokyo ”

My brother and I chose to travel to Tokyo even though we knew very little about the Japanese culture and city. Yuki was extremely helpful and kind. He met us at the train station and escorted us to our hotel and then we began our tour. We had selected 3 locations to tour which included a garden, the government building with an incredible view of Tokyo and the Imperial Palace. Yuki explained many details about all 3 locations. He suggested a Ramen lunch and we went to a place where the locals eat which was quite interesting. I asked Yuki to help me figure out how to get to our tour departure location (cab or subway) the next day and he was extremely helpful. I highly recommend hiring an English speaking tour guide when you arrive in Tokyo if you are unfamiliar with the city because it can be extremely confusing.

1 week ago |   by Llyswen

“ Fantastic guide! ”

Seiko was a fantastic guide, she showed us a great selection of sites to give us a good feel for Kyoto. My husband and I and our kids (11 and 13) learned a lot and she’s really nice. We all enjoyed the tour!

1 week ago |   by Ms.

“ Highly Recommended ”

Toshihiro is conscientious and dedicated. He was a comfortable and responsive companion. Toshihiro was diligent to equip us with beginning skills to navigate through our stay in Japan. He also introduced us to many sights which were wonderful. We think very highly of him.

1 week ago |   by Anthony

“ Many memories of feeling at home in Japan ”

My brother and I could not be more grateful for your kind services during our (first-ever) visit to experience the magnificent country of Japan. We found your pride in your country's tradition and culture to be exceptional. The sights, tastes, scents and stories of Japan you shared were privileges we never anticipated. We know you are far more than a polite, intuitive, world-travelled lady. We found ourselves walking with both a personal interpreter and a well-organised and unique ambassador. We experienced the spontaneous shortcuts and alleys, forests, special shrines, leafy temples, markets and the local shops where you ran and grew up. Thank-you for sharing everything, we would've been lost without you and your remarkable suggestions. We now feel confident to challenge ourselves with more exciting experiences when we return. Tomoko-san is a Kamakura area specialist; responsible, engaging, patient, and also a flexible facilitator between visitors and local people, both in the bustle of Tokyo and the wider prefectures. Highly recommended!

Very Good
1 week ago |   by Lisa

“ Day in Hiroshima (with kids!) ”

We had a well planned day with Mayumi. She coordinated train times for us coming from Osaka, was very informative and flexible/helpful with our 5 year old twin boys.

1 week ago |   by Chris

“ Excellent tour of Tokyo ”

We enjoyed working with Aki very much during our recent trip. Many Thanks

1 week ago |   by Dimiter

“ A Very Short Stay In Tokyo ”

I had only 48 hours in Tokyo and my stay would have been a lot different if I had not had a guide like Yukiko. She picked me up at the hotel and showed me the places I've requested. Due to my dietary restrictions she made a reservation at an excellent vegan restaurant for which I'm grateful. Thank you Yukiko for the great tour!

1 week ago |   by Paulo

“ Great tour guide for foreigners!!! ”

Tour with Mitsuru was a great decision! He is very easygoing, punctual and well traveled, so along the tour we had lots of places in common to be compared with Tokyo’s districts. It was my first time in Japan, being Tokyo the very first destination. Without him, I would probably get lost and spend much time with details on the road, specially with the excellent, but complex transportation system! Also thank you for taking me to that nice restaurant (all food was delicious), for your tips and for nice time we spent around this fantastic city!

1 week ago |   by Heather

“ Amazing full day! ”

Thank you, Akira for a very fun and informative day in Tokyo. We all enjoyed it!

1 week ago |   by Nicole

“ Modern and traditional tour of Tokyo ”

We had a wonderful time touring Tokyo with Yuki. He was thorough, knowledgeable and patient. He knew his way around Tokyo and was able to take us around everywhere. We loved learning about the shinto and Buddhist religions and how they coexist so beautifully. Would definitely recommend touring with him!

1 week ago |   by Christina

“ Excellent prices for transport ”

We are traveling with 6 children, a total of 8 people. Triplelights offered very competitive rates for private transport from hotel to airport and Yokohama port to hotel. Triplelights offer much cheaper rates than ********** Driver was very professional and on time.

1 week ago |   by Allen

“ All around guide ”

We like Hideo San We see him again today

1 week ago |   by Vickie

“ Amazing trip made even better with Ms. Tomomi as the guide ”

My family and I had a day and half in Kawaguchiko. To maximize the experience, we retained the service of Ms. Tomomi as our guide for a one-day tour. It was a very rewarding experience. Ms. Tomomi was very responsive in the pre-trip correspondences. After knowing the type of activities we were interested in, she put together a proposed plan for the day trip. We toured around Kawaguchiko and Saiko areas -- visited Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Jinja Shrine, checked out Bat Cave, walked through Aokigahara forest, and visited Saiko Iyashi no sato Nemba. Ms. Tomomi was punctual and knowledgeable with very good English. She's engaging and considerate when she noticed that we might want to spend more time in a particular area so that she could make quick adjustments to the plan. All said, I am very happy that I came across this site and found Ms. Tomomi to be our guide. It was a really fun day for myself, my sister, and my mom! I would highly recommend anyone planning to visit Mt. Fuji area to retain the service of Ms. Tomomi. She's fantastic!

1 week ago |   by Mina

“ Not only a great guide, but a great person as well ”

We hired Koichiro-Koji to guide us on our second day in Tokyo. Koji was all we had hoped for and more: kind, polite, patient and knowledgeable. He adjusted the schedule on the spot to accommodate our 18-year-old son’s wishes to see Akhihabara (he helped my son find a video game while my husband and I enjoyed free massage chairs; he also helped us get a discount on the game) and ended our day at the cat cafe, after finding out we love cats, instead of the sights previously planned. He took us to sample delicious fresh sushi and experience our first cold soba and tempura and cold matcha tea. More than “just” showing us the sights, Koji impressed us by being kind, sweet and happy to share the Japanese customs and his heritage with us; he was very friendly with our son and made sure to fully engage him in the tour. Thank you Koji! We loved spending time with Koji and were sad to say goodbye. He has become our friend. Koji, when you come to Canada, we would be thrilled to return your kindness and show you around 😃!

1 week ago |   by Maribeth

“ Kyoto and Osaka ”

We spent a day in Kyoto and a day in Osaka with Mari. Mari was very knowledgeable on both place. We wouldn’t have been able to do all the things we wanted to do without her! She was friendly and easy to get along with. I would definitely recommend Mari to anyone who would ask!!

Very Good
1 week ago |   by Mordy

“ Wonderful time with Masako in Tokyo ”

We had a wonderful time in Tokyo with Masako. She helped us plan our 3 days sharing advice. She met us each day on time and was very personable, sharing a lot about Japanese culture and life in Tokyo - even some about her own personal family life which gave us good perspective. Masako was very accommodating in our schedule and her pleasant personality made it a joy to spend time with her as she helped us see and tour the various parts of the city. We happily and highly recommend her!

Very Good
1 week ago |   by Marco

“ Hakkone day tour ”

We had a great time with Yuki san. He knows very well the schedule of the trains, the buses and the boat. I highly recommend Yuki san.

1 week ago |   by Teresa

“ Wonderful tour ”

Tomoko was an excellent guide for my family of four during our first day in Tokyo. She was well prepared and on time, and she brought us a useful map and some other materials. She also made some interesting suggestions for our tour that we enjoyed very much, such as visiting the Asakura Museum of Sculpture. Her English is very good and she was very good at relating to my kids (ages 14 and 12). I highly recommend Tomoko as a guide.

1 week ago |   by Lourdes

“ Best Tour Guide in Tokyo! ”

We are a family of four with two girls ages 11 and 15. We spent three wonderful days in Tokyo with Mayumi. She planned a very well-balanced itinerary for us that included a great mix of old and new Japanese culture. Mayumi was always on time, super-energetic and kind. Her English is excellent and she is flexible and accommodating. I would highly recommend her to anyone travelling to Tokyo!

1 week ago |   by Mick

“ What an excellent introduction to Tokyo. ”

If this is your first time in Tokyo, as it was ours, this is the way to go. We booked Makiko for a full day and I can tell you now this was worth every cent. She was all you could ask for on your first day. She was on time, her English was fantastic and her knowledge was awesome. Makiko took the time to show us how to use the rail system, so well in one day, we nailed getting to Disneyland and back to Shinjuku with no problems the next day. Very confident getting around now in general. We covered so much ground in one day it felt like we spent two days with her, in a positive way. Covered the Imperial Palace, Sensoji Temple, Skytree, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Ginza, Shibuya, and Harajuku and Takeshita area. Her knowledge of general history was excellent and very informative, without being excessive, which we appreciated. Showed us a great place for lunch, and gave us her contact details in we got stuck or needed help. Five stars, and a big thanks you again to Makiko.

1 week ago |   by Reesha

“ 1 day in Tokyo ”

We were referred Dai through a coworker of mine in Chicago. He was very nice, talkative, and made it so we were able to do many things in one day! He gave a lot of great suggestions, and because it was so personalized, we really enjoyed it. Dai is an excellent tour guide! We are used to using big travel companies such as Gate One travel and Trafalgar, but this was an excellent way to start the vacation!!! Definitely recommend Dai!!!

1 week ago |   by Max

“ We love shin ”

Shin made our trip unforgettable. He is highly knowledgeable, tons of fun, extremely polite and punctual, and a fantastic host for Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. We wouldn’t have been able to see nearly as much without him, and it wouldn’t have been half as fun. We love shin! Highly recommend - don’t think twice...he’s your guy!

1 week ago |   by Shruti

“ Good and Well informed ”

It was a pleasure to be guided by Mura San for 2 days on our trip to Tokyo. He tried to get information on all that we happened to mention. He was not hurried and was good for our family of 5 , from 10yrs to 74yrs. He gave us a good brief before reaching our destination so we had a basic idea even before arriving. He was a very accommodating and helpful guide. We returned today from Japan . It was a pleasure to be guided by him.Thanks to him for making us understand Tokyo better . All my family members have the same feedback for him.

Very Good
1 week ago |   by Russell

“ Wonderful day in Hakone area ”

Kuniko provided my adult son and full support for a superb day trip to Hakone from Tokyo. She met is at our hotel, got us to the train station, supervised purchasing the special Hakone day pass and train tickets. She got us to all the sites in the area we wanted to see on the many confusing types of transport, and she got us home on time. We thoroughly. Enjoyed her company and recommend using her in the Kanto area.

1 week ago |   by Iain

“ Tokyo and Yokohama day sight seeing ”

We met Yuki for a day around Tokyo and then again for the sights of Yokohama. Yuki was great and managed to work an itinerary to see everything we wanted and coordinate the day so it flowed effortlessly. We particularly appreciated the instructions on how to use the Metro and JR lines and found this invaluable when doing our own thin on other days. Yuki also took us to some great places to eat which provided memorable experiences in places we simply would not have gone on our own. With Yuki it was also really easy to change plans or spend a little more time in places without any fuss which made the days stress free. We'd love to come back to Tokyo and spend some more time exploring with Yuki and would recommend to anyone looking for an informative and well educated guide.

Very Good
1 week ago |   by Laurie

“ Enjoyed all the places we visited, learning the history and culture of Japan was a wonderful experience ”

Reiko was so nice and pleasant, her knowledge and information was very appreciated. She was awesome

1 week ago |   by Allison

“ Amazing personalized service from a friendly and completely fluent English speaking guide! ”

There basically aren’t words that I could use to describe how incredibly happy we were that we booked Yoko! We had three days in Mt. Fuji and needed to book a guide super last minute (like within 12 hours). Yoko was incredibly prompt responding and the communication was super easy. She took the train all the way in from Tokyo to meet us and had the whole day well organized and planned out. First off, Yoko (having lived in the US as a child) is completely fluent in English which was really nice for us since we don’t speak Japanese. She was able to give us the history of the area, context, and knew all the right spots to hit up. We had a blast! During the tour, we mentioned to Yoko that we were trying to track down some “long lost” relatives in Japan (only using my great-aunt’s journals from over 30 years ago). We shared the story with Yoko and talked about the challenges we were having hunting down our relatives info in Japan. Yoko offered to look into it for us... by the next morning, Yoko did some amazing investigative work and tracked down their contact info and even found them on *******! I reached out to them but had a little trouble communicating (again, not speaking Japanese). Yoko offered to reach out to them for us. She called them on our behalf and, over the next few days, was able to arrange a dinner for all of us in Kanazawa. We couldn’t believe it, she was literally a miracle worker! On top of that, we were also interested in visiting the shrine for some of our ancestors in Matsumoto. She made more phone calls and connected with more relatives and was able to share with us the cemetery where they were buried (and even gave us instructions on how to approach the priest at the temple to have him help us find the right shrine). The whole experience was absolutely incredible and it never would have been possible without Yoko’s assistance. The long short of it... Yoko really cares. The tour she provided was highly personal and customized and exactly what we needed. Before we met Yoko, we considered hiring a “private detective” in Japan to help us find our family (at a considerable cost). But... Yoko actually found them and she did it for free just because she cared and wanted to help us out. It was such a wonderful gift for us and we’ll always be grateful! Thank you Yoko!!!

1 week ago |   by Alvin

“ Highlights of Tokyo in a day ”

This was the first trip to Tokyo for me and my family. We wanted to do a tour that would highlight some of the history/culture of Japan and Tomoko planned the itinerary and delivered. We were able to learn some of the historical/cultural context and visit places such as the Meiji Temple and Sensoji Temple with Tomoko. She also included places such as Harajuku (place where a lot of teenagers go to shop and entertain themselves) to engage and entertain my teenage daughters and an opportunity for them to try on Kimonos. She also guided us to a local restaurant for lunch to try monjayaki which was a great experience. She was also very engaging with the entire family which made the tour very enjoyable as well as provided tips on traveling around Tokyo via the subway system and other places that we were planning to visit on our own such as Tsukiji Fish Market. I would recommend to book a tour with Tomoko for anyone looking to visit Japan.

1 week ago |   by Suzie

“ Very detailed and responsive ”

I booked Mitsuru for a client and he was great to work with. He was very responsive and detailed, and put together a great day for the clients. I would be happy to recommend him.

1 week ago |   by Jeffrey

“ great experience! ”

Mitsuyuki gave us a great day. He let us choose the places we wanted to visit and was very accommodating when my wife made impromptu changes. His English language skill was surprisingly good. He was knowledgeable and personable and we were very comfortable to share our day with him. I think we were fortunate to find him! At the end of the day I was unable to find the lens cap for my camera and surmised that I must have left it in his mini van. I did not contact him about it ( our schedule was tight and lens caps are inexpensive to replace) but I was truly surprised to learn the following day that he had discovered it and made a special trip back to return it to our hotel front desk staff!! That's superior service!!! Thanks Mitsuyuki!!!

1 week ago |   by Kimberly

“ Amazing Mt. Fuji and Hakone trip with Yuji ”

From my initial inquiry, I knew that working with Yuji would be a great experience. He was quick and thoughtful in his responses and helped me consider and decide upon a 2 day visit to the Lake Kawaguchiko and Hakone areas. Upon meeting at our hotel, Yuji jumped right in and helped me find my laptop left on a bus and had it sent to my next stop. Whew ! Our itinerary was well thought out and Yuji provided historical and background information about our sites. He is also a licensed Mt. Fuji guide so he was able to give us tidbits about Mt. Fuji that were very interesting. He took us to a local Houtou noodle restaurant on our first day which was really enjoyable. His english is great and he knows alot of American slang as well is very knowledgeable about just about everything which allowed us to have great conversations. My teenage sons also thought Yuji was witty. Yuji took good care of us and made sure that when we parted at Odawara station that we were comfortable with taking the Shinkansen and even offered to buy a ticket and go to the train platform with us. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Yuji and would highly recommend him

1 week ago |   by Kenny


From the very first time that we met we felt so comfortable that she will guide and look after us for the day. This is the first time that we had a private guide and we were really impressed by her promptness, local knowledge, history, flexibility but most of all very well organised and prepared for the trip. We were also touched by her sincerity and always there to answer any queries and help with transport directions. It was a great day to remember despite the hot weather conditions and we really enjoyed her company. My wife and I would like to thank her very much for all her efforts and genuine care.

1 week ago |   by Greg

“ The best guide to Osaka ”

I can't say enough about Kaori. She's friendly, funny, engaging and works really hard to make her guests feel welcome. She might work too hard! I asked her to find vintage fashion shops, galleries and spas and she not only found them, she visited and called the sites beforehand to see if they were suitable (they were!) She's very knowledgeable about the traditional sites - temples, castles and so on. But also, if you're looking for a unique travel experience, the 'real Japan' that's not just for tourists, she can help you. Also vegetarian, LGBT-friendly, and multilingual. Book with Kaori, you won't regret it.

1 week ago |   by Nicole

“ Day tour of Kyoto ”

Amazing breadth of knowledge and very flexible and accomodating. Went with my 70 yo mother. Could not recommend Hero enough. Showed me how to buy bus tickets, local language, customs etc

1 week ago |   by Lubna

“ Best tour guide a family could have! ”

Our tour with Koichi was just perfect! We have a 2 year old and a 6 year old - he brought a car seat for us and took us to Nara and showed us a lot sights on the way, he was easy to talk to and very kind and went out of his way to help with the baby stroller. He also treated us to some fresh Mochi which was amazing. I would highly recommend Koichi. Thanks for the amazing day.

1 week ago |   by Chelsea

“ AWESOME!!! ”

We needed someone to help familiarize us with the confusing and overwhelming rail system in Tokyo. On our first full day in Japan we decided to acquire a tour guide to help us navigate the huge and busy city. Riko promptly met us in our hotel lobby and reviewed our agenda for the day. She was very open to our requests and gave great suggestions or alternatives. She always ensured we were accounted for and adjusted her pace to our pace. She is very knowledgeable about the architecture, history and traditional/modern customs. Through Riko we have gained a greater sense of respect for the culture and place. All accolades aside, on this tour be prepared for A LOT of walking. Break in your new shoes and make sure it's comfortable. If you are travelling during Japan's summer months please beware... it's HOT and HUMID! If you are not accustomed to being out and about in near 90 degree temperatures with 70-80% humidity, consider taking a driven bus tour. Whichever tour you decide on, when in Tokyo during the summer, remember to stay hydrated. With those points given, I can honestly say that nothing beats walking around a different city and allowing yourself to absorb the sights, sounds, smells and tastes. A truly AMAZING experience! Thank you Riko, you're the best!!!

1 week ago |   by Joy

“ Friendly and flexible guide ”

Spent a couple of days in Tokyo on our way back to the States from the Philippines and had Koji for one day exploring Tokyo's main highlights. Without him, we wouldn't have been able to explore as much as we did. Koji was so accommodating and flexible right from the booking process. He customized the itinerary so that something even my 2.5 could enjoy but was flexible and accommodated all our requests at the spur of the moment. We spent the day trekking the must see's in Tokyo, getting some good bites and even a couple of good beverages. Using public transportation gave us a local experience and the tour felt personal. Overall a great day spent with a great guy. Thanks Koji :)

1 week ago |   by Ash

“ Great service and willingness to help attitude ”

Very happy with the service and the driver. Would recommend your services to anyone. Impressed with the readiness to listen understand and help where possible.

1 week ago |   by Alexandria

“ Perfect for a short time in Tokyo ”

Mr. Junichi was very knowledgeable and really know his ins and out with the subways. He is very professional and extremely flexible. His English was easy to understand since he once lived in America. We only have one day to tour Tokyo and wanted to see everything. We didn't think it was possible but Mr. Junichi was able to do it! We toured with Mr. Junichi from 9AM to 6PM and he still had tons of energy! Thank you Mr. Junichi for an amazing tour and showing us your country. Touring with Mr. Junichi is a MUST if you only have a short time in Tokyo.

1 week ago |   by Ursula

“ Wonderful experience with Kahoko! Highly recommend! ”

My granddaughter and I have now returned to the US after a wonderful trip to Tokyo! We saw so much, learned so much, and had a totally wonderful adventure, and Kahoko was a major contributor to this wonderful experience for the two of us. Her willingness to share information about everyday life and Japanese culture as well as recommendations for activities and the best local logistics were incredibly helpful. And the sushi experience and tea ceremony at her home were highlights of our trip. Kahoko was a pleasure to be with in every way!

1 week ago |   by Delly

“ Enjoyable!!! ”

I was glad that I chose Makiko to be our guide on our first trip to a busy hustle and bustle Tokyo. She made my trip very memorable. She was very helpful and make sure the rest of our trip went smoothly. She helped us bought Sinkunsen tickets to Kyoto and made sure we would have seat that can be over looking Mt. Fuji, she explained to us how to use the metro card and how to navigate around Tokyo. Best of all she made us feel like local☺️ We got to enjoy some nice Japanese food that we wouldn’t be able to find on our own. Delly.

2 weeks ago |   by Ann

“ The Best Driver Ever ”

Mr.Dan is by far the best driver ever🙂 despite the language barrier he did his best. Thanks very much for the cold towels and water👍 Would recommend to friends back here in Canada and from Manila as our friends and family normally travel together.. best option for a group as you get to chose where you just want to go..

2 weeks ago |   by Iain

“ Having never been to Tokyo, I wanted to have a person guide me as efficiently as ossicle to the things that I was most interested in seeing. ”

Toshi enabled me to make efficient use of my 48 available hours in Tokyo. I could not have navigated the sites, subway or fabulous food & wine destinations I experienced without him. Toshi was a delight to spend time with and I will be recommending him to all our friends in Melbourne, Australia who will be visiting Tokyo.

2 weeks ago |   by Candy

“ Delightful experience ”

1. The driver arrived on time 2. He prepared umbrella for us when it rained heavily 3. He used the instant translator for communication which was very good. 4. He introduced good photo spots Definitely recommend to people who travel in Miyazaki