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12 hours ago |   by Pablo

“ Excellent guide, high english proficiency. ”

Hideki is a friendly guide who showed us (a group of 2) around Tokyo. He guided us around to very specific places we wanted to go, and familiarized us with the subway system. He's friendly, proficient in English, and I can't recommend him enough.

20 hours ago |   by Erin

“ Highlights of Nagasaki ”

We had the best time with Kao, she is incredibly sweet and her knowledge of Nagasaki was incredible... She taught us so much history of Nagasaki..I would definitely call on Kao again.. I felt like I was leaving a friend after our tour!..

22 hours ago |   by Robert

“ Lovely Trip - a view of new and old. ”

Hiroyuki was very kind. The tour he brought us on was great and each stop had significance. We anchored the trip with the Shinjuku Gyoen and how its role changed from an aristocrats residence to an imperial garden after the Meiji restoration, along with viewing of the cherry blossoms and some great photo opportunities. We walked past the gymnasium built for the 1964 olympics and the site of the new stadium for the 2020 olympics. Even briefly stopping at the Meiji Memorial Picture gallery we learned about the life and role of the Meiji Emporer and the changes he brought about. We learned about the poetry of the Emporer and his court at the Nezu museum, we experienced the modern culture that was made possible by this history as we walked along Omote-sando and Takeshita street, and it was all tied together at our visit to Meiji Jingu, where we was prints of the images at the Meiji Memorial Picture gallery, the poetry displayed by the Meiji Emporer, the potential changes to the old-style station for the 2020 olympics. He was a very kind guide, my 5-year old daughter was very impressed by him, the trip was very well planned and we stayed right on schedule even though we had to make an emergency bathroom hunt. The food was great, and we had a lot of opportunities for great pictures and stops in tourist shops without needing impede the tour. It made a wonderful memory.

Very Good
22 hours ago |   by Joop

“ Friendly and flexible ”

This is our first trip to Japan starting in Tokyo. Eriko showed us the hightlights of Tokyo in 3,5 days. She was well prepared and learned us how to use the metro and train system. Due to the weather conditions we like to change the program and she adapted quickly. We like to thank Eriko for the first wonderful days in Japan.

1 day ago |   by Sandy

“ Exceptional Service ”

I highly recommend Kahoko san she was energetic, polite, knowledgeable and was able to provide a great service to my family. In our group of seven we were travelling with my elderly parents and two young adults. My moms has some mobility issues while the two younger adults moved at a faster pace. Given our diverse group Kahoko san was able to keep everyone engaged and was extremely thoughtful towards my parents and even gave them a small gift. We did have an agenda but she quickly adapted to our requests and also was quick to find us a Very good place to have lunch. I would highly recommend Kahoko san and would use her services again.

1 day ago |   by Geoff

“ Good tour of the Shinjuku area of Tokyo ”

I spent an enjoyable afternoon and evening tour with Akira in the Shinjuku. We visited a number of the "hidden" sites and areas that without Akira's familiarity I would not have found. Highlight was the Samaarai Museum, a nighttime visit atop of the Metropolitan Building, and dinner at a small eatery--5 seats--sampling local fare. Akira was a great companion!

1 day ago |   by ALEXANDER

“ Tokie is the outstanding .. ”

Tokie is an excellent guide. She explained a lot of things to us that we did not know. She has the best attitude and so amiable.

1 day ago |   by Sebastian

“ Japan Bucket List 23 March 2018 with Family and a Great Guide! ”

Hiroko was prompt at our hotel lobby at 9 am. We messed up time zones and was a bit late but she fully understood, even after we had another delay before we left due to our 2 year old needing a nappy change! The weather was fine and we started at the Tsukiji Market then Asakusa,a great lunch, weeping willow Cherry Blossom trees and a great walk in one of the parks and then ending at the Government Centre area and the Imperial palace grounds getting our fill of Sakura!. Apart of course from the numerous shops and the like along the way. We also had hired a van and a driver (limited english) and was able to thus go to various areas difficult to access via public transporation, especially with a 2 year old and all the paraphernalia that was needed! We even had Wifi in the van!! She was able to give us tips on where we needed to go for our own trek in the city for the next day and then for our next run (Nagoya) via the Shinkansen starting at Tokyo City station and even assisted on getting milk for my grand-daughter at the Don Quixote store in our hotel building! A very pleasant lady, conversant in English, patient and helpful. We highly recommend her a guide for Tokyo! Maraming salamat po! Arigato Gozaimasu!

1 day ago |   by Leah

“ Mt Fuji Tour ”

Yuji was wonderful form start to finish. He was quick to reply to our emails, provided us with great information and help regarding our tour. We was silly and got off the wrong bus station, caught a taxi to the correct station and was worried sick that Yuji wouldn't be there. He was a champ and was still waiting for us. He provided us exactly what we wanted in our tour, gave us plenty of time to enjoy the places take pictures and provided great information. Was a great day. Even at the very end he made sure we were on the correct bus and waved us goodbye. A lovely man highly recommend him

1 day ago |   by Victor

“ My son and my first time in Japan and Tokyo a trip of a lifetime ”

Well where to start , if you are looking for a personal guide , i can not recommend someone more qualified and more wonderful than Koichiro . What a wonderful friendly and warm soul he is , so helpful and thoughtful on my son and i trip to Tokyo and the area around , i requested a trip to the wind and ice cave near Mt Fuji ,and even though Koichiro had not been himself yet , you couldn't tell because how professional he was , always looking out for us and our needs .He went out of the way to make sure we were happy and comfortable ,I really enjoyed the fish market , if you come to Tokyo it is a must and Koichiro knows the best spots and vendors to sample , i felt so much at ease with him at our side ,We hired a guide but ended up making a new friend that i hope we see again on our next trip to the land of the rising sun , he shared a dream of climbing Mt Fuji and watching the sun rise , i hope his dream comes true someday soon . i picked Koichiro because i wanted someone young enough to be able to interact with my 15 yr old son and his interests , yet Koichiro is wise beyond his years very flexible, if you are looking for a boring old guide that see this as just a job don't pick Koichiro he isn't that person . He is a very talented and aliveand very knowledgeable person whom is loving and caring of those he guides , all i can say is we were very blessed to have him show us his country and see it through the eyes of a local, thank you again so much for making this a wonderful trip for Ian and i .

1 day ago |   by Jill

“ Excellent guide! Amazing day in Kyoto with Makoon. ”

After trawling through all the guide profiles on Triplelights, I decided on Makoon. I was looking for a guide active enough to keep up with me, and not too serious and stodgy. I am so glad I picked Makoon! He is funny, charming and kind and a very interesting person to talk to. he has extensive knowledge of Kyoto and its sites and gave me little snippets of information not found in guide books. Leading up to my trip to Kyoto, Makoon sent me several emails to ask me about my interests, tastes etc, so that he could tailor the tour for me. He even took the time to book us into a very exclusive hard to book restaurant (apparently THE hardest to book restaurant in Kyoto). I believe he said he tried calling more than 100 times to get a reservation! I cannot be more grateful for that experience. We packed as much as we could in that day and because we are both pretty active and fit individuals, we actually finished the tour earlier than expected. Instead of calling it a day, he volunteered to take me to another place and also assisted me with some errands that I needed to run. The entire time I was with Makoon, it felt like I was just hanging out with a buddy. He told me that he loves his job and it really shows. He has a genuine interest in getting to know you and you don't feel like just another customer. He isn't the cheapest guide on TripleLights but he is worth it! See you next year Makoon!!!!

2 days ago |   by Alan

“ The Imperial Palace and First Impressions ”

We are grateful that we were able to spend half a day with Aki at the beginning of our stay in Tokyo. He was engaging, helpful, and the perfect Host for Tokyo. His initiative, concern for our well-being, attention to detail and service orientation were impressive. The best compliment I can give is that we are very much looking forward to spending our next tour - in Nikko on Monday - with Aki! Can't wait!

2 days ago |   by Evelyn


Excellent company, prompt, reliable and friendly driver. Highly recommend this company.

2 days ago |   by Andielika

“ Lovely time ”

We had a lovely time regardless of the weather. Thank you for everything, Miss Junko.

2 days ago |   by Susan

“ Our 2 days with Mari ”

Mari met us at cruise terminal in Kobe and then we boared our TR Taxi and went to Kyoto. She showed us all the important sights and knowledge of everything and explained in detail. Her English was very good. We had her for 2 days and enjoyed every minute of our tour. I will recommend her to anyone travelling to Kyoto.

2 days ago |   by Gail

“ Best tour guide in Kyoto ”

Makoon was absolutely the best tour guide that we ever experienced. His English was perfect and he was extremely knowledgeable regarding places in Kyoto and is constantly doing research to add to his knowledge base. He also made sure that we were completely satisfied with his tour. Thanks for all the photos!

2 days ago |   by Marshall

“ Great tour of Tokyo ”

As first time visitors to Japan (parents and 2 teenagers), we hired Hiroyuki to help us simplify and streamline the logistics of getting around Tokyo. We wanted to spend time seeing things, not figuring out how to get from point A to point B. We also wanted to see some of Tokyo "behind the scenes" or "off the beaten path". We had a good sense from various books of what we wanted to see, but weren't sure of the best order in which to see them. We sent our list of Hiroyuki and he organized it into three full days of touring, including picking out great spots for meals and taking us into some back streets to see how people live on a daily basis. After our initial plan was established, he was flexible to adapt it as our pre-trip discussions with friends said "you've got to see this". He figured out where to add these new things and made recommendations about what to drop. He was very knowledgeable about all the sites, got us around the train system smoothly and was a pleasure to be with. His written and spoken English is very good...he's got an amazing vocabulary for someone for whom English is not their native language. But interestingly, he sometimes had a hard time understanding simple questions from us. But that in no way hindered our experience. You can be confident Hiroyuki will take good care of you.

3 days ago |   by Sharon

“ Private tour in Fukuoka and Dazaifu ”

My family and I truly enjoyed our time in Fukuoka and Dazaifu thanks to Yoko. She was flexible on itinerary before the trip. She met us promptly at our cruise port. Excellent English. We experienced Japanese culture, i.e eating at a traditional style restaurant for lunch. It felt like we spent the day with a friend of the family. Highly recommend!!

3 days ago |   by William

“ 3 days with Michiko inTokyo ”

Our family of four (2 adults and 2 children, ages 12 and 10) went to Tokyo for Spring Break. We contacted Michiko a few weeks before to help us navigate the urban wonderland of trains, shops, and shrines that is Tokyo. Michiko emotes kindness and fun as well as pride in her city and country. Her English was fantastic; I greatly admire her skill. She was great with my kids; engaging them well into our touring. Before the trip, I told her some of the things we liked, such as food, anime, Pokemon, history, Ghibli, and gaming. She incorporated our requests into a busy, but reasonable itinerary for three days generally starting at 9:00 am. She taught me how to figure out the subway and Japan Rail, which was valuable once we were on our own. She also incorporated a visit for us to a hedgehog cafe! I highly recommend booking with Michiko.

3 days ago |   by Maria

“ One of the best experiences in Japan ”

Hiroo was our guide in Nara. He was probably the best guide we had. He went above and beyond what a tour guide does and you could tell he loves showing tourists around and teaching them about Japan. The day we were in Nara there was a special Buddhist ceremony. Hiro offered to take us to it at no extra cost. It was because he truly cared about showing us something special. During the day he took his time with us and answered all our questions. The one obscure question we had, he did not know the answer. But the next day he researched it and sent us the explanation. Finally, while we were waiting for the Buddhist ceremony we went to a sake tasting. It was great to hang out with other locals in Japan. Hiro made the day special and memorable and consider him a friend after my tour with him. I would highly recommend. I plan on going back to Kyosan and having him be my guide. Thank you Hiro! From Maria and Stephanie

Very Good
3 days ago |   by ALLAN

“ Great guide ”

Help to take photos and share

3 days ago |   by Brandy

“ First time travelers to Tokyo, you need Mayumi! ”

Mayumi was amazing! We had a group of 8 American travelers, she taught us how to use the trains and metro. By day 2 we were experts! She took us to Tokyo Station to purchase JR Passes for our trips to Izu and Kyoto and back to Narita Airport. Thank goodness she was there, no one at the office seemed to speak English. We continued to an amazing sight seeing tour of all the most popular sites in Tokyo and went shopping in some great market places. We got our fortunes told, learned how to enter shrines properly, Japanese history and more. She also took us directly to the Robot Cabaret. The next day she provided us with a custom tour of Akihabara. We split the travelers from anime lovers to non-anime. The non-anime group went to a 9-floor electronic store and the rest of us went on a hunt for anime souvenirs. We met up and Mayumi showed us how to work a conveyor belt sushi restaurant (it’s more complicated than you think!). After an ice-cream stop she dropped us off to play arcade games at one of the huge Sega buildings! If you are traveling to Tokyo for the first time you NEED Mayumi. I can’t imagine how much time I would have wasted navigating the trains and metro without help. Mayumi also made restaurant reservations and recommendations. Amazing job!

4 days ago |   by Vanessa

“ Day trip to Mt Fuji area ”

We are a family of 3, we booked a day trip to Mt Fuji area on New Year’s Day. The trip turned out to be quite enjoyable and educational. Thanks to Yuji our guide! Yuji is a warm and personable guy. Yuji is very knowledgeable about the history and culture of Japan. He made so interesting that one day trip was not enough to explore, we will definitely be back for a longer stay and look for Yuji. We highly recommend Yuji as a personal guide.

4 days ago |   by Duncan

“ Great day to remember ”

A charming Man full of knowledge,which he imparted with good humour. A great experience

5 days ago |   by Connie

“ Food experience Tokyo ”

Toshihiko was a pleasure to spend an evening with in Tokyo exploring Sake and food. From the very start he communicated through email asking about our food preferences and any allergies we may have. He made dinner reservations at a wonderful place we would never of found on our own. His English was perfect and we were able to understand everything clearly. He took great care of us traveling through the city and ordering all of our meal. It was a new experience tasting sake and we were surprised how good it was. I highly recommend Toshi to visitors. You will not be disappointed. It was like dining with an old friend.

5 days ago |   by Patricia

“ Perfect Guide For Our Visit to Kyoto ”

Shin's guide services provided us with an excellent experience in Kyoto on March 11, 2018. In addition to a full day of wonderful sites (Golden Temple, Food Market, Bamboo Forest, etc.) Shin helped us purchase our tickets to Hiroshima, and provided detailed information for our connections to Mt Koya and to the Iya Valley. Shin was prompt, sensitive, knowledgable, and had an excellent sense of humor. We give SHIN our highest possible evaluation.

Very Good
6 days ago |   by Ma

“ Finding that spot of 30 years ago ”

Mr Yuki was a substitute guide who took over somebody whose services I booked much earlier but couldn't make it on the appointed date. I am thankful that TripleLights asked the very experienced Mr Yuki to bring us to our desired sites in Tokyo. He was very accommodating, too. He knew how much I wanted to revisit the spot near the Imperial Gardens with my daughter who was in my womb when I had a photo taken in that particular place 30 years ago. And, he found time for us to find that particular spot. If only for this, I am so grateful to Mr.Yuki.

6 days ago |   by Frank

“ Get to know Kyoto with a knowledgeable local ”

We very much enjoyed our tour of Kyoto with Yasuna. Kyoto is a great place to see and its impossible not to be spoilt for choice. Yasuna helped put together our program so we got to see the major sites of Kyoto, as well as a few places off the beaten track known to locals. Yasuna has excellent communication skills, both her email interaction and her grasp of English. Yasuna is highly recommended as a knowledgeable, and professional Kyoto guide

1 week ago |   by Susan

“ Excellent driver ”

The driver was very professional and polite. He spoke enough English to be helpful. He waited for us at each site so we could take as much time as we wanted. He walked with us in the Naha market area to be sure we I'd not get lost. We were very pleased with his service.

1 week ago |   by Eling

“ Fun-loving guide with detailed planning ”

I really enjoyed the customized tour with Hiroyuki. He planned everything with great details and was truly humourous at times. Not only did he do a good job in guiding but also bought me drink and souvenir. Highly recommend him as a guide for a good experience in japan.

1 week ago |   by Ray

“ Ray's hangaround in Fukuoka ”

Throughly enjoyed the tour Yasuhiko went out of his way to accommodate our wishes nothing to much trouble. We were on a cruise and wish we had a guide of his quality in every port we visited. He kept us fully informed before we arrived. Thank you Yasuhiko Ray and Caz

1 week ago |   by Myra

“ Maximized our stay in Japan ”

I'm glad we hired Yuki as our tour guide, he is professional and knowledgeable. Our stay in Japan was limited and so we decided to hire a guide and visit more places in our little time and he didn't fail us. I was actually really hoping to see some cherry blossoms, thanks to him for checking the parks before we arrived in Tokyo, we found a park with early blooms. I definitely recommend hi services! :)

1 week ago |   by Emmanuel

“ Young, hip guide in kimono! ”

We enjoyed touring with Eriko. Our 12 year old son enjoyed the modern sites of Tokyo, and Eriko took us mainly to Odaiba. She speaks perfect English and very knowledgeable.

1 week ago |   by Owen

“ Amazing time in Tokyo ”

We came to Tokyo for a short visit and wanted to absorb a real life experience for what it's like to visit. With Michiko's help we were able to spend four fabulous hours exploring Shibuya, Shinjuko, and Kabukichō. We explored the train/subway, two great restaurants and twisted and turned through a myriad of narrow alleys full of unique bars and restaurants. Somehow on our journey we even made it to Godizilla, clothes stores and more!! Fun, exciting and an amazing life experience. Thank you Michiko!!! My wife and I are honored to have met you. O and L

1 week ago |   by Vanessa

“ Kyoto tour ”

It was an amazing experience for us joining the Kyoto tour with the assitance of our kind and accommodating driver. He made our trip a memorable one for each one of us.

1 week ago |   by Dahlia

“ My best tour guide ”

Mr Masaki is a fun tour guide that you want to be around with while you are in such a place that you have never been before.He takes your burden off in the country that you dont know the language, tradition, where to go, what to eat etc, etc.. This is the first time we met him but he liked a brother or an uncle that we know for a long time.He is very knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions. He was very patient too, as we 're still in "jet-lagged mode during the tour. Definitely, he made our esperience in Osaka and Nara to the fullest. So, for those who like to visit Nara and Osaka first time, we highly recommend Mr Masaki. Thank you Mr Masaki. Thank you Triple Lights. Dahlia and family

1 week ago |   by Precioso

“ Very on the dot. Amazing tour ”

The Driver Mr. Han was very nice and knew everything there is in Kyoto. We got around 4 destinations with just the right amount of time to enjoy tge experience and take alot of nice pictures. He himself also is a great photographer. So he knew where to take the right shots. Also the person in contact with in the emails was very responsive and replies really fast. Overall, very great tour highly recommended.

1 week ago |   by Inessa

“ Very pleasant and knowledgeable guide ”

We have spent 3 days with Junko and we were very happy. She is nice and accommodating.

1 week ago |   by Daniel

“ Very pleasent and most helpfull to please and accomplish wishes of custommer ”

I spent 3 days with Kim and was very satisfoed with his services. I gave his in advance my wishes and interests, and he was very attentive and precise in organising our programe. I was very satisfied with his organisation. He was always on time, pleasent, friendly and willing to please by adding new places. He was also great in suggesting excellent restaurants. I would certainly reccommend him, he is an excellent guide.

1 week ago |   by Robin

“ She made Tokyo even more awesome! ”

Mayumi was a wonderful guide. Her English was very fluent and was great with our two daughters, aged 11 and 7. We learned so much about the history of Tokyo as well as the history behind the shrines and temples. She modified our itinerary throughout the day depending on what we were interested in. She kept our 7 year old entertained and engaged, which was awesome! Thank you for a wonderful day Mayumi.

1 week ago |   by Karin

“ Excellent guide . Knowledgeable with remarkable social and language skills. You cannot go wrong wit ”

We had a great day with Toshihico He prepared a very interesting rute around Tokio enfacising the areas we were interested in . Highly recomended . He even gave us excellent tips for the days we had in Tokio after our tour together .

1 week ago |   by Gaither

“ 3 Days in Tokyo ”

My son (16) and I spent our first 3 days in Tokyo with Dai as our guide, and I don't think we could possibly have done any better. He is very knowledgeable and experienced (he is an avid traveler himself, which helps a lot!). But in addition to those qualities, he is also helpful, efficient, thoughtful, and kind. He helped us navigate the mass transit system in Tokyo and made it seems so easy that it never even occurred to us that it might actually be difficult to most newcomers. He always had everything well-planned out, but never made us feel like we were pressed for time or "on the clock." If we wanted to spend a little more time in a certain place, he always made us feel like we had all the time in the world (even though I'm sure we didn't...). The days were packed and well-planned out, but we never felt pressured for time. Dai ultimately took us to multiple Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines, some traditional gardens, the Imperial Palace, the Tsukiji Fish Market, Shibuya Crossing, up >1,000 on the Tokyo Skytree for an amazing view, to a museum (our request), and multiple shopping districts. We are gamers and anime fans, and so he spent lots of time taking us to places in Akihabara, Sunshine City, etc., where we could really get our geek on! He took us to some of the themed cafes as well (hedgehog café, maid café, etc.). We ate amazing food at all the places that Dai took us to. Overall, I'm not sure that by ourselves we could have packed all of that into 6 days, much less 3! And it was such a good time! But perhaps more important than all of that, Dai is a kind and attentive person. No detail seems to escape his notice. I noticed that several of the other reviews talked about Dai walking really fast. We didn't notice this (granted, we live in Western Colorado, and hiking is in the blood...). Certainly, Dai was capable of going fast, but he was so careful to match our pace rather than the other way around. If we were game to speed up, he would speed up to match us. If we wanted to slow down and catch our breath, or perhaps spend a little more time shopping or sightseeing in an area, Dai would immediately sense this (without us even having to say anything) and would give us time. Again, he is a very considerate person. Another thing I would like to say about Dai is that his linguistic skills are excellent! He of course speaks spectacular English, but to my delight, he was also a patient teacher of Japanese. I had been trying to pick up some Japanese for the past few weeks, and though my skill level was still quite poor, Dai would carefully correct or encourage me, as the situation dictated. I also speak some Spanish, and my son speaks German. What a great surprise when Dai would talk to us in those languages as well! (not that these are languages of fluency for him, but it just goes to show you how well-rounded, well-traveled, and educated he is!). Finally, let me speak to Dai's flexibility. Based on our likes and preferences, Dai had carefully set up a 3 day agenda. However, at the end of day 2, my son was realizing that maybe he had requested too much time shopping and not enough time seeing cultural sites. I spoke to Dai to see if there was any way that we could re-configure the schedule of the 3rd day. I was worried it might be too hard, given that it was so last-minute, and given that Dai had planned very carefully. I told him not to worry about it if it was going to be too much work or too difficult. But not only did he make some big changes for us on the spur of the moment, but he did it amazingly well, and with a great attitude. Anyway, I could go on and on, but suffice to say, Dai is great!!! We highly recommend him!!! You can't do any better!!! The Bynums

1 week ago |   by Jason

“ Great tour of Kyoto ”

We had an amazing day with Mitsuyuki, he knew all the great sites and places to eat. Incredibly knowledgeable and fun to be with. Would recommend and use again.

1 week ago |   by Krystal

“ Best touristic and local tour ”

Kahoko was an amazing guide. Very patient and knowledgeable of the history. She is always trying to find the best spots for taking the most amazing pictures. We definitely love our tour with her and she made us fall in love with Tokyo. 100% recommend it!

1 week ago |   by Emma

“ Amazing service and incredible knowledge ”

Toshi was a truly incredible guide. We were late coming in to Tokyo on our flight, and to ensure we could make the most out of our trip, he met us on the train platform (at the exact door we were getting off!!), took us to the taxi rank, took us to our Airbnb, waited for us whilst we got changed, and then proceeded to actually do our tour!! We were after an insider's view of the local bars and restaurants that were available in Shinjuku, and that is what we got! My parents and I loved every minute with Toshi - we ended up going to a great restaurant where we had a traditional Japanese meal - it was the best thing for us to have Toshi to order for us and we didn't have to worry. It was also very special to sit with a local and hear about his life and his country. Thank you Toshi for going above and beyond in helping us have a great experience; you made our first night in Tokyo extremely memorable and thank goodness we were lucky enough to book you! Anyone thinking of going on a tour with Toshi, would highly recommend it - he is not only the best, but a true gentleman. Many thanks from your Australian friends

1 week ago |   by Dan

“ Perfect and just what we needed ”

Sammy was a great guide with great knowledge of the area. He spoke fluent english and was happy to answer any of our questions. Would highly recommend.

1 week ago |   by Thomas

“ Only the best Guide/Interpreter in Kyoto ”

How did I get so lucky to have Masaki as my guide for a day in Kyoto? Five stars is not enough. Masaki is the utmost professional, and knew details about everything. Absolutely perfect English and a great communicator/teacher about the history and the culture of Kyoto and all of it's sites. If Masaki has an open day in his schedule, it would be best to book it fast. He is the best!

1 week ago |   by Adam

“ A great introduction to Tokyo! ”

I had never visited Tokyo or even Japan for that matter and as I was travelling solo I knew that I needed a local guide that would take me to places that I just wouldn't have visited if it weren't for the help of a local expert. Kashi took charge of the train system for me so I didn't waste any time working it all out and this is important if you are only in Tokyo for a few days. Kashi was very helpful giving me tips for my train travel around Japan and even helped me book my bullet train travel. Kashi took me to some delightful food places and to some major attractions that are on the tourist list but he also took me to other places such as samurai, sumo and sword museums and also art exhibitions and a cruise down the river. Thank you very much Kashi, I will recommend you to my parents for their next visit :)

2 weeks ago |   by Dennison

“ 1 day in tokyo ”

My parents and I spent a few days in Japan and this was our first time here. We wanted to see as much as possible in our short stay so we hired a private tour guide (Yuki.) Yuki was an amazing and kind host. He showed us around Tsujiki, Akihabara, and the Tokyo Sky Tree. He was very informative and if I am ever back in Tokyo in need of a guide I would book him without a second thought. Thank you very much Yuki for a memorable experience.

2 weeks ago |   by Dini

“ Awesome day with Toshi ”

Toshi was the right selection we made. She came on time to pick us and was really helpful in touring, specially with 2 young kids. She is an energetic and friendly guide with lot of patience, always with a smile. She is rich in her knowledge about Japan and it’s history. Toshi helped us even beyond her tour time to buy train tickets and to find the way back to our hotel. I highly recommend her as your guide if you want to have a pleasant & happy time. Thanks Toshi for making our day memorable and will definitely contact you on out next visit to Japan.

2 weeks ago |   by Steve

“ Amazing Tour ”

Our tour with Mitsuyuki was a definite highlight of our trip. He was very accommodating since we had two elderly guests and one infant. He was able to adjust our tour accordingly and still make it a pleasant experience. Thank you Mitsuyuki.

2 weeks ago |   by Michael

“ Fantastic guide with great personality ”

Very flexible tour guide who spoke excellent English. Gave extremely detailed local information and nothing was too much trouble. Beverley and I wanted to see places off the normal tourist map and Hitomi was fantastic- highly recommended. On time - knowledgeable- personable - book with confidence

2 weeks ago |   by Frank

“ Riko was an additional treat to a wonderful day in Tokyo ”

Riko is obviously a very professional tour guide who keeps her client's safety and wishes as her highest priority of the day. Her warm and caring personality just gives her tours an extra treat for the day. My family used Riko's services as a private guide for a day and she provied a valuable Tokyo experience as well as a good time for our short stay. She certainly would be highly recommended by us. -Neal Werner-

2 weeks ago |   by Frances

“ Great guided car tour of Tokyo ”

Masayuki gave us wonderful memories of our stay in Tokyo! He was very knowledgeable of the places we visited and always made sure we were comfortable. He was patient and considerate. He is highly recommended if you are looking for a great experience of Tokyo!

2 weeks ago |   by Greg

“ Beautiful Kyoto - Quick Tour ”

Touring with Shin was amazing! In 5 hours, Shin helped us see the important places that were on our list. He met us on the platform of the Nizomi train and helped us quickly drop off our luggage and hit the road! We started with the Golden Temple (breathtaking), then on to the Kiyomizu Dera Temple (uphill beauty) and ended at the Fushimi inira Taisha Shrine (amazing torii’s gates). These sights were not closely situated and without Shin’s guidance, it would’ve taken really long to get around. Thank you Shin - you are the best AND we appreciated the history and guidance you provided!

2 weeks ago |   by Lolita

“ 3 Days Tour ”

Michiko-san is a very nice and accommodating tour guide. Very friendly and happy to share the Japanese culture with us and learn of our Chinese culture. She patiently waits for us and don't rush us to walk faster or take pictures faster just to be on schedule. Unlike other guides we had before, she didn't get mad and try to stop us when we kept stopping to try the local foods even though we were really behind schedule. She also went with us to another place even though it's not part of the tour anymore. She responds fast to all our questions and do her best to give us the answers we need. Overall, our experience was enjoyable and fun because of her. I definitely recommend her to people who wants to visit kansai area.

2 weeks ago |   by Jocelyn

“ Well planned tour, very kind and helpful tour guide ”

I would definitely endorse Rick to make your tour an enjoyable and well planned tour. Even before our tour began, I know my family will enjoy the 3 hr kyoto tour. Rick was fast in responding to all my queries and was most helpful in suggesting to store our luggage in coin lockers in train station. We went to Fushimi Inari shrine, Nijo Castle and Nishiki market. We went beyond the 3 hr time,and he did not charge us extra. In the train station, he made sure we used the escalator because he saw we were tired of walking. I would definitely contact Rick again when I go back to Kyoto.

2 weeks ago |   by Jeremy

“ Wonderful tour guide ”

Dai was a wonderful tour guide. He is well traveled around the world and very knowledgable about Japanese history and culture. I would recommend him to anyone that would like to see the sights of Tokyo!

2 weeks ago |   by Dirk

“ A lovely time in Kyoto ”

Hiro was perfect to assist a first-time traveller to Kyoto (and Japan) - always ready to find special interest shops or locations. He made getting around an absolute pleasure and his knowledge as a 'local' was first class. I can highly recommend Hiro!

2 weeks ago |   by Jose

“ Templo de azakusa, mercado tsukiyi, Ginza ”

Excelente experiencia una guía de primer nivel entendió perfecto el sentido de nuestro viaje culinario l, siempre fue propositiva y su actitud supera cualquier expectativa, ademas del conocimiento de la cultura y sitios de interés.

2 weeks ago |   by Chris

“ One day in Tokyo ”

I had about 8 hours in Tokyo and selected Masato based on his bio since he had a long career in business in Japan and also travelling several times to the US. I was very happy with my choice. Masato was very articulate, easy to understand, and very knowledgeable of the areas we visited. He also was very flexible throughout the day on pace of visit and locations to visit. He was very timely on both my pick-up and dropping me back to the hotel. I strongly recommend him.

2 weeks ago |   by Leslie

“ Fabulous way to see Tokyo! ”

We can't thank Eriko enough for spending the day with us and touring all over Tokyo. It was incredible. She really tailors the tour to your interests and is wonderful about explaining the culture and traditions. It was such a great way to see Tokyo and experience its many treasures. She even went over her time to show us to the Tokyo museum so that we could enjoy it after our tour. I highly recommend booking a tour with Eriko! Thanks again!

3 weeks ago |   by Brian

“ Excellent and very knowledgeable guide ”

We spent 2 days with Shin - 1 day in Tokyo and 1 day in Kyoto. Shin's English is very good and his knowledge was excellent as he was able to answer every question we asked. He gave us very good advice about sights to see and he also recommended excellent restaurants for lunch. He also showed us his family house in Kyoto which I felt very honoured to visit. He also helped with our train tickets and gave very good advice about using the Metro in Tokyo. After 2 days he felt like a very good friend. I have no hesitation in recommending him and would use him again if I visit Japan in the future.

Very Good
3 weeks ago |   by Kate

“ Efficient & effective way to see Tokyo ”

Masako was our guide for 2 full and 2 half days while we had an amazing holiday in Tokyo and the surrounding area. We thoroughly enjoyed our tours, Masako was helpful with her knowledge but recognised when we needed to make itinerary changes due to the children's interest levels. For our family this made the tours totally effective and hugely enjoyable. Contact Masako, for me she helped tailor my requirements from high level ideas to deliver a detailed tour plan ticking all our boxes. - Thank you we loved our time and will definitely return to Japan.

Very Good
3 weeks ago |   by Jeanne

“ The Tsukiji Outer Market was a rush! ”

My day was one of contrasts. I love to visit local food markets when I travel. Hideki deftly navigated me through the bustling and colorful Tsukiji Market. Compare that to the calm and serenity found in the Hama-rikyu Gardens and the Meiji-jingu Shinto Shrine. Combined, they made for a wonderful introduction to Tokyo, all thanks to Hideki.

3 weeks ago |   by Diane

“ Tokyo Tour ”

Mayumi was wonderful! She met us at the lobby of our hotel and we were off! We were able to walk and use the subway system to explore all around! She took our top places we wanted to visit and made sure they fit into the day. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to give a lot of history behind every place we visited. If you want a great, educational, and fun private tour, Mayumi will deliver!

3 weeks ago |   by Roland

“ One Day Kyoto ”

Yuki was great. He was able to accommodate us last minute for a 1-day trip to Kyoto from Seoul. He met us at our hotel that morning and guided us through the subway and bullet train to make our way to Kyoto. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this trip!

3 weeks ago |   by Dennis

“ Great Nobu Travel Service ”

I found Nobu, our friendly tour guide, through google since I did not have time to prepare for my trip to Tokyo. I'm glad I did since he was very accommodating even before my trip. Pressed with time, I relied on Nobu for suggested places to visit in Tokyo since it was our first time to visit Japan. He patiently answered all my questions promptly which gave me an inkling of the kind of service he provides. He was prompt, knowledgeable of the places we visited and his English is very good. With regret we did not visit all the places we planned because we decided to have side visits which were not in our itinerary. I should have followed Nobu's suggestions all the way but then again it all was still a great experience. Thank you for the great experience, Nobu!

3 weeks ago |   by Meagan

“ Very thoughtful guide with a great taste for food! ”

I had a wonderful tour of Tokyo with Koichiro, who took me to some of the major attractions of the city, and also some hidden restaurant gems. I found the tour very interesting, and he offered many good insights into the local culture. Koichiro was also attentive to my interests and needs, adapting the tour to look at stores or areas I was more curious to see. He also went WELL out of his way to find an electronic device for my phone that I was looking for (which was not easy to find!). Even beyond the tour, he has been great at responding to any question I've sent him. I highly recommend him for whatever tour experience you're looking for in Tokyo!

3 weeks ago |   by Anita

“ Perfect day in Tokyo ”

We were only going to be in Tokyo for one day and thanks to Michiko that one day was a perfect one. Michiko was very knowledgeable, flexible, and accommodating to our requests. We could not have seen as much as we did without her. We learned a great deal about the areas we visited which enriched the experience. According to my Fitbit we did over 16 miles of sightseeing. What a wonderful day. Thank you Michiko!!

3 weeks ago |   by Leigh

“ Great day! ”

Loved my half day tour with Kahoko. She met me at my hotel and we were off on our adventure. I loved how she geared our pace towards me. I like to move fast and see as much as possible. I saw so many highlights in just 3 hours - she teally takes pride in guiding her guests.

3 weeks ago |   by Mervin

“ Excellent Guide for families ”

Yukiko made excellent suggestions for places for us to visit with our 2 boys (age 13 and 7). We visited Tsukiji market, Honda Welcome centre, Samaurai Museum, Ninja Trick House and the shops of Tokyo Station. She was very helpful in showing us how to navigate Tokyo using the train system and made us feel very welcome. On our return visit we would definitely use her services again and would recommend her to anyone who wanted a guide to help them navigate Tokyo and see things you may not ordinarily see. Mervin M

3 weeks ago |   by Ivan

“ Wonderful worry free 2 days tour with Koichiro ”

We booked 2 days with Koichiro San (feb 16 and feb 22) so this review will be for both days. Promptness is truly appreciated especially when we are pressed for time. 2 days will never be enough to see the whole city but a well thought off guide certainly did the trick. The tour was very casual, like you're touring with a friend and flexibility is a plus. He made us feel comfortable, always thinking about us whether we are hungry, tired, need to stop for some rest or need to go to the restroom. Going from one place to another by train is chaotic in Tokyo but being with him made it worry free for us. We learned a lot about the Japanese culture, heritage, customs and traditions. We (me and my wife) appreciate him for not being too time conscious like other guides do. He wouldn't show that he is in a hurry in fact he would suggest for us to stay and hang around a little bit more especially when there is so much to see in one place. Not to mention that he doesn't mind being our photographer for the day as well. it was fun to explore with him. We will definitely book again if given the chance to come back here with our kids in the near future.

3 weeks ago |   by Ehrin

“ Great time Learning in Osaka! ”

We had so much fun with Toichi! He was full of knowledge and very personable. He was prepared and put together a packet the night before so we would have a better understanding of our tour. He kept the tour moving and our group smiling. Toichi was very good at relating events and teaching us. He even helped us out with other items and needs related to our stay since we don't speak Japanese. We hope to use Toichi again for future tours in Japan next time we are there. We highly recommend Toichi!

Very Good
3 weeks ago |   by Sophia

“ Day in Tokyo ”

Koichiro was a lovely, polite, young man who showed my 8 yo daughter and I around town. Heavily jet lagged, having just arrived the night before, he was very accommodating to our slow pace. It was nice to have a guide show us around on our first day to help us get our bearings and acclimate and navigate the subway system. Thank you!

3 weeks ago |   by James

“ Amazing guide ”

Yoshi was very helpful. He took us to all the places in the itinerary we agreed. He was very accommodating as well questions on directions and other things. Would recommend him to my friends and my family. Thanks a lot Yoshi.

3 weeks ago |   by Sulo

“ Excellent Guide ”

Even before we booked the tour, Junichiro or Kochi as we called him, was very responsive to our questions. He was pro-active and very detailed in mapping out our itinerary. He met us at Odawara station and from that point onwards, it was smooth sailing. He took us to all the highlights of the Hakone area and it didn’t hurt that we had a crystal clear view of Mt Fuji on that day. Junichiro/Kochi took us to a very nice restaurant, and we experienced sitting and eating on Tatami mats. He was very knowledgeable and had an excellent command of English. Most of all, he was very considerate and steered us clear of steep stairs especially when he saw that a couple of members in our team had difficulty with climbing. We had a great time with Junichiro/Kochi and would highly recommend him as a guide.

Very Good
3 weeks ago |   by Koh

“ First visit to japan ”

He is helpful kind and responsible

3 weeks ago |   by Gabby

“ Fantastic Time in Tokyo ”

Our group if 5 friends had a great time with Yuki in Tokyo. He had an awesome sense of humour and was fill of information. Yuki went above and beyond what was agreed to help us find a luggage storage location. Thanks Yuki for helping make our trip fantastic.

Very Good
3 weeks ago |   by Graham

“ Happy holiday in Japan . ERIKO GUIDE. ”

Thank you Eriko for a great 3 days it was a pleasure to have you as our guide in Toyko and Nikko hope to see you again of return to Japn . Cheers Graham Fuller.

3 weeks ago |   by Ian

“ Touring with Masato ”

Masato was an exceptional guide and a delight to be around. He was incredibly well-informed about Tokyo and the sites we visited. He is very attentive to the needs of his tour group and my father and I heartily recommend Masato to others looking for a guide about Tokyo.

3 weeks ago |   by Doug

“ Introduction to Tokyo ”

We were a group of 5 people from Australia. We selected 3 or 4 possible things to see on our walking tour with Mayumi. She integrated these suggestions with some of her own and came up with a tour of Tokyo which was a highlight of our trip. Mayumi was expert in her knowledge and able to answer a diverse range of questions from our group. She also went out of her way to help us plan the rest of our trip. Doug

1 month ago |   by Chad

“ Wonderful First Day ”

Nobuyuki was excellent. We had a strange schedule due to marathon runners in our group and he was extremely flexible with our changing plans. He met us at the hotel and guided us expertly through Tokyo. He introduced us to Japanese dumplings and ramen. He was patient with our frequent photo stops and helped us make the most of our first day in Tokyo. If you need a guide and Nobuyuki is available, I would highly recommend him.

1 month ago |   by Angeline

“ Great Winter Experience for my family ”

Highly recommended to book your car and local guide through here!

Very Good
1 month ago |   by Olivia

“ It was one of the highlights during iur trip in Japan! ”

Junichi picked us up at our hotel right on time. He then drove us to Shirakawago and the scenery was just breath taking. He speaks really good english and explained to us about japanese culture on the way. He has interesting background and speaks many language other than Japanese and English. He waited for us patiently while we walked around Shirakawago track. He and his family owns a thai restaurant close to Takayama station and we gave it a go. Food was really good if you want to have a break from Japanese food. Overall it was a really pleasant experience and Junichi is an excellent guide. Thank you so much and best of luck for you and your family :) Regards Olivia & Friends :)

1 month ago |   by William

“ Yukiko knows Tokyo - culturally, historically... all of it! ”

If you want a personalized tour of Tokyo take one with Yukiko! She’s knowledgeable and well prepared for your interest. We enjoyed her company and were thrilled with all the sights we could visit. There wasn’t a question she could not answer.

1 month ago |   by John

“ Wonderful Tour Guide ”

Takako is an excellent guide. She put together a perfect tour for us. We wanted to learn of Japanese customs and history. She explained things very well. There was not one question we asked that she was not able to give information. She was very understanding of my wife who has difficulties with walking due to MS. We would gladly tour with her again.

1 month ago |   by

“ Travel in comfort and enjoyment ”

We booked TR taxi for a day trip from Kumamoto to Aso farmland and Yufuin. The trip starts at 915 from Kumamoto shinkansen station. We arrived in Aso farmland and spent 2 hours there which was great fun for our family with a young son. Then we travel to Yufuin for a walk on the main Street (the driver dropped us off outside kimono makeover shop) then we went to kinrin lake for photograph. The final stop is an onsen hotel with a family onsen. What a great day! The driver was truly wonderful. We don't speak Japanese but managed to use Google translate. It didn't matter as he had the itinerary well prepared. On the way back,he did a brief break- to buy us ice cream ! And candy for my sore throat . He is really really considerate! Love Triple Lights and will definitely use them again and recommend to others for a peace of mind holiday in beautiful Japan especially for families with small children.

1 month ago |   by Avice

“ Excellent guide for tokyo ”

My folks had a wonderful and happiest day tour with Dai. He made everyone at ease and comfortable. He showed his professionalism. He brought us to the places we requested. He was very friendly and gentleman. Will definitely recommend him to my friends and relatives if they come to Japan. Keep it up Dai. Hope we can meet up again in future. Thank you Dai.

1 month ago |   by Katie

“ Tokyo in 5 hours ”

We had the BEST day with Dai. We had a short 48 hours in Tokyo and asked Dai to design a first morning for us that would help us maximize our time wisely. We saw a highlight of the city and he helped us learn the train system and took us to a delicious sushi lunch. Because of our time with him, we felt comfortable on our own later and we truly felt like we got the most that we possibly could out of the fascinating wonderful city with the little time that we had. Dai was a delight- happy, smiley, super knowledgable and fun. There was no awkwardness, he was comfortable without being annoying and just a really fun guy to spend the day with- I felt like we were hanging out with an old friend who was a local. He was early and right where he was supposed to be and never pushy with us- he made the day what we wanted and followed our lead. He has traveled the world and it was lots of fun to talk to him about it. I can't recommend him enough- I would not HESITATE to book some time with Dai and let him show you his city!

1 month ago |   by Rick

“ Lost and found ”

Riko led myself my wife and our 2 sons both in there late 20s around Tokyo. She managed to find something for everyone from Samurais to Sumo to Honda robots. We followed our visit to Tokyo with a 8 day guided ski trip. The ski trip guides could no believe how much we saw in Tokyo in 3 days. Looking back on the photos either can I. The most amazing thing happened when my wife left a bag with post cards on a tram ride around the city. We just figured that they were lost, end of story. The next day Riko came to our hotel with them. She called the lost and found. It followed in Japan that the bags with the cards had been turned in. On her own time Riko retrieved them and returned them to us. You can't get any better care than that. Thank you Riko.

1 month ago |   by Nana

“ Perfect Tokyo Day ”

We wanted to start our visit to Tokyo with a knowledgable guide to show us the highlights of the city. Kahoko provided a highlight-filled day and more. Before the trip started, she reached out to learn more about what we wanted to see. We had a full day planned but, after we started, Kahoko was able to make modifications to our itinerary based on what we found more interesting - this was wonderful and allowed us to see some of the regular life in Tokyo. It was a long day, but so worth the tired feet!

1 month ago |   by Peter


mr shin is a wonderful tour guide , he always make sure you are comfortable during the trip, all are easy when you are with mr shin no worry at all nothing much to say but EXCELLENT , "highly recommended" hope to see you soon thanks for the wonderful and memorable tour

1 month ago |   by Frank

“ we loved having Dai as our Tokyo Guide! ”

We always look for people to give us an insight to the culture, history and geography of places we visit. Dai was very informational, great at maneuvering throughout the city and we got to see so much in one day! We also loved the fact that he was a world traveler with a great understanding of what we needed out of our trip to Japan!

1 month ago |   by Linda

“ Day tour of Tokyo ”

We had an excellent day with Riko. She was very flexible and could accommodate all of our requests to see certain sights in Tokyo. Her English was very good and we had great conversations about the locations we visited. We would highly recommend her as a tour guide.

1 month ago |   by Alex

“ Amazing Tour and Experience! ”

If i could give Yuko-San More stars i would! I recently organized a private tour with Yuko-San and she was very knowledgeable and made my short visit very pleasant and provided a true authentic experience of Tokyo. Yuko-San really goes out of her way to ensure we were adequately warm (was winter and raining) and comfortable during our tour and provided in-depth information and the history in regards to the places we visited. Her Engish is perfect and had no troubles communicating. I would definitely recommend anyone visiting Tokyo to book with Yuko-San.

1 month ago |   by Sung

“ Wonderful Tour ”

Thanks to Mr. Mitsuyuki, our family had a wonderful and memorable time at Kyoto. He was very knowledgeable with historical and cultural background of each site we visited. Excellent English proficiency and best driver as well.

1 month ago |   by Madelyn

“ Kyoto Tour ”

I love Toshiyo, she has been a great and patient tour guide.:-)