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4 months ago |   by ELIZABETH


Our guide was so knowledgeable. With a 24, 22, and 12 year old it was hard to find something we could all enjoy but Nikko and Edo Wonderland were perfect. The train ride was about 2 hours but well worth seeing the countryside of Japan. First Nikko, it was snowing (January 2017) but we were dressed for it. They were in the process of refinishing everything at the shrine for the 2020 Olympics but 1/4 of them were done, it is going to be beautiful. Nestled in the woods it was amazing. Because we added Edo Wonderland, we didn't have a lot of time there...you could easily do 3/4 of a day, spend the night in the quaint town and do Edo the next day. Off to Edo Wonderland. It is a cultural village taking you back in time when Edo was alive and thriving. Actors in costume and character all throughout the village, shops with artifacts and crafts to participate in, even a parade of Geisha. We even say a ninja show and my son dressed up, at the beginning, in traditional clothing from this time period to wear for the day. It was REALLY cold because you are in the country and it was January but there were plenty of info things to do, again, it closed early because of winter, would love to go again in the summer or warmer weather. I think this tour should only be Nikko though, that time of year, as it is the most beautiful and should include lunch in the town (would have loved to shop around, visit the oldest hotel there).

10 months ago |   by Julia

“ Private Tokyo day tour ”

I had a perfect tour trough Tokyo, everything was perfect, thank you for this experience! :)