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1 month ago , ( Couple ) , From: United States

“ One-day personalized tour of Tokyo! ”

Akira was an outstanding and fun tour guide for our trip to Tokyo! His English was very good and he was prompt in meeting us at our hotel. It was our first time to Tokyo and we weren't sure if we had needed a tour guide, but we are very glad we chose to do so. Akira was very accommodating to the places we wanted to visit and showed us how to navigate the train and subway system, which is very confusing if you don't know how to read Japanese. It definitely helped us with the rest of our trip when we were on our own. He came prepared with a portable white board and have us a crash course on the Japanese language which was very cool. I think we ended up saving a lot of time because of all the insight he provided us, compared to if we had done it on our own. It left us more time to explore Tokyo on our own efficiently and make the most use of our time. He also recommended a lot of great restaurants which we would have never been able to find on our own, even when we had bought several Tokyo books. We highly recommend Akira!

Elizabeth, I am so glad you enjoyed the day. It was so nice to see you and Austin never lost excitement about everything that you experienced during the tour (Sushi in Tsukiji, the magnets, the written fortune and etc...) and It was my pleasure to work for wonderful people like two of you. I am wishing that this trip to Japan will be the memorable one and you would come back, with your beautiful kids next time! Akira

1 month ago , ( Family ) , From: United States

“ Akira is awesome! ”

Our family which includes six kids (ages 7-16) had an amazing time with Akira. First, he is VERY responsive during the planning stages. Akira had wonderful recommendations yet was very accommodating to our ideas. Next, he planned ahead and purchased tickets for us in order to expedite our plans and ensured we had as much time as possible to tour not stand in line. Akira was so detailed oriented. He showed up at our apartment and already had memorized all the kid's names, had print-outs of maps, train schedules, etc. all in a folder for us. Akira even knew our dietary preferences and recommended the perfect restaurants. We proceeded to have a super efficient day. Akira was also so helpful to ensure that the rest of our plans in Tokyo were made and that we had all the right directions, etc. Lastly, I commend Akira on his honesty and integrity. Unknown to us, one of our tours actually cost less than we had pre-paid and at the end of the tour, Akira handed us the savings. He could have easily pocketed this money and we would have never known. We made a new friend in Akira and strongly recommend him.

Matt, It was my pleasure to work for Garret family. I am so happy to hear that you, Jana, Sam, Matt, Drew, John, Simon, and Grace enjoyed the day we spend together. I was so happy to see everyone wearing Kimono with happy smile and laugh enjoying tea ceremony and I really enjoyed taking pictures of Garrets during that time. Kimono-clad Garrets were all handsome and beautiful. I am so glad you like the foods at the "local" restaurant. That were the foods many of common people in Japan today may have. Thank you very much for your interested in my country and culture. I am wishing that this Japan trip will be the memorable one. Akira

2 months ago , ( Family ) , From: United States

“ Soo accommodating and knowledgeable ”

I should start by saying Akira is professional at his craft. He communicates prior to arrival to confirm he arranges the perfect day for his guests. We are a family of 4 with two kids, 8 and 10 so our ideas for fun probably a little different than most. He was great at adjusting and playing along with our family. We booked him twice!

Ken-san Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the tour. How did you like the bullet train ride? I can imagine that you are having wonderful Okonomiyaki dinner with your wonderful family. I am wishing that you, Leah, Jules, and Sid will have a wonderful time in Hiroshima and Kyoto! Thank you! Akira

2 months ago , ( Family ) , From: Philippines

“ Great guide - flexible and helpful! ”

We booked tours with Akira for 2.5 days. He suggested an itinerary for all days and we were able to adjust it before the trip. We really enjoyed our time in Japan and Akira was a part of that! During the trip, we realized that it would take longer to visit certain places (because my parents are older and walk slowly), so he would adjust our itinerary on the fly and make sure we still saw the important sights. He was very patient and helpful - he would look for the escalators and elevators in the train stations to make the walk easier for my parents too! If you're looking for someone to show you around without worrying about how to get to and from places, just book with Akira!! The only tip for improvement I'd have is maybe Akira can explain things more - sometimes he'd only explain things when we'd ask questions :)

Thank you very much for your warm message, Kellda san. It was my preasure to work for you and your wonderful family, Roger-san, Nina-san, Mark-san and Keila-san. I was worried a little that if the tour was hard for your parents (especially on rainy 2nd day...) but I am so happy that you all really enjoyed your time in Tokyo. Thank you very much for the tip for improvement that I will always keep it in mind. I hope you will come back again someday, and discover more about my strange, funny and beautiful country and people. Dewa Mata! Akira

3 months ago , ( Couple ) , From: United States

“ Excellent guide ”

Akira was our guide over a 3day period.he had an excellent plan that ended up needing to be modified secondary to the weather.we stilll saw what we wanted to see and it was like having a friend showing us around his home town.we can and do enthusiastically recommend him

Charles, Thank you very much for warm message and I am so glad that you and Jane enjoyed the tour. I am wishing that you will enjoy the rest of your stay in Tokyo fully and have a wonderful time. Please contact me anytime if you need me. I am looking forward to seeing you again. P.S. Please send me a photo of the written fortune you bought at the shrine. I will translate what it's written for you. Akira

3 months ago , ( Business ) , From: Greece

“ An Excellent Tout Guide ”

We are very much satisfied with the services rendered by Akira. Although our tour was not a usual one for visitors in Japan - visiting High End Supermarkets - Akira came straight away with a suggestion which was further amended based on our own information. What was more interesting was that Akira – once our schedule was confirmed – took the initiative to visit some of the Supermarkets we were intending to visit and took some photos for our reference. Moreover we are very much satisfied by Akira’s attitude and professionalism as a Tour Guide. We would strongly recommend Akira as a Tour Guide to future visitors to Japan.

Thank you very much, Elias-san! I am so glad you satisfied with the tour. As we saw at each store, many of the shelfs of olive oils are filled with Italian's and Spain's. Now its about time to let Tokyoites know that the best one is in Greek. I am looking forward the day that I can easily enjoy fine Greek olive oils in Tokyo light heartedly. If you need me for your next visit, just contact me anytime! Akira

6 months ago , ( Family ) , From: Australia

“ Fish markets and more. ”

Akira was an extremely friendly,pleasant and knowledgeable guide. He let us take our time and answered all our interminable questions and never seemed to rush us. So glad we chose him as our guide for today and the next two.

Dear Mark I hope you well and returned safely. I am so happy that you enjoyed the tours. It was my pleasure for me to work for you and enjoyed it very much. I hope the things you experienced in Japan make you want to come again and explore more about my country and funny, strange and nice people. Thank you very much for choosing me as your guide. Please take care and I am looking forward to seeing you again. sincerely, Akira

7 months ago , ( Family ) , From: United States

“ Outstanding Personalized Tokyo Journey ”

Akira-san made our first day in Tokyo our most memorable by first sending us a sincere letter to our hotel confirming our tour and then greeting us in a most personal and professional manner. His enthusiasm for incredible Tokyo helped us appreciate the complex layers of the capital. Akira custom tailored our tour to our individual interests and even modified our plan during our day to allow us an opportunity to experience a tea ceremony and a sweet shop. Akira really is the best guide I have had the opportunity to work with. You will very much enjoy Tokyo if you call Akira.

Kurt-San Thank you very very much for your warm message. I am so glad that your first impression of Tokyo was good and hoping you have more interest in Japan. I have been Tokyo resident for more than 30 years and I still can not loose interest in my city. Please enjoy the rest of your stay and I am looking forward to having another chance to be your guide again to explore the city together. Arigato-gozaimasu. Dewa-mata! Akira

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