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Cities where I can guide: Tokyo , Kamakura , Hakone , Yokohama , Kanagawa

Languages Japanese ( Native ), English ( License )

(8) Reviews
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Hi! I'm Eiko. I'm a National Government Licensed English Guide.
I've lived in Kamakura for 30 years. I had lived in the US for 5 years too! I am also an English teacher with 20+ years of experience.

Tokyo is an exciting city with traditional and contemporary coexists. Let me help you enjoy its amazing things and places, culture, nature, food and so on!! I'm sure you will never be bored. But are you worried about Tokyo's complecated Trains and subways? No worries!! With the professional guide, you can travel around Tokyo by public transportation just like Tokyoite do!! And it is a part of the travel of Tokyo. :-)

I also guide Kamakura, Yokohama and Hakone.
Kamakura is one of Japan’s 3 ancient capitals along with Kyoto and Nara. But it was developed in the 13th century by Samurai warriors not by the court nobles . Living in this historical place just motivated me to become a guide. Please visit this beautiful and peaceful place. You can see beautiful Mt. Fuji above the sea when sunny. I’m sure you’ll love it!!

Japan has four seasons and the rainy season between spring and summer.
I can show you the best tourist spots depending on the time of the year.
Beautiful flowers, colored leaves, moss, and indeed of gorgeous Mt. Fuji!!

Tokyo will host 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
And Enoshima will be the venue for the Sailing Competitions. And I have been a welcome guide of Ehoshima Island for 10 years!

I like Japanese history, culture, nature, animals, food and anime.
I'm cheerful and funny but responsible and a hard worker!
I make an extra effort and do my best to make your trip a great one.

I hope to see you soon in Japan!! Arigatogozaimasu! :-)

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Reviews ( 8 )
Janet Janet Australia ( Family )
1 month ago

“ We love Tokyo. ”

We love Eiko. We had a great time exploring Tokyo. Eiko is extremely helpful and patient. Thanks Eiko


Thank you so much for the nice review! I was also very happy to be with you for two days. You have wonderful children and I enjoyed all the conversation with them too!! I sincerely hope rest of your Japan trip will be a fantastic one!! See you again , hopefully!! Take care! :-) Eiko

Mayank Mayank United States ( Family with kids )
2 months ago

“ Excellent immersion in such short time! ”

Eiko-san is awesome. We learned so much about Japan, Japanese culture, customs and the people in our two days with her. This will sound like a cliche after reading her other reviews, but at the end of the second day it was truly like being shown around by a family member. She’s thoughtful about your objectives, needs and requirements as a touring party. We highly recommend her. Eiko-san, arigatogozaimashita!


Hi Mayank and his lovely family! :-) Thank you for taking your preciouce time to post the review which is so great!! Those two days with all of you in Tokyo and Kamakura+Enoshima were gift to me. The weather was so nice that we could see beautiful Mt. Fuji above the see from Enoshima! We experienced many things together, such as scooping goldfish, eating veg. ramen and green tea ice cream, fishmarket, front car of the Enoden Line, Tea Ceremony etc!! Of course the tour was so much fun with your pretty girls, but at the same time, your attentive attitude toward learning other culture moved me a lot and rased me as a guide at the same time. Let me tell you my appreciation!! I hope you'll have another chance to visit Japan again soon. So see you then, hopefully!! :-) Arigatogozaimashita! ... read more

Phing Phing Singapore ( Family )
2 months ago

“ A fantastic day out with Eiko ”

Through my emails with Eiko, i thought of her as a warm and thoughtful person. True enough, when we met her this morning , she was friendly and warm. She was professional and thoughtful and was able to tell us about the history of Kamakura and answer the questions that we had. Our journeys on the trains and buses were not boring maybe because we are all women and we had lots to talk about. We enjoyed the sights that Eiko brought us to see and the shopping street that we walked through to try some of the sweets and delicacies. We highly recommend Eiko if you are looking for a guide cos i will certainly look for her again when i come to japan !


Hi Phing! Thank you very much for such a nice review! It was so much fun to be your Kamakura guide this time. We talked a lot of subjects from Japanese history, religion including the Shinto rituals of 7-5-3 and Yabusame to the cost of the Japanese style wedding ceremony. :-) We also visited the tea master’s house, enjoying seeing all the process of the tea ceremony. Thank you for showing your interests each time! I hope you have a safe flight back home. I definitely would like to see you and your mom again in the near future!! Until then, Take care!! Eiko

Luna Luna Philippines ( Family )
3 months ago

“ Excellent service by Eiko. ”

Eiko has the personality of a good tourguide. She is amiable, patient and works hard to please her clients. She’s prompt in her replies and always thinking what would benefit her clients the most. We had a wonderful experience of Tokyo and Hakone with all the help provided by Eiko considering that my husband has a health issue. We thank TripleLights specially Eiko for the excellent service.


Hi Luna!! Thank you very much for such a wonderful review!! You and your family were all very nice and it was my pleasure to have been with you for two days in Tokyo and Hakone!! Thank you for treating me as a part of your family all the time. We had exchanged a lot of messages about our tour to Hakone before your actual visit to Japan. Although Mt. Fuji was a little too shy that day, I was so happy when we arrived safely at Tokyo station by Shinkansen, bullet train which was your husband’s number 1 wish about the Hakone tour. :-) I’m looking forward to your next trip to Japan!! Take care!! Eiko

Peter Peter Canada ( Couple )
4 months ago

“ Tokyo Private Tour ”

We had 2 great days in Tokyo and Kamakura with Eiko. To start with she was very quick to respond to any and all queries as we were getting our customized tour ready to go. She constantly followed up so I always felt a high level of engagement. Her input was fantastic and she went out of her way to accommodate my wife's love of gardens. She was very prompt and courteous and her knowledge of the areas we visited was amazing. I would highly recommend Eiko for any period of time in Tokyo! Thanks Eiko for a wonderful experience!


Hi Peter and Mary!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! :-) How is your stomach, Peter? I can’t believe it’s been almost one week since our Kamakura tour. It was so much fun to visit many places and share my favorite things with you. You and Mary always showed great interests to what I explained. You were such a wonderful couple that I felt like we had been friends for a long time by the end of our tour. You were too nice to me. Again, thank you very much for having me as your Tokyo And Kamakura guide! Please come back to Japan again soon!! Take care!! Eiko