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Cities where I can guide: Tokyo , Kamakura , Hakone , Yokohama , Kanagawa

Languages Japanese ( Native ), English ( License )

(44) Reviews
Hourly rate 31 USD Price up to 5 people
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Hi! I'm Eiko. I'm a National Government Licensed English Guide.
I had lived in the US for 5 years! I’m also an English teacher with 20+ years of experience.

Tokyo is an exciting city with traditional and contemporary coexists. Let me help you enjoy its amazing things and places, culture, nature, food, architectures and so on!! I'm sure you will never be bored. But are you worried about Tokyo's complecated Train and subway systems? Here I am! With the professional guide, you can travel around Tokyo just like the Tokyoites do!! :-)

I also guide Kamakura, Hakone and Yokohama.
Hakone has been one of the very popular sightseeing destinations of Japan for its beautiful nature and Mt. Fuji view, hot spring, art museums, unique transportations, etc. It has been attracted many people. Among them were Jhon Lenon, Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller. My favorite is Hakone Open Air Museum!

Kamakura is one of Japan’s ancient capitals along with Kyoto and Nara. But it was developed by Samurai warriors about 800 years ago. Great Buddha, Bamboo Temple, Matcha, more and more! Living in this historical place just motivated me to become a guide. It has popular beaches, and Mt. Fuji can be seen when it is sunny!! The local train nicknamed Enoden is also very unique and popular!

Japan has four clear cut seasons. Let me show you the best spots depending on the time of the year such as beautiful flowers, colored leaves, moss, and indeed of gorgeous Mt. Fuji!!

I like Japanese history, nature, animals, food, traditional culture, but also animations!
I'm cheerful and funny, but responsible and a hard worker!
I make an extra effort and do my best to make your trip a great one.

I hope to see you soon in Japan!! Arigatogozaimasu! :-)

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Private Tours

My favorite Tokyo!

(44) Reviews
by Eiko
Tokyo is an amazing city where modern and traditional coexists. It will never get you borad! That's why it is hard for the tourists to decide what to see, ...
8h US$ 243 up to 5 people

My favorite Hakone!

(44) Reviews
by Eiko
Hakone locats in Fuji-Hakone Izu National Park, which is about 2 hours away from Tokyo by Odakyu Romance Car or JR Line. It has been a very popular resort ...
6:30h US$ 230 up to 6 people

My favorite Kamakura!

(44) Reviews
by Eiko
I've been a guide of Kamakura for a long time, having noticed that the nature adds an extra tastes to the peaceful atomosphere of temples and shrines in Ka...
7h US$ 212 up to 4 people

Exciting western Tokyo, traditional and fashionable!

(44) Reviews
by Eiko
This tour offers one of Tokyo's most popular districts of Harajyuku and Shibuya in which you will find both traditional and modern Japan.A solemn Meiji shr...
7h US$ 217 up to 5 people

Amazing Central Tokyo, traditional and fashionable!!

(44) Reviews
by Eiko
Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities wiht both historical and modern sites. This tour offers you such must see spots in central and eastern part of Tok...
7h US$ 217 up to 5 people

My favorite Kamakura! half day

(44) Reviews
by Eiko
This tour offers a half day tour. (Or if you'd like to combined with my 'Enjoy Japanese culture in Kamakura!' tour, it can be a 7-hour tour.)I have chosen ...
4:30h US$ 143 up to 5 people

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Can the guide pickup me at the airport?

Yes, but there will be additional charge for that and it is not by car. The guide will go pick you up using public transportations. For further details, please contact your guide directly.

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Reviews ( 44 )
Xinyu Xinyu United States ( Solo )
1 week ago

“ wonderful 8h in Tokyo ”

This was the first time I decided to have a local guide and I think it totally worth it. It was raining but we had a great day together. Eiko always asked me what I preferred and tailored the schedule per the weather condition and my preference. When I told her I was interested in architectural design, she took me to see the new Olympic stadium, which was not on the original schedule. The very reason I would want to have a local tour guide is to have conversations with some one from the area without language barrier. With that being said, having Eiko with me elevated my trip in Tokyo. Eiko was really nice and easy to talk to. She is knowledgeable to answer all my questions, providing insider’s point of view. It was a lot of fun to hear the behind-scene stories. She also has such ... read more


Hi Xinyu! Thank you so much for writing such a nice review so quickly!! First of all let me say thank you that you walked all the way in that heavy rain today.(It was unusual as December.) As a result, we were able to visit some extra places designed by famous architects including the New National Stadium and New Are Center Tokyo. It was a very interesting tour for me too especially because you also taught me many things. Thank you. :-) We ate mochi, onigiri, IMO Buso or sea grapes and pink strawberries. We enjoyed goldfish scooping and shopping at Tokyu Hands. I’m hoping you can come back next year for Tokyo Summer Olympics!! Until then, take care!! See you soon! Eiko

Tassie Tassie United States ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ amazing tour and tour guide ”

I have traveled the world and have had many tour guides and i have to say that Eiko was one of the best! My husband and i booked with Eiko based on her video and other reviews that she received and she exceeded our expectations and the glowing previous reviews. She was charming, very well informed on the history of Japan and spoke perfect English. I have never been so pleased with a tour guide as I was with Eiko. I would highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed.


Hi Tassie! Thank you for writing the review so quickly in such limited time! And it is so very nice!! You and your husband treated me so nice that I felt that I was with long time friends. :-) We talked a lot about many subjects, but I wished I could have fully enjoyed your husband jokes he told during the tour. I have to keep studying English! :-) Tassie is a beautiful business woman traveling around the world. I definitely would like to see you again soon! Hoping you have a wonderful time in Kyoto, and can find a nice pearl jewelry for your daughter! Take care, Eiko

William William United States ( Friends )
2 weeks ago

“ Kamakura-a must visit ”

Eiko was a wonderful guide in Kamakura. We had such a good time. Everyone should do this tour!


Hi Will! It’s very nice to hear from you again. And thank you very much for the wonderful review with 5 stars!! The half day Kamakura tour with all of you was so merry that I felt it much shorter. :-) Your happy smile faces made me very happy too! Again, thank you so much for having me as your Kamakura guide this time! Please come back to Japan again soon! Take care! Eiko P.S Please say ‘Hello’ to Wiky, Bess and Will, her husband for me!!

Budi Budi Indonesia ( Family )
2 weeks ago

“ A sunny day in Tokyo with a sunny guide ? ”

We spent a wonderful 6 hours with Eiko-san, a very knowledgeable and professional tour guide. She was excellent in arranging the itinerary so that we were able to cover as much as possible in such a short time, but at the same time she was also flexible in accommodating our interest and physical condition (my husband just had a surgery few days before the trip and was not able to walk as fast as he used to). We visited Tokyo Sky Tree (it was good that we started our day tour here because the morning queue line was still short), then Akihabara animae and electronic center (a must see for millenials! 😃), and a lunch break at an excellent Vegetarian Ramen in Harajuku area (didn't think Vegan dish could be that tasty!). After lunch we went to Meiji Shrine (beautiful tranquil place, not to be ... read more


Hi Budi and her family!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful review!! I was lucky to have such a blessed guests like you. It’s been so nice weather since you have arrived. Even if it rained or blew heavy wind at night, the very next morning it stopped and the sky became so blue! Thank you for bringing the nice weather!! And I felt very comfortable being with you throughout the tour because you treated me very nicely and showed your interests to my guiding each time. I really appreciate it. Your son is also very nice! I was happy to know him likes Japanese animation! I felt really close to him and all of you to know that you’ve watched many Japanese animation programs such as Captain Tsubasa, Doraemon, etc!! Today’s weather was also very nice and I’m sure you had a good time at Mt. F... read more

Asha Asha Canada ( Solo )
Very Good
4 weeks ago

“ Tokyo Highlights ”

I thoroughly enjoyed my day your of the highlights of Tokyo with Eiko! It was the first day of my trip and was a great start for my adventure. Eiko was very flexible with the schedule and provided on the go suggestions. She gave insights into Japanese culture and an introduction on who to navigating the city's transportation. She was very nice to spend the day with.


Hi Asha, Thank you for the review. Your tour day was on Monday and almost all the museums and Japanese gardens plus Kabukiza were closed. Therefore, prior to the tour, we discussed the spots to substitute them. I suggested Tokyo Skytree and you agreed to go there. But on the tour day, you changed your mind because of the entrance fee.. It was a nice sunny day and there was a high possibility to view Mt. Fuji. So I took you to Tokyo metropolitan government office to visit their observatory. However there was a very long waiting line and forced us to give it up.. Im sorry if these were the reasons that you couldn’t fully enjoy.. I really hope you come back to Tokyo again in the future!! Eiko


Must see shrine in Kamakura!

by Eiko
Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine Even now, this is the center of Kamakura!!Evening hour wedding celemony  Bonbori or paper lantern festival in Au...

Inside the Imperial Palace.

by Eiko
Let me show you a part of the Imperial Palace whose formal door is opened to the public only twice a year; January 2nd and the Emperor’s bir...