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Cities where I can guide: Tokyo , Kamakura , Hakone , Yokohama , Kanagawa

Languages Japanese ( Native ), English ( License )

(35) Reviews
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Hi! I'm Eiko. I'm a National Government Licensed English Guide.
I had lived in the US for 5 years! I’m also an English teacher with 20+ years of experience.

Tokyo is an exciting city with traditional and contemporary coexists. Let me help you enjoy its amazing things and places, culture, nature, food and so on!! I'm sure you will never be bored. But are you worried about Tokyo's complecated Trains and subways? No worries!! With the professional guide, you can travel around Tokyo by public transportation just like Tokyoite do!! And it is a part of the travel of Tokyo. :-)

I also guide Kamakura, Yokohama and Hakone.
Kamakura is one of Japan’s 3 ancient capitals along with Kyoto and Nara. But it was developed in the 13th century by Samurai warriors not by the court nobles . Living in this historical place just motivated me to become a guide. Please visit this beautiful and peaceful place. You can see beautiful Mt. Fuji above the sea when it is sunny. I’m sure you’ll love it!!

Japan has four seasons and the rainy season between spring and summer.
I can show you the best tourist spots depending on the time of the year.
Beautiful flowers, colored leaves, moss, and indeed of gorgeous Mt. Fuji!!

Tokyo will host 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
And Enoshima will be the venue for the Sailing Competitions. And I have been a welcome guide of Ehoshima Island for 10 years too!

I like Japanese history, culture, nature, animals, food and anime.
I'm cheerful and funny but responsible and a hard worker!
I make an extra effort and do my best to make your trip a great one.

I hope to see you soon in Japan!! Arigatogozaimasu! :-)

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Private Tours

My favorite Tokyo!

(35) Reviews
by Eiko
Tokyo is an amazing city where modern and traditional coexists. It will never get you borad! That's why it is hard for the tourists to decide what to see, ...
8h $ 239 up to 5 people

My favorite Kamakura!

(35) Reviews
by Eiko
I've been a guide of Kamakura for a long time, having noticed that the nature adds an extra tastes to the peaceful atomosphere of temples and shrines in Ka...
7h $ 204 up to 5 people

My favorite Hakone!

(35) Reviews
by Eiko
Hakone locats in Fuji-Hakone Izu National Park, which is about 2 hours away from Tokyo by Odakyu Romance Car or JR Line. It has been a very popular resort ...
7h $ 244 up to 4 people

Exciting western Tokyo, traditional and fashionable!

(35) Reviews
by Eiko
This tour offers one of Tokyo's most popular districts of Harajyuku and Shibuya in which you will find both traditional and modern Japan. A solemn Meiji s...
7h $ 212 up to 5 people

Amazing Central Tokyo, traditional and fashionable!!

(35) Reviews
by Eiko
Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities wiht both historical and modern sites. This tour offers you such must see spots in central and eastern part of Tok...
7h $ 215 up to 5 people

My favorite Kamakura! half day

(35) Reviews
by Eiko
This tour is used as a half day tour, or it can be combined with my tour 'Enjoy Japanese culture in Kamakura'! Please choose 1 or 2 spots from the list s...
4:30h $ 127 up to 5 people

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Reviews ( 35 )
Amanda Amanda Australia ( Family with kids )
1 week ago

“ Fantastic family outings with Eiko - she's great! ”

We had a great couple of days with Eiko. She's well organised, fun, speaks great English and was fantastic with the kids. She even brought a little pack of things to keep them occupied when needed. She pulled together a great itinerary and took us to places that the whole family could enjoy. Highly recommend Eiko - thank you Eiko!


Thank you for having me as your Tokyo and Kamakura guide this time. I was very much pleased to know you could enjoy the tours. And thank you very much for sparing your precious time to write a review, which is wonderful!! How's everybody? I can still picture your lovely children talking to me. :-) We've visited many places and seen many things. We ate delicious food and talked a lot too! I hope these good memories of Japan will be something pleasant to look back on. And Rugby World Cup! Let's keep our fingers crossed!! Thank you again and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the near future! Take care, Eiko

Cynthia Cynthia United States ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ We had the My favorite Tokyo tour by Eiko ”

She was personable, kind and very knowledgeable about Tokyo and the sites we visited. She was also very flexible and accommodating. I will recommend her without any hesitation and I will hire her again when I come back to Tokyo


Hi Cynthia, Thank you very much for taking your precious time to write this review! I was really happy to know that you enjoyed the tour yesterday. Thank you for treating me as your friend from the beginning of the tour. I had lived in LA before and I felt very close to you too! It was an 8-hour tour and we walked a lot. After a long walk, Ramen tasted really good, didn't it!! And Shibuya scramble crossing was so excited with full of people in the evening of Saturday. It was the busiest crossing that I've ever seen with my guests! Just one thing, let me appologize that I couldn't complete all the spots I prepared for you yesterday. We enjoyed and stayed a little bit too long at each spot. But I believe that it was the proof that you've enjoyed and had a good time at each spot!! Once a... read more

Sovannarith Sovannarith United States
2 weeks ago

“ Thank you, Eiko! ”

My girlfriend and I had a wonderful time in Hakone thanks to having Eiko-san as our guide. Since the popular Owakudani Valley and ropeway were off limits to tourists during our stay, Eiko emailed us ahead of time to plan an alternate itinerary that would still allow us to experience all of the great things Hakone had to offer. It was a very tight schedule, but she remained flexible throughout the day and always checked with us before making decisions about what to do next, which we appreciated very much. We even asked her if we could include a specific restaurant in our itinerary; not only did she accommodate our request, but she even called the restaurant and made a reservation for us ahead of time. Eiko also knew that we wanted to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji, so even though we weren’t ab... read more


Hi Sovan! How are you and your girlfriend?! Thank you so much for such a WONDERFUL review!! It brought me a BIG smile. :-) I think I've told you but let me tell you again that you made me very happy on the day of the tour, saying you liked Hakone better than Kyoto. That was a great great compliment !! It was actually a very nice and enjoyable tour to me too because of you. I appreciated you because you always listened to my explanation very well with interests. And your smile faces you showed me at each spot encouraged me a lot. And the weather; It was not nice with little rain at the beginning but the sky became more blue as time went by. And finally we could see Mt. Fuji! The view of Mt. Fuji from the park building was just like a picture in a frame! I believed you brought that mirac... read more

adam Adam Mexico ( Couple )
Very Good
1 month ago

“ tour of Tokyo ”

Eiko is very knowledgeable and is a great guide for Tokyo; highly recommended


Thank you for choosing me as your Tokyo guide this time. I’m glad the review. Our tour started from your flight change. We were able to see and talk many things including the wedding procession at Meiji shrine, the live piano concert at Metropolitan government office observatory. But on the other hand the pearl shop was closed, couldn’t see Mt. Fuji.. Hoping you come back to Japan again in the near future. Have a safe flight back home! Eiko

Cristina Cristina Italy ( Business )
2 months ago

“ A real Tokyo experience in just eight hours ”

Traveling alone for my first business trip to Japan. The wish of understanding the culture of the country, how people live, who they are, basically having a real experience of Tokyo. How do you accomplish all this if you only have one day free? I was extremely lucky to meet Eiko through the Triple Lights website. We started chatting as she wanted to know my objective of hiring a guide. And she was able to tailor on my desires the perfect Tokyo experience. She is absolutely an experienced guide who, thanks to her professionalism, her deep Knowledge of every angle of Tokyo, her adaptability, her friendly attitude made me feel like walking around the city with a friend . We visited historical palaces, temples, crowded streets. We had a taste of amazing local food. We took the metro, w... read more


Hi Christina, Thank you very much for spending your precious time to write a review especially after a long work day. And it is a great great great review and I feel ecstatic!! Thank you!!:-) It was a very hot day but we walked a lot, didn’t we!! The parasol and Tenugui, a cotton cloth worked well. :-) We talked about many things during the tour. I was very happy to see you enjoying the lotus flowers, scenery, food, culture, nature even Japanese history that I introduced you. We shared delicious local food together! And you also taught me many things that you’ve learnt through your business trips in other countries. Thank you!! I was so much comfortable throughout the.tour. Maybe we were just the two girls of us. Anyway, thank you for having me as your Tokyo guide!! I’m looking forward ... read more


Must see shrine in Kamakura!

by Eiko
Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine Even now, this is the center of Kamakura!!Evening hour wedding celemony  Bonbori or paper lantern festival in Au...

Inside the Imperial Palace.

by Eiko
Let me show you a part of the Imperial Palace whose formal door is opened to the public only twice a year; January 2nd and the Emperor’s bir...