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One day - Best places to visit in Tokyo Ⅰ (Tsukiji, Asakusa,Imperial Palace,Akihabara)

(84) Reviews

In Tokyo, there are so many attractive places where you can have a great time of the day. I selected four most popular touring spots; Tsukiji, Imperial palace, Asakusa and Akihabara. It's very good tour, especially if this will be your first time visit in Tokyo! Also there is "Popular spots in th... read more

7:30h $ 291 up to 5 people

Tsukiji Fish Market and Asakusa Walking tour

(6) Reviews

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the biggest fish market in the world. You can enjoy the hustle of the market and taste the sample of some Japanese local food, and have local sushi lunch. After Tsukij, head for Asakusa, the oldest and biggest temple in Tokyo and the oldest shopping street where you c... read more

by Sachimi
5h $ 165 up to 4 people

Tsukiji( fishmarket) and Ryogoku(Sumo, Ukiyoe, History)

(3) Reviews

We will visit Tsukiji fish market (inner and outer but not tuna auction) area and Ryogoku where is famous for Sumo , Ukiyoe and history. In Ryogoku we will visit 3 museums which are Sumo museum, Sumida Hokusai museum which is Ukiyoe museum, and Edo-Tokyo museum which is a history museum. Also, you... read more

by Hiroshi
8h $ 197 up to 4 people

Delicious and Beautiful Tokyo - Tsukiji,Hamarikyu and Asakusa

(4) Reviews

We are going to visit four famous tourist spots ,Tsukiji fish market, observatory in Shiodome, Hamarikyu Japanese garden and Asakusa, lower town. In this tour, transportation is through Sumida river cruise from Hamarikyu garden to Asakusa. read more

by Yuko
7h $ 173 up to 5 people

Tsukiji Fish Market, Hama-rikyu Gardens, Cruising to Asakusa

(14) Reviews

Tsukiji Fish Market is popularly known among visitors from abroad. The market has two areas; one is Inner Market , Auction Hall and the other, Outer Market, shops of allied traders. You are not scheduled to see Tuna Auction because it is held so early in the morning. But you can enjoy an atmosphe... read more

by Akira.S
7h $ 241 up to 4 people

Tsukiji market + One more must-see spot of your choice (Shibuya or Asakusa)

(1) Reviews

At Tsukiji market, we will enjoy exploring and sampling various Japanese food, and learn Japanese culinary culture. After eating lunch, we will move to one more must-see spot. You can choose anywhere in Tokyo, but Asakusa or Shibuya is recommended . We can be flexible about the itinerary, so p... read more

6h $ 188 up to 5 people
TSUKIJI MARKET 3HOURS WALKING TOUR    Let's try Japanese street food!

TSUKIJI MARKET 3HOURS WALKING TOUR  Let's try Japanese street food!

(1) Reviews

In the morning, we will visit the Tsukiji market where you will enjoy lots of local street foods and super fresh marine products. I will show you lots of recommended stalls, so please feel free to enjoy eating Japanese local food and shopping!! Throughout the tour, I will share about Japanese cultu... read more

3h $ 113 up to 6 people

Tsukiji & Tokyo water-front

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At first, we visit Tsukiji and enjoy the atmosphere of the wholesale market . After enjoying the wholesale market , we stroll around the outer market and eat lunch there. In the afternoon,we visit Japanese-style garden (Hamarikyu garden). Finally,we go to the Odaiba man-made land and see dynam... read more

10h $ 282 up to 4 people

Tsukiji and Asakusa - 2 major complex

(4) Reviews

If you want to experience a real Japan, I would recommend you 2 major sightseeing spots, Tsukiji and Asakusa. Tsukiji fish market represents for Japanese food culture, Sushi. Asakusa represent for Buddhism culture, Sensouji temple. I am sure you would have unforgettable experience in this tour! read more

by Hiroshi
8h $ 216 up to 5 people

Tsukiji Fish Market Walking and Sushi Making Workshop in Ginza

(9) Reviews

This tour consists of Tsukiji Fish Market walking and Sushi making workshop including Lunch charge. First, we will go to Tsukiji Outer market where you will taste food samples. After this, we will go into the Inner market around 10:00, where I hope you can feel essence of Japanese cuisine. Then we... read more

by Mari
4h $ 160 per person

Explore the Tsukiji "the Kitchen of Tokyo"market and Yanesen with a food specialist

(8) Reviews

I have been worked as a writer specializing in food & wine and long-term resident of Yanesen, very popular for its old-time atmosphere. Please join the unique tour of combination with "Kitchen of Tokyo" and back streets of Yanesen ! In the morning, we will walk the world biggest wholesaler market,... read more

by Junko
8h $ 282 up to 5 people

Eating and drinking tour at Tsukiji

(4) Reviews

Tsukiji fish market is called big kitchen in Japan. In the market, you can taste fresh tuna, oyster, crab, egg omellet ( Japanese style), fish cake, seaweed, Japanese green tea and so on. Please enjoy Tsukiji fish market and don't take too much breakfast at your hotel.Fresh sashimi (raw fish) is wai... read more

by Hiroshi
4:30h $ 122 up to 5 people
Tsukiji Fish Market Tour

Tsukiji Fish Market Tour

(84) Reviews

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the top tourist district destination in Tokyo, as many as 42,000 visitors a day! It consists of two main areas-the inner market and the outer market. Tokyo governor decided to relocate the inner market to Toyosu new market in the next year, 2018. It might be your first... read more

2h $ 75 up to 4 people

Exploring the "maze" of Tsukiji Fish market

(19) Reviews

Let's visit world famous fish market! The Tsukiji Market is known as one of the world's largest fish markets handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day. In Tsukiji market are, there are two markets; Inner and Outer market. We will visit both markets and Namiyoke Shrine. Namiyoke (literal... read more

by Haruko
2h $ 75 up to 4 people
Daytime tour to Tsukiji fish market

Daytime tour to Tsukiji fish market

(90) Reviews

Tsukiji fishmarket is popular not only by its Tsuna auction but also its variety of shops for visitors. You don't have to wake up before the dawn in this tour. Still you will enjoy shopping and eating Japanese cuisines. Many people come to eat at popular sushi bars after waiting several hours. But I... read more

by Yuki
3h $ 94 up to 5 people

Tsukiji Tuna Auction Tour

(1) Reviews

At Tsukiji, central Tokyo, we'll watch an energetic tuna auction !! After the auction, enjoy "Uogashi-yokocho". Being in this old style shopping arcade is like a kind of "Time Slip" to 60's Japan ! Shall we share this amazing experience together ? I'm looking forward to seeing you ! read more

by Itsumi
5h $ 169 up to 3 people

Tsukiji Fish Market Walk ~ let's get into the world's largest market ~

See and feel a secret of the world largest fish market now to support a healthy food “Washoku”. Why “Washoku” a UNESCO Cultural Heritage is so healthy and delicious? It is because of its freshness. Its freshness is realized by overnight work in Tsukiji. Please visit Tokyo and join our authentic to... read more

by TJtours
2:30h $ 106 up to 4 people

TSUKIJI Fish Market - Gastronomy Tour

TSUKIJI fish market will move to the TOYOSU waterfront district in the near future. Before the relocation, let's have an exclusive experience in this unique and the largest fish market in the world! *the outer market is for the public *wholesalers area is for professionals read more

by Rumi
2h $ 71 up to 4 people
Asakusa Tsukiji Half Day Tour

Asakusa Tsukiji Half Day Tour

Visiting Asakusa, and stroll Senso-ji temple, Kaminari-mon gate, Nakamise shopping arcade and so on. Senso-ji temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and its Kaminari-mon gate is the symbol of Asakusa. Then move to Tukiji by subway. Visit Tukiji Fish Market, the inner market and outer market. Tsukiji F... read more

by Toshio
4h $ 113 up to 5 people

Asakusa to Tsukiji Fresh Lunch (4 hours in the morning)

This is the tour for tourists who would like to enjoy both Asakusa and Tsukiji Market in the morning. Unlike general "from Tsukiji to Asakusa " tour, this plan is focused on other merits - Visit both Asakusa & Tsukiji for half a day, enjoying fresh lunch at Tsukiji around noon. read more

by Yuko
4h $ 169 up to 2 people
Two Cherry Blossom Spots and Tsukiji / Asakusa- One Day Tour

Two Cherry Blossom Spots and Tsukiji / Asakusa- One Day Tour

We will visit two cherry blossom spots (Hamarikyu Garden and Sumida Park), and two of most famous and popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo (Tsukiji Fish Market and Asakusa). From the Hamarikyu Garden to the Sumida Park, we will take a Sumida River Cruse and enjoy cherry blossoms along the Sumida Rive... read more

by Hideaki
8h $ 188 up to 5 people
Tsukiji Breakfast Tour

Tsukiji Breakfast Tour

Join our morning tour of the Inner and Outer markets of Tsukiji. See the largest fish market in the world from an insider’s perspective. read more

3h $ 133 per person

Stroll in Japanese traditional gardens and Sushi in Tsukiji

This is a half day tour with 90 minutes walk in Japanese traditional garden(Hamarikyu) and Sushi hopping experience in Tsukiji outer-fish- market. read more

3:30h $ 75 up to 3 people

Tsukiji fish market tour

(1) Reviews

The market areas are composed of two areas, inner market and outer market. We'll visit both safely, following the rules in Tsukiji. You can learn history, feel and see how people are working in Tsukiji, walk narrow streets without getting lost, enjoy eating and shopping. read more

by Maki
3h $ 66 per person

Tsukiji Fish Market Walking Tour and Sushi Making Lesson

Attention sushi-lovers!! In the sushi-making class and tour of the world-famous Tsukiji fish market, you will know everything you need to know about sushi! read more

by Poke
4h $ 149 per person

Tsukiji fish market inner market and outter market private guided walking tour + Sushi brunch

Take a trip to the world's most famous fish market and enjoy the freshness sushi. No Japan trip is complete without a taste of the famous sushi from Tsukiji fish market. read more

by Poke
4h $ 122 per person

Sushi Making Workshop nearby Tsukiji Fish Market

If you dream of sushi making, give it a try at its birthplace, Tsukiji! Japan's premiere Sushi School, Tokyo Sushi Academy, offers 90-minute intensive workshop in sushi making: instruction for 30 min, and all you can make and eat for next 60 minutes! read more

1:30h $ 61 per person
Private tour as-you-like in Central Tokyo

Private tour as-you-like in Central Tokyo

(51) Reviews

This tour covers my recommendations in Tokyo. Please choose 2-3 places from the list first, and I may add some attractive spots near your choices if possible and make an itinerary according to your health condition and interests. If you have other places you want to go, please feel free to ask me... read more

8h $ 291 up to 6 people
Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

(52) Reviews

You can make your own itinerary as you like. Tokyo has many interesting and beautiful places. You can select some of these. I can show you around as much as possible. By using Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket, you can visit anywhere you want. Also you can learn about Japanese history, culture and life sty... read more

by Dai
8h $ 244 up to 8 people

Customized Day Tour in Tokyo (Optionally with van and driver)

(17) Reviews

Since there are too many places to visit in Tokyo, it is not possible to include all the spots in a one-day tour. I will make a customized day tour in Tokyo based on your requests. You can include 3 or 4 places that you would like to visit depending on your interests. A chartered van tour is availab... read more

by Nobu
7h $ 315 up to 5 people