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Asakusa & Ueno Awesome Tour

(43) Reviews

In Asakusa, we will visit Senso-ji temple, nakamise shopping street, Asakusa shrine and Kappabashi Kitchen utensils street. In Ueno, we will visit Ueno Park area, including Tokyo National Museum, Shinobazu Pond, Kanei-ji temple and Ame-yoko shopping streets. You can enjoy traditional Japanese cuis... read more

by Dai
8h $ 211 up to 8 people

Imperial Palace Eastern Garden and Asakusa & Tokyo Sky Tree

(12) Reviews

*Walk in Imperial Palace Eastern Garden and learn the difference between Shogun and Emperor. *Have lunch in front of Tokyo station *Visit Asakusa , Kaminarimon, Nakamise shopping street and Sensoji temple *Climb up Tokyo Sky Tree which is 634 meters high. *Enjoy shopping either Ginza or Omotes... read more

by Kyoko
8h $ 211 up to 8 people

Asakusa, Meiji Shinto Shrine and as you like

(13) Reviews

Let's feel a tranquil atmosphere of Shinto Shrine in the midst of metropolitan Tokyo and after that, you are going to visit Asakusa, which is in downtown Tokyo. Asakusa is a place of hustle and bustle. It always gives a festive atmosphere, quite different from the silence of Meiji Shinto shrine. ... read more

by Akira
4h $ 128 up to 4 people

Tsukiji Fish Market and Asakusa Walking tour

(6) Reviews

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the biggest fish market in the world. You can enjoy the hustle of the market and taste the sample of some Japanese local food, and have local sushi lunch. After Tsukij, head for Asakusa, the oldest and biggest temple in Tokyo and the oldest shopping street where you c... read more

by Sachimi
5h $ 154 up to 4 people

Tsukiji Fish Market, Hama-rikyu Gardens, Cruising to Asakusa

(13) Reviews

Tsukiji Fish Market is popularly known among visitors from abroad. The market has two areas; one is Inner Market , Auction Hall and the other, Outer Market, shops of allied traders. You are not scheduled to see Tuna Auction because it is held so early in the morning. But you can enjoy an atmosphe... read more

by Akira
7h $ 213 up to 4 people

Half day tour - Enjoy a Japanese garden, river cruise and Asakusa

(45) Reviews

I’ll meet you at your hotel and then we’ll go to Hamarikyu Garden in Shiodome area. The park is a large attractive Japanese garden, located alongside Tokyo Bay. You can enjoy a beautiful Japanese garden, a nice view of Tokyo Bay and an interesting contrast with many skyscrapers in Shiodome area. ... read more

by Yoko
4h $ 132 up to 5 people

Hamarikyu Japanese garden , Sumida river cruse to Asakusa Plus 1

(12) Reviews

In the morning, we enjoy Hamarikyu Garden which is one of Tokyo's most beautiful garden. Then we have Sumida river cruse from there. In the afternoon, We enjoy the downtown area of Asakusa. You can taste Tokyo's unique food Monja-yaki and Okonomiyaki here as lunch. From here, you can choose any ... read more

by Kyoko
8h $ 211 up to 8 people

The Imperial Palace East Gardens and Asakusa

(1) Reviews

Hotel pick up. Visit the Imperial Palace East Gardens. Transfer to Asakusa by subway. Walking in Asakusa district, the most popular spot in downtown Tokyo. We end the tour in Asakusa so that you can have more time for lunch and shopping. If you want to visit other places after Asakusa, the guide wil... read more

by Akiko
4h $ 158 up to 3 people

Tsukiji market + One more must-see spot of your choice (Shibuya or Asakusa)

(1) Reviews

At Tsukiji market, we will enjoy exploring and sampling various Japanese food, and learn Japanese culinary culture. After eating lunch, we will move to one more must-see spot. You can choose anywhere in Tokyo, but Asakusa or Shibuya is recommended . We can be flexible about the itinerary, so p... read more

6h $ 176 up to 5 people

Delicious and Beautiful Tokyo - Tsukiji,Hamarikyu and Asakusa

(2) Reviews

Basically we are going to visit four famous tourist spots ,Tsukiji fish market, observatory in Shiodome, Hamarikyu Japanese garden and Asakusa, lower town. In this tour, transportation is through Sumida river cruise from Hamarikyu garden to Asakusa. The itinerary may change according to your ... read more

by Yuko
7h $ 136 up to 5 people

Tsukiji and Asakusa - 2 major complex

(4) Reviews

If you want to experience a real Japan, I would recommend you 2 major sightseeing spots, Tsukiji and Asakusa. Tsukiji fish market represents for Japanese food culture, Sushi. Asakusa represent for Buddhism culture, Sensouji temple. I am sure you would have unforgettable experience in this tour! read more

by Hiroshi
8h $ 202 up to 5 people

Asakusa, 3 hours.

(7) Reviews

Asakusa is not only a temple town but also a traditional town of common peoples's culture. In the typical Tokyo Shitamachi (old residential town), there is Japanese Broadway, interesting and unique river view and many many shops worth to visit. You can enjoy the essence of Shitamachi. read more

by Tak
3h $ 79 up to 5 people

Tokyo introduction-Asakusa/Kappabashi

(1) Reviews

In this tour, you will vist one of Tokyo's most famous sights, Sensoji Temple as well as its neighbor,Asakusa Shrine. We will take side and back streets to avoid the crouwds as much as possible. And then I will lead you to Kappabashi, a famous kitchenware district. This area is known for plastic foo... read more

6h $ 158 up to 5 people

Edokiriko, Cut Glass Cup Making in Asakusa

(1) Reviews

Edokiriko is one of 40 traditional crafts that flourished in the Edo period that today are designated by the Tokyo metropolitan government to be preserved. You can make your own cut glass cup at a Edokiriko shop located near Kaminarimon in Asakusa. The guide can help you by putting the Edokiriko in... read more

by Akiko
4h $ 62 per person

Cruise from Hamarikyu Garden to Asakusa

(1) Reviews

In this tour, we go to Hamarikyu Garden and Asakusa by cruising the River Sumida. You have a cup of matcha green tea at a Japanese style tea house in Hamarikyu Garden, and then 45min. cruising to Asakusa. In Asakusa, you can enjoy walking in Nakamise shopping street. read more

by Akiko
4h $ 176 per person

Sensouji temple & Asakusa shrine

(2) Reviews

Starting from Kaminari-mon, we walk on the busy shopping street. It's a fun walk on "Nakamise-dori" lined with many small shops selling souvenirs, traditional snacks, fans, Japanese sandals and many more. There are a lot of attractive spots on the temple ground. But remember to pray at the t... read more

2h $ 70 up to 4 people

Tokyo Golden route (Imperial Palace & Asakusa)

(1) Reviews

At first we go to the Imperial Palace to see double bridge, after that, we visit Imperial Palace east garden. In the afternoon, we visit Sensoji temple , then Nakamise shopping street and Kappabashi kitchen utensils street. start:9:00am your hotel finish:6:00pm your hotel read more

9h $ 277 up to 6 people

Asakusa and Hamarikyu garden half day tour with Sumida river cruise

(1) Reviews

This tour covers a very popular sightseeing course; a beautiful Japanese garden called Hamarikyu garden, Sumida river cruise, and Sensoji temple in Asakusa, which is the most popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo. Through this tour, you can see beautiful scenery, old and modern Tokyo, and traditional Ja... read more

by Eddy
4h $ 106 up to 4 people

One day tour around Asakusa and Meiji-jingu with Sumida river cruise

(1) Reviews

This tour covers popular sightseeing spots; Hamarikyu garden, Sumida river cruise, Asakusa, Meiji-jingu shrine, Omotesando street, and Shibuya. Through this tour, you can see old and modern Tokyo, and traditional culture especially at Sensoji temple and Meiji-jingu. Also, you can enjoy Japanese food... read more

by Eddy
7h $ 185 up to 4 people

Asakusa, Sumida river cruise and Hamarikyu garden

(88) Reviews

This tour will go to a beautiful Japanese garden Hamarikyu. The garden is located by the Sumida river. at first, I will take you to Asakusa, then we will take the Sumida river cruisinf from Asakusa to enjoy the view from different angles. It will take 35 minuets to go to Hamarikyu garden.You will fi... read more

by Yuki
5h $ 132 up to 5 people

Tokyo Great Walker Tour: East Gardens, Ueno Park & Asakusa

(1) Reviews

After visiting the beautiful Japanese gardens and the historical remains of the Imperial Palace, we would visit Ueno Park. Ueno has some historical buildings and wonderful museums such as Ueno Toshogu and Tokyo National Museum. We would also visit Asakusa, where Nakamise shopping streets are extre... read more

by Yoko
7h $ 148 up to 5 people

Asakusa Tsukiji Half Day Tour

Visiting Asakusa, and stroll Senso-ji temple, Kaminari-mon gate, Nakamise shopping arcade and so on. Senso-ji temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and its Kaminari-mon gate is the symbol of Asakusa. Then move to Tukiji by subway. Visit Tukiji Fish Market, the inner market and outer market. Tsukiji F... read more

by Toshio
4h $ 106 up to 5 people

Tokyo New & Old (4h) _Meiji Jingu Shrine, Harajuku, Asakusa

We meet at your hotel, and visit Meiji Jingu Shrine, Harajuku Takeshita street & Ura-Hara area, walk through Omotesando luxury brand shops street, and use metro to go to Asakusa Sensoji Temple. The tour ends at Asakusa station. read more

4h $ 176 up to 4 people

Sunday Short Visit Asakusa

Now I do Volunteer guide in Ryogoku at Saturday. I meet many foreign visitors there. I also want to guide such foreign visitors in low town of Tokyo. Therefore I made this tour. In this tour,we meet in Asakusa.Basic tour is Asakusa sight seeing. read more

by Yukichi
4h $ 158 up to 4 people

Be a NINJA! ~Explore Local Asakusa in NINJA Costume~ +Nina costume souvenir

You will be the NINJA, the Japanese secret agent. Every participant will put on the NINJA costume and explore local spots in Asakusa, the historical city. Asakusa has great temple and huge Japanese style gate and more. You will never forget this experience even you go back to your country! read more

by Poke
4:30h $ 176 per person

Private tour as-you-like in Central Tokyo

(47) Reviews

This tour covers my recommendations in Tokyo. Please choose 2-3 places from the list first, and I may add some attractive spots near your choices if possible and make an itinerary according to your health condition and interests. If you have other places you want to go, please feel free to ask me... read more

8h $ 273 up to 6 people

One day Tokyo tour- customized for you

(45) Reviews

You can choose several places to visit. If you visit the places and just stay there for a short time, then I’d recommend you to choose 4 places. If you’d like to take your time on each places such as shopping or relaxing at cafe, then I’d recommend you to pick up 3 places. After I hear your requ... read more

by Yoko
7:30h $ 264 up to 5 people

Your Own One Day Tour in Tokyo

(3) Reviews

'It'll be my great pleasure to prepare a customized tour for you based on your specific interests and requests. I'll also be very flexible about the tour schedule so that you can really enjoy the tour. read more

8h $ 264 up to 12 people

Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

(43) Reviews

You can make your own itinerary as you like. Tokyo has many interesting and beautiful places. You can select some of these. I can show you around as much as possible. By using Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket, you can visit anywhere you want. Also you can learn about Japanese history, culture and life sty... read more

by Dai
8h $ 211 up to 8 people

Kahoko's Tokyo "As you like" One Day Tour

(86) Reviews

Let's customize your tour reflecting your needs or interests : gourmet : architecture : entertainment : pop culture and so on. Or you can choose several areas you like to visit. Here I indicate ten zones of Tokyo's popular sightseeing areas: Zone 1 Imperial Palace / Marunouchi / Nihonbashi /To... read more

7h $ 246 up to 5 people

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