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Tsukiji Fish Market, Hama-rikyu Gardens, Cruising to Asakusa

(24) Reviews

Tsukiji Fish Outer Market (including sushi at sushi restaurant for early lunch), Hamarikyu Japanese style gardens with Japanese tea in tea house, Sumidagawa River cruising taking water bus, and Asakus... read more

by Akira.S
7h CAD 305 up to 4 people

Asakusa (half day)

(14) Reviews

A half-day tour to Tokyo’s must-visit area, Asakuksa. Asakusa is not just the iconic Kaminarimon gate with the huge red lantern, but it's also full of interesting spots and cultural attractions. You... read more

by Tomoko
3:30h CAD 138

Asakusa, Meiji Shinto Shrine and as you like

(24) Reviews

Let's feel a tranquil atmosphere of Shinto Shrine in the midst of metropolitan Tokyo. After that, you are going to visit Asakusa, which is called “Shitamachi”, low-lying area of a city with small ind... read more

by Akira.S
6h CAD 265 up to 4 people

Tokyo Golden route (Imperial Palace & Asakusa)

(3) Reviews

At first we go to the Imperial Palace to see double bridge, after that, we visit Imperial Palace east garden. In the afternoon, we visit Sensoji temple , then Nakamise shopping street and Kappabash... read more

9h CAD 414 up to 6 people

Tsukiji Outer Market, Hamarikyu garden, Asakusa, Shibuya ,Harajuku

(2) Reviews

This tour is designed for visiting most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo in a limited time. If you want to visit some other places, feel free to let me know.. read more

by Shizuko
7:30h CAD 311 up to 5 people

Tokyo Great Walker Tour: East Gardens, Ueno Park & Asakusa

(22) Reviews

After visiting the beautiful Japanese gardens and the historical remains of the Imperial Palace, we would visit Ueno Park. Ueno has some historical buildings and wonderful museums such as Ueno Toshog... read more

by Yoko
7h CAD 242 up to 5 people

Hamarikyu Japanese garden , Sumida river cruse to Asakusa Plus 1

(24) Reviews

In the morning, we enjoy Hamarikyu Garden which is one of Tokyo's most beautiful garden. Then we have Sumida river cruse from there. In the afternoon, We enjoy the downtown area of Asakusa. You can... read more

by Kyoko
8h CAD 294 up to 8 people

Imperial Palace Eastern Garden and Asakusa & Tokyo Sky Tree

(24) Reviews

*Walk in Imperial Palace Eastern Garden and learn the difference between Shogun and Emperor. *Have lunch in front of Tokyo station *Visit Asakusa , Kaminarimon, Nakamise shopping street and Sensoj... read more

by Kyoko
8h CAD 294 up to 8 people
Asakusa & Ueno Half Day Tour (4 hours)

Asakusa & Ueno Half Day Tour (4 hours)

There is no reason to miss out Asakusa! It is the one the most popular district in Japan and well known its classic and antique atmosphere. Many of temples, shrines even you see a lots of souvenir sho... read more

4h CAD 345 up to 8 people

Sensouji temple & Asakusa shrine

(5) Reviews

Starting from Kaminari-mon, we walk on the busy shopping street. It's a fun walk on "Nakamise-dori" lined with many small shops selling souvenirs, traditional snacks, fans, Japanese sandals and man... read more

2h CAD 115 up to 4 people

Asakusa, 3 hours.

(12) Reviews

Asakusa is not only a temple town but also a traditional town of common peoples's culture. In the typical Tokyo Shitamachi (old residential town), there is Japanese Broadway, interesting and unique ri... read more

by Tak
3h CAD 138

Wa-Daiko (Japanese style drums) School Experience and Asakusa City View, 4 hours

(12) Reviews

Visit the Japanese Drum school, Taiko-Lab and take a lesson of one hour to complete a tune to perform. read more

by Tak
4h CAD 160 up to 8 people

Asakusa Tsukiji Half Day Tour

Visiting Asakusa, and stroll Senso-ji temple, Kaminari-mon gate, Nakamise shopping arcade and so on. Senso-ji temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and its Kaminari-mon gate is the symbol of Asakusa. T... read more

by Toshio
4h CAD 138 up to 5 people
Tsukiji, Asakusa, and Tokyo Skytree with Boat Cruise

Tsukiji, Asakusa, and Tokyo Skytree with Boat Cruise

(1) Reviews

Pick up at your hotel in Tokyo ・Go to Tsukiji by public transportation ・Visit Tsukiji outer market, Namiyoke-jinja Shrine, Tsukiji Honganji Temple ・Lunch at Tsukiji (sushi or other restaurant) ・Go... read more

8h CAD 230 up to 5 people

Tsukiji market + One more must-see spot of your choice (Shibuya or Asakusa)

(9) Reviews

At Tsukiji market, we will enjoy exploring and sampling various Japanese food, and learn Japanese culinary culture. After eating lunch, we will move to one more must-see spot. You can choose anywh... read more

6h CAD 276 up to 5 people

Let's try local food in Asakusa!!

We're going to visit Asakusa and Sky Tree. I recommend some interesting shops where you can try local food and buy good Japanese items. After walking around Asakusa, trip to Sky Tree.You can visit th... read more

by Yuko
6h CAD 173 up to 8 people

Asakusa, Sumida river cruise and Hamarikyu garden

(144) Reviews

This tour will go to a beautiful Japanese garden Hamarikyu. The garden is located by the Sumida river. at first, I will take you to Asakusa, then we will take the Sumida river cruisinf from Asakusa to... read more

by Yuki
5h CAD 173 up to 5 people

One day - Best places in Tokyo Part Ⅰ (Tsukiji, Asakusa,Imperial Palace,Akihabara)

(99) Reviews

In Tokyo, there are so many attractive places where you can have a great time of the day. I selected four most popular touring spots; Tsukiji, Imperial palace, Asakusa and Akihabara. It's very good ... read more

7:30h CAD 288

Asakusa & Ueno Awesome Tour

(84) Reviews

In Asakusa, we will visit Senso-ji temple, nakamise shopping street, Asakusa shrine and Kappabashi Kitchen utensils street. In Ueno, we will visit Ueno Park area, including Tokyo National Museum, Shi... read more

by Dai
8h CAD 350 up to 6 people

Delicious and Beautiful Tokyo - Tsukiji,Hamarikyu and Asakusa

(6) Reviews

We are going to visit four famous tourist spots ,Tsukiji fish market, observatory in Shiodome, Hamarikyu Japanese garden and Asakusa, lower town. In this tour, transportation is through Sumida ri... read more

by Yuko
7h CAD 322 up to 5 people

Asakusa Town Walk (4hours)

(3) Reviews

Asakusa is one of the traditional town located in the eastern Tokyo, and now it is the most major sightseeing spots of Tokyo, and the Kaminarimon gate is the symbol of traditional town of Tokyo. You c... read more

by Yuko
4h CAD 150 up to 4 people

Asakusa thrhough Tokyo Bay Crusing to Highlights of Central&Eastern Tokyo (7 hours)

(3) Reviews

You could visit HIghlights of Eastern Tokyo just for one day! If you'd like to experience all Tokyo efficiently, this tour is recommended! You could experience urban & traditional Tokyo. read more

by Yuko
7h CAD 288 up to 2 people

Asakusa to Tsukiji Fresh Lunch (4 hours in the morning)

(3) Reviews

This is the tour for tourists who would like to enjoy both Asakusa and Tsukiji Market in the morning. Unlike general "from Tsukiji to Asakusa " tour, this plan is focused on other merits - Visit bot... read more

by Yuko
4h CAD 173 up to 2 people

Asakusa & Tokyo Bay Crusing to Hamarikyu Garden ( 4 hours )

(3) Reviews

If you'd like to enjoy Traditional Japanese temples, gardens, foods, and shopping along with urban Tokyo in half a day, this tour is recommended. Sensoji is the most popular temple in Tokyo along wit... read more

by Yuko
4h CAD 173 up to 2 people

Asakusa and Yanaka - Traditional Town Walks in Eastern Tokyo ( 4 hours)

(3) Reviews

Asakusa and Yanaka are traditional downtown in eastern Tokyo developed in Edo period(1603-1868). If you would like to enjoy traditional downtown atmosphere with its culture, foods, and shopping, this ... read more

by Yuko
4h CAD 173 up to 3 people

The Imperial Palace East Gardens and Asakusa

(1) Reviews

Hotel pick up. Visit the Imperial Palace East Gardens. Transfer to Asakusa by subway. Walking in Asakusa district, the most popular spot in downtown Tokyo. We end the tour in Asakusa so that you can h... read more

by Akiko
4h CAD 207 up to 3 people

Edokiriko, Cut Glass Cup Making in Asakusa

(1) Reviews

Edokiriko is one of 40 traditional crafts that flourished in the Edo period that today are designated by the Tokyo metropolitan government to be preserved. You can make your own cut glass cup at a Ed... read more

by Akiko
4h CAD 81 per person

Cruise from Hamarikyu Garden to Asakusa

(1) Reviews

In this tour, we go to Hamarikyu Garden and Asakusa by cruising the River Sumida. You have a cup of matcha green tea at a Japanese style tea house in Hamarikyu Garden, and then 45min. cruising t... read more

by Akiko
4h CAD 230
Best East at Asakusa(Kimono and tea ceremony experience, food tour!)

Best East at Asakusa(Kimono and tea ceremony experience, food tour!)

Asakusa is a popular area that can not be removed by Tokyo sightseeing. The landmark of downtown Tokyo, Sensoji is one of Tokyo's most historical temples and is an absolute must-see. Asakusa Temple. W... read more

by Misa
4h CAD 348 per person
Asakusa Halal  Food Tour(5 restaurants' food tour)

Asakusa Halal Food Tour(5 restaurants' food tour)

It is a popular area that can not be removed in Tokyo sightseeing. Landmark of Asakusa - Ji Temple in Tokyo. It is a great sightseeing spot where many tourists visit from all over the world, such as ... read more

by Misa
4h CAD 178 per person