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One Day Tour for Kids|Anime|Ninja

(30) Reviews

One day tour for a family who have small children. In Japan there are many unique child culture which attracts to children. I will offer many attractive spots and activities, i.e. Gundam robot, figur... read more

by Mari
6h $ 174 up to 4 people

Anime Pioneer Adventure 5 Days

Calling all fans of anime, our Tokyo Anime Tour is the perfect tour package for your next vacation! Let your inner-otaku out while touring through the heart of Anime and Manga in Tokyo. Focused just... read more

by JDT
5 days $ 1,467

Akihabara ANIME shops and maid cafe

(1) Reviews

Akihabara, famous for electric shops, said to be the mecca of ANIME, Japanese animation or manga. We will visit some anime shops and a maid cafe. read more

by Naoko
2:30h $ 89 up to 5 people
Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

(91) Reviews

You can make your own itinerary as you like. Tokyo has many interesting and beautiful places. You can select some of these. I can show you around as much as possible. By using Tokyo Metro 24-hour Tick... read more

by Dai
8h $ 271 up to 6 people

Exciting Tokyo - One Day Tour

(5) Reviews

You can visit several places in Tokyo where you can experience traditional and modern Japan in one day. Please select some places from the list and I will propose a one-day tour itinerary for you. T... read more

by Hideaki
8h $ 214 up to 5 people

Osaka Beginner`s Tour

(17) Reviews

-The most popular spot Osaka Castle and river cruise. -Nostalgic town ‘Shinsekai’ soul food Kushikatu and Doteyaki lunch. -Feel the vibrant city Osaka! Doton Bori area walking -Try some Japanese sa... read more

by Kaori
8h $ 223 up to 4 people
Kokura-the Town of Bustle&Tranquility

Kokura-the Town of Bustle&Tranquility

(1) Reviews

Kokura was flourished as a Castle town until the end of the 19th century. In the 20th century, Kitakyushu played an important role in the industrialization and modernization of Japan. Now Kitakyush... read more

by Masa
4h $ 142 up to 5 people

One day modern culture towns visit

(26) Reviews

As one of the most exciting cities in the world, Tokyo has unrivaled variety of amazing and exciting places for visitors from abroad. In addition to the places with historical flavors, visitors can ... read more

by Uemitsu
8h $ 223 up to 5 people
Tokyo Half-day Customized Tour

Tokyo Half-day Customized Tour

(2) Reviews

Tokyo has a unique co-existence of traditional and modern Japanese culture. You will definitely enjoy it. Please select one or two places you'd like to visit from the highlighted list below. I sugges... read more

by Nobuko
4h $ 89 up to 4 people
Tokyo 1day Customized Tour

Tokyo 1day Customized Tour

(2) Reviews

Tokyo has a unique co-existence of traditional and modern Japanese culture. You will definitely enjoy it. Please select three or four places you'd like to visit from the highlighted list below. I sug... read more

by Nobuko
8h $ 178 up to 4 people

"Yuri on Ice!!!" tour

(3) Reviews

Karatsu appears in the anime "Yuri on Ice!" as Hasetsu city. Karatsu city is located in Saga prefecture in Kyushu Island. It is about one hour from the Hakata station(Fukuoka city) by train. read more

7h $ 231 up to 7 people
Welcome to Tokyo !!  Here's the plan to start with, only for you !!

Welcome to Tokyo !! Here's the plan to start with, only for you !!

Tokyo is simply huge. Definitely 1 day is not enough to explore all. It is magnificent city which modern life and tradition cross over everywhere. With knowledge of its custom, history and the back g... read more

by Mitsuru
8h $ 231 up to 8 people
Let's walk through in the center of Tokyo, from Ginza to Ueno park.

Let's walk through in the center of Tokyo, from Ginza to Ueno park.

From the end of Ginza avenue via Nihonbashi, Kanda and Akihabara to Ueno park. Please enjoy 5 hours walking in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and take a rest at Maid Cafe in Akihabara district if you ... read more

by Yoshito
5h $ 223 up to 5 people

Akihabara walking!!

We're going to some popular shops around Akihabara. After walking, let's visit a Maid-Cafe. If you are interested in GUNDAM, we can go there instead of a Maid-cafe. I arrange this content to your ... read more

by Yuko
3:30h $ 78 up to 7 people

Miharu, Koriyama & Abukuma-do cave customized tour

This tour focuses on the rustic beauty of easten area in Fukushima prefecture located between Koriyama city and Iwaki city. Especially weeping cherry trees in Miharu worth coming to see expressly fro... read more

by Go
6h $ 196
Private tour as-you-like in Central Tokyo

Private tour as-you-like in Central Tokyo

(101) Reviews

This tour covers my recommendations in Tokyo. Please choose 2-3 places from the list first, and I may add some attractive spots near your choices if possible and make an itinerary according to your... read more

8h $ 285 up to 6 people
Exciting Tokyo in 4 hours – Private Tour

Exciting Tokyo in 4 hours – Private Tour

(101) Reviews

This tour offers exciting & interesting spots in central Tokyo within 4 hours. It's the best for those who don't have a lot of time in Tokyo, have a limited budget, or don't need a guide for the whole... read more

4h $ 178 up to 6 people
One day Tokyo tour- customized for you

One day Tokyo tour- customized for you

(56) Reviews

You can choose several places to visit. If you visit the places and just stay there for a short time, then I’d recommend you to choose 4 places. If you’d like to take your time on each places such ... read more

by Yoko
7:30h $ 267 up to 5 people

Sachimi's One Day Tokyo customized tour

(12) Reviews

What are you interested in Tokyo? There are lots to visit and see in Tokyo. Let me make your customized tour based on your interests and requests. read more

by Sachimi
7h $ 249 up to 4 people
One Day Osaka Highlights

One Day Osaka Highlights

(51) Reviews

In this tour we'll visit 4 to 5 popular sightseeing spots in Osaka. If you like to visit other places, please feel free to let me know. Following is a list of the sights I recommend: 1.Osaka-j... read more

by Mari
7h $ 240 up to 6 people

One day - Best places in Tokyo Part Ⅰ (Tsukiji, Asakusa,Imperial Palace,Akihabara)

(101) Reviews

In Tokyo, there are so many attractive places where you can have a great time of the day. I selected four most popular touring spots; Tsukiji, Imperial palace, Asakusa and Akihabara. It's very good ... read more

7:30h $ 223

Namba Backstreet Evening Tour

(45) Reviews

Backstreets in Namba offer lots of great little shops, restaurants and bars for the locals. I will take you to the area and ask you choose 2-3 spots and restaurants to visit. You'll start the... read more

by Seiko
3:30h $ 98

Casual Tokyo half day tour by private guide

(7) Reviews

Pick up two to three spots from below list in either side of the city. If one each from the east and west side are chosen, your time loss will be 30 to 40 min.. When either Tsukiji fish market or Su... read more

by Akira.K
4:30h $ 294 up to 5 people

Essence of Spring Tour | Cherry Blossom Festival (from Tokyo to Osaka)

Explore the essentials of Japan while sakura petals floating in the background during our 2018 Spring Cherry Blossom Tour. Visit top attractions in Japan, experience traditional Japanese culture, and ... read more

by JDT
6 days $ 2,761


If you are an Anime fan or wanna walk in and around AKIHABARA with your fav Anime costume (cosplay walk), entertained by cute maid in Cafe, to hunt down your childhood dream GAMES, want to see most c... read more

by Karma
8h $ 223

Essence of Spring Tour | Hiroshima (from Tokyo to Hiroshima)

Enjoy the finest spots of Japan while cherry blossoms float around during our 2018 Spring Tour (From Tokyo to Hiroshima). See wonderful temples and shrines, take part in a traditional experiences, a... read more

by JDT
8 days $ 3,273
Tokyo’s highlight (tailor made tour)

Tokyo’s highlight (tailor made tour)

Show you "Tokyo's must-see spots" ! You can experience Japan's now and old including Fish Market, Hamarikyu garden, Meiji Shrine, Sensoji temple, and other spots. This tour would be good for first-ti... read more

8h $ 214 per person

Kamakura, Field Trip

(3) Reviews

You can make a one day trip to Kamakura from Tokyo (about 1 hour by train). Kamakura is an ancient Samurai Warriors Capital, and there are many attractive places to visit. Field Trip is designed to ... read more

by Ryu
6h $ 107 up to 4 people

One day - Highlights in Tokyo

(2) Reviews

In this tour, you can visit four most attractive touring spots combining beautiful nature, Japanese food culture and enjoyable Japanese old and modern parts. read more

by Mariko
8h $ 214 up to 4 people

One Day Tour : Deep into Akihabara

(2) Reviews

On this tour we'll go around the famous “otaku” town of Akihabara!! "Otaku" is slang for people who are deeply into anime (animation), video games, comics, and Japansese “Idols (Japaese Pop Groups)”.... read more

by Makoto
5h $ 89 per person