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Hi! Hajimemashite, nice to meet you in Japanese. My nick name is Arti which I got during my assignment in the States. I am a national licensed guide and tour conductor. I have been working as English speaking guide and translator since 2010 and exper...

Response time: 3 hs
Hourly rate
$ 50.22
8 3 hs English ( License ) , French ( Beginner ) , Spanish ( Beginner ) ‎$ 48.07


I've been working as a tour guide for foreign tourists since 2010. I love meeting people from all over the world.!I believe that Japan has many interesting aspects for tourists. I'd like to show you the culture unique to Japan such as Buddhist statue...

Response time: 4 hs
Hourly rate
$ 27.00
1 4 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 36.00


Hi! I'm Hiroshi. I live in the small village where rich nature and daily culture of countryside remain. My village is just next to Tokyo metropolitan area but no supermarket or convenience store. As a guide and villager in Japan, I can give you th...

Hourly rate
$ 33.75
1 English ( License ) ‎$ 33.75

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