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Mt.Fuji viewing from SPA, Walking along Gorge

(34) Reviews
by Masato
One day trip from Tokyo. You can watch Mt. Fuji from outdoor hot spa. Before then you can enjoy a beautiful Japanese gorge watching strangely shaped big ro...
10h $ 300 up to 3 people

Winery & Samurai & Onsen! – One-night trip to Yamanashi.

by Kaori
The area nearby JR Enzan station called Kosyu(甲州) is the hometown of a famous samurai warrior: Shingen Takeda. It is just 1.5 hours by express from Shinjuk...
2 days $ 480

Experience the Ukiyo-e world of Utagawa Hiroshige 「 Saruhas...

(2) Reviews
by Kyoko
In autumn, Saruhashi bridge shows a magnificent landscape with colored leaves. November is the best time! Enjoy the boat ride, the local museum and the l...
2h $ 84

Walking and experience Tour in SHOSENKYO Japan's most beauti...

We are married couple,75old husband and 71old wife. So we have amazingly rich OMOTENASHI spirit that our ages have raised. First you will walk along the go...
8h $ 172

Mt. Fuji Photography One Day Workshop

by Blain
With us, you will be taken to the most famous sights of Fujisan, while being able to photograph at the lesser known vantage points off the beaten track, th...
10h $ 586 per person

Mount Fuji 5-6th station

by Daisuke
One day tour for knowing the historical and geographical parts of Mt.Fuji. Every summer I work as a mountain guide in Mt.Fuji. From 5th station of the mou...
10h $ 356 up to 15 people

Mt.Fuji with Minako

(1) Reviews
Have you ever seen the pictures of Mt. Fuji ? The perfect corn-shaped mountain in green is also marvelous. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool w...
10h $ 281 up to 5 people

山梨县手滑船游三大奇桥之一 猿桥

by Miyuki
2h $ 84 per person

Experience the history, nature and food of the sacred ground...

Minobusan is the head temple of Nichiren-shu founded by Nichiren Shonin more than 740 years ago. You will experience the spiritual feelings by simply stro...
6h $ 186 up to 5 people

Best Guides in Yamanashi



(12) Reviews
My name is Moto, National Licensed Guide Interpreter living in Yamanashi, Kofu-city. I can offer real experiences of Japanese nature, culture and commone...
$ 37 Hourly rate


(34) Reviews
Hi, everybody, My name is Masato. It's my great pleasure to introduce you Japanese history, culture, delicious food, beautiful nature, historical buil...
$ 37 Hourly rate


(35) Reviews
(English)  ↓Spanish version down below ↓ My name is Toshi Nakahara. I am certified tour guide for both English and Spanish. I have lived in USA f...
$ 42 Hourly rate


(2) Reviews
Hi! I’m Yoshi. I’m a pure, but a little bit an international, Japanese, living in Yokohama for about half a century. In addition, I used to live in Mal...
$ 33 Hourly rate


(30) Reviews
I am Tomomi Yuyama, a nationally certified English-speaking tour guide. I was born and raised on the foot of Mt. Fuji which embraces great nature and wil...
$ 37 Hourly rate


(59) Reviews
Hi, I'm Yoko, a National License Tour Guide. I speak with an American accent, 'cause I lived in Seattle, Washington for six years in my childhood(3-9 year...
$ 35 Hourly rate


Hello. I am Kaori! I am a landscape architecture, gardener, and an interpreter as well as tour guide. As you may have noticed, even in a densely populat...
$ 30 Hourly rate


(20) Reviews
Hello!My name is Chinami. I have a national licence as a tour guide. I know well not only the nature of Mt Fuji area, but also history of Mt Fuji as a w...
$ 40 Hourly rate