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1 year ago |   by Jeremy

“ Amazing Guide to a Journey of Sake Brewery in Yamagata ”

It will take a few pages of essay to express our amazing experience with Junko as our guide. In short, Junko is spontaneous, dedicated, and very detailed in all aspects of her work. She has exceeded our expectations in so many ways from planning the itineraries to providing additional information of places, restaurants, and accommodation. With her proficiency as a food & wine writer, you are in for a treat to local food delights! Nothing beats a very satisfied taste bud while enjoying a very well planned out tour. While it is very challenging to translate many terms in the sake brewing process, she had done a phenomenal job in helping us understand each and every detail of the transpired process & technique by the brewery owners. Through her valuable contacts, we were able to visit very exclusive breweries from the very traditional style brewery to the modern brewery using modern science. The experience of sitting through privileged meetings with owners & presidents of the renowned breweries is truly priceless! Special mention to Hashimoto-San, whom has kindly offered his valuable time to drive us around during this tour and connected us to those exclusive breweries! His fatherly love figure to take care of our needs along the way and going the extra mile to surprised us with a particular bottle of sake we were searching for is truly heartwarming! Arigatou gozaimashita ! All in all, this is truly one of a kind customised tour that you really cannot put a price tag on it! Yet, Junko has made it very affordable for us. We only live once to enjoy life's experiences, and this is one of those we will speak of very often. Thank you so much Junko!

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